Disclaimer: I own nothing! "Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos." I whisper to my self. I feel my eyes start to glow white, as I summon my demonic powers. I hit Reina over and over with the magical stone. Garfield is too stunned by the bits of bright lights coming off her body. Her skin was turning to ash, and the flashes of light were her disappearing. Oceana was right! Reina would be destroyed once and for all. I allow myself a small grin of victory. She turns her head and smirks at me. Reina blasts me with her powers, and I lose my concentration. This is it! If I don't stop her now then no one will. "HEY REINA OVER HERE!" Beast Boy screams surprising me. I thought he was on her side. Why is he distracting her for me? I stare deeply into his eyes and he winks at me. I take thisas the moment I can strike. I pick up the stone with my powers, but this time I make it fly into my hand. "It's time to end this." I whisper to myself. I run over to her and push it right up against her heart. Slowly, it sinks into her body, and explosions start to fill her body. I run over to Beast Boy only to see he's frozen solid. What's going on? ~Normal POV from the outside world~ Outside of Beast Boy's mind, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg can only watch in horror as his body starts convulsing. "Cyborg check his vitals!" Robin orders with his leader voice. "Already on it!" Cyborg declares rushingly. Starfire simply paced around outside the med bay and waited until her friends made Beast Boy Better. ~Back in Beast Boy's Mind~ Reina had disappeared completely, only this time there was nothing left of her. Beast Boy, however, stood solid. He wasn't moving, his eyes were hollow, and he wasn't even breaathing. Raven was getting more and more worried as each second passed them by. "Beast Boy?" She asked in a slow, cautious voice. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD, NOW!" He shouted. Raven mutely nodded her head and disappeared in a blob of black. ~Outside BB's Mind~ Raven reappeared outside the med bay only to find Starfire crying. Raven looked at her quizzically. "What's wrong Starfire?" Raven Monotoned. "F-fffffriend Beast-t-" she whimpered, but that was all Raven needed to hear. She busted through the door of the med bay to see what was going 'on for herself. There he lied. Beast Boy... He was lieing on the metal bed. His skin was more of a milky dark yellow instead of its usual dark green. He had blood dripping down his chin and staininf the mattress. But none of those things were what really made the dam break. It was the straight blue line on the heart monitor, and the pair of hemostats powering up in Cyborg's hands. But she still had hope. Maybe Cyborg could save him. She was brought back to reality when Cyborg let them fall to the floor with a 'clang'. What was happening? Why was he giving up already? "There's nothing we can do...Beast Boy...is dead..." He whispered, but everyone heard him clearly. It was like a ball had dropped and shattered on us all. The team. And most of all me. Beast Boy's heart had stopped... Dont worry! this wont have a (too) sad ending. Will Beast Boy die, or will he live? Please let me know what you guys thought.