Don't Own Anything

Chapter 1 Power Girl

-Dream Sequence-

"I want this girl to have kryptonian DNA by the end of the day," a plump black fat woman said. At least that what the girl saw threw the greenish liquid she was floated in with a mask over her mouth that was connected to the ceiling.

The girl was 6-7 years of age and shown signs of abuse and malnutrition. Her crimson red hair came down to her waist and she had emerald green eyes with a lightning bolt shaped scar on her back, between her shoulder blades, and she was quite small for her age, she also barely had anything on, only bandages to cover her decency.

"But mam, she won't survive the process," the doctor responded.

"I don't care," the woman said, "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and Cadmus isn't paying you to be a voice of morals here. You're here to make weapons that'll prevent the Justice League from becoming too powerful."

"But…" The doctor started but was cut off.

"The Dursley's are our biggest supporters in the UK and they allowed us to use their 'freak of a niece' as a test subject," the woman said. "Just do it."

The doctor pushed a button and electricity filled the tube and the girl muffled cry of pain went unattended.

-End of Dream sequence-

A blond 15 year old girl, her hair came down to her shoulders, as she woke up with a start, sweating from the nightmare, as she got her bearings she saw two holes in the ceiling, smaller than a dime, which had hot red rings around the edges and the girl mumbled to herself, "I have to stop doing that in my nightmares."

The girl got out of her bed and took off her PJ's and threw them in the laundry basket she had in her room, as she walked into her closet you noticed a lightning bolt scar on her back as the same as the girl in her dream as she put on skin tight spandex white leotard on herself with high cut holes and an opening on the top of highly developed bust, with knee high blue boots and blue gloves, with a belt around her hips and a red cape that was on her shoulders that fell down to her knees.

Once she was threw putting on her costume and removing her bed hair she went downstairs to the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal. As she was eating her cereal a woman in her early 60's came into the kitchen with her nightgown still on.

The girl swallowed the food she had in her mouth and said, "Good morning grandma, did you have a good night sleep?"

The woman smiled and replied, "Good morning to you too and of course I did Karen. It's another beautiful morning!"

Karen smiled and asked, "What are your plans today? Audition for broadway, become a skydiver, learn how to water ski?"

The grandmother thought about it as she brought a finger to her chin and started rubbing it and finally she raised the said finger as she had an idea along with her face lighting up, "I'll think I'll learn how to snowboard today!"

"But grandma," Karen interjected, "There's no snow on the ground today."

"Pish posh," grandma said as she waved it off, "I'll improvise and learn how to do it on the dirt!"

Karen chuckled at the antics of her grandmother. She took her in once she learn that Karen was alive and managed to escape the experiments that Cadmus did to her. Now she was a human/kryptonian hybrid with all of a kryptonians abilities, along with flight, super speed, strength, and invulnerability. Her grandmother told her everything but what really happened to her parents. From time to time she listened in on some of her anger filled rants, over the phone with someone on the other side and it's always the same person, about her parents and from what she managed to fill in the gaps was that they abandoned her sometime after her 1st birthday for her twin brother and something about witches and wizards, and an old goat. Sometimes it pays to have super hearing.

"Judging by your outfit, I'm guessing you're going to fly around the city," grandma stated.

Karen smiled and replied, "Of course I am grandma."

"Ahh, to be young again," grandma said as she brought her hand to her heart, she reminisces of the days of her youth.

"But grandma, you're still young," Karen tried to comfort her grandma.

"Karen Potter," Karen flinches when she hears her last name, "you know as well as I do that I'm no spring chicken," grandma shot back, "And don't flinch when I use your given name."

"Sorry grandma," Karen shamefully rubbed the back of her head as she continued, "It just brings back a lot of bad memories of when I lived at the Dursley's. That's why I changed it to Starr."

Grandma's face soften as she realized the problems the Dursley's caused her granddaughter when she was younger and said, "Sorry about bringing your time with the Dursley's up. On another note, you should wear more makeup!"

Karen laid her spoon in her cereal bowl and cupped her chest and countered, "Why should I put on makeup when boys pay more attention to these oversized melons!" She bounced her chest in her hands for emphasis.

"Don't give me that young lady, you'll go up to room and don't leave until you look like a proper super hero. One with the right makeup," grandma countered back.

-An Hour Later-

On the Justice League Watchtower(*) Karen Starr, aka Power Girl, was beamed aboard the Watchtower from a hidden cave in New York City Central Park, several miles from her and her grandmother's place.

She then flew up to the communications center where the Martian Manhunter was currently monitoring the citation on earth.

"Hi MM," Karen said happily as she landed next to him, "Anything interesting happening."

"As of this moment Power Girl, no," the lone Martian replied stoically, "And will you please stop calling me that nickname."

"What, MM," Karen asked innocently.

"Yes, that," J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter replied in his usual tone.

"Ok MM," Power Girl said as she flew off again waving goodbye at him.

J'onn merely shook his head at her antics and went back to work.

-Back in New York-

Karen's grandmother was reading the New York Times when she heard a knock at the door.

"Now, who could that be," she said to herself.

She looked through the eye hole on the door on her door of her house and was shocked who she saw on the other side. She put the chain lock she had onto the door and then opened the door as far as it would allow.

"What do you want here Lily," she spat.

"Mom, I want to know why you've moved here to America shortly after you stopped talking to us," the red haired woman known as Lily responded.

"You told me that Karen was dead," she responded, "Not being tortured by my other good-for-nothing-daughter Petunia."

"You don't mean that mom," Lily said desperately, "Petunia wouldn't hurt my daughter Karen."

