Beta'd by Karen Cullen2007 and Emily Babcock

Chapter Five: Moving In

I looked in the bathroom. "Oh my!" It was awesome; it had both a rain shower and a whirlpool bath. Then he showed me the walk in closet, where I found all my things had either been put away or were hanging up alongside his.

"Bella, I took your things out of your bags and put them away; I hope that was okay" Stunned he had been handling my undies, I stood there gaping at him; I was so embarrassed and as red as a beet. I felt my face grow hotter.

"Darling, we are going to be married; of course we'll share a dresser, a bathroom and a bed", he said so quietly I was startled; I swear I jumped a foot in the air.

"Yes, you are right", I said, trying to convey that I understood, and I must have succeeded, because he looked better; not as worried as he was before.

"Now, sweetheart, Alice wants to move you in here this week. Are you up to that? We could wait, but I'd hate that. I want you here in our room; in our bed as well, darling."

I turned and looked at the room and the view; yes, I could live here with him.

Miming for paper and a pen, I wrote, "What if we fight? What if we can't make it work? What if you change your mind because I'm fat? I know someone like you couldn't really want someone like me."

As he sat there on the bed reading what I'd written, I sat on his sofa waiting anxiously for his response.

He looked up at me. "First off, if we fight, then we will always make up. Being mates is more than just being married, it's a forever thing. We don't divorce, baby girl; we work it out. Did you run when you got a spanking last night?"

"No", I shook my head

"Second, as to 'not making it', I just answered that. Mates are forever."

"Third, I can't change my mind. You are it for me, baby. It would kill me if you left me, and because you feel the pull, too, you couldn't really ever leave me, either. If you tried, I would find you, blister your butt, and drag your smart bottom back home, little girl.

Lastly, if you ever say the word fat and yourself in the same sentence again, my hairbrush will meet your bottom, darling."

I blanched at that. He nodded as I sat there, stunned. Walking over to me, he made me look up at him. Pulling my chin up to look in my eyes, he added, "Isabella, we are sexual and jealous creatures by nature. I told you this; don't ever put my darling love down, her Daddy will be very mad."

Gulping again, I nodded. Tears were running down my face; I wiped them with the back of my hands. My bottom erupted like a blow torch was lit underneath it, making me jump up and stare at him, my eyes wide.

It took a second, and then he smirked at me. "Did I not tell you to be a good girl?"

Gulping, and trying very hard not to cover my butt and give him the pleasure of seeing me do that, I nodded.

"Are you moving in with me my love, or not?"

I wrote, "You're sure? You Promise? Because I had a boyfriend once that said nice things, but only did it to humiliate me in public; the prom to be exact. I didn't eat for days until they forced an IV on me, so sorry if it sounds bad, but I'm afraid of that happening again."

Hugging me tightly he told me, "Baby, I would never allow you to be hurt if I can help it. You are my life now, Bella. It's my job to protect and cherish you, sweet girl"

"Then I will, Daddy." I wrote. Surprised, he picked me up and twirled me around, kissing me the whole time.

By the time the family got home we were dressed and sitting on his sofa snuggling, while I drank the protein shake he made for me earlier. Cuddled in his arms, his chin on my head, I greeted his mom.

Esme's POV:

Oh good, she's in his room. And drinking a shake; better yet. "Sweetheart, how nice. Have you moved in here with him?" I asked.

"Yes," Bella nodded.

"Well then, I will send the kids to get the rest of your things. Write down a list of what's yours, Bella, so we know what to pack. When is your lease up?"

I grabbed the paper lying nearby and wrote what they asked for,

IwasstillundernotalkingordersfromEdwardandCarlisle. Mymouthnowherenearhealedenoughforthatyet. Ihateit, butwhatcouldIdo? AllthisflashedthroughmymindasImademylist.

"Everything is mine. It was unfurnished when I moved in, but nothing is as nice as you have here. The rocker was my grams; her dad made it, so I treasure that. I should go along to help out, really."

Bella was looking at Edward with big eyes. "Baby, if you and I go; you will say nothing. Just write down what you want done. You DO NOTHING, understand me?"

I was surprised to find Edward ordering her around, and equally surprised that she took it so well.

