The lights dimmed, and the crowd hushed in nail-biting anticipation. A single spotlight fell on the announcer standing behind the obsidian glass podium on the left side of the stage.

"The album of the year is..." he began, taunting every person in the audience. The crowd sat, waiting with bated breath. "24/Seven by Big Time Rush!" the announcer finished with a shout. The crowd applauded wildly, standing up to honor the four artists who were still seated in shock. They were brought back to reality from the loud cheering and stood up to receive their award. They were embraced by their friends and family before they began walking to the stage.

As they walked down the aisle separating the audience, the grins never left their faces. When they reached the bottom of the stage and climbed the few steps, they were met by the announcer. They each received a congratulatory handshake before the trophy was handed off to Carlos. He observed it closely before passing it to Kendall who showed it to Logan and James. The four men were silent for a moment before their eyes met. The mix of relief and disbelief was present in the eyes of each member.

Looking out over the sea of people was a moment of realization. That moment was what they had worked for their entire careers. Each of the four had their own journeys, obstacles they had pushed through, and trails they had yet to tread on, but together, they had achieved their ultimate goal.