Hey guys, had a crazed person try to ruin me on my last stories so I decided to create this new syot since i finished my last one.

When creating a tribute please you my form and please give details as well to the new story...

Also when making a character can you please put the name of your tribute and the district as well...

Please enjoy...

President Glayward watched as the stylist places light blue blush to his thin aging face. This was his second time announcing a quarter quell and the capitol will soon want a new fresh faced president. His outfit for this year was to be a blue flame. He wore a tight black athletic suit with soft glitter of gold flecks reflect it. The stylist slicked back his black hair and sent a thin flame of blue cover his arms and legs as he walked around. His queue came in when the capitol arose in a loud applause. He strolled towards the beige podium and stares out towards the crowd as they look in awe. He sees many new colors and the fresh wigs that where placed atop their very heads.

"The last four quarter quells were amazing" he said as the roar of the crowd sounded through the stadium. The capitolites looked around as the capitol watch a small petite female bring up the box. She hands the President a yellowing card and she prances of the stage with her braids in hand

"This year to show the capitol isn't evil at all we shall have the 24 tributes be twelve year olds and the capitol shall include tributes as well" said Glayward as he graces himself off stage and slinks through the crowd of his adoring fans. The capitol citizens looks in suprise as their great founding fathers seemed to have betrayed them. Many of the citizens spread rumors as they think over the special children that they once had could disappear in the arena.

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