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Train Rides-

District One-

Tiger looked excitedly as the train doors slowly open and he moves through the train carts and he located Lucinda. She was laid sprawled as she watched Platinum her mentor busily talking about the reaping.

"You are just so beautiful" said Platinum as she busily fluffs her blonde hair and she moves through the cart. Tiger looked around for Maverick his mentor but brushed the thought away.

"Hello Lucinda, I'm Tiger" he said as he stuck his hand out and she looks around she places her albino colored skinned hand in his light tan hand. He felt her cold hand and he flicked it away as she rises up and pats her hand down next to her. Tiger flinches as she pats harder and he moves towards her and she slinks closer to him.

"So Tiger, how do you think the career pack will act this year" asked Lucinda as she twirls her hair and pucker her lips. Lucinda watches as Tiger blushes and she threw a little more of her charm as she felt it shoot from her and move towards Tiger. Lucinda always imagined it as a rope closing in on his neck and suffocating him from the real world.

"I think it'll be pretty" said Tiger as he stares gawking at Lucinda and he shakes his head lightly.

"I mean it'll be pretty ruthless" said Tiger as she rubs the back of his cropped black hair. Lucinda grins as he smiles and she rubs his forearm and she looks on.

"Nice save back their" said Lucinda as she thinks over the many games she's seen in her lifetime. Lucinda thought of the perfect one from the 98th hunger games.

"Do you remember the 98th hunger games" said Lucinda as she ponders on with Tiger staring off in the distance.

"Yea the careers stood great until the final six when the capitol brought them towards the final fight of the careers" said Tiger a he smiles and Lucinda looked at him.

"Hey Tiger what do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman" asked Lucinda

"Frostbite" said Tiger as the two partners laugh their heads off and they heard the door open slowly and Maverick slowly walked through. Maverick was sixteen and won the games last year and he was very feisty and highly intelligent.

"The games are on and you have seen your career pack" said Maverick as he laughs and places the small TV on and district one passed by and district two came through. Maverick comes onto the two and sits in the middle of the two as Tiger sees a pretty blonde female make her way towards the front. The escort on the TV calls for another tribute as a male with dark brown hair makes his way towards the front.

"That's Lexy Butler and Hero Jacobs" said Maverick as he looks at Lucinda and Tiger.

"Those two seem like chumps" said Lucinda as she watches slowly to see anything out of the ordinary between these two tributes. They continue to watch as district three sweeps by and district four comes into place. Lucinda looks onto see a lanky male come onto stage with a deep tan. "Normal" she thought to herself, district four was only known for their deep tan and beautiful sea-green eyes. She watched as a female come onto stage with a light tan which she found odd.

"That's Abby and Bass they aren't big competition" said Maverick as he turns the television off and beckons the kids towards the food cart.

District Two-

Lexy pushes her blonde hair back as she marvels at the workmanship as she smiles and she feels a tiny push.

"Com'on Blondie some of us want to get in" said Hero as he pushed past her and look with awe at all the engravings of the Greek gods and the carpet being a muted white. Lexy felt a smirk cross on her face as she imagined him drenched in his own blood. She crossed the floor as she looks out the window and she moves towards the arm chair. She looks through the window as her district passes her by and she marvels at the beauty unseen by her power working family and district. She heard a huff in the distance as Hero was sitting and looking bored.

"Hey Blondie" he called towards Lexy; she ignored his comment as he continued to call out. Lexy felt swamped with his disgusting behavior and sickening attitude. She felt her shoulder twist and Hero was right in her face. Lexy watched as he pushed his dark brown hair back and he looked with unease.

"Blondie when I call you answer" he said as he rose up and Lexy felt her blood boil.

"It's Lexy not Blondie you idiot" she shouted as he looked at her with a smile.

"Aw, someone has a backbone don't they Blondie said Hero as he comes towards her and smiles. Lexy felt her hand move up as she slaps his thin cheek and he falls. Hero looks with awe at the strength she carries and rose up.

