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Las Vegas Nevada - A little over Three Months Later – March 2017

"We're sorry that this investigation took so long to wrap up." Agent Jake Archer apologizes to the two women sitting across from him on the couch.

Brittany turns to Santana, their hands still clasped between them, and they share a quick conversation with their eyes. Brittany stands as Jake does, Santana also rising from the seat next to her.

"We understand Jake…err Agent Archer." Brittany says.

Santana nods her agreement, "We appreciate how diligently the bureau and everyone involved worked to get things figured out smoothly and correctly."

Jake nods in thanks to them before he turns to his partner, "Agent Pierez, ready to head out?"

"In just a minute Jake. I'd like a moment with them if I could."

He agrees and shakes both Santana's and Brittany's hands once more before collecting all of his items and exiting Brittany's condo.

Sugar bounces in her spot a little, a giddy smile covering her face. Brittany and Santana smile back politely.

"And thank you Sugar, for all of your-oomph!" Brittany finds herself exclaiming as the wind is knocked out of her by the smaller woman jumping towards her and wrapping her smaller arms around Brittany's waist, squeezing tightly. She gasps and pats the woman on the back, "Sugar…can't…breathe…"

Finally the smaller woman releases her and turns to Santana who furiously waves her hands in front of her body with an 'Ahhh no, don't you try that shit with me' look, making the petite agent pout as Santana and Brittany share a culpable look between them.

Santana sighs and reluctantly shifts to open her arms to allow the agent to hug her, and the action is almost immediate as Sugar's sad mood flips like a light switch. It makes both Santana and Brittany roll their eyes.

It's several seconds later, to the point that Santana becomes mildly uncomfortable, that Sugar finally releases her and steps back with a proud grin barred at of them.

"You two are just so perfect for each other! I'm so glad that you requested me specifically to help out on the case, I was worried that I'd never get to see you again."

"Leave you out and risk Brittz here trying to hide her solemn tears?"

Brittany shoots her girlfriend a look, "I have not and would not have cried." She asserts and Santana just gives her a cheeky look that says 'I know, but Sugar doesn't' and before Brittany can even process what's happening, the smaller agents arms are hugging her again. Brittany shoots Santana another look over Sugar's shoulder, this one clearly says 'You'll pay for this' and Santana merely flashes her an over the top grin.

When the hugging is all said and done, the three women take a few minutes to catch up on how things have been going in the Pierce-Lopez crews.

"Yeah, Hector took it kind of hard when even though the crew was still calling him boss, they were completely following Brittany's orders." Santana explains with a chuckle.

"He's been a good sport though, as awkward as that whole 'If you hurt her, I'll bury you' speech was, Hector has actually been a fantastic asset to the crew. And of course, his little sister isn't bad to have around either."

Santana rolls her eyes but she doesn't try to fight it when Brittany pulls her into her arms.

"And Finn and Rachel are still in Florida?"

Brittany nods in response to Sugar's question, but Santana's the one who verbally replies, "Yes, they went back shortly after everything here culminated. Kurt and Adam followed soon after. I've heard from Rachel and Kurt a few times and apparently they're doing fine."

"Oh, Hunter finally decided to try something else out." Brittany then says and Sugar turns her focus to blue eyes, "After he healed up he profusely apologized to both Santana and I and everyone else in the crew, but then said it'd probably be best if he took off for a while. The car business wasn't really for him and he didn't want to impose."

A plump-lipped kiss is pressed to Brittany's jaw, "You've been so self-less with him baby." Santana coos.

"He's an ass that caused a lot of trouble, but he's still my brother. I may not have fully forgiven him, but as long as he's not trying to get in my way I can handle it."

"Wow, seems like a lot has been going on," Sugar says and the other two women nod in agreement, "and when we talked to Holly and Will, they said they were headed for Australia or something?"

"Yeah Holly was given some type of DEA consultant case that relocated her to Sydney and possibly other cities in the New South Wales area, and Will went with her. I still don't like the guy but as long as she's happy and staying out of trouble."

"And did she ever tell you anything more about your mom?" Sugar then inquires and Brittany shrugs.

