Title: Entwined Hearts

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Chapter 22

A rather loud sigh escaped the red-head's lips as he placed down the pen he had been holding for nearly an hour now, stretching his limbs before craning his neck a few times. With a yawn, Kagami glanced at Aomine who was seated beside him, staring at the paper held in his hands while unconsciously biting the tip of his own pen. Shaking his head, Kagami shifted his gaze to their coffee table that was covered with various empty bags of chips, soda cans and a bunch of crumpled pieces of paper. Groaning, Kagami shifted to seat in a more comfortable position, feeling like some sort of criminal at the moment. He and Aomine were planning to literally kidnap—though they were certain that their 'victim' would go willingly with them—Kise from the Akashi household, whether his father likes it or not. And as such, Kagami and Aomine had been trying to make a foolproof plan on how to break in—and out—the mansion without being caught by anyone. However, despite planning and sketching for almost an hour now, the two of them still couldn't think of a perfect way on how to get to Kise's room—climbing up the tree they used before was no longer an option. Grabbing his pen to start writing once more, Kagami heard the tanned male letting out a frustrated sound.

"Gah! This is so hard!" The tanned male exclaimed, throwing his pen on the table where it rolled beside an empty can of soda. "Maybe I should give all those kidnappers and robbers we caught some extra credit. I mean, seriously, planning a crime is so freaking hard!"

"…are you saying those criminals are smarter than you?" Kagami asked with a raised eyebrow.

Aomine gave Kagami a playful glare, "Hell no! I was just saying its difficult!" Then he picked up his pen, "Anyway, back to work. We have to get Kise back tonight."

Kagami grinned, saluting, "Yes sir!"

It was in the middle of their planning that they heard their doorbell ring, it's sound disturbing the silence that had settled between the two while they were busy writing down their plans. Looking at the door as if it did something extremely terrible, Aomine moved to clean up the center table, hiding their 'this-might-work-plans' while dumping the rest inside a garbage bag together with the other trash littered around whilst Kagami stood up to open the door and check out who it was by the door. Hesitantly, as if the red-head did not trust whoever was standing on the other side, Kagami unlocked the door, twisting the knob before carefully pulling it open. The loud creaking sound of the door would have made Kagami cringe if not for the person he was standing face to face with. With widened blood colored orbs, Kagami stood gaping at the man before him.

There, by the door, stood Akashi Kogane.

"Good day, Kagami-kun." The man greeted, scarlet eyes trained on one of his son's boyfriends.

Narrowing his eyes, Kagami asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Don't fret, Kagami-kun," Kogane said, sounding calm despite the inner turmoil he was having. "I simply came here to talk with you and Aomine-kun." He explained before adding, "Can you let me in?"

"And why would we do that?" Aomine's flat voiced reached his eras as the tanned male approached them, moving to stand beside Kagami, navy orbs burning as it bore on the form of their uninvited guest.

"As I said before, I'm not here to cause you any trouble." The man stated, "I'm just here for a small friendly talk."

Aomine and Kagami looked at each other, assessing the situation silently. They honestly don't trust the man anymore; however, Kogane seemed to be telling the truth. Besides, despite everything else, the man was still Kise's father and as much as they don't want to admit it, they still couldn't be fully mad at the man because of that one huge fact. So after debating with each other through their eyes, Aomine and Kagami turned to look at their visitor, moving out of the way to let the man inside their home.

"Please come in." Kagami declared, leading their guest inside towards their living room, wordlessly motioning for Kogane to take a seat. Once seated the man thanked both of his hosts before deciding to just get on with what he really went there for. But even before he could speak, Aomine beat him to it.

"Give us a few minutes, Kagami and I will just discuss something." And with one swift movement, the tanned male was already dragging the red-head to the direction of their kitchen with Kagami protesting on how impolite it was to just leave their guest alone which was pretty much went ignored. As the duo disappeared from his sight, Kogane once again heard Aomine yell something from the kitchen, "Old man, go and entertain yourself for a while!" Kise's father couldn't help but shake his head in mild amusement as Aomine's statement was followed by a somewhat loud whacking sound together with Kagami's voice saying something along the lines of how the tanned male should not call him an 'old man', on which Aomine retorted by calling the red-head 'Bakagami', ending up with the two loudly bickering about how the other was an idiot and so on.

