Secret Lover's:

By Taralynn Wakelin

The rain began to fall again as he made his way inside the huge warehouse where he worked with his three best friend's. He shook his umbrella off as he was greeted by them, he smiled and made his way to his locker. Inside his locker he found a note sitting on the top shelf, he opened it and smiled at the familiar handwriting, he read the three word's: I Love You! He knew who it was from and quickly put the note in his pocket when he heard one of his friend's join him at the locker's, they hadn't seen the note.

"You up for some basketball after work today?"

"Sure man, the guy's playing too?" He asked smiling.

"Yep, a little two on two!" His friend said.

"Alright then same team's as last time?"

"Of course, we'll beat you this time! We've been practicing!"

They were busy with three customer's that day, he was tired and he had just come out of the 'Sun Room' where he finished cleaning up from their last customer. As he began walking down the hall he was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled into another room, and before he could figure out what was happening he was put up against the wall. Once there he felt a familiar body press against his and he smiled as the other person spoke in his ear, sending shiver's down his body, like they always did to him.

"You've been a hard guy to get alone today! I was beginning to think you were avoiding me!" The person said as they began kissing his neck.

"Never!" He answered closing his eye's as he relaxed in to the kiss. Before either of them could say or do anything further they heard their name's being called from the hallway, they pulled away and the door opened.

"There you two are!" Their friend Scott said smiling. "Are you guy's ready to play some ball?" Scott asked patting Dave on the back.

"Oh, yeah! Same team's as last time?"

"Yep! You two, against me and El' Smitto!" Scott said referring to their other friend Smitty. "Get ready to get your butt's whopped this time!"

"You hear that Rich?" The shorter man who had only second's before been kissing his neck asked. "I think Scotty here has been practicing his smack talk!"

"Well, Dave if you remember correctly Scott's not very good at smack talking. Remember the last time? What was it he called us again?"

"I think it was a couple of Burro's wasn't it?" Dave asked as they both laughed. "He was upset that we won again and that was the best he could come up with!"

"Alright you two, if you're done making fun of my smack talking skill's I do believe we have a game to play!?" Scott said smiling.

One Month Later…

Day's past and Rich found himself thinking a lot about Dave, and their relationship, their secret relationship!


It all began a year and a half earlier when the two of them had been working late by themselves. They had been sitting together on the couch relaxing after finishing cleaning up the 'Music Room'. Dave yawned, and Rich laughed as he got up to get an apple from the fridge, Dave quickly laid down on the couch on his back and spoke between yawn's.

"What's funny about me being exhausted?" Dave asked his head on his arm's, his eye's closed. "I'm glad me being tired is amusing to you!"

"It's very amusing!" Rich said as he searched the fridge. Not finding any apple's he gave up and returned to the couch and found Dave asleep. He knelt down to wake him, he touched his arm and scared Dave waking him. He sat up quickly and smashed his head off of Rich's head both grabbed their head's Dave asked what he was doing as he rubbed his sore head.

"Rich what the hell are you doing man?"

"Well right now I'm thinking I might have a concussion! What I was originally doing was trying to wake you up so we can go home!"

"Well you succeeded, I'm awake and as a bonus I have a bump on my head! Thanks Rich!" Dave said sitting up. "I think I can feel it growing!"

"Move your hand and let me see!" Rich said as Dave did as he asked. "It's a small bump, I think you'll be alright!" Rich said smiling as he touched Dave's forehead gently, Dave looked into his eye's and spoke.

"You can let go of my forehead now Rich!" Dave said smiling, but neither moved, they just stared into each other's eye's then Rich spoke quietly.

"Or I could do this?" Rich said as he leaned in and kissed Dave. They both got lost in the kiss until the front door's opening broke them apart, they jumped and ended up banging head's again both grabbed their head's.

"Damnit!" They both yelled together.

"Hey guy's what happened?" Smitty asked as he came in with Scott. "We heard you yell, are you okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine! Nothing an ice pack won't fix!" Dave said.

"Whoa! Those are some bump's, what happened?" Scott asked.

