Primitive Violation Revisited


The following chapter was very difficult to write but to be true to the story and life it had to be written. So you are WARNED again if this type of subject bothers you in anyway DON'T READ IT!

I came up with the idea while UlurNaga wrote the first 5 chapters. UlurNaga also helped with this next chapter but I wrote most of it. This story is not meant as a joke or insult to rape victims but as a tribute to them for what they/we silently survive every minute of every day.

This story is supposed to be an example of how one can bear the dual role of being both the violator, and a victim; as poor Optimus is about to discover.

The story takes place in Transformers Prime shortly after Darkness Rising Part 5 and Master and Student. I will try to follow the story line of Transformers Prime. The characters will have other issues outside of Transformers Prime story line those will be the main forces of this story.

It deals with Sparkrape, and will contain a great deal of sexual content. AND SOME OF THE CHARACTERS SWEARS, so don't be offended by the content because YOU HAVE BEEN THOROUGHLY WARNED. If you don't like the context of this story, then PLEASE just don't read it. I cannot stress that enough, people.

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Chapter 6 Phantoms of the Abyss


Resurfacing Abyss

Seattle Washington - 9 am

A speeding yellow 1970's V.W. Bug hydroplanes through a large malodourous mixture of Seattle sewage and rain water, sending a title wave onto Los Angeles police officer. The middle aged Los Angeles police officer exiting his rental car bellows out. "Fucking Asshole! " The officer shook of the grime that had landed on him and marched up the stairs to the old stone police station. Once inside he scans the area then rudely pushes his past the locals on his way up to the grey haired desk Sargent.

"Hey shit headed." A hooker inline snapped as she was pushed out of the way. Which she just got a cold evil stare from the L.A. cop that made her back off.

"I am Officer James Corson from Los Angles. I am here as regards to a loitering ticket issued to one Tory Elisabeth Baker." Officer Corson says as he produces a badge from his slacks pocket.

"I am here regarding one Tory Elisabeth Baker. I want what you have on her." He informed the Desk Sargent.

"Fine…Hmmm.. Tory Elisabeth Baker…Age oh she just turned 18…" The Desk Sargent begrudgingly replied as he pulled the file up on the computer.

"Yes that's her."

"Aahhh…. She was loitering in the park after hours…. It seems that the ticket was rescinded." He continued.

"Do you have her last known address?" James Corson demands.

"Sorry officer but that is all I am allowed to discuss." The Desk Sargent replied not likely the man attitude. "And if you want that information you'll have to talk to my Captain."

"God damn it I want find my kid!" He yells as he slams his hand down on the desk.

"Excuse me but I heard you are looking for Tory Baker, my I ask why?" A tall well build young man asked before the Desk Sargent.

"No offence but I don't discuss family business with strangers." Corson snapped at the stranger.

"None taken. I know what you mean I have a little sister who I will do anything for. I am Mac Samson maybe I can help." He said as he motioned the Desk Sargent to move.

From where Officer James Corson is standing he sees the young man take the Desk Sargent's place and type in a few things but is unable to see what he is typing.

"I not sure what you're doing is a good idea sir." The Desk Sargent stated as he turns away.

"Don't worry about it I've got it cover and it won't come back on you." Mac Samson said. "It's his kid. Alright… seems like she paid and full and the address she gave was 9988 S.W. Port Street just off of Pier 66. I would take you there but me giving you this info is more than I should."

"No problem. Thanks." Corson says as he leaves.

"Captain, I notice you didn't inform him that address is about 300 yards after the pier ends?" The Desk Sargent remarks with a grin.

"I guess that it must escape me." Captain Mac Samson explains as he glares at the back of Corson leaving.

"That's not like you…. Say wasn't Tory Baker, the name of the girl, who came in here with your niece and convinces her to get clean and get off the streets." The Desk Sargent countered.


"Shit. Wish we could do more." The Desk Sargent remarked.

"We did what we could without breaking the law and now she has more time." Captain Mac Samson answered

"So how is Sara doing?" The Desk Sargent inquired.

"She is making progress." Mac Samson answered with a warm brotherly smile.


Thousand Trails 3 hours away from Seattle – 9 am. Same day

Feminine Abyss

Tory's eyes fluttered open to an eerie sicken darkness that surrounded her. She could feel that her body was lying, face up, on a cold mental slab. Tory struggled against vice like bonds held her arms and legs spread eagle on the slab.

