"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" Brittany woke up the sound she hated the most. The sound of her alarm clock. She turned around to shut it off. Brittany could barley open her eyes, and when she tried everything was blurry.

"Will you shut that thing off!?" Quinn shouted from the other side of the room.

Brittany mumbled a low "yeah" and reached for the alarm clock with her eyes shut. When she couldn't find it, she opened her eyes. 06:03 lit up in front of Brittany, the numbers were red. Brittany pressed the off button and sighed. She was more awake now. She rolled over to her back and stretched her arms up while she yawned. She looked over to Quinn who was already up and had started her morning routine.

"Good morning." Brittany said to Quinn.

"Morning, Britt" She answered. "Want me to make you some coffee?" She asked Brittany.

"Yeah that'd be nice." Brittany answered with a little smile. Quinn smiled back at her while brushing her hair.

Brittany got up and went to the bathroom. Brittany looked at herself in the mirror and giggled. Her hair was a mess. She shook her head and found her hairbrush and started brushing her hair. When she was done she put her hair up in a loose ponytail. When she walked out of the bathroom Quinn was sitting at the table eating breakfast and scrolling on her phone. Brittany walked by Quinn who held out her hand with a cup of coffee.

"Here's your coffee." Quinn said while handing over the cup to Brittany.

"Thanks." Brittany mumbled while she took a sip of her coffee. Brittany leaned against the kitchen counter and drank her coffee.

"Q, do we have any of the same classes?" Brittany asked Quinn.

"Yeah, every class actually, except for two." Quinn said.

"What are those two classes?" Brittany asked curiously. Brittany wasn't good at following schedules she found them confusing, just like recipes.

"Classic mythology and dance, of corse." Quinn answered while she got up from the chair and walked over to the sink with her plate and stood next to Brittany.

"So I'll meet you between classes, and we can walk together to the classes we both have?" Brittany said while finishing the last of her coffee.

"Yes, like always." Quinn answered as she took the cup from Brittany's hand and started washing it.

"We should finish getting ready, the first class starts in 50 minutes." Quinn said.

"I call shotgun on the bathroom!" Brittany yelled as she smacked Quinn's butt and started running towards the bathroom, laughing.

"Oh, no you don't! I need it more than you, Britt!" Quinn said as she started racing after her, laughing too.

Brittany reached the bathroom before Quinn. She quickly locked the door and laughed a little more. Quinn started knocking as hard as she could on the door.

"Brittany! Open this door right now, you don't even need to use the bathroom." Quinn yelled trough the door.

"That's not true! I need to take a shower." Brittany yelled back.

"Fine! But be quick. Or else I'll never make you morning coffee again. I don't like you very much right now." Quinn said.

"You love me." Brittany said as she smirked to herself in the mirror. Quinn grunted in response.

Brittany took a shower and got dressed. She finally let Quinn use the bathroom. Brittany looked at herself in the full body mirror in the hallway. She looked cute. She was wearing flowered jeans with a grey sweater t-shirt, her favorite hat, that looked like a teddy bear and had ears on it, and black low converse shoes. Yep. Brittany was happy with her look for today. She smiled at herself in the mirror and stroked the ears of her hat.

"Quinn! You ready?" Brittany said to Quinn, still admiring herself in the mirror.

"In a minute!" Quinn said.

Brittany and Quinn were sitting in the park at the college having lunch with Sam, Puck, Tina and Mike. They were all enjoying their lunch and having fun. Sam was tossing grapes in the air and catching them in his huge mouth. Brittany giggled at Sam, because he was able to catch every single grape.

"How is Rachel doing?" Quinn asked and looked at Finn still smiling because of Sam.

"She's good, she's good. She's great actually, she loves it in New York" Finn answered with a dopy smile on his face. Quinn nodded in response and took a sip of her ice tea.

"Hey, Sam check this out." Puck said and leaned over to Sam, showing him something on his phone.

