Should I stay?

So he can get his way?

Red says, "I would keep you safe."

I think she's probably right…

But he's always nice in the moonlight.

Everything I do is wrong to him.

Oh, why am I so cursed with sin?

He says I am a worthless dame

That he can beat from day to day.

Though it does not bother me

But just lets me see…

The pain and suffering he keeps inside.

The trouble is he's ruined his mind.

The slap of the belt, the sting of a slap

All because I tried to kill the bat

He's the cause of all my sorrow,

Trouble is, he's yet to follow,

The path that leads to his demise

He says I'm crazy, insane

To follow a clown who leaves me in the rain.

He is the light to my day

Without, I would have no other way,

To ease the suffering inside my mind

I hope we never say goodbye.

If he dies, I will be shattered

The problem is he wouldn't matter

To the people we call sane,

I would gladly beat them all with a cane!

My life is his and his alone

He says to me inside our home.

He says I am a puppet, a toy

This doesn't fill me with much Joy.

When did my life get so bad?

It makes me so very, very sad.

My lover, my life, my master

I am forever chained to you.

This is all still new,

But I know that I will turn out fine.

I love your laugh, your smile,

It defiantly makes me want to stay a while.

I love you, Mistah J,

All the same way.