"So our little play toy is awake." An all too familiar venomous voice of Starscream penetrated the darkness causing Tory to freeze in terror.

"I am no one's play toy!" Tory retorted.

"Yes, you are mine and so is he." Starscream replied as a spot light reveals Optimus Prime just stand there.

"Optimus!" Tory cried out but she got no response.

"He can't hear you.. He only hears and obeys me." Starscream declares as a strange looking collar like device flies out of the darkness and wraps itself around the Prime's neck. As the device secures itself into place Optimus goes into convulsions and begins to shrink as blue lighten bolt painfully jetted across him. Once the Autobot leader stood was just a few feet taller than Tory, the convulsions and lighten stopped Optimus appeared like an empty mental puppet.

"Optimus?" Tory calls out. "Fight it."

"I told you he obeys me. Prime, remove her clothes!"

The human size Optimus Prime walks over to Tory places his hand at her neck; for a brief moment caresses pulse on her neck. Human size Optimus Prime slowly lowers his hand to the top of her shirt then grabs a handful of the ratted shirt and rips it down. Well-formed breasts there were not huge, but they're perfect with their pink nipples hardened by the sudden rush of cooler air against them were revealed. He was about to remove her pants but hesitates for a brief moment.

"Nooo." Tory shrieks as she turns away from his touch as much as she could.

"She says no but take a look at those human breasts." Starscream's voice speaks as Prime's blue optics stare intensely at her harden nipples. "Touch them!"

The human size Optimus Prime's hand cup Tory's left breast and begins to squeezes her breast, rubbing the nipples into hard peaks until he has her panting and whimpering with need.

"Yesss.. See how it hardens with your touch… Make both of them harder!" Starscream demands.

"Optimus please I beg you fight it." Tory moaned.

The human size Optimus Prime takes the other breast into his and repeated what he was doing to the other breast.

"Optimus please don't.." Tory begs as tears start to fall.

"She needs more stimulation for her to truly admit she wants this. Take one of her breasts into your mouth and apply suction." Starscream informed.

Human size Optimus Prime battle mask slides back as he lowers his mouth to her right breast and does as Starscream command. Once his mouth is on her breast his other hand continues fondling the other. Tory fights her natural's body's reaction to the stimulation and bites her lower lip to prevent a soft moan from coming out, while she also tries to squirm away from the intense suction. For a brief moment Human size Optimus Prime stops the suction then slides his glos across her cleavage, dipping it into the dip between the luscious peaks to reach the other breast to and the suction there. He lavishes the same attention on it increasing her pleasured moans. While his hand resumes fondling previous breast.

"No.. Prime… No…" Tory mournfully cried out while she was breathing hard, pushing her breast into his face.

"YESSSS! See how her body squirms. It is begging for more. Expose the rest of her but continue what you are doing." Starscream hissed

Obeying the voice, human size Optimus Prime's hand slides down Tory's stomach leaving stingy sensation in its wake. Once his hand is at the top of her pants he grabs a hand full and yanks it down in one slow lustful motion. The pants gave no resistance to the powerful the human size Optimus Prime while he sucked harder on her breast.

"See the wetness between her legs?"Starscream

As the human size Optimus Prime slowly released her breast his dentals scraped it sending cold shivers up Tory's spine. The human size Optimus Prime stared down longing at the growing wetness between Tory's legs, while his spike mergers up from behind his cod piece.

"Do you smell that her body is release a scent telling us that wants… No needs more… Taste your way down to the strong point of the sent and FEAST on it!"

Tory could her the intense intake of the human size Optimus Prime and begged him "Optimus, don't.. Fight it!" Tory whimpered out as she pulled against the cuffs that were holding her down.

The human size Optimus Prime glos lowered to her breast and started to lick his way down to her stomach. As he crossed her belly button he slips his glos into it for a brief moment the continue one to the small hairs above her woman hood.

"Are my slaves are so enjoying themselves? Oh yes, I can see they are.." Starscream says as watches the human size Optimus Prime inhale Tory's sent then take a long lick of Tory womanhood. When he places that first kiss on the swollen outer lips of her sex, it all but sends her through the roof and he has to smile to himself as he lustfully begins to feast upon her. She whimpers in protest, but doesn't have the strength to stop his feasting that consists of long deep licks, nips and kisses sending her body into thrusting motion against him. Growling in frustration the human size Optimus Prime grabs Tory's hips to hold her still so he good truly gorge upon her. His growling and licking send intense shivers up Tory's spine causing her to starting crying hard. He continues his assault on that sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs and a few moments later her body arches into him and she tries to hold back her scream through clenched teeth.

