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Sephiroth sauntered away from the Cetra's church with a smirk, very pleased with himself.

When he had first started "properly" courting his puppet at the urging of his two friends, Sephiroth had felt rather foolish. Of course, that was quickly washed away when he saw his puppet's expression of confusion and wariness.

He had found it amusing.

When he persisted with his courtship, his puppet's expressions evolved from 'confused' and 'wary' to 'paranoia' to 'I'm-approaching-a-mental-breakdown.' Needless to say, the entertainment he got out of her reactions was priceless.

So he persisted until it got to the point in which she thought crawling into a Zolom's carcass was a good idea.

But really, he couldn't be blamed for his actions.

It was all Genesis' and Zack's fault, really. They were the ones who told him to give her roses and serenade her and speak to her in that foolish, overly dramatic manner of speech.

The fact that his Cloud's reactions were so entertaining that Sephiroth couldn't help but push her into entertaining him even more, was not his fault. Really. He just couldn't help it.

If Cloud had to blame someone, it should be Genesis and her brother. Not Sephiroth.

He was as much of a victim in this as she was. The only difference was that he received entertainment from Cloud.

So it really wasn't Sephiroth's fault that he noticed his puppet was too busy looking horrified to pay attention to him. And it really wasn't his fault when he saw an opportunity to get something out of her. And really, it wasn't his fault that she agreed to his proposal without hearing what he had said.

He wouldn't have had to resort to such drastic measures if Cloud had stopped attracting those pathetic insects that called themselves men. Of course, if his Cloud was as socially stunted as she's always been, she probably hadn't even noticed the parasites.

Imagining Cloud's reaction to when she realized what she had agreed to made Sephiroth smirk.

He couldn't wait to see her reaction when she found out.

In the meantime, he had to acquire a PHS for his little ones. Secretly, of course. Wouldn't want Cloud to find out, after all.

As Sephiroth headed back to the ShinRa building, he let out a chuckle.

Did she really think he wouldn't find out about the Remnants? Her face when she finds out!

He couldn't wait to see it.

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