The life of a Stormtrooper: a Star Wars/Fire Emblem: Awakening fanfic

Barack Obaman was a Stormtrooper on the death star. He just got out of bed. The bed was a bed with plain white sheets, pillows, and a white blanket. He got his armor on and head down to the break room overseeing the hanger. Today, they had donuts! They were jelly filled donuts. After breakfast he went down to the hangar. Today was his day to patrol the hanger. He had a very good feeling today.

He looked out the force field that covered the entrance of the hangar. He saw a X-wing pass by and an alarm started going off.


So Obaman got into his Tie interceptor and sped out of the hangar. As he was about to turn around, he heard an explosion that sent him flying away from the death star. The death star had blown up.

When he got control of his fighter, he sped off in search of a planet where he could rest. He looked at his UPS (Universal Positioning System) and saw that the nearest place to go to was a little known planet called Ylisse. It was a Planet that had magic, wars, dragons, and a monarchy. They knew nothing of the fact that there were many civilizations in space besides them. He might have to stay there for good.