"She didn't tell me anything more than I already knew."

"I'm sorry that we couldn't find out much, but I'll try to do everything I can to look into it and keep you posted."

Santana smiles and nods for both of them, "Thanks Sugar."

Before anything else can be said or mentioned, there is a knocking on the door and Agent Archer pops his head back in.

"Sorry Pierez, boss is calling us in. We've got to head out."

Sugar nods in understanding before turning back around to face Brittany and Santana with a sad look on her face.

"I guess this is goodbye for now then."

Brittany smiles and pats Sugar on the arm, "It'll be okay, I'm sure we'll see you again."

"Yeah," Santana chimes in, "maybe we'll send you a Christmas card and we'll come visit you if we ever fly out further west."

Suddenly a mega-watt smile lights up Sugar's face at the mention of Christmas.

And that's how they find themselves discussing plans for the future holidays for the next couple of minutes until Sugar literally has to be pulled away from them by her partner.


"It's going to be so nice getting away, being in the sun and on an actual beach with the sound of the ocean crashing and rolling against the sand."

Santana and Brittany are currently in the latter's condo, packing up their suitcases for a six month long getaway to beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Brittany recently purchased a condo on the beach, no biggie.

"Mmm, or you know the sound of us rolling and crashing against the sand." Brittany murmurs in Santana's ear as she wraps her arms around her from behind, sliding them up and under Santana's shirt, her lips angling against the skin of Santana's neck. That lasts for all of thirty seconds before Santana realizes that she's getting too caught up and she steps to the side, pulling away from her girlfriend.

"You're being distracting." She chastises as Brittany's eyes follow her with a predatory appreciation. Pink lips spread into a roguish smirk, because Brittany knows exactly what she's doing. "And you know that we have to leave in three hours to make it to the airport on time."

Brittany pouts as she takes a step closer, her hand reaching out to innocently run her fingers along the hem of Santana's short tight dress. She watches the way Santana's eyes turn from brown determination to almost black as her perseverance slowly begins to fade to desire at Brittany's touch.

As soon as she knows Santana is relenting and not actually going to be mad at her, Brittany steps up close enough that the fronts of their bodies are pressing together and their lips are millimeters away. Brittany's hands dip under the hem of Santana's dress.

"How about we get sidetracked for a few minutes? It might do us both some good to expel a little tension."

Santana sighs at the way Brittany's words are breathed across her lips, "You know we have to go talk to Hector about things before we go, and we have no idea what the traffic will be like on the way there. Or when we get there." She still tries to restrain herself from Brittany's very convincing advances.

A chuckle leaves Brittany's lips, "Baby, we're street racers. You know traffic isn't going to slow us down," she teases but Santana gives her a pointed look, Brittany understands, "okay, okay. How about this, if we can have fifteen minutes to ourselves I'll go personally talk to Hector while you get everything together and then we can be off as soon as I'm done?"

It doesn't take Santana long to fully concede, not as though she wasn't already going to, and then she and Brittany are quickly falling into bed for a nice quick session of get to know each other between the sheets.

Exactly seventeen minutes later, the delay caused by Brittany's resistance to actually hold up her end of the deal, seeing as how talking to the girlfriend's older brother is a dangerous game sometimes, she finds herself strolling into the new section of garage that was added on recently to accommodate Hector and his car stuff.

Brittany sees the man himself ducked into the engine compartment of his prized 67' Shelby GT500, the very same one that she and Santana borrowed only a few months ago. Though they returned it in flawless condition, Hector still wasn't very pleased about the whole 'they took it in the first place thing'. And Brittany was pretty much banned from Hector's portion of the garage.

"Hey Hec." Brittany greets and proceeds to hear the sound of a head colliding with metal and a 'ow fuck!' from the engine compartment before Hector lifts his body out and turns around to face her, rubbing the top of his head.

"Brittany, what are you doing here? And I don't just mean in the garage near my car. Aren't you and my sister going off to some beach front property near the Spanish sea?"

A smile automatically crosses Brittany's face, just at the mention of her girlfriend's name, and then her cheeks pink a little as she considers what she just did with said girlfriend and how she's here now in front of that same girlfriend's older brother thinking about it and everything is awkward.

