Shining Star

Today was a day that Takao would never forget. It was a day like no other. An extraordinary day, really. It was the day that Midorima Shintaro sparkled.

"Good morning, Takao," Midorima smiled. The aura that surrounded him reeked of flower petals and shoujou manga. "How are you this fine day? Did you sleep well last night? Maybe you had a pleasant dream?"

Takao thought of pinching himself, but he refrained. He pinched Midorima instead. "Are you feeling sick or something, Shin-chan? What got into you?"

It was clear that Midorima had gotten a bit ticked off, for his shining smile had faltered just the slightest bit. "I'm not sick, nano-rather, I'm just in a very good mood."

Takao couldn't believe what he was seeing. Midorima was acting so...weird. Almost like Kise, but maybe even a bit weirder. A personality like this suited Kise, but for someone like Midorima, it was far too bizarre. Luckily, Miyaji and Kimura had come to rescue him from his confusion.

"Don't let him freak you out too much, Takao," Kimura said. "He's only acting the way that he is because of his horoscope."

"His horoscope?" Takao questioned. "What did it say?"

"Something about how he needed to try and act more out-going and personable," Miyaji answered. Stretching his arms out and placing his hands behind his head, he added, "Honestly, I prefer Midorima better when he's stoic and grumpy. When he's like this, it's just..."

"Just what?" Midorima giggled. Giggled. Midorima giggled. Midorima giggled.

"Creepy," they shuddered in absolute unison.

Poking the bone of his cheek, Midorima tilted his head to the side and blinked. "I'm creepy?" he murmured.

Though Miyaji and Kimura both inwardly cringed, Takao had completely lost it. Bursting out into boisterous laughter, Takao keeled over before ultimately falling down onto his knees. Gasping for the chance of a breath, he shouted, "This...this is too much! I can't...I can't take it anymore! Oh my God, Shin-chan, you're going to kill me!"

"But Takao, I'm just doing what Oha Asa said. She informed all Cancers to try and be more friendly today," Midorima explained childishly. However, something within his demeanor had cracked and he was now shivering with irritation. "And besides," Midorima grinned a devilish grin, "today's lucky item is dental floss, so if you really do want me to kill you, that can be arranged."

"That's not friendly at all!" Takao shrieked.

Hello there! Chappy here! :D

Happy Midotaka day, everybody! I'm so sorry that this drabble is super short, but I hope you all enjoy it, nonetheless.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read! (:

- Chappy