"Her body needs more. Give it what it cries for!" The commanding voice of Starscream emanates from behind a large set of blood red eyes that were hovering about them in the darkness.

The human size Optimus Prime gave her one long last lick before he walked around the table.

"Feel the heat high rising from the human core in anticipation for what it is about to receive." Starscream lustfully sneers.

Once the human size Optimus Prime reaches her center he slips a large digit in and found her most sensitive spot, circling his finger around it, on it, hearing her panting softly "Oh…oh…oh…oh" and pushing herself against his finger.

"It's weeping for a spike to pulse inside of it. Now is the time for her to feel the power behind Cybertronian spike!" Starscream orders.

The human size Optimus Prime slides his engorged spike up and down her female entrance a few times before he positions the tip of his spike at the entrance of her weeping woman hood. The tip of his erection pushes against her lower lips and she goes stiff. He growls a warning, but she starts to struggle and fight against him anyways.

"Yess… See how see how her body is weeping for that of a spike. GIVE IT TO HER!" Starscream hissed out like a slimy snake.

"NO PRIME NO! Tory screams as she watches in horror as the human size Optimus Prime optics change to white then to a blood red.

"My slave Prime will not have the pleasure of making you scream. I will!" Starscream says as a human size version of him replaces Optimus Prime. The human size Starscream talon painful grip Tory's hips and pulls them towards him as he shoves forwards hard.

"Fucking Bastard! Like I said before if he couldn't you can't!" Tory spat at him.

A childhood reoccurring terror etches its way across Tory's face when the human size Starscream is replaced by old face who bellows "FINE BITCH I WILL MAKE YOU SCREAM NOW," while he forces himself into her.

Like far off ray of hope the quiet whispering voice of Optimus Prime "Fight them Tory! It's not me!" It was at that moment Tory realizes that she can't feel her Ex-step father inside of her. She than reasoned that if she can't feel him, she is have a nightmare. Tory remembers that this is her mind and she can control of if she just focuses. Tory takes control by slamming her forehead into her Ex-step fathers head. The blow forces Tory to suddenly sit up silently screaming and while she wakes from the nightmare.


Primal Abyss

Optimus Prime gave a low agonizing moan as his blue optics flashed on line to illuminate a small portion of the cold darkness that surrounded him. Scanning the area he realized several things, one he couldn't see more than a few meters around, second his arms are shackled above him while is legs are bond to the floor. Third and foremost he could not detect Tory anywhere.

"Tory?" Optimus Prime called out to the darkness.

At his voice a large digital display flickers on to reveal an unconscious Tory laying spread eagle on a mental slab.

"Tory, I am so sorry." Optimus quietly beseeches as he cannot take his optics off the screen in front of him.

"Oh please! This is what you want. See the real you tearing her shirt off." Starscream sick twisted voice told him as his arm comes out of the darkness behind Prime and rips off Prime's battle mask.

Optimus watch in horror as a human size version of himself approached Tory and ripped off the ratty old shirt she wore exposing her taunt young breast.

"Noo.. I would never." Optimus denies.

"Oh yess. You would. Look how you enjoy her human breasts." Starscream taunts as his talon slides down to Primes neck the scraps across his chest plate.

Optimus fights back a low moan that threatens to emerge as he watches himself first massage her beasts. Disgust and small amount of longing fills Optimus as he observes his other-self lowering his mouth to her breast and applying suction to it. Meanwhile Starscram's talon scraps up and down on his chest plate.

"See how your own body longs for her." Starscream says as his talon slides down Prime's chest past his abdomen then to his emerging spike.

"Noo.."Prime denies as he tries to move away from Starscreams touch.

It was to no avail for Starscream grabs Optimus's engorged spike and gives it random jerks Without realizing it Optimus's licks his lips with his glos as he continues watching himself start feeding on Tory's lower body. . He makes a noise between a whimper and a groan as he gently pushes his hips forward as he as his otherself rubs it's spike up and down Tory's womanhood.