"Dave fell asleep on the couch and I woke him up, I scared him when I did and he sat up and smashed his head into mine!" Rich said leaving out the kiss. "Next time I think I'll just leave you sleeping!"

"I'm going to go my head feel's like it's going to explode!" Dave said standing. "Night guy's, see you tomorrow!"

"You guy's going to be okay to drive?" Scott asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine! Just a little headache Scotty, don't worry!" Dave said smiling as he left the warehouse and went home.

Present Day…

That bump on the head was the beginning of their relationship, they kept it a secret from Scott and Smitty, it was Dave that wanted it that way not ready to have anyone know. Rich understood, and kept it hidden he didn't want to lose Dave and if he had to keep their relationship secret for now he would. At first it was exciting to him keeping it secret, at work they both were professional nothing had changed that way, when the other's were around they acted like they always had. When no one's around though Rich would find himself being grabbed and pulled into a room where they'd fool around and then go back to acting like friend's. They would leave each other little note's, left always in their locker's where no one else would find them, and no one had a clue. Outside of work though they were like any other couple as long as they were at either of their house's, or out at a place they'd never run into the guy's. For awhile that was enough for Rich, but that all changed three month's ago when they were at Dave's house they told each other they loved each other. Since that night Rich felt cheated because they couldn't share their love with anyone like other couple's. Thing's that never used to bother him about their relationship like; when Dave would pull away if the guy's came into the room, or saw Rich, and Dave out together, or not being able show any kind of affection towards each other if the guy's were around began too. So he decided to talk to Dave about it, and hopefully convince him that telling the guy's wouldn't be so bad. He asked Dave to come over and he waited nervously for him to arrive, he didn't know what would happen, but he had to do this he didn't want to hide anymore! He had just finished making coffee when he heard his car pull up, and second's later the door opened and he came in calling out to him, he smiled to himself.


"I'm in the kitchen!" He called back trying to hide his nervousness.

"Hey!" Dave greeted him before he kissed him. "You left early today?"

"Yeah, I needed to stop at the store to pick up some thing's for dinner." Rich said smiling as he stirred the food on the stove. "You hungry?"

"Starving! Smell's good!" Dave said as he looked over Rich's shoulder, Rich got some on the spoon and gave it to him to try. "That is good! What is it?" Dave asked as he tried to get another bite, but was stopped by Rich.

"It's spaghetti sauce, I saw the recipe on TV the other night wanted to try it! Here keep yourself busy by taking the garlic bread out of the oven!"

"I'm on it!" Dave said smiling as he did what he was asked.

Two hour's later they had finished eating and were cleaning up when Dave noticed how quiet Rich had gotten he turned to him and spoke concerned.

"You okay? You're really quiet!"

"I…umm…can we sit actually? We need to talk!" Rich said quietly.

"Uh oh, this sound's serious! Did I do something?" Dave asked as they went into the living room and sat on the couch, Rich sighed as he spoke.

"Dave look you know I love you right? I'm…" Dave cut him off.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! That is never a good start to any conversation! So now I know it is serious, am I going to get the it's not you, it's me finisher?"

"What? Oh, I get it you think I'm breaking up with you?" Rich said.

"You aren't?" Dave asked relaxing when he shook his head no. "Okay then what's going on?"

"Dave I'm tired of being a secret! Why can't we just tell the guy's? They're our best friend's we've known them for year's! They'll understand and…"

"No!" Dave said as he stood and began walking into the kitchen, Rich quickly followed him and stopped him. "What Rich?" Dave snapped.

"I was going to ask you the same question?" Rich said.

"I'm not having this conversation! You already know how I feel about this and I won't go over this again!" Dave keeping his distance. "Damnit Rich why can't you let it go?"

"I don't want to have to hide anymore Dave! I want to be able to be near you without having to be worried that someone will catch us! I love you Dave and I want to tell everyone!" Rich begged.

"This conversation is over! We're not telling anyone Rich, you'll just have to accept that or we're done!" Dave said walking into the living room.


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