"You've lost the right to call her your daughter the minute you left her with them," She shot back. "I've seen the scars Lily. They aren't pretty. She still has nightmares about her time with them and it's been 8 years since she saw them. So don't tell me what Petunia would or wouldn't do. Even if she didn't she did nothing to protect her."

The elderly woman slammed the door shut and locked the door. As she walked away from the door a flash of light flooded the edges and the door fell down as Lily and James Potter walked in.

"Mom, I've had enough of these foolish matters," Lily shouted.

"Foolish," the woman asked in a sarcastic manner, "Karen is many things. A foolish matter is not one of them."

On the Watchtower 30 minutes later

Karen was in the sparring room, having a practice session with Super Girl.

"You're getting better at this Kara," Karen said in a complementary matter.

"Ready *pant* for round *pant* 2," Kara said in an exhausted manner.

Just then J'onn buzzed in over the intercoms, "Power Girl please report to the teleportation room 3, something happened in New York.

"Looks like we need a rain check for round two," Karen said, "Looks like I'm needed."

As Karen left the room Kara fell down on her butt exhausted as she bent forward onto her arms to keep herself up, panting in exhaustion as sweat rolled down her face.

At the teleportation room, Karen knew something was up when most of the League's heavy hitters were there. There was Captain Marvel, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, NIghtwing, Green Lantern (Hal Jorden), hell even the flirt the Flash was there. In the room there was a great deal of tension, you could cut it with a butter knife.

"What's going on," Karen asked, breaking the heavy tension.

"Your Grandma Evans has been kidnapped," The Flash said in a mournful tone and Karen went wide eyed at this.

That was when Batman cut in, "Witnesses stated a couple of magic users broke into her house and took her after refusing to speak with them. They say she wouldn't talk to them because they've 'abandoned' you with a family called the Dursley's."

"You mean…" Karen said in realization, "No it couldn't, could it?"

"Mind filling us in," Superman asked.

"The Dursley's were my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, but one day they sold me to Cadmus so they could perform experiments on me, and after they injected me with kryptonian DNA, I've managed to escape, and the rest is history," Karen explained.

"You mean, you parents kidnapped your grandmother," The Flash said in shock, "Man, and I thought Bats had family issues."

Batman gave him a look, "Please don't hurt me," said the Flash in a fearful tone.

"Much as I find Batman giving the Flash a hard time, I must find my grandma," Karen stated in determination.

"She's right," Wonder Woman said, "Talking about this won't solve anything."

On Earth, a few minutes later, Batman, Power Girl and the Flash was in front of Power Girls house, which is located a residential neighborhood of Queens. Batman was already investigating inside the house for any clues.

"What happened here," Power Girl asked a random officer.

"From what we could tell a couple of metas or magic users busted inside the house after she refused to see them, a good choice after what happened, anyway from what the witnesses say they saw the woman pull out a stick from her sleeves and a flash of light happened and the door fell down and from we could tell the old lady that lives here put up a struggle, since not a few minutes later they floated her body away and then disappeared in thin air," the officer answered.

"Were there anything distinctive about how they disappeared," Karen asked again.

"According to the reports the witnesses say it sounded like thunder when they disappeared," the officer replied again. "Broad light kidnapping doesn't happen very often, especially if the kidnappee is in their own house, even the Joker isn't crazy enough to do something like this, unless it's something to do with his 'jokes' or flat out revenge.."

Karen nodded at the officer's statement and that was when the Batman came back and said, "Whoever did this left behind some unknown energy signature."

"Unknown, what do you mean unknown," The Flash exclaimed as he started to look around in a panic, "The Batman doesn't know something! It must be the Apocalypse!"

The Flash than dived under a Police Cruiser as several cops and some bystanders gave him a funny look, but the Batman continued as if the Flash hadn't said anything, "These energy signatures match some of the energy fluxions my equipment sometimes get, but they usually pass in a few seconds."

"Whoever did this didn't want to be found," Power Girl said.

Batman nodded in agreement, "I can adjust my sensors to track and/or to locate the source of these energy fluxions."

Power Girl nodded in agreement and said, "While you do that I'll do it the old fashioned way."

"Take the Flash with you," Batman said.

"Do I have to," Power Girl asked in a hurt voice and they both looked at the Flash, who was doing balloon animals for the little kids who were with their parents that got curious and was observing the crime scene.

"Of course," Batman said.

"What am I suppose…" Power Girl started when her attention shot back to the dark knight and he was nowhere to be seen, "I have super hearing and 20 types of vision and he still manages to do that to me."

Power Girl went up to the Flash and grabbed one of his lightning bolts and said to the kids, "Sorry kids but we need to get back to work," she then managed to drag him off to the disappointment of the children.

At a safe distance away Power Girl let go of the Flash and said, "Batman want you to help me search for anything we could use as a lead and he put me in charge."

"Why should I listen to you," Flash asked rubbing his ear. Power Girl gave him a glare, which the Flash quickly added, "Where should I start looking mam?"

"I'd like you exam the surrounding area to find anything useful for our search, while I'm going to question the witnesses," Power Girl said.

"Why do I get the hard part," Flash complained.

"Do you want to question the witnesses," Power Girl asked mischievously.

"Looking for evidence, here I come," Flash said as he sped off.

Power Girl merely shook her head and said to no one in particular, "He's nearly twice my age and I'm the one acting like an adult."

To be continued…

Authors Notes:

Sorry I haven't done anything in a while. My birthday was on June 4th and I had a trip to Orlando for the past few days.

(*)I'm using the design one from the JL cartoon