Robin was working out on the parallel bars in the gym at Titans Tower as Starfire watched in admiration. Usually, the Boy Wonder would have felt self-conscious about having someone watch him, but he had too much on his mind at the moment to care.

Today, his team would be working with Titans East, as well as Kid Flash and Jinx.

It wasn't as if he didn't like them. He did. In fact, he trusted them with his life and the lives of his teammates. That's why he made them honorary Titans after all. And yes, he was glad that all twelve of them could work together, it was just…Speedy and Kid Flash.

Roy and Wally.

Those two had stood beside him through some of the greatest challenges of his young life. They were his comrades, his friends...

But NOT his brothers. Robin used to call them his brothers, but he would never make the mistake of trusting anyone that deeply again.

The acrobat threw himself off of the bars once more and landed neatly on the ground below, hearing Starfire clap for him in glee. Robin jumped. He'd nearly forgotten about his girlfriend's presence.

"Thanks, Star," he said with a smile.

"Friend Robin, that was most magnificent! Where did you learn these wonderful tricks?"

Oh, I was a Flying Grayson at Haley's Circus. It was a lot of fun until my family was murdered and I became an orphan, went to live with a sociopath legal guardian who fights crime dressed as a bat every night, and started beating up bad guys when I was nine…

Robin sighed. "I'll have to tell you later, Star."

Before Starfire could inquire further, the gym doors slid open with a pneumatic hiss, and in ran Beast Boy (much to Robin's relief).

"Dudes!" the green changling shouted excitedly, "Titans East is here!"

Starfire smiled and followed the younger boy out the door, leaving Robin to gather his thoughts.

The Boy Wonder took a deep breath and went to greet their guests.