"TORY FIGHT IT! Optimus screamed and pulled against the chains that shackled him to the wall as he is suddenly sees a human size Starscream replaces his otherself. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Optimus's fights harder and hard when he sees a terror etch across Tory's face when Starscream is replace by a human he had never seen before. It didn't matter what Starscream was doing to him, seeing the pure terror on Tory's face Optimus Prime beseeched her "Fight them Tory! It's not me!" He then saw determined look on Tory's face than she slammed her head hard against the male human that had taken the place of StarScream.

"Oh but it is you! Or at least what your spark truly desires." Megaton's gravelly voice taunted Optimus Prime from the darkness, while Starscream continues his vicious attack on Prime's spike.

A second pair of cold dead red optic partially illumined the darkness above the spot light that shown on the Prime.

At seeing the small human's strength the overcome the evil befalling upon her gives him the inner strength bust free of not only the chains but Starscreams disgusting touch. Optimus knees the vile Cons face. Pulling free from the chains that held his arms he transforms his arm into a sword tries to slice Starscream. Optimus's first slash at the vile want-to-be commander shatters him like glass. Optimus grabs as the display screen only to have it disappear before his figures are within reach. As Starscream's glass pieces slowly fall into the darkness the evil laughter of his ancient foe fills the darkness.

"Megatron! Where's Tory" Prime demands.

"Now you see that you are no different than me!" Megatron laughs

"You are wrong! Where is Tory?!" Optimus commands.

"Am I?" Megatron taunts as the little light that allow for Prime to see went dark.

"Tory!? Optimus frantically called into the darkness


Reality's Abyss

The blow forces Tory to suddenly sit up silently screaming at the pain that besieges her body, waking her from the abyss of her nightmare. At first she was unsure of where she was but as she looked around and realizes that part of her nightmare had been real. All of her muscles seem to spasm at the same time from the abuse it had taken over the past few days. She bit her bottom lip from to keep from screaming possibly waking Prime. She then breathed deep in through her nose and slowly released her breath through her mouth to focus on her breathing and not the pain. Tory slowly stretches her right arm and hand. Once the spasms in her right arm and hand released she slowly extended her left arm and hand but then added another step she used her right hand to work out the spasms. After a few minutes Tory finally gets the use of her right arm and hand, she then stretched out her legs but had to bit her lip again as they seem to be the worse. As soon as the pain lessens she started stretching them again while working on her breathing. Every once in while Tory would glance over to Primes dash, to try and determine if he was observing her or not, but Tory realizes she really couldn't tell and then just hope he wasn't watching.

When Tory's body was finally relaxed enough for her to move she made her way toward Prime's dash board suddenly lights up he calls out for her.

"Tory?" Prime's gravelly voice comes over the speakers.

"I am here. Are you all right?" Tory says.

"Hmmm… I am well as can be expected." Prime replies then asks. "Are you alright?"

"I am… Okay too… Are you sure you alright?" Tory asks again

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"It's just your lights came on so fast and you sounded like you were in distress." Tory replied as she pulled her hand through her hair to try and brush out the knots.

"aaa…While in status …I amm… never mind.. If you are."

"Don't give me that. I am may be human but I figured you guys are similar to us. You needed rest and so did I. I had nightmares so I figure you had some too."

"I don't know what a nightmare is but yes I had a very disturbing status protection." Prime replied.

"That sounds like a nightmare. Was it about the war or what happened?" Tory asked

"Of what I can recall it was a bit of both." Optimus answers.

"Oh, tell me something. Did your war nightmares lessen with time?" Tory informs

"Yes." Optimus answers.

"It's part of life and just like the war nightmares faded with time so will these." Tory tells him than asks. "Did you get any rest at all?"

"I got few moments of status." He answered but as though he was avoiding tell her something.

"I see… nightmares woke you up too."

There was a slight hum to the cab as if he agreed.

"I don't know about your kind but with us human's it's quite normal after what we went through. The thing is not to let it control you." Tory says.

"How do you humans do it?" Optimus enquires.

"It all depends on the person. Some don't deal they hide in drugs, alcohol, or sex. While others talk about or even write about it."

"Why would they do that?"

"Well some use drugs and alcohol. They use it to forget but sooner or later you remember and it hurts worse so you seek more of the drugs or alcohol. Not a good idea to go down that way. After a while there is only two oppositions, the first is the hardest and that is to face everything at once. Many can't do that so the choose the second options."

"What is that?"

