I would like to thank deadlythinking to letting me put my personal spin on his story. If you were to read his version, you would find that mine is much different.


This was it. This was my chance to escape. I heard my father's car pull from the drive way. My name is Percy, and I was born blind. And apparently my father believes that beating within an inch of my life would make me see. When I had the chance I took it. I don't know how long I walked through the woods. It could have been hours or days. But after a while I heard movement in the trees above.

Artemis POV

I was sitting in my sleep resting when I was awoken,

"My Lady, Milady!" Cried my lieutenant.

"Come in Zoe!" I said grumpily.

"A boy had interrupted the hunt. We haven't done anything to him. We can't be sure but we believe he is blind." That peaked my interest. A blind demigod. It would have to be a demigod to enter within a mile of my campsite. I nodded curtly and followed her. We were walking for about five minutes until he came upon him. He was young, but that was not the most surprising part.

His face was almost covered with bruises and cuts. I turned to Zoe with a hint of anger in my voice,

"You saw this and did nothing? At the most this kid is nine and very obviously blind!" Zoe looked ashamed.

I walked towards the boy and as soon as I got within ten yards of him he tensed.

"Who's there?" he asked. His voice shook. Now that I was closer I knew what I had previously suspected.

"My name is Artemis. I'm pretty sure I already know, but are you blind?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes. I was born blind." Shane dripped from his voice and he looked on the verge of crying. He was thin and he had dark circles under his gray eyes. I was about to say something else to him, but he fell to the ground in unconsciousness. I bent down and picked him up and took him into camp, much to the shock of my huntresses.