This is Request: female Lugia x male trainer.

Summary: after a devastating battle, what can cheer a Pokemon trainer up the most?Pokemon, of course!

"Go Aron!" I yelled as I threw a red and white pokeball in the air. It opened and a tiny, red lightning strike came out. The shape of an Aron was made from the light and I watched as it turned into my loyal Pokemon. I was in the middle of a Pokemon battle with one of those stupid bug catchers. His name was Nick and I apparently made eye contact with him when my side was facing him and my head forward. Anyways, I was losing and Aron was my last Pokemon. "Aron," I yelled at him " Use tackle!" Aron ran towards the Beedrill. "Beedrill!" The Pokemon turned to face it's trainer. "Use toxic spikes," I watched as my Pokemon was frozen. I knew that the battle was taking a bad turn. This was his fourth Pokemon and it was strong. The toxic landed on my Aron, poisoning it badly. Aron fainted before I knew it. "Aron return" i said sadly. The pokeball opened and the lightning strike covered the unconscious Pokemon. "Where's my money?" Nick said. I quickly took 300 poke-money out of my pocket and dropped it on the ground. I ran towards a city and to the Pokemon center. After, I started heading for the woods, where my tent was. I set up camp because this was an awesome place to train. I sat on a log I had pulled to my campfire and let all my Pokemon out of their pokeballs. "hey guys," I looked into their eyes telling me that they were hoping I would say we won. "I'm sorry, but we lost the battle." I explained what had happened and put them back in their pokeballs. 'Oh," I remembered 'Theres one more Pokemon' i pulled out the master-ball my father had given my in is will. He had died in a car crash. He never told me what Pokemon was in here and since it was a master-ball i was always afraid to open it. It could be something that could destroy the world! 'Time to take a chance' i threw the pokeball into the air and watched as the light formed the shape of- "Lugia!" the Pokemon screeched its own name. I was kinda scared when it turned its gaze on me. But when i looked at her blues eyes, the scaredness went away. It moved over to me and picked me up with its giant wings. I started freaking out and it pulled me to its chest. I blushed a bright red and i relized she was blushing too. She rubbed my back and it felt pretty good. I then felt a tingle sensation coming from my penis. I had gotten a boner from Lugia. I then felt a different feeling on my crotch and saw Lugia was actually rubbing my boner. It felt pretty good. I heard her wimper and I asked her "do you want me to take my clothes off?" she nodded her head in approval and she let go of me from her tight embrace. I first slipped my shirt off and then i started working on the button. Almost right after i had gotten my pants off, lugia rushed forward and slid her tongue on my boner. I moaned and gently pushed her head away. Her saliva had soaked my underwear and honestly, i could had cared less. I slipped my underwear off and nodded at Lugia, giving her permission to begin. She acted lightning fast and started sucking my penis. Almost right away, I came and cummed right in her mouth. She swallowed all of it gratefully and right after i was about to cum a second time from her sucking, she stopped. "why did you stop?" I asked her. i gasped when I saw see was positioning herself over my penis. I was just suprised not scared.I watched anxiously as she lowered herself down on my boner. She finally got my whole penis in her strangly tight vigina. I moaned at the same time as she did. If this isent heaven, I dont know what is. She bounced up and down until I could feel her walls tightening. "lu...lug... LUGIA!" she screeched as she came. Her fluids leaked over my penis and that made me want to hurry and cum even more. I speed up and finally i climaxed. I relized my mistake. I had cummed in her vigina, but shes a pokemon so she wont get pregnant. Will she? I didn't know that answer, but that didnt matter. All that mattered was i was in an amazing state of pleasure with my possibly best pokemon. She fell asleep quickly and i got dressed again after cleaning myself up. "you are not going to be in that pokeball alot anymore." i said as i kissed her forehead. Heck, i didnt care if she stayed out of that pokeball forever. I just want her by my side. THE END!

AN: finally! Done. Tell me if its good please, so i can keep writing more and know that people wont hate it. Now im on to the next request which is the gym leader one. Enjoy!