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It started out the way it usually did. With a completely random topic of conversation.

"I can't say I'm surprised, but why winter?"

"Because all of the bugs are dead. And I have an excuse to stay inside."

Kaoru shook his head. "You're ridiculous. Did you know that?"

"You've told me so many times, but I still refuse to believe you. Besides, I thought that was a reasonable explanation."

"For you, maybe."

"Well then why do you like spring so much, oh wise one?"

"It's...just a really pretty season, in my opinion. The snow's melting and the plants are coming out again, but the insects aren't there yet. The temperature's pretty good too. It's not freezing anymore, but you're not sweating yourself half to death yet."


"Hmm, what?"

"Nothing. Just keep talking."

Kaoru turned his head momentarily to give Kyoya a questioning look, but soon turned back to face the ceiling.

"I can't talk about spring forever you know."

"Talk about something else than."

Kaoru sighed while he tried to think of something. It was rather difficult to do so since Kyoya was playing with his fingers for reasons unknown. He was doing that increasingly lately; playing with Kaoru's fingers or hair absentmindedly.

"I don't know what to talk about though."

Kyoya turned himself fully to face him.

"You don't have to talk then," he said before leaning over and kissing him.

Kyoya's random bursts of cheesiness were going to kill Kaoru one day. He had no idea where they came from, or even that Kyoya could be so cliche sometimes. It was probably a side effect from being friends with Tamaki for so long.

The kissing might end up killing him too, mostly because he liked the somewhat predictable pattern they had. A Hitachiin liking anything even remotely predictable was practically unheard of. But Kaoru loved it. The kissing would always start out light (even when both of them very horny as hell), and would gradually turn into deeper kisses. The speed of which depending on the situation.

As the kissing continued they moved around a bit, and soon enough Kaoru felt Kyoya adjust himself in a certain way and he knew what was coming. He also noticed that he was much closer to the edge of the bed than he had been when this all began. And a plan formed in his mind.

As Kyoya rolled them over slightly so that he could move on top of Kaoru, the other gave him a small push which sent him flying off of the bed. Kaoru laughed once he heard Kyoya swear as his back thumped on the floor.

"What was that for?"

Kaoru looked over the edge of the bed at Kyoya, who was looking at him indignantly from his position on the floor.

The younger of the two shrugged. "Nothing really. I just felt like it."

"You and your damn Hitachiin split second decisions," groaned Kyoya.

"I was planning to do it that time though."

"Like that makes it any better." Kyoya sat up and turned towards the bed, his face right in front of Kaoru's. "What?"

"Nothing much. Just thinking about how adorable you are, that's all."

"How many times do I have to tell you -"

"If I think you're adorable, you're adorable. Now come back up here. I'm in a cuddling mood."

Kyoya sighed as he stood up. "Why do I even try to understand you?"

"Because you like a challenge."

Kyoya smirked as he got back on their bed. "Can't deny that."

Kaoru snuggled closer to him. "And you love me."

"Can't deny that either."

I can't help but feel I'm writing them out of character, and I hate that feeling. But I digress.

I'm going to write up a full summary of this little KyoKao universe I have created. Because it takes place after canon verse, it's not exactly an alternate universe, but it kinda is so it's my KyoKao universe.

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