"Killing yourself." She whispered as she slowly rubbed an old faded scar on her left wrist. "But none of those truly solve the issue your face when you go through what we have gone through. If someone were to take any of options it only means giving more power to the person that hurt you."

"You spoke of turning to sex. I don't think I could ever do that again for fear I would hurt someone again."

"Prime listen to me. Sex can be a good thing if it's between two people who care and respect each other but it also can be a type of drug if its miss used. You and I have seen the bad sides of it so don't let that ruin it for you later. When I go to different towns I find groups who have gone through the similar things as me. I learned that I wasn't alone and about how we each react differently to what happened to us. One of the fellow friends in the group went down the self-destructive lines but managed to come back from it all by writing about it. Some people make fun of what she writes, call it sexy, or think she's making a joke of it. You know what she told me?" Tory asks then answered. "She didn't care what those types of people thought, because she wasn't writing it for them. She told me she was writing it for herself and others like her who felted different because they weren't reacting to the rapes the way sociality thought they should react. She wasn't ashamed she was proud because even with everything she went through she felt that her writing would help others see that they weren't alone."

"She sounds like a very wise woman I would like to meet her someday." Prime tells her.

"I am sorry Prime but that won't be possible because she was murdered by her childhood abuser shortly after he got out of prison. After killing her he was killed in a shootout with the cops. But you can read her work. It may help." Tory informs him.

"How else do humans get over it?" Prime asks

"Prime, don't get me wrong. It's something you never truly get over, but over time you will get through it. The pain lessons if we let it. So give it some time."

"I understand. And I am sorry about what I did to you. Can you every forgive me?"

"Damn it Prime. It wasn't your fault so there you don't need my forgiveness. Actually I am sorry for ruining your first time. Can you forgive me?"

"No you didn't!" Prime snapped at her. "It was Starscream. So you don't need me to forgive you." Prime replied.

"Now you see what I mean." She said with a slight smile on her face.

"Yes, I do. Thank you." Prime answered as he realized that she was getting him to understand it wasn't his fault

"You are welcome."

Tory's nose caught the smells of frying bacon and eggs with the overwhelming aroma of fresh coffee causing her stomach to growl in response.

"It's that your body is demanding nourishment." Prime's voice replied with great sorrow.

"But I need to use the restroom again." Tory tells him as she climbs into the front seat and starts to get out.

Tory was very thankful that Prime had park close to one of the restrooms. Just as she climbs out she grabs her boots and puts them on. She shrieks at little at the still damp boots but is glad for them.


After Tory headed to the restroom Prime contacts Ratchet.

"Prime to Ratchet."

"I am glad to hear from you are you more injured then you first indicated?"

"No. Why?"

"Because I check your location has not moved in the past 6 hours."

"Tory insisted that we both get some rest."

"Who's Tory?"

"She is a human that was captured with me."

"Did you at least get some status." Ratchet inquired

"A little.."

"Your internal repairs systems cannot do their job if you don't get enough."

"Ratchet it is not my internal repairs that concern me at this time it personal ones that do."

"You keep saying personal I need to have more data on what you speak of."

"Oh. How soon can you leave?" Ratchet inquires.

"I will notify you when we leave." Optimus replies.

"That will be fine.

"I should inform that Agent Fowler is back at base demanding to speak with you." Ratchet informed him

"Thank you, Ratchet. Prime out." Prime was debating with himself when agent Fowler called.


"Prime to base."

"Prime, it's about time. Washington wants to know what's going on." Agent Fowler spat out.

"Prime, what is going on?"

"Agent Fowler, currently we are in the camping site you acquired for us to use. We will be leaving shortly. "

"What in blue blazes happened?"

"As you are aware we were captured by Decepticons ns and tortured. In the process Tory lost her few belongings and is left with no money and very little clothing. The little clothing she now is wearing she acquired in the laundry faculties from the lost and found items left." Optimus informs him.

"Damn, let me guess Starscream?" Fowler stated with a shiver remembering the torturer he was forced to endure.

"Yes.' Prime hissed

"We can't have this girl traveling in you across country half naked. I'll set up a charge account for supplies. Have her change what she needs. When she done her tell her to have the clerk to call 1-888-555-5555 and tell them transfer her to Alfa Section One. Pin or password is Big Red."

"When, she returns I'll inform her."


"Agent Fowler,"


"Thank You."

