Daryl's P.o.v.

I still could not believe I walked in on Carol almost killing my unborn child, nor could I believe she was actually pregnant. I didn't want to leave her alone with anyone after her little stunt. Not even Shane in which she was driving with. When we came down the highway I drove ahead to see if we could make it through. There was about a dozen cars we needed to move.

When I told the others the women in the group began looking in cars for clothing or anything useful. I tried to keep my eye on Carol making sure she didn't over do it or anything. Every time Lori even looked at her she would slump her shoulders as if she was ashamed of something. I hated seeing her like that. I abruptly walked over to Lori grabbing her arm pulling her behind a car. "The fuck is you're problem lookin at my woman that way?" I snapped

"Just because you make a mistake sleeping with her with out a condom doesn't make it right that we all have to live with the consequences. She's going to be the reason we all die." She replied.

"Fuck off Lori, I didn't make no mistake. She ain't gonna be the reason for shit. Keep lookin at her that way I'll make sure Rick knows about you slutting around with Shane. I saw that little get away with 'im in the woods." I growled

"You wouldn't." She gasped her eyes wide and full of hate

"Try me bitch." I said walking away and getting back to work.

Dale and Rick were watching the road as we scavenged for useful items. T and I quickly started siphoning gas from a couple cars. I took a glance at Carol to see Lori talking to her and the kids. She was playing nice for now at least.

Suddenly everyone began crawling under the cars. I glanced around to see where Carol was when I saw T-Dog holding his arm which was split open gushing out blood. I then saw a walker making it's way to a now collapsed T. I quickly killed it throwing the body onto him and grabbing an already dead one and laying it on top of myself. The smell of rotting flesh was about all you could smell. If you weren't used to it you'd gag.

Once the herd passed I threw the body off of me crawling over to T-Dog to pull the one on him off. Then out of no where there was a scream and I jumped up. There were two walkers beginning to chasing after Cecilia and Jessica. They started sliding down the hill and raced into the woods. I started running to the others when I saw Carol get up chasing after them. With out another thought I followed right after her. She was about twenty feet away from me when she disappeared.

"CAROL! CAROL GET BACK HERE! CAROL!" I yelled looking around.

Finally once I'd gotten to a river bank I saw Jessica hiding under some roots and branches crying. "Where's Carol?" I sighed out of breath.

"She ran after Cecilia. The walkers they-they." She choked out crying more.

"Shit. If I don't make it back run back to the highway and the others, keep the sun on your left shoulder." I said

"No I'm coming with you." She replied following me.

We headed in Carol's direction. She shouldn't be doing this. I didn't want her over doing herself so this is what she does. It is dangerous for anyone to do and her being pregnant makes it worse. While we were running I began to see blood dripped in larger quantities on the forest floor. As the tracks started getting messy I saw the dead walkers. We started running faster seeing they tracks kept going. We stopped a few feet from the blue haired little girl.

As we walked closer Jessica began crying more and ran over to her. She was on the ground and she wasn't breathing. I saw the scratches that covered her body. These weren't from walkers. She had climbed the tree she was under. Looking more closely I noticed her neck was slightly miss shaped. I put my head down to her chest listening for a beat. The beat never came. She'd fallen to her death climbing the tree. Dale would never forgive us. We couldn't save his granddaughter.

Suddenly Jessica began to panic backing up from her friend that was now getting up. I pulled out my gun aiming at the child's head. She began growling and snapping at us. When I was about to pull the trigger Jessica grabbed the gun from me. "The Fuck?" I snapped

"She's my best friend. I'll be the one to put her down." She mumbled, "I'm so sorry I couldn't save you."

At that the shot rang out. When we turned around Rick, Lori, Shane, and Glenn were there wide eyed staring at us. Jessica quickly ran to her parent. "What the hell is your problem?! She's just a child!" Lori yelled in my face.

"You better shut your mouth, she chose to!" I replied back annoyed.

Then a two women on a horses came through the clearing, and stopped by us looking relieved and worried. "Daryl? Daryl Dixon?" The brunette asked.

"What?" I said looking up at her.

"Carol sent me, you have to come now! She's hurt." She said as the blonde got onto the other horse leaving one with out a rider.

"Hurry get on." The blonde said motioning to the empty horse.

"Fuck." I said walking over to it.

"She said you had others on the highway. Back track to Fairburn road two miles down is our farm. You'll see the mailbox. The name is Greene." She said as we road off.

I hated having to be on the thing and going somewhere I didn't know with two girls knowing Carol was hurt. "Names Maggie, she's Beth." Maggie said once we got there.

We quickly ran into where Carol was and saw her lying on a bed with an I.v. in her with her ankle wrapped. I could see the pain across her resting face. As I walked over to her an old white haired man came in.

"You're her husband Daryl? Correct?" He said walking toward me.

"Yeah." I said with a quick and small smirk. She said I was her husband. Snap out of it she's hurt!

"I'm Hershel Greene." He said putting out his hand.

I simply looked at it then back up to his face, "What happened to 'er?" I asked worried

"Otis found her she had hyperventilated and fell. She might have broken her ankle. We haven't given her anything for the swelling not knowing if she had any problems." He replied

"She's pregnant." I sighed.

"Pregnant. Seems to make sense on why she fainted. I'll give her ibuprofen for now." He said walking away.

I walked over sitting next to Carol. She began twitching and shuffling under the blankets she was on. I heard her start to cry calling my name. "Carol I'm here." I whispered kissing her head.

Suddenly she woke up fear in her eyes as she looked at me, "Daryl I'm so sorry. Are the girls okay?" She asked tears running down her face.

"Jessica is." I said looking down.

"Oh no. No. She didn't." She whimpered

"Hush woman. You need yer rest." I replied.

Once Maggie came in with the medication and water I heard the rumble of Merle's bike and car doors closing. Beth hurried out the door letting them all in. Hershel had already said we could stay long enough for Carol to heal after finding out it was just a pretty bad sprain. That night everyone stayed in the living room except for Carol and me which were in the spare room so her leg could be monitored. Everyone in the group took Cecilia's death bad. Dale took it the worst looking more depressed by the second while morning the loss of the last of his family. I had to settle Carol down a couple times and she finally stayed asleep for the rest of the night when I laid next to her letting her cuddle into my chest.

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