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Epilogue: Forever Family

Three years later in Italy;


Our children although only three, look and act like they are eight years old so we are introducing them formally tonight here in Volterra. We have been coming here three times a year since their birth, it's time the rest of the vampire world met them, and they are after all royalty.

After the ceremony today there is a grand ball tonight and I am more than a little excited about that, dancing with my darling is always a treat.

The entire family is here all staying at the Castle and the girls have been going crazy with dresses and plans you name it. I just did my best to stay out of it.

Our children, I love the sound of that, they are so special. Marc reads minds like me, DeDee can't be read at all but can put thoughts into your head, and Mari is special in a way we never thought; she can show you something from your past or future. Shy and looking like her momma she has her daddy wrapped around her finger and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Just before we walk out our door I swat three bottoms making them look at me and asking

"Now what are the rules today?"

"We stay with you or mommy or grandpas only" my three precious children answered.

"Yes, what happens if we sneak off again to see something or other?" I scolded, they had a fashion of sneaking off, they never went far but it scared the hell out of us. The last thing we want is for someone to take them, I'd move heaven and hell to have em back and whoever did take em would be in for a fate worse than death.

'Daddy spanks us hard" Mari says with big eyes looking at me.

"Yes darling's daddy will"

Jane is there taking one child's hand, Momma and I the other two.

Jane is Auntie Jane and godmother to Mari along with Charlotte, Ali and Rose are DeDee's and Tanya, Kate, and Irina are to Marc.

We love our apartment here, its four bedrooms decorated like a Paris flat. It's a bit over the top but Bella loves it and what my girl wants, my girl gets.

Peter and Charlotte are with us and the rest are in the family three bedroom suites down the hall well they all are it's the Cullen suite. The Denalis also have a four bedroom one down the next hall. We always make sure we are together no matter what and this being such a special occasion, we all had to be close.

We are quite the crowd when we get to the Throne room. The kids fly at their grandfathers which is what they are so they have always been called that including dad.

Funny to see Aro so prim and proper talking to a very regal Vampire then seconds later being all but mowed down by a little girl with brown eyes "Mari my darling" he picks her up introducing her to Stephan the Romanian Ruler of Vampires, what others would call a Regent. He is a Prince in his own right. They are far older than us, but have no desire to rule it all again.

"Oh she is lovely Aro I see how she has you dazzled" they laugh as she clings to Aro. "My grandpa" she declares as she hugs him.

I move to take her "No Edward she's fine" he waves me away. Figures, the castle could be under siege but once Aro has my daughter in his arms, well good luck getting him to part from her. Definitely another one gone to her wiles, I muse to myself. Marc is sitting on Marcus' lap telling him all about his latest find which; was a huge caterpillar in the garden.

De Dee is being walked around on Caius shoulders as he introduces her to the many Princes of the Vampire Kingdoms worldwide. We stand there greeting people ourselves making new friends and me I'm always scanning thoughts for danger.

Most of the men are looking at my mate, she is stunning as a vampire, and possessive doesn't even cover how I feel right now. MINE! But we must behave after all. Still I will protect what's mine no matter what.

Jane knows to watch me if I tense up by someone's thoughts she looks at me and I nod in the direction of them. Alec then walks near talking to another guard like they aren't heading to a certain person. We have saved the brothers twice this way, both times no one had a clue these men wanted to harm the Volturi and I just heard the thought so now I always read them no matter who they are.

My babies are here today so I'm being extra nosy I guess. Jane dear heart is devoted to us and spends a lot of time where ever we are living. I love her as my sister in fact she is a Cullen too. We had our own ceremony after the triplets were born making her a Cullen giving her a Cullen ring to wear.

Mom even calls her daughter and the rest of us sister. Dad is dad to her when she is with us. Sasha is still trying to get her to be his mate but she is devoted to us and the Volturi. I sometimes wish she would let herself be loved like we are. Bella wants her to know love as well. Wonder how we can help with that?

Not long after Bella had changed they had the bright idea to go out drinking to see if she would be half way immune to drink like they were. Alas my Bella is different in all ways, so that being said she ended up dancing on the bar. Jane was there too drinking and having fun.

Lucky no one noticed they were different but still they caused a scene and when we got home from hunting besides being hung over all five of them they were taken to the guest house, Tanya stayed at our house babysitting. After being scolded by dad each lady was spanked with a paddle in one of the guest rooms. They endangered us by letting their guard down, they know the rules.

Jane sat there watching us all take our girls upstairs when dad took her hand "Come daughter" shocked but not fighting him she was led to the downstairs bedroom and paddled like they all were. Mom followed after her. The next morning they were spanked with a hairbrush and I tell you being drunk was never been a problem since.

My baby girl had welts and blisters for days I have never spanked her like that before. Jane too I heard them talking rubbing crème on each other

"Bella this hurts so badly. Is this what it's like?" Jane had asked and I forgot for a moment that she didn't have a mate to do this and she spent most of her time protecting Aro and them that I highly doubt she did anything to warrant a spanking but when she was here it would happen.