The duo's loud bickering lasted for a few minutes before it suddenly went silent and Kogane concluded that the two was finally talking about what serious matter it was they were discussing.


After winning their usual bickering, Kagami looked at Aomine seriously, his eyes questioning as he asked in a low voice, "So what are we going to discuss?"

"Shouldn't that be obvious by now?" Aomine questioned, motioning towards the direction of their living room where Kise's father was currently sitting. "Why do you think that guy is here?"

"Err; shouldn't we go back in the living room to find out?" The red-head asked, shaking his head. He seriously thinks it was wrong to just leave their visitor all by himself. "I think he was telling the truth when he said he just wanted to talk."

Aomine sighed; Kagami was so damn polite and way too nice at times. "I don't know Kagami, but what if he tells us something again? Like 'stay away' from my son and so on, and so on." Navy eyes locked gazes with Kagami's blood-red ones.

Kagami smiled softly; so that's the reason why. "If that's the case then we tell him no. We already said yes once, but look at what happened. Surely, we've already learned something from that, right?"

"That's true," Aomine nodded, "But if he pulls the 'I'm Kise's father' bit again, what do we do then?"

"We punch him in the face." Kagami answered with a smirk, "How does that sound?"

Alright, he's taking his previous statement back; Kagami could still be a little evil sometimes. "Sounds like a plan." Aomine said with a smirk of his own.


While waiting for his son's boyfriend to return, Kogane decided to entertain himself like what Aomine told him, he was getting a bit bored after all. Glancing around the house, the man decided to look for something to read, reaching out under the center table where various magazines—mainly about sports and food—could be found. Shrugging to himself, the man took whatever was placed on top of the pile. However, upon closer examination, the one he was holding in his hands was not a magazine, instead, Kogane noted that it was a photo album; no wait, it's a scrapbook judging from the various trinkets glued upon its neat cover. Interested to know what was inside, Kogane slowly lifted the cover, eyes softening at the first photograph that met his eyes.

It was a picture of his son, doing a double peace sign while smiling widely at the camera, below it, the words 'I own this!' –which was undoubtedly Kise's handwriting—was written in yellow ink. Smiling softly, the man continued to flip the pages of the scrapbook, each one showing him various pictures of his sons with Aomine and Kagami in different places like the aquarium, the mall, the amusement park and even under the table; there were also many photographs of his son with another black haired male whom the man concluded to be Kise's best friend since they seemed really close. Every photograph—he noticed that almost three-fourths of the photographs were snapshots—telling him a story of their own. Looking at the photos inside the scrapbook and reading the silly captions—there was even a page where it would seem that the blond and his boyfriends were talking in the paper instead of actually speaking, which ended with 'why the hell are we having a conversation in your scrapbook?' which was probably by Aomine since it was written in blue ink, not to mention the curse word included in the sentence—Kogane felt as if he was witnessing all the precious moments of the blond first hand.

Looking at the many pictures preserved in that single scrapbook, Kogane couldn't help but feel glad and a sad at the same time. Kise was happy and the man was glad that his son was able to experience it, the kind of happiness the blond deserves. However, there was also the sadness that came from the fact that he wasn't there to share such happiness with Kise. The wide, bright, genuine smile Kise had in every photograph he saw—snapshot or not—was something the man always wished to see. It was the kind of smile that made the man's heart ache, so badly that he couldn't bare it any longer. It was the kind of smile that he, Kise's very own father, took away from his own son. Kogane asked himself then, when was the time he made Kise smile like that, the way Aomine and Kagami could? Sure he managed to do it before, but that was when Kise was still a little boy, when the only one his son knew was him and their pet dog. But now, was he able to do it? The answer, as much as Kogane didn't like it, was no. Ever since he returned and took the blond away from Aomine and Kagami, he never once saw the blond smile. He tried, he really did. However it would seem that despite his best efforts, all he gave his precious son was heartache and tears. So maybe, Kogane concluded, he really did deserve to be hated. He failed as a father. He was the one who's supposed to give his son happiness, but all he was able to do was the opposite. He took away Kise's smile, stole the light that was once radiating around his son.

