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Training Day(2)-

Garner walked alone to the training center as Alma seemed to sleep in late and he kind of felt lonely without her. He walked to the elevator as he heard the yelling to keep the door open and h watched as she pranced through the door, he could hear her breath heavily. Garner brushed his sandy blonde hair back as she looked at her.

"Have you found any allies yet" Garner asked as she looked up and gave a sullen look.

"Actually, I chosen you and four others to create a group to take out the careers" said Alma as she brushed her black hair back behind her ear. Garner felt a little surprised at her that she actually chose him out of all people.

"You picked me" he said out loud with surprise as the elevator dinged and they both walked out to the sounds of fighting and watched the career pack break apart. Alma gave a smile and she looked at Garner with a smile and couldn't help but return it.

"If we actually get or group fully together we may actually get this people killed during bloodbath" said Alma as she called for the district six female, district seven male and the girl from six and her district partner together. Garner looked around to see the strength and the smarts that surrounded their small group.

"All right guys the games start the day after tomorrow so I thought we get our plan together to get rid of these killer careers said Alma as she led them to the metal bleachers. Garner never felt really close to a group of people as he has with this group of people who seemed to be alright since Alma chose them.

Axel strolled after her allies as they fabricated their plan to eliminate the careers. They were led to metal bleachers that seemed way too cold for comfort. She watched as the rest of her group comes together and they sprawled themselves into a small circle.

"So how do guys think we should start the attack off" asked Alma as she stared around at the rest of her group.

"I think by how they are acting now we should let them attack each other and while they are struggling with each other we should attack them" said Michelle as she looked at everyone else. Axel thought the plan was pretty smart and she congratulated Michelle on her strategy and couldn't help but smile at her.

Samson busily walked through the horde of shouting careers as she walked towards the edible plants station. He tried to search for his sister's voice but couldn't sense anything. Samson looked down at the screen as it listed the poisonous plants and berries from all walks of past arenas. Samson gripped the keypad as he clicked on plants that would keep him alive and was happy to be able to recognize a few of them. That's when he felt a light heating feeling surface over his body as he found the sound of his sister voice.

"Luna,Luna" he called as he sensed her voice over taking her body