This is a story I adopted from GreenPhoenix3 on FanFiction. Since it was already to chapter 10 I decided it would be better to just rewrite the story in my own style that way the story wouldn't be a let down to all its readers. It was GreenPhoenis3's idea so the credit belongs to them and i am gonna keep all the major climaxes and problems that was in the original (all the way to chapter 10) so wish me luck!

Disclaimer: I own neither the Teen Titans nor the plot! The plot belongs to GreenPhoenix3!

All he had to do was flash a smile here, crack a joke there, and act like an oblivious idiot. Beastboy knew this better than anybody. Even though it went against his morals he knew he had to have one. Although he hated having a mask, it made sense that he would have one. Everyone he cares about had one, so why couldn't he?

Robin literally his behind his mask following the footsteps of the Dark Crusader himself. Starfire used her her innocence and Naivety so she wouldn't have to face the horrors she endured on worlds far away from Earth. Cyborg, like him, hid behind humor, but at the same time was more expressive and serious about the pain he went through. Raven hid behind her mantra and the need to control her powers so she wouldn't have to deal with what her father, Trigon, thrust upon her as his only daughter.

Beastboy saw the pain behind their masks, and tried to make them happy with all that he was, but he was only successful when making a fool out of himself. It was so easy to perfect his mask as the Green Jokester of the Teen Titans, and soon he became Him - A version of Beastboy that he liked occasionally, but hated most of the time. Most people hated him, but even so they still believed it was him and that's all that truly mattered.

His mask had a few cracks in it - His primal side, otherwise known as the Beast, showed his darker side; Terra, the first person he ever thought accepted him for who he was, betrayed him and allowed sorrow to seep through the crack she made; Trigon and Malchoir caused anger to well up inside him when they stole his Raven; Brain's attempt to wipe out the Titans, his newfound family; and lots of other things he refused to think about. It was affecting his primal side in ways he didn't fully understand. He has been involuntarily morphing into his primal side, but it was so far not causing any damage. He was also falling- no he was in love with Raven. But he could never be with her. With his mask they are polar oppisites, and she hates the mask. He doesn't even know if she would like the real him, if Garfield is even still inside him anymore.

He needed this trip to fix and separate his mask. It was beginning to mix with the old Garfiels, and it was suffocating him. Beastboy was soothed by the cold, starry night. It was reminding him of when he was liitle and he used to llok at the stars in Africa with his parents. He knows it shoouldn't because he isn't Garfield anymore, but instead he's now a Half-human/Half-Animal Freak that fails at its goal to make others happy while ignoring its own pain. Sometimes he just wished that he could forget the pain or at leats be able to tell someone what's wrong.

"It's not like you to be out here alone, especially when we're on vacation." Raven states her signature monotone voice. Althoough, she strangely had some hidden warmth and concern in her voice. 'She's like my very own purple and blue angel!' Beastboy thought when he saw her.

"Just wanted to make sure I got the full relaxing effect of Japan." Beastboy replied witha wide grin, hoping his mask didn't crack even further. He loved Raven, but hoped that her curiosity wouldn't get involved in his behavior. Beastboy knew he was a coward, so he wasn't surprised when he couldn't take off his mask and show her who he really was inside.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Raven asked concerned as if she knew something was wrong. That's when Beastboy finally remembered she was an empath and could sense his pain. So he put his mask on tighter shielding her from the pain he held inside.

"Of course Raven! I don't have anywhere else to be. All of the comic book and video game stores are closed for the night!" Beastboy replied dumbly hoping it would rid her of her doubt.

So there's the first rewritten chapter of Masks