"You do have some power" said Hero as he rubbed his cheek better and he moved away from the floor. He sat on the small couch as he beckoned her forward. Lexy found it strange someone was so positive after a slap in the face. She moved towards him and he grabbed her wrist and held them close together.

"I have a plan Blondie, we take the lead of the careers and set them up in a trap" said Hero as he looks around and quietly looks into her emerald green eyes.

"I get it but I'm just worried about one thing" said Lexy as she threw her wrist away from his grasp.

"What is it" said Hero as he brushed his brown curly hair back and he moved his hands to his knees.

"That you'll mess up" said Lexy as she giggled "I know I will succeed" she whispered in his ear.

"Yea right I won't fail" said Hero as he moved towards the other side of the cart. The two tributes laughed as they turned the TV to get a small glimpse of the district four tributes and they chatted as the district five tributes came into view.

District Three-

Jenna graced herself upon the armchair as she simply awaits her arrival to the capitol. She found herself a tad relaxed being away from Ava she didn't miss her awful sister. The sliding door opened and she looked to see Glitch enter into the room. Jenna could consider him cute but the way he volunteered was absurd. She could only remember one volunteer who one from the books she read was gear who won the sixth hunger games when he was eighteen. Jenna watched as Glitch seemed to be out of it as he walks towards the couch his eyes glazed over.

"Glitch, Glitch" she called but no response she shrugged off as she went to go look around.

Glitch shifted into his perfect place as the voice of his district partner rose through the air; he looked down at his kingdom as they praised him.

"Welcome, welcome everyone" he said as his queen came towards him and kissed his cheek. Glitch felt safe and in charge and he loved this feeling as he felt his hollow body being to shake. Glitch felt his dream world slip away as he awoke to see Jenna and their only mentor Pulse shifted through the area. Glitch noticed her graying hair and her saggy light tan skin and thick glasses.

"Are you okay Glitch" she said in a shrieking voice as she moved from the cart and left the two tributes alone.

"I'm so sorry I was just worried" Jenna said as she went towards the other side of the cart. Glitch watched as the pretty girl looked frightened as she went to the other side of the room and sat.

"It was fine I was just daydreaming, it happens a lot" said Glitch as he tried to break the ice.

"I wish I had an escape like that instead of staying in my head" said Jenna as she looked off and wiped a tear away.

"Sometimes I wished I could stay in my own head sometimes" said Glitch. He watched her stare him down and he kind of like that someone was looking at him instead of past him.

"Don't you have a twin?" he asked as he came towards her and he moved closer to her.

"Yes, I have a twin her name is Ava" said Jenna as she spat out the name of the beast she hated. Jenna imagined her sister smiling when she was in bloodbath and may actually die.

"I feel she's a beast from the way I caught her vibe" said Glitch and he watched Jenna giggle "What's funny" asked Glitch

"I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so" said Jenna "Everyone thinks she's a sweetie but she's hiding under a fa├žade" said Jenna as she brushed her brown hair down. Glitch actually felt a pang in his heart for this girl.

District Four-

The smell of sea breeze was trapped in the sunny air as Bass stuck in the carts. Bass shifted through the furniture as he made his way into the diner cart. The smell of smoked salmon wafted into his thin nostrils as his mouth watered from the taste. The soft sounds of laughing were heard in the corner as the past victors laugh around and smile. Bass saw Coral the winner of the 90th hunger games, Dalin the winner of the 93rd hunger games and a few he couldn't name, he moved on to be placed a piece of the beautiful salmon on his plate. Bass grabbed a fork a she tore into the tender flesh and gulped the food quickly. He looked around as he gulped some water down and he moved towards the main cart to see Abby twirling her fingers around.

