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I let out a dry sob in the empty throne room of my Olympian Palace. My son, my baby boy had been abused. This would not stand. I would find the person responsible and make them pay. The one who caused my kin pain would know three times that!


I had been watching Percy since he had come. He had quickly become a part of my family, the family I had within my camp. He making slow progress mentally. I knew enough about abuse to know his pain would never fully go away. His healing would be slow, but he would heal. I would make sure of it.

One thing I had been curious about when I had learned of his parentage was his powers. How difficult would it be to teach him control, and how difficult would it be to keep him under my father's radar?


I could hear sounds outside of my tent. Ok, it wasn't really my tent. Artemis found herself sleeping here most times. I didn't mind, the moon goddess snuffed out the darkness of the nightmares that plagued me. She made me feel safe.

I was coming to terms with my new life here. It was so different from the one I had lead before, nothing was the same. I was the son of Poseidon, and now a hunter of Artemis. Things were changing so fast and I was so lost.

Occasionally my father used to move the furniture around just to give me trouble. And now my life was in hyper speed! How supposed to deal with this? Was this a natural thing, something all kids like me experienced? Or was I destined to be alone. I appreciated Artemis's efforts, but how much could she help me. And I am bothered still by the fact that her hunters don't want me here in the first place.


I heard sobbing inside of Percy's tent! A shiver of fear went through me and I ran to his tent. He was curled in a ball sobbing.

I got down on my knees and held him. We sat there for a few minutes, neither one of us saying anything. I heard the tent flap open and the old accent of my Lieutenant.

"My lady-"

Percy had swung his arm in surprise at hearing her voice. A funnel of wind came from his hand, hitting her in the chest sending her flying from the tent.

So much for wondering when his powers would show up.