"Dude that's awesome!" Sam said smiling at Puck.

Mike and Tina were standing up because they were leaving.

"See you guys later, Tina and I have something we have to take care of before class." Mike said with a grin on his face. Tina was giggling and holding his hand while she whispered something in his ear.

"It's the first day of school and you're already doing the nasty between classes? I'm impressed." Puck said with a stupid smirk on his face while he highfived Sam. Mike leaned down and punched Puck's arm playfully.

"Chill out bro, be careful with the guns!" Puck said acting offended by Mike's punch.

Tina laughed and said "See you later guys." Then she ran off holding hands with Mike.

"What class do I have next?" Brittany asked Quinn.

"Dance, and after that you have classic mythology." Quinn said.

"Okay, I better get going. I need to warm up before class." Brittany said and started gathering her things.

"Mike is having his warm up round with Tina." Puck said while smirking.

"You're such a horny asshole." Quinn said to Puck, laughing at his comment.

"Bye, guys." Brittany said as she started walking to dance class.

"Hey Brittany, wait up!" Sam said as he came running after her.

"What's up?" Brittany said smiling at Sam. Slowing her pace a little.

"I was just wondering if you had given my question a little more thought then the last time I asked you?" He said nervously with a shy smile on his face, running his hand trough his hair.

"Sam, look." Brittany said while stopping to face Sam. She looked him in the eyes while she bit her lip.

"You're a great guy and everything, and I love your impressions, I just don't wanna date someone right now. I wanna focus on school and my dancing, and I can't have a boyfriend distracting me from that. I'm sorry, Sam." She said with a compassionate smile. Brittany leaned in and gave him a hug. Brittany pulled back and Sam sighed.

"Besides, you can always find someone else." Brittany said.

"Whatever you say, Brittany. I'm not giving up on you!" Sam said smiling. He started walking away still keeping eye contact. Brittany giggled and shook her head. She turned around and walked the rest of the way to her dance class.

Brittany was sweating all over the place. She was on the floor stretching with Mike after dance class trying to catch her breath. She loved the way dancing made her feel. When Brittany danced she was in control, she was the best at it. Brittany knew she wasn't the smartest of people, but when it came to dance she was a genius.

"Great job today." Mike said helping Brittany stretch.

"Yeah, you too." Brittany said, still a little out of breath.

"So, did you talk to Sam?" Mike asked with a shy smile.

"Yeah I did, and you know how I feel about him. I just don't think it's the right place or time." Brittany answered switching positions with Mike.

"Yeah, I know. But Sam is my boy, and he's kinda heartbroken." Mike said.

"I don't wanna have this conversation right now." Brittany said.

"Britt, wait."

Brittany got on her feet and walked to the locker room to take a shower. She couldn't deal with this right now.

When Brittany was done showering she had to get to classic mythology class. Brittany was going trough her bag looking for her earphones when she looked up and saw a woman facing her back to Brittany with the greatest ass she'd ever seen. Brittany stopped looking for her earphones and just stared at her. She was wearing a black pencil skirt that matched her long raven black hair, a white blouse without arms, and black high heels. Who was this woman? Brittany had to see her face. Just as Brittany was about to walk up to this woman she heard a buzzing noise from her bag, she went trough her bag and found her phone. It was a text from Quinn.

Q - We're going out with tike and sam for dinner after school

B – cool, see you after class :)

When Brittany looked up, the woman she was so fascinated over was gone. Damn. Brittany said to herself. She put her phone back in her bag and went to class.

Brittany was sitting in a typical college study hall. She was sitting in the third row. She took out her books and her macbook from her bag and found a pen so she could take notes. Brittany sighed and looked at the clock that was hanging over the door. The class was supposed to start now, but Mr. Johnson wasn't here yet. Brittany leaned her head on her arm and sighed while she started tapping her pen on her books.

