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CHAPTER 5 – What's a soulmate?

Santana is standing in the bathroom. She looks up into nervous brown eyes. She doesn't know why she's nervous, but she is. She's never nervous. She wasn't even nervous about being a teacher, but going to a one on one dance class that's nerve wrecking. It shouldn't be nerve wrecking, but when your instructor looks like sex on legs, and it's more of a personal thing than professional. Yeah. For once in her life Santana Diabla Lopez would allow herself to feel nervous.

She's checking herself out in the mirror. She looks good. She's wearing a dark purple tank top and black tights. Which makes her ass look amazing. Santana grins thinking of how great her ass looks. Her hair is long and wavy and looks really good today too. Damn. Santana says to herself admiring what she sees in the mirror.

"Satan! Are you planning on saying goodbye to me or not?" Kurt yells from outside the bathroom door.

Santana snaps back to reality and puts on some lip gloss before leaving the bathroom.

" Of corse I'm saying goodbye to you, I'm mean, but I'm not evil." Santana says smiling up at Kurt.

"No, you're evil. It wouldn't surprise me. I'm surprised you even let me stay with you for so long without you releasing your hell hounds on me." Kurt laughs. Santana smiles and shakes her head.

"Come here, you toothless baby." Santana says in a baby voice bringing Kurt in for a tight hug. Kurt snorts and gives Santana a long hug before letting her go.

"Come visit soon, ok?" Santana says looking at Kurt with a stern look.

"Yes ma'am." Kurt says nodding while picking up his suitcase.

"Adios senorita." He says, blowing Santana a kiss as he walks out the door.

"Later, white boy." Santana says in a gangster voice, closing the door after him.

Santana sighs, a little bummed that her best gay had to leave so soon. She bites her lip and looks up at the clock hanging besides the silver colored refrigerator. Her one on one session is in 30 minutes and it's about a 10 minutes walk from her apartment to the studio so she would have to leave in 20. She's really feeling the nerves now. Kurt wasn't very helpful when she told him about it. He laughed most of the time and he was talking about how exciting this was and that she would spend a lot of time with her now named blue eyed girl in her new everyday life. Which really wasn't helpful at all, it just made Santana even more nervous. Singing. Singing always calmed her down. Whenever Santana was sad, angry, or just had a bad day singing or listening to music always helped. She got out her phone and plugged in her earphones, she set her music list on shuffle. This girl is on fire by Alica Keys came on. Santana closed her eyes, smiled and started to sing a long to the lyrics.

After about 15 minutes of singing and humming Santana felt a lot better. She unplugged her earphones, picked up her purse, put on her sneakers, locked her door and left the apartment building.

Santana had gotten rid of some of her nerves, but she was still pretty nervous. She took a deep breath and entered the studio.

"Hey!" Chris said as Santana came in.

"Brittany is waiting for you in the dance room to the left." He smiled at her, motioning with his hand where the room was.

"Thanks." Santana said, nodding at Chris.

Santana walked over to the room at the left and opened the door. There she was. Just as beautiful as ever. Brittany was on the floor stretching. She was wearing a green sports bra and grey sweatpants that were pulled up to below her knees. Brittany looked up into Santana's eyes and grinned.

"Hey, you." Santana said smiling back at Brittany while she sat her purse down on the floor.

"Hi." Brittany said shyly, not breaking eye contact as she got up.

"Wow, you really are gorgeous." Brittany said, taking a deep breath.

Santana gulped, not being able to form words. She could feel her heart speeding up as Brittany started to walk towards her. Brittany's hair was very long and was dancing playfully around her abs. Santana looked at Brittany with big eyes. This girl had a great body. Her nipples were showing trough the sports bra, and her abs flexed as she came closer. Could this girl be any sexier?

"Like what you see?" Brittany asked. Santana looked up into blue eyes again.

"Wh-what?" Santana said snapping out of her stare, closing her mouth which had dropped without her knowing it.

"The program I've prepared for today." Brittany smiled, handing Santana a paper sheet.

"Oh, yeah. Sure." Santana said taking the paper sheet from Brittany. Santana went from calm to a total nerve wreck in less than 5 seconds. What was happening to her badass self? Santana thought.

"Okay, as you can see. Today we'll be focusing on some easy jazz/ballet moves. You wanna stretch some first?" Brittany said looking at Santana with kind eyes and her hands in her pockets.