Flipping the pages for the second time and staring at all the photographs again, Kogane realized how it seemed so normal, so easy for Kagami and Aomine to make Kise smile, as if the mere sight of them would bring that radiant smile out of the golden-eyed male's lips. As if the two knew exactly just what it was that Kise wanted, what Kise needed; or maybe they do know. Looking at the bright, widely grinning face of his son made Kogane realize that it was indeed about time he face reality, the kind of reality he had been running away from all this time. The reality that Kise, his 'baby boy' was no longer a child. The blond was an adult now. Kise was already someone capable of standing up and walking on his own, someone who no longer need anyone to tell him what to do. Kise was already a person fully aware of where he wanted to go. But most of all, the blond was already at the point on which he knew just exactly whom he wanted to be with, and as much as it hurt for Kogane to admit it, the man was well aware that it wasn't with him. Kise wanted to be with Aomine and Kagami, the two people he loves and love him back. The people whom Kogane knew would, without a doubt, cherish his son as much as he does. No, that's not quite right, Kagami and Aomine would cherish the blond more than he could ever do and somehow, knowing this made Kogane feel a lot better. Kagami and Aomine would, always, always, make Kise happy. They would take good care of Kise and treat him like a king, Kogane just knew it.

Glancing one last time on the scrapbook he had just placed back down on the table, Kogane turned to look at the kitchen where Aomine and Kagami was still talking. With a smile, the man stood up, heading for the door but it was after he scribbled something down on the sticky note he found inside his pocket; there is another thing left that he should do. Besides, there was nothing to talk about any longer, the contents of the scrapbook was more than enough.

Indeed, it was time

It was time to let go of Kise.


And when Kagami and Aomine returned from the kitchen after a rather long discussion, they both realized that the man was nowhere to be found; instead a pink sticky note replaced the man.

"Where the hell did he go?" Aomine asked and Kagami shrugged.

Moments later, the duo found themselves waiting outside their house; the sticky note told them to 'just wait outside no matter what' after all. Why they were doing what was written on the sticky note, they weren't sure themselves.


Kise was lounging in their living room, watching a random horror movie currently being aired. The blond was able to leave the four walls of his bedroom after hearing from his stepbrother that their dad went somewhere. And speaking of stepbrother, Kise noticed Akashi talking to someone on his phone, nodding once in a while at whatever the caller was saying. Afterwards, the blond saw his brother approaching him, making him tilt his head sideways in mild curiosity.

"Ryouta," The boy began once he reached the spot where Kise was seated, "Could you close your eyes for a moment?"

"Ehh? Why?" The blond asked, confused.

"Could you?" Akashi asked again instead of answering his brother.

Kise furrowed his brows, wondering what Akashi was up to. However, despite his confusion, the golden eyed male did what the boy wanted him to do, slowly closing his eyes to hide his stunning golden pools from the world. But once he closed his eyes, Kise felt something soft and cotton-like being placed around his eyes. A blindfold. "Sei-chan? W-what are you doing?"

"Shh, don't ask and just trust me." Was the simple answer. "Now come on." Slowly, the ten-year old guided his brother, helping the blond to stand before carefully leading him out the house, making sure to maneuver the blond away from whatever object inside the house that may end up tripping him. After a few minutes of walking, the two reached the front of their mansion were a black car was parked, waiting for the two of them. Guiding his blindfolded brother inside the car before he too took a seat inside; Akashi nodded towards the other occupants of the vehicle who smiled at him.

Soon after, the engine started, making Kise jolt in shock, his hands moving to feel his surroundings. "Sei-chan, are we in the car? Where are we going? Why do I have to be blindfolded? Sei-chan?"

"Just relax, Ryouta-kun." Sora's sweet voice rang in Kise's ears, momentarily taking away the panic currently rising within his chest.