"You are welcome. Fowler out"

Tory didn't bother to acknowledge young teeny boppers girls who were just barely wearing enough clothes to be considered legal as they gave her a long disgusted stared than starting giggling ridiculously as she was heading to the bathrooms. Before heading in to the bathrooms she quickly checks soda pop machine and hits a jack pop because she not only finds a quarter just under the bottom edge of the machine but as she reaching down for it she sees someone had left behind an un opened bottle Sunkist orange soda.

"I love picky people," Tory mumbles with a smile as she cracked open the cold soda. "May not but OJ." She continued as she took a long drink from the soda she believed it was left by someone who possibly hit the wrong button and didn't like orange.

After fishing her quick unintentional breakfast Tory goes to go inside the restrooms but notices a sign on the door reminding campers of the free pancake feed that morning. After making quick use of falsities Tory washing her hands then rinses out the bottle. After Tory leaves the restrooms she calls out to Prime. "Hey, Prime I am heading over to the picnic area for a free pancake feed they are doing. I'll be back in about 20 minutes." Then she continues to the picnic area without waiting for a response from Prime.

Once at the picnic area Tory grabs a paper plate, napkins, plastic utensils and prepackaged condiments like syrup, peanut butter and jelly. Checking the pockets on her pants Tory is thankful they are in good condition so she grabs a few extra prepackaged condiment of Peanut butter and jelly for later down the road because she didn't know when she would eat again. When it's her turn all she gets are a couple of pancakes because she knows that she doesn't have enough money to get the extras like bacon, sausage, coffee, or OJ.

Tory sits quietly enjoying her breakfast while watching families enjoying their family time. She smiles sadly as she watching a father happily chase after his daughter who was giggling madly while running from. As old memories threaten to surface Tory quick finishes her food then covers the rest and heads back from Optimus. On her way back she notices that Prime had managed to move closer.

"Checking up on me Big Guy?" Tory teases as she climbs up into the passenger side of his cab.

"Actually I wanted to inform you sooner that Agent William Fowler arranged for an account at the Main Lodge so that you travel in a little nicer clothing and get some clothing for the trip. Just have them call 1-888-555-5555 and tell them transfer you to Alfa Section One. Pin or password is Big Red."

"How much does this Fallow know about what happened?"

"Only that you and I were attacked and held captive against our wills. He does have some firsthand knowledge of what the Decepticons are capable of."

"You are one scary smart bot when it comes to politicking."

"Thank you."

"Okay clothes then we hit the road. Hey Prime, if I remember correctly you'll need to park across the street so before you head to do that why don't you drop me at the lower Laundry area. I will make my way up to the main lodge through the Laundry area and gaming room." Tory tells him.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine I know the old couple who runs the place." Tory tells him.

"Then, I'll wait for you across the street."


Inside the laundry area Tory quickly checks Lost and Found for anything she could use. Nothing had been added so she makes her way through out of the Laundry room to the Gaming room, checking all the coin machines in the area. She doesn't find any in the Laundry room. The Gaming room is mostly filled with old 80's pin balls games and video games, plus one well used pool table in the middle. Quickly check each machine Tory find a quarter in the old T2 pinball game. Just before heading up the stairs Tory glances over the "Trade a Book" rack and gives a slight snort of laughter when she sees an old 50's book about giant robots coming to take of over the world. Next she moves on to some old Clark Kent style phone booths that were in the hall just under the stairs outside of the Gaming room. Using an old trick Tory manages to score two dollars out of one of two old phone booths.

"I swear that step hates me." Tory says as she gets up from an unceremonious entrance by kissing the floor of the main lodge when the pants she was wearing end catches on part of the last step.

"Are you okay? Now why you would you say that young lady." An older woman says as she bends down to help Tory.

"Because when I was a kid and came here I did the almost exact something every time I came in this way." Tory states as she rubs her knees.

"Oh, my stars in the heavens that means you must be little Tory Baker." The woman said with a smile and hugged Tory.

"Hey Mrs Mason…" Tory replied as she tried to relax from the hug. "It's been awhile."

"Yes, it has. I am so glad to see you. I so can't wait to show your parents how I used their ideas to change this place around." Mrs. Mason excitedly says as she helps Tory to get up. "Where are they?"

"Dad never made it back from his last tour and mom… well, mom died in a car accident a few years later." Tory tells her while avoiding looking her in the eyes.