"No, I'm good." Santana said, smiling at Brittany.

"Okay, I'll just go put on some music and we can start, yeah?" Brittany said walking over to her iPod, not really wanting and answer.

Santana could still feel her heart beat like crazy, but she was a bit more calm now. She just had to get over the shock of this stunning girl standing in front of her, that's all.

Music started playing, but Santana didn't recognize the song. It was a kinda up beat jazz song.

"Come here, stand next to me." Brittany said, waving her over. Santana walked over to her.

"I'll show you the first few steps, and we'll work on those to begin with." Brittany said.

"Okay, cool." Santana said smiling at Brittany in the mirror.

Brittany started dancing and showed Santana how to do the moves.

After about 20 minutes of going over the same dance moves, Brittany and Santana took a little break.

"You seem a little tensed." Brittany said, looking at Santana.

"Excuse me?" Santana said, feeling a little offended.

"Your dancing, it seems a little tensed. You need to relax more." Brittany said with a kind smile.

"Oh." Santana answered feeling a little bad that she might've sounded rude. How was she supposed to relax when her dance instructor looked and acted like an angel the whole fucking time.

"Give me your hand, I have an idea." Brittany said smiling with excitement in her eyes. As she reached out her hand.

Santana hesitated but gave Brittany her hand. Again. That tingly feeling. They both stopped for a second. Looking at their hands touching the other. Brittany's hand felt so soft and nice, and Santana's hand was a perfect fit in Brittany's.

"Hold on a sec." Brittany said, letting Santana go. Santana, already missing the tingly feeling Brittany gave her.

Brittany walked over to her iPod and put on a song.

"This type of dancing always relaxes me." Brittany said smiling at Santana with a loving look in her eyes.

Brittany walked over to Santana stopping in front of her. Santana tried to recognize the song.

Let me be your hero.

Now she knew. "Hero" by Enrique Iglesisas. Santana was in trouble. Brittany looked into Santana's eyes as she got even closer. Santana could feel her blood rushing trough her body. She felt so warm.

"Would you dance? If I asked you to dance?" Brittany sang along with the lyrics, placing Santana's hand on her shoulder and her own hand on Santana's hip. Brittany found Santana's left hand and put it her right hand.

Would you run? And never look back?

Brittany started moving around, Santana following her lead. Their eyes were locked onto each other. It was electric. Santana felt so close to Brittany, like she had been doing this forever. Every step was perfect and everything was so intense. Brittany spun Santana around and pulled her even closer. They were so close, Santana could feel Brittany's breath hit her lips. Santana was convinced that she could feel another heart beat. Brittany's heart beat. And it was beating just as fast as her heart.

Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Brittany looked at Santana's lips then back up into her eyes again. They started swaying again. Santana was completely hypnotized by this beautiful angelic girl that she was dancing with.

"I can be your hero baby!" Brittany sang, grinning. Santana started laughing, and broke eye contact.

"I can kiss away the pain." Brittany continued, her smile growing even bigger when she heard Santana laughing.

I will stand by you forever.

"You have a very adorable laugh." Brittany giggled. As she stopped dancing, but she didn't let go of Santana.

"Well, you have a very adorable singing voice." Santana said smiling up at Brittany.

"You can take my breath away." Brittany sighed, looking into brown eyes. Santana froze, and her smile faded. She looked at Brittany's lips, they where so pink, and they looked so soft.

Brittany cleared her throat.

"So, you feeling a little bit more relaxed?" Brittany asked like the last 3 minutes didn't happen.

"Yeah, kinda." Santana said with a little smile tugging her lips.

"Let's get back on track." Brittany said. Going from being adorable, cute, sexy and funny to serious dance instructor in a split second. Santana was so amazed by this girl, she really was one of a kind.

"That's it, you got it! Great job, Santana!" Brittany said with a huge smile on her face while she high fived Santana.

"Thanks!" Santana answered grinning, feeling very pleased with herself.

"That was really good, but there's still somethings that needs to improve." Brittany said in a serious voice.

"Yeah, thanks teach." Santana said smirking. Brittany giggled at Santana.

"I guess I'll see you in class on Monday." Santana said, picking up her bag from the floor as she started walking over to the door.

"I guess so." Brittany said smirking to herself.