"Sora-san?" The blond questioned, "Where are we going?"

The woman smiled even though her stepson couldn't see it, "It's a surprise."

"Who else is in the car?" The golden eyed male asked again.

"Just the driver." It was Akashi who answered, making the blond nod. "It's fine if you sleep. I will wake you up later."

And sleep he did. He couldn't see the sceneries anyway.


Kise had no idea how much time passed, all he knew is that he couldn't feel the car moving any longer and there was someone shaking him awake. With a yawn the blond opened his eyes and he panicked. Why is it dark? Frantically moving around the blond began asking question as to where he was, what had happened and why is it dark? Calming only when a warm hand held him in place follow by an angelic voice.

"Ryouta-kun, calm down. You're blindfolded, remember?" Sora stated, gently running her fingers through Kise's hair, effectively calming the blond down.

"Then, where are we?" The blond finally asked as everything registered in his now awake brain.

"We have arrived." Akashi told his brother, opening the car's door before once again guiding the blond, this time out of the car. Once all of them were out the car, the boy carefully turned to look at the person waiting for them, nodding towards the man standing before them. Carefully letting his brother go, Akashi took a step back, allowing the other to lead Kise towards wherever it was they were supposed to go.

"Sei-chan?" The golden eyed male called out as he felt a different pair of hands guiding him.

"It's alright Ryouta, I'm right here." The boy assured, taking strides beside his brother. "Be prepared for your surprise, alright?"

Kise nodded; somewhat excited of the 'surprise' his brother was talking about.


From where they were waiting, Aomine and Kagami couldn't help but think of how the stupid sticky note had fooled them. Swearing to themselves that they wouldn't let a damn note trick them again. However, despite cursing the inanimate object rather than the one who wrote it, the two remained standing outside their house. They don't know why, but both of them felt as if there was something great that would come out if they followed what was written on the note, and as such, they made no move to go inside.

Not long, Aomine noticed something emerging from the distance; squinting his eyes in an attempt to get a better view of whatever it was that was heading their way. But when all he could see were blurry moving figures—the rays of the sun shining almost strategically on where the figures were, making it even harder for him to see— the tanned male elbowed the red-head lightly. "Oi, Kagami, what's that?" He asked while pointing to a particular direction.

"I don't know, it's too far." Kagami answered, now focused on the figures as well. "And the sun's hurting my eyes."

The two, out of curiosity, waited until the figures were close enough for them to see properly.



The figures approached them…



And just right there and then…

As the figures stopped right exactly where the two of them stood…

Everything stopped…


Kise suddenly felt himself being pulled to a stop…

And then a few minutes of nothing…

Whipping his head to both his right and left, Kise tried to feel the presence of his brother and the other person with them, wanting to remove the blindfold covering his eyes. "Sei-chan?"

"Ryouta, you can look now." Akashi said and Kise wondered why the voice of his brother sounded a little ways away from him. Slowly, Kise raised his hand, gingerly touching the blindfold that was preventing him from using his sight before pulling the cloth off his eyes completely. Blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light, Kise looked around, searching for his companions, only to be met by a completely familiar surrounding. Ever so slowly, Kise turned his head, hoping to see what he always wished to see.

Golden eyes widened as a gasp left his lips…


"Kise?" Aomine and Kagami both let out at the same time, looking just as surprised as the person before them.

"…Aomine-cchi…Kagami-cchi?" Kise murmured, not quite knowing what to say just yet, stuttering as he attempted to at least say something, anything, but the shock of seeing his boyfriends again made the gears inside his head stop turning. "W-what…why…I…" Noticing that both Aomine and Kagami was shocked as well and that they were looking questioningly somewhere, or rather at someone, Kise turned to look where his boyfriends were looking and the sight that met his eyes was something he never really expected.

There, in the distance, just a few feet away from them, stood his father—Akashi and Sora behind him—smiling softly at him. And then, slowly, Kogane nodded gesturing towards the red-head and the tanned male, a simple act that conveyed a much deeper meaning, something that Kise figured right away—Kagami and Aomine did too, shocking them even further. Expectant golden eyes looked back up at Aomine and Kagami, asking for a silent permission.