The door to the study hall opened and the schools principal, Mr. Smith walked in. He cleared his throat and said:

"Students, may I have your attention please?"

The students calmed down and looked at Mr. Smith.

"As you all know Mr. Johnson is an old man, and he retired over the summer. I would like you all to welcome your new teacher Miss..."

He was cut off.

"Miss. Santana Lopez. Hi, class I'm Santana Lopez and I will be your teacher this semester." She said with a little smile on her lips. She walked over to her desk and put her bag on it. She crossed her arms over her chest. There was an awkward silence.

"You can leave now, Mr. Smith." She said to Smith with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, of corse Miss. Lopez." He said with a smile and walked out the door.

Brittany was staring with big eyes. There she was. The woman she had seen earlier today. She was stunning. Her eyes were dark brown, she had tan caramel skin and her hair was perfect and so shiny. Brittany had never seen anyone so beautiful in her entire life. She was glowing. She was so sexy, in the teacher/librarian kind of way.

"Mesmerizing." Brittany said out loud. Brittany covered her mouth, luckily no one heard her.

"Okay class. At first I want to focus on the ancient mythology of the greek gods and their war stories." She said while getting out her books from her bag.

Even her voice is sexy. Brittany thought to herself. And she looked so young, she couldn't be that old. There was something she couldn't figure out though. She just couldn't put her finger on it. It felt like she'd seen her before, but if she had she would've definitely remembered her. Wait wait. What was she doing? This was her teacher, not some random girl. She couldn't have these thoughts about her, but she was just so.. So.. Breath taking. Yeah that's the word, breathtaking.

Santana reached for her glasses in her bag so she could read. She usually didn't wear glasses. She only needed them when she was reading. Santana was a little nervous because this was her first class ever.

"Okay, at first I want to tell you a little about myself. I'm new in town, I just moved here. I've been traveling a lot to learn more about the history around us. I've spent 2 months in Greece and 1 month in Rome. I also spent 2 weeks in Barcelona. I don't have a teachers education like your last teacher, but I've been a part of a research team and know a lot about ancient mythology. So I was offered this job. My teaching methods might be a little different, so just bare with me." Santana told the class.

She looked around at the students, everyone seemed bored and uninterested except for one. A blonde girl in the third row. Santana made eye contact with the blonde, and found herself looking in to the most gorgeous blue eyes she'd ever seen. Santana stared for a few seconds and the blonde smiled at her. When she did Santana couldn't help it, but smile back. Santana broke eye contact and turned to the black board. She cleared her throat and said:

"To begin with we'll be focusing on the most known greek gods. Does anyone know any greek gods?" Santana asked and looked around at her students. A guy in the back raised his hand.

"Yes, you in the back." Santana said.

"Yeah, Aphrodite. Wasn't she a sex goddess or something?" The guy said while grinning at Santana, looking her up and down.

"No, that's not the case of all. And she isn't the god I had in mind. Anyone else?" Santana said. The same guy raised his hand with a smirk on his face.

"Hey, teach. I heard she's a sex goddess. So be my Aphrodite, show a guy a good time?" The guy smirked and high fived his buddies.

"That's funny, excuse me what was your name?" Santana said to him.

"It's Diego sweetheart." He said with a wink.

"Diego. Funny. Wanna know something Diego?" Santana said with a devilish smirk on her face as she took a few steps forward.

"Tell it to me, teach." Diego said in a confident voice. Santana took of her glasses and said.

"Did you know that your name means virgin, Diego? And by the looks of you, I would say you live up to it. So before you try hitting on someone way out of your league, get laid." Santana finished with a raised eyebrow. Diego dropped his jaw and his buddies couldn't hold back their laugh. Santana noticed the blonde with the blue eyes laughing too. Santana smiled to herself.

"Okay, moving on." Santana said and started writing down some of the greek gods on the blackboard.