She clears her throat and immediately avoids eye contact, "Yeah we're actually leaving in a few hours but I told San I'd come talk to you about things first."

Hector eyes her for a moment as he wipes his hands off on a grease rag before he nods and motions for Brittany to follow him over to his mini fridge where he grabs a beer for himself and her and they take a seat on the shop's sofa. After taking a nice swig of his beer, and propping his feet up, Hector turns towards Brittany.

"So how are things with you and Peyton?" she speaks up first, mostly because she's terrified of anything that might possibly come out of Hector's mouth, especially if it's a question she's not sure she could answer. She doesn't want to blurt out anything inappropriate and get killed before she even makes it on vacation.

After another swig of beer and some intense staring, Hector cracks a smile, "We're good. She's planning some little vacation for us too here coming up." He says and Brittany bobs her head, "That's not weird for you is it?"

Normally it could be weird, your ex-girlfriend dating your current girlfriend's brother, but honestly Brittany's just so happy with Santana she doesn't even think about it.

"It's not weird." She admits.

"Good because I really like her, and besides if I'm going to let you be with my sister I guess you don't have much say right?" Hector says jovially before he slaps Brittany on the back. She nods mutely. "You know it's rude not to drink a beer you're offered."

Brittany's eyes widen at Hector's words and she starts to sweat, until Hector lets out a boisterous laugh and slaps her on the back again.

"I'm just shitting with you Pierce, you need to relax more around me. As long as you don't plan on hurting my sister, I don't have an issue with you."

She breathes a sigh of relief.

"I can tell you right now I won't hurt her."

"Good, then we're cool." And with that Brittany feels the panic leave her body and she allows herself to relax, taking a sip of her beer.

"By the way, don't tell Santana but she might be an Aunt in the foreseeable future." And out comes Brittany's beer, sprayed out in a mist in front of her. She spins towards Hector with wide eyes.


He grins, "Well I mean we aren't pregnant yet or anything, but I really see a future with Peyton."

Brittany's stunned but she manages to nod.

It seems like everyone these days is shaking up and moving on, thinking about maybe planning to have kids and what not.

Mike and Quinn left for Paris a few days ago, gooey eyed and so freaking in love. Puck and Lauren have been hitting it off and surprisingly find that they both enjoy spending time gambling and watching shows in the city. Last Santana heard from Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Adam, they were all actively discussing how fabulous their joint weddings would be. Last she heard of David, a few weeks ago, he was getting cozy with Agent Brooke Davis over some drug bust he'd assisted her with.

Even Rory, Joe, and Cooper are all getting along well. Apparently they hit the town every night and Cooper shows them all his skills on how to get women.

Maybe that's why she and Santana need this vacation away from everything so bad, it will give them a chance to discover each other in a much calmer setting.

She turns back to Hector who is still smiling and waiting for her and she raises her beer bottle to him, "Well, congratulations on finding someone like that. I know from experience that it's the best feeling in the world."

Hector nods and they clink glasses, taking swigs of their respectful drinks, before the Lopez man speaks up again, "I can see how in love my sister is with you, and even though I'm still getting to know you I can tell you feel the same about her. Just remember what I said about everything, if you hurt her."

Brittany swallows nervously, "Hurt her and you'll bury me."

"They won't ever be able to find you."

"I get it Hec," she speaks with conviction, "I won't hurt Santana. Hurting her would be the same as hurting myself."

"Well then," Hector says, reaching into his pocket to dig something out of it. He finally produces a little black box and holds it out for Brittany, "I guess I should say welcome to the family, sis."

The box is opened to reveal an elegant and beautiful some 50 year old styled platinum band. It boasts two rows of dark but intriguing set garnet gemstones and something around a 1.75-carat diamond in the center.

Brittany, however, isn't quite sure how to process what Hector's offering her, "Wha-I-wha…" she sputters before Hector laughs and pats her back.

"Relax Brittany." He tells her, closing the lid on the box and physically placing it in her hand, "I'm not saying you have to ask her now, but I want you to have this for when you're ready. It was our grandmother's and then our mother's, and I know they'd want San to have it."