Kagami smiled, "Go ahead." And with that, Kise rushed to where his father stood and before the man could react, Kise had already hugged him.

Happily, Kogane hugged his son back, whispering softly. "This is where you truly belong, Ryouta. With them. You're finally home."

"Thank you…" Kise whispered just as softly, "…Dad." Hearing that, Kogane felt his heart swell with joy. He knew voicing out their apologies wasn't necessary anymore; the hug, those words and the smile Kise was giving him was more than enough to let him know that he was forgiven, that he wasn't really hated. It made him feel accomplished. He finally did something right. He was finally able to make his son happy. He was, at last, able to become the kind of father he wanted to be.

"Go now, they're waiting for you." Kogane said without a single trace of sadness, such emotions have no place right now. He may be letting go of his son, but just the knowledge that the blond would be with the people who could and would treat him like the most valuable treasure in the whole vast universe washed all the negative emotions he should be feeling but wasn't. Kise is in good hands after all. Slowly, Kogane felt his son release him, smiling as the blond moved to hug his younger brother.

"Sei-chan, thank you." Kise said, squeezing the startled boy. "I'll miss you. Visit me when you could, alright?"

"I will…promise." Akashi said and Kogane noticed how his youngest son was trying so hard not to cry.

Afterwards, Kise released his brother to face his stepmother. "Thank you so much too, Sora-san." Then he shook his head, "No, thank you…Mom." And he hugged the woman who fell speechless after hearing him call her mom, making the smile on Kogane's lips widened. When he released the woman, Kise once again faced his father, bowing down gratefully before he turned around, bolting in a mad dash to where Aomine and Kagami stood. No need for his family to see the tears running down his cheeks.


Skidding to a stop in front Aomine and Kagami who was waiting for him with wide smiles which Kise returned almost instantly, smiling through his tears.

"Aomine-cchi, Kagami-cchi…" Kise continued to smile, not really caring if he looked like a fool since there were still tears running down his cheeks, liquid crystals he couldn't quite stop from flowing.

"Kise…" Kagami and Aomine said affectionately. The blond was crying, but they made no move to make him stop. Kise was happy, really happy. They knew because their angel was glowing, his golden eyes shining brighter than ever before, but most of all, Kise was smiling that wide smile of his that both of them missed so much, the smile that they would be seeing for as long as they want and still never get tired of. It was the smile that they love just as much as the person sporting it.

The three continued to stand there, simply staring at each other, smiling like idiots.

Slowly, Kagami and Aomine raised their hands, opening them wide for the blond, and without a moment's hesitation Kise took a single leap, throwing himself forward where his boyfriends were ready to catch him, always, always. Reveling in the strong, warm, protective arms that wrapped around him. This, with Aomine and Kagami, is the place where he belongs and he was just glad to finally be back.

"Welcome home."

"I'm home-ssu!"

Together at last…

~The End~


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As a token of my gratitude, and also because I really love you all, I present you these specials! Have fun!


Omake! (Special no.1!)

Aomine, Kagami and Kise were busy making up for all their lost times. The three have their bodies pressed so closely together as they kissed each other alternately, all of them moaning softly. The moment was beyond perfect…

Until of course, they were interrupted by the sudden knock coming from the door, causing Kagami and Kise to leap away from Aomine almost instantly, both ales sporting a deep blush. The tanned male groaned, glaring at the door as he moved to stand up and gave whoever interrupted them a good bout of yelling. Swinging the door in frustration, Aomine was about ready to yell, however at the sight of familiar heterochromatic eyes staring up at him, all words died in his throat.

"Hello, Daiki." Akashi greeted before entering the house, not even waiting for the tanned male's invitation.

"H-hey! Wait!" The tanned male exclaimed, chasing the young Akashi who was already facing an equally startled Kagami and a widely smiling Kise who was undoubtedly happy to see the boy.