"And that's how Hades became god of the underworld." Santana said. Brittany hadn't been able to take her eyes of Santana ever since she smiled at her Brittany wasn't entirely sure about what she was talking about, but everything she said sounded super smart.

"We're almost done for today, so I guess I'll give you an assignment you could work on for thursday. Chose one of the creek gods, whatever god you want and write about their history. It doesn't have to be that long. We're done for today, you may leave now." Santana said. Shit. Brittany thought to herself. Done already? But she was enjoying watching Santana so much. Should she go introduce herself? No that would be stupid. Is she even allowed to be with a teacher? Wait, what was she thinking? Be with her, no. She was just extremely hot that's all. Brittany still wanted to introduce herself though. Lost in her thoughts and the study hall became almost empty. Santana was gathering her things so she hadn't left yet. They were practically alone, Brittany decided to go for it. She packed her books and her macbook and got up from her seat. She started walking down the stairs towards Santana's desk.

"Hi, I'm.." Just as she was about to introduce herself Brittany tripped down the stairs. It wasn't far though, but it still hurt. Brittany and Santana were all alone now. Santana came running up to her.

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" She said leaning down to help Brittany up.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm just a little clumsy that's all." Brittany answered. Brittany tried to get up, but fell down again. Shit. She said to herself.

"Do you need a hand?" Santana said reaching out her hand for Brittany to take.

"No, it's fine. I'm fine." Brittany said getting on her feet this time.

"I liked your lesson Santana. I mean Miss. Lopez. I really have to go now." Brittany said awkwardly and she could feel that she was blushing. So she just stormed out the door.

"Yeah, sure." Santana said a little startled with a worried expression watching Brittany run off.

Brittany you're such an idiot! Stupid, stupid, stupid. Brittany said to herself. Of corse you had to make a complete fool out of yourself in front of the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen. Brittany was so mad at herself. Why did she always have to do stupid things? She really blew it. While Brittany was yelling at herself she couldn't hear that someone was trying to get her attention behind her.

"Hey you! Wait up!" Someone said. That sounded a lot like Miss. Lopez, Brittany thought. She turned around find out that it was Miss. Lopez. Brittany stopped and Santana walked up to her.

"I believe these are yours." Santana said with a smile. In her hand she was holding Brittany's crayons rapped in a rubber band.

"Thanks!" Brittany said smiling from ear to ear when Santana handed her, her crayons.

"I always forget these." Brittany said. Looking down because she was still embarrassed after the fall.

"You didn't forget them though, I think they fell out of your bag when you tripped." Santana said, holding back a laugh.

"Oh, right." Brittany said, and she started blushing again.

"I was actually coming to introduce myself to you, when I tripped." Brittany said nervously.

Brittany looked up and into Santana eyes Those wonderful brown eyes. Brittany reached out her right hand and said:

"Well I might as well introduce myself now, I can't make more of a fool of myself then I've already done so, I'm.." Brittany was cut off. Sam came up from behind and scared her. He was laughing.

"Hey, you. Are you ready to go?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming." Brittany said. She looked back at Santana who was now looking down. Sam started dragging her away from Santana.

"I guess I'll see you later!" Brittany said to Santana, before she turned to Sam.

Santana sighed, and watched the beautiful blue eyed girl walk away. Of corse she had a boyfriend. Santana said to herself. And what would be the chances that she was even into girls? Santana thought. It was just something about the blonde girl's smile. She never got to know her name though, Santana was wondering what it was. She was sure she had a beautiful name to match her face. Lost in her thoughts. Santana started walking to her car.

That night, when Santana got home she had this feeling she couldn't shake off. It was like she had forgotten something, but she had all of her things. What could it be? Ever since Santana made eye contact with the blonde blue eyed girl, she had been feeling weird. Bubbly actually, and Santana wasn't a very nice person. To be honest, she was a bitch. Santana didn't know much of the student teacher rules, but one thing she knew for sure, she couldn't get that blue eyed girl out of her head and she had to know this girl.