"Yes Jane, I guess it is and it does hurt more, he never said it was worse as a vampire. Charlotte said it was bad but I never imagined it like this" Bella sniffed

So now Jane is one of us through and through. Aro had to see that in her memories but he has never made note of it. She went with us, just us, and the kids for a weekend at the cabin we have. I had to hunt so told both my "girls" they would be over my knees if I came home to any trouble and she looked at me and I looked at her waiting to see what she'd say to me

"Yes Edward, I understand you will spank both Bella and I" then she kissed my cheek and sat down. So guess I'm her other male alpha.


The ceremony was lovely; our darlings were wearing blue robes designed for them by Alice with both crests and their names on them. So cute, she also made adult ones for Edward and I as well. Since tonight is the grand ball and the Castle will be full of Vampires we don't know, extra guards are on duty. Our wing, the Royal Wing will be closed off as well.

The kids are having a movie marathon with goodies and six vampires inside with them and dozens more walking the halls plus we will have earpieces so Edward and Jasper can hear what is going on at all times. Color me over protective but that's what we are.

I'm wearing an awesome gown tonight with my Tiara. My back is all healed so I can wear whatever I want. Between Edward's venom and changing it just healed I woke one morning with no scars.

Dancing tonight has been lovely. Waltzing I love so much and Edward is a dream to dance with.

He loves my gown. Something that matters to me always, I want to know that he is pleased with me, as I am with him.

"My love you are a vision tonight" he whispers in my ear as we sway to the music and I sigh in contentment. His arms are the best place to be.

"Oh kind sir how sweet of you to say so" I tapped my fan on his chest.

"Vixen" he smirked at me, making my knees go weak.

"That's me" I say coyly wanting so bad to go back to our room.

Instead I keep swaying and we twirled and twirled around the dance floor for hours then danced with different members of our family. I danced more than I could remember as well.

Jane is looking beautiful in a lovely gown of ivory. Sasha came with us and is indeed taken with Jane. Jasper put the fear in him about this "Mess with our sister and you will be very sorry Sasha, but if you think she is your mate than tell both her dad's".

"Both dad's Jasper?"

"Yes Carlisle and Aro he is as much her dad as Carlisle is ours"

"Oh yes I see" he seemed to think about this a long time. I read his mind; he wanted her, loved her but was scared silly of his feelings. He never felt like this before. I understood completely but now we wait to see if he really does care for her. She is precious to me and to see her get hurt would be awful.

My family and our world has expanded tenfold since the baby's birth; we have a home here plus our Cullen family home. We divide our time between both locations.

Every guard here treats us as Royalty, the Volturi come and go to our home where they have a house just for them now.

Our sex life is off the charts I love him more everyday as he does me. So far I have not had a daddy "talk" in a long time, but I might have to be a bit naughty, just to see if he still has it in him after all, and hasn't grown soft on me. Truth be told, I miss my spank happy daddy so I may have to get him to come out and play. I really don't want the spanking but it would be worth it to see my Vampire "Daddy". Smiling I twirl around with my macho man.


Gone soft have I? Well we'll see tonight my pretty vixen; it's been awhile since I've seen your bottom a nice pink. Thinking about that I can hardly wait to get her upstairs.

"Isabella" I say slowly oh yes I felt the chills go down her spine to her bottom, I have not lost it at all little girl.

Smirking at her as she looks up at me with those big doe eyes

"Someone I know is getting a spanking very soon naughty girl" if she could blush she would be beet red, but I can still see a shadow appear where the blush used to be.

"Edward why" she gasps out

"Because she is in dire need of one and I feel like it" I declare sternly.

Stunned I kiss her and waltz her across the floor to an alcove down the hall. Seeing an empty area curtained off I have her up against the wall in no time

"Now little one what's all this about me getting soft" she gasps and stares at me,

"You heard that?" she gasps

"Of course"

"Hump!" she stomped her foot, now I know she's getting one.

"Okie Dokie little girl"

She is over my knees and getting a blistering before she can cry out at all. This dress doesn't make it easy and I can't tear her wonderful 1810 undergarments at all. She'd kill me for sure but I can make her feel it anyway.

Lucky for us the band is playing a loud fast dance by the time it's finished I have stopped too even with clothes on I see her bottom is deep red.

She is crying as well. "So has daddy gone soft baby?"

"Nooo" A hard swat "Oweee" "what did you say to me?"

"No Daddy you have not"

"If you wanted a fun spanking for sex baby you only have to ask"

"Eddie oweee" turning her over I hush her with kisses and help her get back together wipe her face off.

I feel terrible for spanking her here and I know I need to make it up to her. As much as I would love to take her hard against the wall, we can't with all the guests and her precious undergarments but I can make sure she leaves this alcove with a smile. Dropping to my knees I hike her skirts up, her underwear is still down from her spanking, easy access for me.