"Hello Ryouta," Akashi greeted, nodding towards his brother before turning to face Kagami, "And to you as well, Taiga."

"Hello…" Kagami spoke as blood red eyes finally took in the sight of the travelling bag situated beside their 'guest'. "Err, why do you have a travelling bag with you?" The red-head questioned hesitantly.

"I decided to stay with you," Was the boy's straightforward answer. "Father and mother agreed to what I wanted to do. Father even provided me with one of his credit cards."

"You're staying with us, Sei-chan?" Kise asked, unable to hide the excitement in his voice.

"Yes," The boy answered, nodding ever so slightly.

"Oi! Wait a moment!" Aomine suddenly yelled in protest. "You couldn't stay here! We don't have any extra rooms for you!"

Heterochromatic eyes narrowed dangerously, and both Aomine and Kagami felt the temperature around them drop a few degrees below zero, making them gulp. Such a scary look, as what they concluded, would surely be able to freeze hell over and burn heaven with smoldering red flames. "Are you saying no to me?" The boy asked in a deadly voice, as if he was daring anyone to refuse him, pulling out his beloved scissors before pointing it towards the tanned male and the red-head—Kagami didn't know why Akashi was threatening him as well—the snipping sound from the pointy object frightening them further. "I'm asking you, are you saying no to me?"

"What? Who said no? You could stay here, right Kagami?" Aomine said, laughing nervously as Kagami nodded vigorously.

"Good," Akashi stated, satisfied at the two's response, before he was pulled to a hug by a really happy Kise.

"Yay! Sei-chan's staying with us-ssu!" Kise exclaimed happily, talking animatedly on how his brother could use his previous room before he turned to face his boyfriends, flashing them his trademark smile. "Aomine-cchi, Kagami-cchi, thank you-ssu!"

Ah well, if Kise was happy, then it's alright to have another person in the house, regardless of how terrifying said person was.


Omake! (Special No.2!)

Aomine and Kagami stepped out of their room very early in the morning, none of them bothering to wake up the slumbering blond currently occupying the bed. Kise was tired from their nightly, ahem, activities after all, so they just let him sleep. But much to their surprise, they found Akashi already awake, the boy sitting like a count of some sorts on the couch.

"Good morning, Daiki, Taiga." The boy greeted, not even turning to look at the two. "Why don't you take a seat and have a small chat with me? I have a few things I want to discuss to you about." Looking at each other momentarily, both males came to a silent agreement to do what Akashi wanted them to do, knowing that the boy hated being disobeyed the most. Quickly scrambling to take their seats, Aomine and Kagami stared questioningly at Kise's brother, furrowing their brows in confusion as the boy pulled out a piece of paper that looked like some sort of list.

"What is it that you want to talk about?" Kagami asked.

"Well you see, last night," Akashi began, eyeing his brother's boyfriends, "I was awakened by the noises coming from your room." The emphasis of that one word made both males blush. "So I made a list of few things I want you to do."

"And that would be?" Aomine questioned.

"First of all, when both of you are planning to make love to my brother, please make sure to keep it down. Remember, there's a ten-year old staying in the room just beside your own." Akashi stated and the other two stopped themselves from commenting on how ironic the boy's statement was since he could say such a thing so casually. "Also, your room isn't exactly sound proof." Then he looked at his list again, "Two, make sure to be gentle with my brother. I will not allow you to be rough with him."

And the list went on and on…

Finally, after half an hour, their long talk was over.

"Do you understand?" Heterochromatic eyes bore straight into blood red eyes before shifting to lock gazes with navy orbs, "Well do you?" He asked again.

Snip! Snip!

Aomine and Kagami sweat-dropped at the sound of the scissors the boy was holding. Seriously where did that came from?

Snip! Snip! Snip! Snip!

And as the snipping sound became faster, Aomine and Kagami answered right away, "We understand!"

"Good," Akashi said, "Now breakfast. I'm hungry."

With that, Kise's boyfriends bolted away from the living room to prepare the boy's meal.

And yes, Akashi Seijuurou is the only one who could wear a teddy bear patterned pajamas and still look utterly terrifying.