Edward, haveyouspankedher? I thought. He nodded at me with a small smile.

My heavens, Carlisle will be stunned...our Edward living our Domestic Discipline lifestyle? I couldn't believe it myself. We were sure he would never practice it, let alone embrace it like the rest of the family had.

So, after putting on her shoes, he grabbed jackets for both of them and carried Bella downstairs, right out to his car. I rode along with them.

We pulled up to her flat; it was old, but she kept it clean and neat. Rose packed her clothes and bathroom items, Alice took the kitchen, and Charlotte packed the pictures and emptied the closets. I ordered them about like a good mom. Edward carried Bella to each room; we waited as he asked her about what she wanted to take with her. If it wasn't going with her, it was set aside to be taken to a thrift store on the next trip.

Two hours later everything is done; half of her items are headed to the thrift store, and the other half will end up in our attic, with the exception of a few personal items.

I took the keys and gave notice at the apartment office. Telling them she was injured at work and must live with us during her recovery saved her deposit from being lost.

Getting her home and warm again, the girls unpacked her things, hanging her clothes in the closet. Edward also hung up some of her things in their room.

I added some of her pictures to our family wall as well. Her dishes; especially her china, was placed in our large china cabinets to be safe. We wanted her to feel at home here; Edward's happiness depended upon her accepting us as family.


Sitting here watching them all work as they cleaned out my apartment made me feel so loved. I never expected to move in with them, at least not right away. It's funny how things worked out.

Edward is such a teddy bear, even if it is one that has claws, or should I say firm paws? Oweee! I had never been spanked before, so that was a shocker for sure.

But then what is worse...his rules, or living alone forever because he can never be replaced? He's like some kind of drug made just for me. Then there's Mike; why on earth would he think I would want him at all?

I remembered this morning before his family returned from hunting, Edward spent almost thirty minutes looking at my bruised and swollen face. It made me nervous, to be honest. He kept gently turning my face back and forth. The look on his face was truly terrifying, but I knew his anger wasn't directed at me.

"Bella Love, this will heal with no bad after effects. At least that's something to be glad about." I tried to ask a question but he cut me off.

"No, Bella, don't say a thing. I'm too ticked right now, but not at you, my sweet girl" his finger gently rubbed my cheek as he smiled a sad smile. "Don't worry, baby. I'll deal with him very soon."

Since he said to say nothing, I didn't even try to write or mime a thing. I just hugged him until he relaxed.

Thinking this over while they move me out, it's just so incredible to me how fate moves when you least expect it.

I watched him work with the others; would it seem strange to say I love them all, even if it's only been a few days?

Seeing who his father was floored me. I had watched Doctor Cullen for months working in the ER, knowing a professional when I saw him. That's why I left with him yesterday, never feeling an ounce of fear. Now we were to be related forever. Esme told me Edward was a doctor, too. Maybe we could open a clinic together?

It would be a joy to work for ourselves, helping people. Oh well, that's something to think about. What I would really like to do is get my masters in nursing, or become a Physician Assistant. I wonder what they would think of that...

The other thing I always wanted to study was cooking; maybe take a class or two just for fun. History is another love of mine, maybe Edward would take a class with me someday; I would love that. Better yet, we could travel; he could show me everything.

How did I fall so far, so fast for him? Just watching him makes me want to do naughty things with him, right here in front of everybody. Ugh. When could we be lovers, I wondered? I looked up to find Edward was staring at me. He smiled, and then came over to pick me up

"I know you can walk, baby, but you will let me carry you. No B.S., sweetie pie." I almost laughed, but caught myself in time. "Sorry," I mouthed to him.

We were in his car before I knew it.

They went to my bank and changed my accounts over to Edwards. We changed my address as well. Edward also paid all my outstanding bills, which didn't please me at all, but Edward did it anyway.

Now here we are, home. I'm on the bed in our room, a mute, watching them put my things away. I hated it; it's too personal for me. I wanted to do it myself; I'm not a cripple, people! But they are ignoring me, going at hyper speed around the room. Alice told me to sit out of the way so I won't get knocked down, or some such thing.

I saw them there, making lists, but NO! Darn it! I wanted to buy what I liked to wear. My clothes must be functional; I lift and squat all damn day at work. Pretty fluff will go right in the damn trash.