"Hello Abby, I'm Bass" he said as he came towards her and stuck his hands out. Abby grabbed his hand lightly as he looked at her for a response. Abby looked away as he gave an upset look and waited for him to walk away. Bass came towards her and he tried to talk as Abby tried to block his nasally voice away. Abby couldn't take his talking anymore as she lifted up and walked away from him. She hated being around so many people and she didn't even know why she volunteered. Abby felt suffocated without her best friend Kathryn she felt lost as she searched for her room. She located her room and she fell onto her bed and she tried to hold back her tears as she came onto the bed and she tried to drift off to her sleep.

Bass felt truck to see someone walk away from him especially from his district partner. Bass looked with an upset face as she moved away from him and he sprawled himself on the couch thinking of deadly ways to get rid of her.

District Five-

Samson looked around the cart as he watched the walls that seemed to pulse with a black beating going over the walls as he moved through the furniture to sit in the seat. Samson searched for Luna's voice through all the terror that was brought to him. Samson felt panicky and seemed to not find his sisters distinct voice and he felt afraid he could never contact her.

"Luna, Luna" he screamed in his head as he felt his skin heat up with his anger. Samson hated that his power wasn't working for the needs that he meet. He then heard a small pitiful weep as he tuned his ears and he realized it was Luna.

"Luna, Luna" he called as the small weeping stop and he could feel a small smirk crave into his lips.

"Samson, how's the train is it beautiful" said Luna as he could hear her sniffling.

"Luna it's beautiful even though I will taken to my doom" said Samson as she brushed his black hair back.

"Samson don't you ever say that ever again" said Luna as she sniffled again.

Axel walked from the diner cart holding a miniature tart as she watched Samson talking to himself. Axel always has found him to be a tad weird but he went insane before the games even started, she shook her hair lightly. She slowly bit into the tart as she smiled and kissed her fingers "Perfecto" as the smell of cherries rose through the air.

"Luna I smell cherries your favorites" said Samson as Axel gave a surprised look. Axel fixated on the name Luna and she searched through her memory and she found it, she remembered it being Samson's twin sister. Axel may have thought that this was his only way of coping but all she knew she would never see him ever again after she won.

District Six-

Jason shifted on the train as he heard the argument from his escort and Michelle. Jason already wanted to be dead from the pain of hearing those two bicker over tidiness. He shifted towards the dark rust colored couch as he waited for their escort to come through. The female escort wore thin yellow dress with black sides going up her rib cages.

"Michelle that dirt needs to be washed off and get those terrible wrinkles out" shouted the escort

"At least I'm wearing normal clothes and not looking like a rainbow threw up on me" said Michelle as Jason snickered and escort looked appalled.

"I don't tolerate your attitude missy" said the escort as she brushed her dress down.

"Well I don't care for the face paint on your face" said Michelle as she gave a small smile and the escort huffed and rushed out of the room. Jason laughed as she rushed out and Michelle sat beside him and she started to burst out laughing.

"That woman or man or whatever it is, is so anal" said Jason as he smiled and Michelle applauded.

"Nice work their mister" she said as she mocked the escort and she rose up and looked at Jason.

"I haven't seen you in my year" said Jason as he cocked his head to the side to see her reaction.

"Yea I kinda stay home taking care of my younger siblings" said Michelle as she looked into Jason's eyes. She blushed a little and she brushed her dark brown hair forward to block the cheek coloration.

"Oh that must really suck" said Jason

"It does all the time but I tend to survive" she said as the escort came back and she placed the TV on.

"I want Michelle to see the dirt that's on her dress" said the escort as she placed the TV on. Both of the tributes watched as they saw themselves move from the stage and Michelle started to nod off.

"Do you see the dirt spot Michelle" the escort shouted as she went towards her and shook her awake.

"Let's go missy I want you up" said the escort as Michelle rose up she slapped the escort.

"Don't you ever wake me up again" she said as the lady rubbed her cheek and she speed off. Jason watched as Michelle nodded off into slumber and thought she was defiantly dying in bloodbath.