"Eddie, what are you doing?" she gasps but her pleads turn to soft moans as my lips kiss her flat stomach and make my way down. I flick my tongue in her belly button and place biting kisses along her hip bones, her thighs and then I gently take one of her legs and throw it over my shoulder.

I kiss the inside of her thigh as I breathe in the delectable scent of my mate, especially when she is ready for me. She is sighing above me in pleasure as I blow cool air across her mound. I feel her hand in my hair, I know what she wants, and I want it more.

I place kisses along her mound before burying my face in her soft, damp curls. I place a kiss across her nub and gently lick her swollen folds as her moans grow louder. Her taste is unlike anything I've ever had; even her blood wasn't as good as this.

I speed up the movement of my tongue, alternating between kisses, bites, and sucking her clit into my mouth. I feel her hand tighten in my hair and I look up to see her head thrashing against the wall. I can feel she is getting close so I plunge a finger inside her and twist. She comes hard gasping my name, her grip on my hair is almost painful but I love it.

I finally stand up where she gives me a searing kiss and I rub her back and arms while she clams down.

When we are both calm I take her hand and making sure the coast is clear, we leave the little alcove and I hope that no one saw us or heard us. I listen but no one missed us, thankfully. We'd never live it down.

"Vampire loving later tonight darling I can't wait to see your sexy bottom tonight" I tell her, playfully biting her neck. I was insatiable for this woman and that taste wasn't nearly enough

"Oh Edward" she is kissing me like we just became lovers.

Well then I guess she needs a little daddy attention after all.

"Sweetheart I won't neglect daddy's job in our sex life again I'm sorry" Looking at me shyly

"I like it sometimes if you aren't mad at me"

"I'm not mad baby at all"

We walk back down the hall hearing all sorts of interesting sounds coming from the other alcoves as we pass.

"Eddie we were just naughty right"

"Yes we were baby and I for one loved it"

"Me too" she said shyly, gads she had no idea how tempting she was when she did that

As I neared the opening in the heavy drapes I took in my arms and twirled her out unto the crowded dance floor joining the others as we danced along.

She was looking at me with such raw love my heart jumped in my chest

"Oh Bella I love you my vixen"

"I love you macho sexy Vampire"

"Really I am all that?" she actually thought that

"Oh so much more you and your strong right hand" now I laughed, kissed her face and drug her to sit for awhile on my lap along the wall with other couples careful of her dress.

We sat and cuddled for two hours speaking to many people even Aro and Pica who took a break dancing too.

"Dear ones you look so wonderful together"

"As do you Uncle I love your dress Aunt Pica"

"It was a surprise from Aro yesterday dear" she said smiling.

"Yes she is a dream in it. When I saw it in the window of a dress shop the other night walking with my guard I knew she would be the one to wear it tonight" Aro said proudly looking at his mate the same way I look at my little girl

We sat and visited then got up to dance the last three dances. I love our forever family.


After some more dancing we finally leave the ball. I get back to our room and take a quick shower and then slip into bed where my darling is waiting for me.

"I love you baby" he whispers while placing kisses along my face and lips and I weep a little at his beautiful words and the sheer love in his eyes

"Oh Eddie, I love you too" I sob

He then gently places me on my back mindful of my bottom. He then carefully hovers over me and nudges his way in between my thighs and I crash my lips into his. He slows the kiss down and buries his head in my neck letting his whole weight rest on top of me. His hands are everywhere and we kiss long, slow and deep leaving me quivering beneath him. I open my legs and move a little so he slips easily into my opening. He inhales sharply as his length makes contact with my teeth. He hovers over me again and slowly he pushes in and out, I can see his arms shaking with the need to claim but heloves me sweetly and oh so tenderly that I cry when my climax peaks, barely noticing him reaching his at the same time.

Afterwards we lie there and just talk about the ball, the future, just everything, and nothing. Tis a joy to be held like this. I have never felt as safe as I do in my mate's arms.

After the ball we finally have our rooms to ourselves. The children are sleeping, and Peter and Char are in their suite at the opposite end of our apartment. Oh my heavens we have mated five times so far and he is still making me come again and again. I feel like he is growing bigger with each climax.

"Edward" I say hissing it out slowly trying to make no noise.

"I know darling but we are almost done" he whispered back never slowing down at all.

Oh heavens again! I almost scream but I don't, our baby's are resting down the hall.

When we are finally sated and laying together cuddled as one I know with all my heart we are soul mates.

Like Marcus told us yesterday with the good and bad things that come along with that much is expected of us it seems in the future.

"Bella my baby my love" so we rest until the sun breaks through the window with the crash of our three darlings jumping on our bed "Momma, Daddy good morning" they chirp happily

Yes our life is full and wonderful.

"Bella my love, my pen pal, I still love you"