She nods mutely, still processing.

"Just think about it, and don't wait forever, my sister's a keeper."

A few minutes later, after managing to collect herself, Brittany makes it back to her condo where she finds Santana's finished packing, and putting everything in the car, and is now waiting for her. She greets her with a kiss and a hug when Brittany walks through the door. Brittany gets so caught up in the action that she pulls Santana into a tighter more passionate embrace and kisses her with even more vigor.

When they pull back, Santana's eyes are wide but happy. "Wow, now that's a greeting. I guess someone's excited about endeavoring on our next adventure?

Brittany smiles and pecks Santana's lips again, "You have no idea."

Santana returns the smile, snuggling further into Brittany, "And everything's good with Hector?"

"Mmhmm, he just wanted to make sure we knew what we were doing."

"Oh, and do we?"

Blue eyes tilt down to lock with brown and Brittany feels the weight of the not too entirely scary ring box in her pants pocket.

She nods, "Yeah baby, I think we do."


Location Unknown – March 2017

A man walks through a steel framed doorway and the large titanium plated door that's swung open from it, passing by two posted bodyguards that stand watch outside their boss's main place of work. He enters into a plush and posh looking den office, mahogany trimmed shelves filled with books and sleek black leather furniture adorn the space, a large presidential type desk rests underneath the only above ground window the office boasts.

Sitting in the desk is an individual who makes the man's skin break out in gooseflesh and a lump to form in his throat in sheer terror. He wishes not to deal with the repercussions he'll surely be doled out when he informs this woman, his boss, of the not so pleasant news he has.

She beats him to the punch and speaks in a cold harsh tone, "Mr. St. James failed in escorting the Pierce crew back to us."

The man nods, "Yes ma'am. Jesse went rogue shortly into his mission. He broke off all contact with us and took matters into his own hands. He was after money and power."

"Of course he would, Jesse was always more independently minded than the rest. I had very much expected him to do that. I had hoped we would have contained him and the situation better though. His obtaining the help of Sebastian Smythe was surely a regretful decision."

"We have reason to believe that it was Smythe who sought out Jesse and it was he who proposed the plan of domination against the Pierce crew that started the rest of the calamity." The man tells his boss, shuffling in place at the look he receives in return.

"Whether or not it was, we've lost two more agents and now we will surely be dealing with individuals seeking revenge in the matter." She tells him curtly, he nods in acceptance, "What of the Lopez crew?"

"Hector Lopez initiated contact with a member of the Pierce crew without our knowledge, we hadn't been keeping close watch on his movements as he hadn't been a threat. He briefly collaborated with Jesse at the wrong place and wrong time. The Lopez crew ended up being collateral, but they partnered with the Pierce's in the end and managed to foil all of Jesse and Sebastian's plans and see them all to prison."

The woman quickly stands from her desk. The anger that radiates through her body is well hidden but still apparent. She's been doing this for too long, searching for a way to get the Pierce crew under her control once and for all.

"It is out of our hands now, we cannot and will not worry about that anymore." She states, lifting a file from the surface of her desk, "Our goal remains the same, track down and bring back Brittany Pierce."

"And what of the Lopez girl that she's gotten rather close with?"

"Bring them both, I doubt they'd go without each other and it would do me well to meet this Santana Lopez, she's quite the fiery one and could be a great asset as well, or at the very least serve as a bargaining chip."

The man nods, "Yes ma'am."

But his boss is not finished, "Send Harwood and Montgomery to secure them. I want them brought back alive Mr. Karofsky, do you understand?"

Karofsky is still sweating where he stands but he manages a nod, "Yes ma'am I understand."

He turns to walk away but is halted, "Mr. Karofsky, I think it's about time you started referring to me by actual name. While formalities are proper and clean, we are not in a very clean business." His boss states with that same cold harsh tone as before.

There's a flicker of fear that passes in Karofsky's eyes before he manages to swallow and nod, "Yes Director Pierce…Susan," he says tripping over his words slightly, "I will do that."

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