"Oh my dear child, I am so sorry. I didn't know." Mrs. Mason said. "Who are you staying with?"

"I am heading for a relative's home. But I was mugged a little ways back and lost just about everything. No worries though I have friend supplying me with a line of credit if that's okay with you." Tory tells her.

"No problems baby girl." Mrs. Mason tells her. "I have to run to the drug store for old Harold."

"Okay.." Tory says with a hint of disappointment that she was leaving.

"So that you are taken care of right away I will have Jenna help you." Mrs. Mason says as she calls to a young teenager girl sitting behind a cash register who was paying more attention texting then Mrs. Mason. "Hey Jenna. Jenna…Jenna I want you to help Tory with anything she needs."

"Thank you Mrs. Mason." Tory replies.

"No problem. I still have a few minutes so let me show you how I implemented your parent's ideas." Mrs. Mason says as she started walking her around.

"Like you father suggested I not only have mirrors down every isle way but really good security cameras. I did like your father said and have half very visible and the others hidden. Plus I have several panic buttons that go directly to the police station." Mrs. Mason told her as she pointed out the mirrors and cameras. "I am so glad your father showed up that day and stop those thugs from hurting anyone." Mrs. Mason went on.

Tory listened to Mrs. Mason but recalled the day that had stopped in just to use the restroom. She remembers how the place was so miss matched you couldn't find anything. While Tory and her mom were in the restroom some young punk boys came in and tried to rob the Main Lodge. When her mother and she came out of the bathroom Tory's dad had already disarmed and knocked out the robber's then zip tired their hands. He father acted like it was nothing big as he attended to old Harold who got hit by one of the robbers. After that Mrs. Mason and Harold the owners convinced her parents to stay for free which turned into a wonderful relationship. After that day they had made it a point to stay at their new friends business.

"Then your mother's wonderful suggestions on how to improve my business have paid off very nicely. I have my several free internet sites that are bringing customs from as far as China and Japan who want to stay here and are paying months in advance. As you can see I took your mother's advice and treated each row as a department. Here we have a grocery, drug, and sporting goods. Sometimes I feel like a scaled down versions of a Wal-Mart." Mrs. Mason laughs

"Don't let Walmart hear you say that they may go into the camp ground business." Tory teased her as she followed her down the aisles and mentally took noted of what she may need.

"Because of the new business I've been getting I was able to expand not only the main lodge but the entire campsite. My next project is the one you suggested I am looking for newer games for the Gaming Room. I took your suggestion about keeping the park open on Halloween as a Haunt Park. It did so well I have reservations for it two years in advance." Mrs. Mason tells her as they down the main isle way show her how her family helped the place.

"Wow this place as sure gotten bigger." Tory said as she glanced down each of the isle then notices a very large new gift shop wing.

"Listen I have to go, but you any time you want to stay here, it's on the house. Okay. No agreement." Mrs. Mason told her.

"Okay. Mrs Mason." Tory says as she watches the old woman leave.

As soon as Mrs. Mason left Tory walks into the gift shop stops and snickers as she notices that the Campsite logo is on everything from cheapie key chains to expensive home décor and just about just about everything in-between. Tory grabs up a large hiking backpack and starts stuffing it first with long list of items she'll need like a pack of men's wool socks, three medium size shirts, a three pairs of medium tie sweat pants, three pairs of army tacky pants that convert to shorts, three sweat shirts, two hoodies one of which was rain poof. Tory laughed out right when she snatches up a three sport bra and three matching underpants with the Campsite logo on it. Tory heads for the new changing booth and quickly changes out of her "Lost and Found" clothes and changes into new ones she was about the purchase. Tory made sure to put the money she found in one of the small pockets and the extra prepackaged condiment in another on the back pack.

Making sure to keep all of the tags out Tory put the "Lost and Found" clothes into the back pack. Before leaving the Gift shop Tory snatches up a fleece blanket, large beach towel and heavy goose down jacket and places them in the back pack.

Jenna gives Tory a disgusted look as she passes by her which Tory just ignores as she heads down the camping isle first. In the camping isle she grabbed up a water proof goose down sleeping bag and filter water bottle then used the straps on the back pack to secure them to the bottom of the back pack. Tory goes up the Drug isle next and picks up travel size feminine products, advil, toothbrush, and toothpaste and hair brush. The last isle she heads down is the grocery isle and picks up some bags of beef jerky, crackers, a few cup of soup, some power bars, along with a couple of sticks of gum. As Tory is coming up the isle she grabs up a reusable 16 oz coffee mug. She fills up the coffee mug with coffee and the water bottle with water at the refreshment isle. Tory grabs up some hot burritos and few chicken strips and heads up to the cash register but stops at the weapons case and looked it over. She thought about the shot gun but knew it won't be a good idea so she settled on 12 inch black edge survival knife.