"Hey, Santana wait up." Brittany said and ran after her. Santana stopped and looked at Brittany in confusion.

"I just wanted to say that I had a really good time tonight. My one on one sessions aren't usually like this. With me singing and stuff." Brittany said nervously.

"Oh, I. I don't know what to say. I had a really great time too by the way. It was, it was fun." Santana said biting her lip.

"So you didn't mind, me dancing with you? I don't wanna come of as unprofessional." Brittany said, licking her lips.

"No, please. That was the best part." Santana said with a smirk. Brittany's eyes lighted up, and a small smile tugged her lips.

"Bye, Brittany. Can't wait to, to ehm. Dance with you again." Santana said as she walked of.

"Yeah me too." Brittany said, watching Santana leave. Before Santana left she turned around to meet those beautiful blue eyes and that cute smile one more time, making her grin like an idiot as she left the studio.

"So, how did it go?" Quinn asked eagerly when Brittany got home.

"It went, amazing." Brittany answered as a smile tugged her lips.

Quinn was sitting on the couch watching desperate housewives, but her attention was turned to Brittany.

"Amazing? Seriously, tell me what happen." Quinn asked smiling. Brittany sat down on the couch next to Quinn.

"There's not much to say. We talked a little and we danced a little." Brittany said, shrugging.

"That's it? Come on, Britt. Give me the dirty details." Quinn said smirking.

Brittany laughed.

"Shut up, there's no dirty details! We danced with each other. That's all. And I kinda sang to her." Brittany said, thinking back to the recent memory.

"You sang to her? What song?" Quinn asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

"Well I didn't sing the whole song, I just sang a few lines. Hero." Brittany said nervously. Quinn looked at her with big eyes.

"Wow, Brittany.. You really like this girl don't you? You don't even know her that well. And that song. That's your favorite love song." Quinn said.

"You know what? I actually do like her. And I don't know why but I feel like we're connected somehow. It's like I already know her, even though I don't. I know it's weird, but she really does take my breath away, like no one has ever done before." Brittany said, sighing. Pouting her lip.

"Brittany.. I respect how you feel, I always do. And if you feel this connection your talking about. You have to go for it. Don't hesitate." Quinn said looking at Brittany with caring eyes.

"Yeah? You really think so?" Brittany said. The hope growing in her eyes.

"Totally. And who knows? Maybe she's your soulmate." Quinn said shrugging, turning her attention back to the TV.

"My what?" Brittany asked narrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

"Your soulmate." Quinn said, still looking at the TV.

"What's a soulmate?" Brittany asked curiously. Quinn looked back at her.

"You don't know what it is?" Quinn asked.

"No." Brittany said.

"Ok. You want the long version or the short version?" Quinn asked.

"Give me the long one." Brittany said eagerly, curling up like a kid waiting for her grandma to tell a fairytale.

"Okay, Britt. A soulmate is someone you have an immediate connection with. You feel drawn to them. You feel like you've known this person your whole life. Every touch is magical, it's electric. The first touch is always extra connection you feel will grow. This is someone you already love before you even know them, and you'll love this person forever. Not everyone finds their soulmate, but the ones that do are the truly lucky ones. The love you feel for this person is so deep, and so intense. When your heart opens up to this love, you'll probably feel overwhelmed, because you would think that it isn't possible to feel a love so strong for another person, but it is. This person will be your bestfriend, your worst enemy, your lover, your soulmate. Finding your soulmate is like finding the last piece of a puzzle. That's basically what a soulmate is." Quinn said, turning her head back to the TV again.

"Wow." Brittany said, looking at Quinn with big eyes.

"Have you met your soulmate?" Brittany asked. Quinn looked down, and smiled.

"I don't know yet, maybe I have, it's not always obvious who it is. And Britt. Please don't get to hung up on what I just said. I read it in a book. I believe that soulmates exist, but to a certain degree. It doesn't have to be that intense you know." Quinn said, a little worried Brittany would take her statement to seriously.

"Oh, okay. I get it." Brittany said looking a little disappointed.

"Britt, don't worry about it. Okay?" Quinn said, taking her hand and stroked the back of it. Brittany looked down on their hands. The way Santana made her feel when she held her hand, was completely different from this. Santana was something completely different. She was magical and electrical, just like a soulmate Brittany thought.