So I sat and glared out the window, but Charlotte, the sweetheart she is, saw me. She came to me, handing me my tablet, and said, "Tell me, sister. Tell me everything now while they are busy, and I will fix it."

So I do, writing it like a woman possessed. I handed it to her and she kissed me

"Give me the sizes, honey. I'll go get what you need, or take you tomorrow, OK? Now don't cry, my sister. Peter and I love you so much, so does Edward. Trust me. I'll go make sure they understand they are being pushy."

Before I can protest, she is off the bed and in the closet. I hear voices, but they are talking too fast for me to understand. Edward looked around the corner at me, then back at Charlotte. Alice argued with him, but he stopped her with a look.

Rose walked out of the closet and over to me, kissing me. "We'll go tomorrow, sister." I'm still crying; I can't seem to stop, no matter how hard I try.

Jasper is suddenly there next to me, and I felt the calm spread over me like a blanket.

"Are you doing that, Jasper?" I indicate with my hands

'Yes, Isabella dear heart I am. Just relax, sweetheart; Ali will not be steamrolling over you, I promise"

He walked into the closet...the next thing I knew, she is walking out with him. Coming to me, she smiled.

"I love you, Bella. Sorry if I was thinking instead of asking first." Jasper and Alice left, but Peter stayed talking softly to Edward and Charlotte for a moment before they leave as well.

I'm alone with my lover, but so afraid of him right now; he looked mad again.


Charlotte came into our closet, talking softly to Rose, Ali, and me. She said we were overwhelming Bella...that Bella was out there crying, and I must not ask her why until we are alone. Then she told Ali that under no circumstances was she buying Bella panties or bras. Bella only likes certain kinds, and will trash anything we buy. We are hurting her, making her feel ashamed.

I almost lost it. "Hurting her, Char? How were we hurting her?" She told us, and it made sense. Rose understood at once and went to tell her not to worry. But Ali was not giving up; Jasper came in and that stopped right then. "I could feel her fear and shame. Stop whatever you are doing, now." He told us. So, we did.

Now, here she is on my lap, and I could see everything she had been thinking all day. Amazing, but it broke my heart. Oh my poor sad girl. What happened to you?

She was shy, so we'd get just what she likes tomorrow. I saw her building up for a fight, but squashed that crap right then and there. She was worried about money, so we'd set that straight, too.


"Baby, are you OK?" he said, pulling me onto his lap. I was afraid to look at him, so I stared at my hands.

"Bella, tell me if you are OK. Why are you crying, sweetie?" I just hugged him, trying to calm down.

"You wanted us, just you and me, to pack the that it?" I nodded, wiping my eyes with my tee shirt.

"Oh baby, I'm sorry. We always help each other. Ali always does my stuff; I never care. Gads, I'm so dumb!" Making him look at me, I shook my head no. Pointing to me, I write "very shy".

He hugged me tightly. "Tomorrow, will you let me buy you stuff...pretty stuffand your favorite stuff? I want my darling to be comfortable both at work, and here."

I wrote, "On payday we'll shop for a few things" Low growls filled the air around me.

"Isabella," he said, making me jump, and once again I felt that weird burning all over my bottom. Edward was doing that to me. Ugh! Forever with your butt burning every time your mate gets mad? How lucky can I get? Looking at his handsome face, I guess I'm pretty lucky after all.

"Daddy will buy his girl everything tomorrow, and she will help pick out what she wants. Peter and Char are going, too; we'll have lunch. Dad said you can have soft food tomorrow, so we are celebrating. Are we clear on that? I want no fights or scenes; we are lovers, or will be soon my love, married too, so no worries about money.

My sweet baby, we'll discuss money tomorrow as a family, so you don't worry. We have plenty; I promise there's more than enough"

Knowing that if I made a scene, it would end badly for me, I nodded, leaning into him.

Why, was I so darn tired? It wasn't like me at all...when could I ask questions?

I had questions, like how in the world does he make my bottom burn every time he's mad? He said they could all do it with their mates. I must ask Charlotte, very soon.

I felt myself falling asleep as he gently laid me on our bed.