Title: Entwined Hearts

Summary: Aomine and Kagami lead a fairly normal life, well as normal as being lovers allow them to, however, this entire normalcy changed when they found a young man lying by their doorstep. But whether this change is for the better, only they could tell. (Starts off as established AoKaga but eventually becomes AoKagaKise)(AU)

Warning/s: Yaoi (might be explicit or implicit, I don't know yet), a lot of OOCness (because I can't seem to grasp their characterizations), craziness ('cause the author is bored), AoKagaKise (because a combination like this should most definitely have a warning of their own), lame attempt at humor (I don't think humor is my forte, ahh but I tried), language (though I don't really curse…much), general pervertedness ('cause the me in me is a pervert), AU (because it's the only thing I'm good at), very slow updates (must tell you guys such a fact now)

Disclaimer: I disclaim. The characters I used here belong to their respective creator and I own nothing aside from the crazy plot of this tiny fanfic I wrote (or typed for the matter).

A/N: This is just a little something I decided to write on a whim after I realized that there's not enough AoKagaKise out there. Rating may change later but for now, please enjoy!


Chapter 1

A figure groaned as the light that had seeped through the tiny gap between the curtains hit his face, making his face scrunch up in annoyance. With a sigh, the young man of about twenty-one sat up, running his fingers through his blood red hair as he willed his sleepiness to go far, far away. Yawning widely, Kagami Taiga turned to look over the bedside drawer where the clock was before his red eyes shifted to the other figure within the room, on his bed. The red-head watched the other male for a while, noticing how peacefully the other male slept. Kagami suddenly felt irritation creeping up his veins, his eyes twitching with said emotion as the other male continuously sleep without a single care in the vast universe. How dare this bastard sleep oh, so peacefully when his lower half hurt like hell because of their previous—cough, cough—activity?

Annoyed, Kagami shifted a bit and with one swift motion, he kicked his companion off the bed, rather forcefully too, an action that caused the other occupant of the bed to fall on the floor with a rather loud, not to mention comical, thud.

A startled deep voice echoed within the room, "Huh? What? Where's the fire?" Blinking off sleep, the figure on the floor scanned the room, looking upon his left and right before dark blue eyes finally landed on the read-head sitting on the bed. "Kagami, you little bastard, what the hell's wrong with you? Why did you kick me out of bed?" Aomine Daiki, snarled as he slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his head. "That seriously hurt, you know?"

Kagami merely tilted his head sideways, looking fixedly at Aomine with fake innocence. "Ehh? I'm sorry." He apologized, not meaning it at all. "I was dreaming about me being a very strong and awesome street fighter. I didn't know that I was actually already hurting someone outside my dream world."

"Yeah right," The tanned male stated, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Like hell you are! Tch, whatever!" He scoffed before flopping himself back on the bed, causing it to bounce rather strongly, making Kagami groan in discomfort. "Anyway, why do you look like you have been tortured in some filthy dungeon cell?"

Kagami's eyes twitched again, a vain popping in his forehead. "Whose fault do you think it is that I look like this?" The redhead hissed as he ground his teeth together. "I told you to slow down last night, didn't I? But no! You just have to shove your…into my…without so much as a warning! Argh!" And he glared, "Some lover you are!"

Aomine, being, well Aomine, simply chuckled, his rarely seen playful side kicking in as he watched Kagami glaring daggers at him. "I just shoved my what into your what exactly, huh, Taiga?"

"Shut up! And don't call me Taiga!" Kagami resisted the urge to strangle the man before him. Seriously, Aomine should be extremely thankful that Kagami loves him or else…

"Har? Why not?" The blue haired male had to try so hard to keep the teasing smile that was threatening to spread across his lips when he said, "I mean, I already shoved my…into your…right?" Aomine even gestured and pointed towards those unmentioned things while he was talking to prove his point, earning him a painful punch from a slightly blushing Kagami. Oh, it's really fun to tease Kagami sometimes.

"You shameless bastard! Stop saying it!" Kagami exclaimed, clearly flustered.

"Stop saying what?" Aomine grinned, "That I just sho—"

He was not able to finish his sentence though as Kagami kicked him off the bed again. "I told you to stop staying it, Ahoumine!" The red-head gave the other one last glare before he stood up and proceeded to get dressed.

"Oi! That hurts, Bakagami!" The tanned male glared right back before he moved to get dressed himself.

"Hush you," Kagami reprimanded. "You have absolutely no right to complain when I can barely walk properly!" He mumbled, his cheeks turning pinkish as he walked out of the room to hide his blush.

Aomine only watched fondly as his boyfriend limp out of the room, smiling to himself as if he won the grand prize in the lottery—or maybe he did because remembering what happened the night before made him feel like a grand prize winner— his eyes shining with affection for the other male. Yep, there's no doubt that he loves Kagami.

And as the pleasant sound of pans and pots clanking in the kitchen filled the house, Aomine realized that he should probably get out of the room and bother his boyfriend in the kitchen—he actually wanted to ask Kagami to teach him how to cook but was too prideful to ask for help especially when he knew that Kagami would not let him hear the end of it. However, when he passed by their front door, he suddenly decided to check up on his motorcycle parked just outside the house since it had been raining pretty hard the night before and he wouldn't like it if something terrible happened to his precious motorcycle, after all, he spent most of his savings on said two-wheeled vehicle.

But when he did open the door, what he saw outside was something he didn't really expect, at least not in a million or so years, and what he saw definitely made him forget everything about his motorcycle. As a result, all he could do for the first few minutes was gape in shock, his eyes not quite blinking. There, just by their front door, on their doorstep, was a man with golden colored hair and pale skin whom, much to Aomine's utmost horror, lay absolutely unmoving. On second thought, is the guy even breathing?

And when he finally got a hold of himself, the only words he could manage were, "Kagami," he began slowly with a somewhat shaky voice, "There's a guy lying on our doorstep and I think he's dead."


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