Begin Author's Note:

Daelyn: Okay, hi!

Cody: Yo.

Daelyn: This is a depressing, fucked up story. Simple as that.

Cody: Don't read it if you're squeamish or easily offended.

Daelyn: Most deffly. This delves into the minds of two very fucked up individuals. It's our own twist on their mental disorders in this particular AU. Very graphic. Extremely disturbing.

Cody: This story contains incest, lemons, knife-play, blood-play, sadomasochism, Insane!Itachi, and a ton of other fucked up things. Read at your own risk c:

Daelyn: And painslut!Sasuke~

Cody: YES! My baby~

Daelyn: XD Okay, on with the story...

End Author's Note.


A trickle of bright red blood ran down Sasuke's chest. It was a morbidly beautiful contrast, the vibrant scarlet against porcelain white. Sasuke shuddered, his breath coming out in ragged bursts.


The elder smirked at Sasuke and lapped up the blood, catching every bead of vermillion that popped from the deep gash. Itachi moaned deeply. He would never get sick of the taste of his baby brother's blood.

Knife in hand, he sliced at the young raven's chest once more and dragged the blade from directly underneath Sasuke's right nipple to below his navel. Sasuke moaned loudly, and his cock stood impossibly hard.

"Oh, God," he cried as Itachi dug the knife in a little deeper.

Blood gushed freely. Sasuke felt a little light-headed, but this only added to his excitement. He strived for pain, lived for it. To Sasuke, pain was the ultimate pleasure. He wanted to be used, hurt, cut, burned, anything, just to feel that rush…and Itachi was more than happy to comply.

The elder loved inflicting pain, both emotional and physical. He was responsible for the deaths of both of their parents after all. Perhaps that was how Sasuke got so fucked up in the first place. Itachi had been sent away, even diagnosed as criminally insane, but five years in a mental institution and a series of incredible lawyers allowed him to have a second chance at life.

If one could even call this living.

"M-More," Sasuke weakly croaked. His vision started to get a little spotty, but he wanted more pain, more pleasure. "Please, more, aniki." Blood spilled over his bony ribs and stained the white sheets beneath them, although both Uchiha thought it looked nothing short of beautiful.

Sasuke yanked against the cuffs tying him to the bedpost. He threw his head back and arched his back, pushing the knife deeper into his stomach. He let out a throaty moan and tugged at his wrists so forcefully he felt the metal cut into his skin.

Itachi chuckled darkly, but decided against cutting his brother again. He didn't want Sasuke to pass out, and he was growing impatient. The elder ran his fingers through the blood pooled in the hollow younger's sternum and stomach, earning a shudder and breathy mewl from Sasuke, then trailed his fingers down to his entrance. He didn't give Sasuke any warning before roughly pushing two fingers inside. Sasuke threw his head back with a choked scream that tapered off into a long, drawn-out moan.

"Yes," he cried. "Oh God, yes."

Itachi mercilessly thrust his fingers in and out, and Sasuke pushed his hips down to meet every brutal, painful thrust. Itachi didn't make any attempt to be gentle—it wasn't in his nature. He shoved his digits inside his baby brother a couple more times before he removed them. He ran his fingers through the blood once more and stroked his cock with it, lubrication a quiet afterthought. Smirking sadistically, he positioned himself outside of his brother's entrance, teasing the ring of muscle with his head.

He shoved himself in quickly and gave the younger no time to adjust before fucking him savagely. Sasuke screamed without slowing his own pace, his eyes half-lidded and mouth gone slack. It felt so good to be used like this.

With a groan, Itachi leant down and began licking the blood from Sasuke's stomach and chest. He hummed as the rusty, metallic taste danced on his tongue. The elder reached down and gripped Sasuke's hips with bruising force and dug his fingernails into the pale flesh hard enough to break skin.

Sasuke's voice was becoming hoarse with screaming and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. It hurt too much for him to hold out, and when Itachi accidentally brushed against his prostate he fell over the edge. He arched his back with his loudest scream yet, spurting his cum onto both his and Itachi's bodies. The elder came soon after and harshly bit down on Sasuke's neck, happily drinking whatever blood flowed into his mouth.

Their bodies went limp. Their breathing was frantic and they were both sweaty and exhausted. They laid in silence for a few more moments, Sasuke's body aching everywhere, and Itachi's lust finally sated.

"Clean yourself up," the elder instructed. Sasuke nodded quickly and winced slightly as Itachi withdrew his spent length from Sasuke's bloody and abused entrance. Itachi quickly leaned over and loosened Sasuke's restraints, then left the room and wandered off. Sasuke didn't give much thought as to where his brother went and soon abandoned the bloody bed.

He made his way to the shower conjoined with their shared bedroom. Already naked, he threw the shower handle down as hot as it would go and waited for the heat to burn away his skin. He looked down at the myriad of scars littered across every inch of his frail, bony body and reveled in the painful memories associated with each one. Scabs from recent wounds peeled and slipped down the drain, letting pink blood flow anew. The cuts and gashes from tonight's escapade bled freely and excessively. Sasuke still felt light headed, but couldn't find it in himself to care about his physical well-being. He always loved the pain Itachi dealt him, and there was not an ounce of regret in him for thinking that.

How had it gotten this way?

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