"Excuse me, may take a look at the Brentte survival knife." Tory asks Jenna who proceeds to ignore her and kept texting away on her cell phone. "Jenna could you please show me the Brentte survival knife."

"Like, are you old enough to handle that?" Jenna snottily asks in a fake valley girl accent as she disgustingly looks Tory over.

"Not only am I old enough to but I believe Mrs. Mason said for you to help me with anything I need." Tory told her as she realized that Jenna was one of the two girls who laughed at her when she heading to the bathroom earlier. At which the two females got into a stare down and after a few minutes Jenna looked away.

"Fine." Jenna snapped and got the knife out of the case.

"I'll take the sharpener too." Tory says with a little smile.

"Will that be everything?" Jenna sneers.

"Here's all the tags for the items I am going to purchase." Tory says as she places the takes to the items she's wearing on the counter.

"I have to pull everything out of the bag." Jenna snaps.

"That's fine I understand. But I'll need to get my money and stuff out before you do." Tory says as she removes her money, "Lost and Found" clothes and prepackaged condiment and placed them in her pocket.

"Your total is 354.97 with tax. How will you be paying for this?" Jenna rudely inquires after she rings all the items up.

"Jenna would you please call 1-888-555-5555 and tell them transfer you to Alfa Section One." Tory asks nicely.

"Why don't you have a card or I.D.?" Jenna remarks

"If you call the number they will take care of everything." Tory tells her

"Fine." Jenna snaps as she makes the call.

"Base 15 how may I help you?" The female operator answers.

"Yeah I got some chick here saying that I needed to call this number and asked to be transferred to Alfa Section One." Jenna says.

"Hold on one moment I will transfer you right away." The operator said quickly then transfers her.

"This is Agent Fowler who am I speaking with." Fowler snaps out.

"Jenna Woods?" Jenna nervously answers.

"Why are you calling?" Fowler demands.


"Well spit it out I don't have all day."

"There is girl here saying that she want to charge some stuff to you guys." Jenna answers.

"What is the password?" A Fowler's rough voice demands.

"The guy on the line wants a password." Jenna says a little unnerved.

"The password is Big Red." Tory tells her with a smile.

"She says the password is Big Red." Jenna nervously replied.

"Password is confirmed. What is the amount I would like a list of the items and the total."

Tory listen to a very nervous Jenna give the man on the other end of the line a list of what she bought and the total while she slipped on her coffee.

"That is fine the government is transferring the funds to the business account of the campsite. Now please let me talk to our representative." The man tells her.

Now please place our reprehensive of the line." The man on the other end of the line tells her.

"The man wants to talk to you." Jenna says as she hands the phone to Tory.

"This is Tory."

"I hear you and Prime had a little unwelcome meet with some unfriendlies?"

"Just a little. Sir." Tory answers as recognizes the voice as one of authority most likely ex-military.

"I'll expect a full report when Prime brings you to the base."

"Now wait a minute I was planning on.."

"I understand you have been through a lot but I need a full report and not just from Prime but you. I need to know a lot more than what can be discussed over unsecured lines. Do I make my self clear."

"Sir. Yes Sir." She states as her body immediately stands at attention like how her father had trained her to do when replying to a superior officer.

"Are you military?" Fowler asks.

"No sir! I just on my way to am becoming a Marine. Sir.""

"Then I expect to see you here soon Soldier. Sempir Fi." Fowler responds

"Hoo RA!" Tory calls back over the phone then hangs up. "Jenna could you let Mrs. Mason know that I had to be heading out and I'll give her a head up later."

"Yeah. I guess." Jenna tells her.

"Thanks. Have a great day." Tory tells her with a smile as she grabs her stuff and heads out the door. Just as Tory is about to climb into Prime's cab she takes one last look and smiled at the happy memories that played through her mind.


Sick Abyss

Meanwhile in the space in the darkness of space at the remnants of the space bridge a dark spark starts beep out drawing the attention of another dark spark.



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