AU "Bones" drabble set some time in Season 5. It's between the premiere and the 100th episode, but it doesn't have a specific timeline other than that.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Bones". That privilege goes to Hart Hanson, Stephen Nathan, and of course the books by Kathy Reichs.


"I keep denying I'm in love with you; my routine is getting old." ~Maroon 5 "Until You're Over Me"

Booth's POV

Over my time being Bones's partner, I've learned one good skill. Denial. We'd been partnered up for going on four and a half years, and never once have I managed to tell her that I love her. I just keep denying it. Even the one time that I wanted to tell her, I then added that it was in a professional atta-girl kind of way. I don't know if both hands could even hold enough fingers to the amount of times that I wanted to say something, but ended up denying myself the opportunity or just mentally swallowing the words before they could come out.

Sometimes, I wonder if she can see right through me, but she just doesn't want to hurt me. It's not like I deserved her. I had a gambling addiction, and I've taken 54 lives. She was the best person that I've ever known. She was smart, and sweet, and dedicated. She was socially awkward, but that just made her more endearing to me. I sigh and run my fingers through my hair as I watch my partner work on the bones on the platform below me.

Sometimes, I tell myself just to man up and go for it. I mean, we got asked all the time if we were dating. We were comfortable enough with one another, told each other everything anyways, and were together nearly 24/7. Other times, I tell myself that she could never love me. That she'd laugh at me if I ever said anything.

But, I knew that I'd have to stop living in denial at some point. I knew that I'd have to man up and tell her eventually. Everything happens eventually. I once told her that. And, honestly, if this didn't happen eventually, then I don't know how I would be able to be happy again.

When I realized that, I realized that it was time to stop living in denial. This whole routine was getting old. I just had to tell her. I was done living in denial.

"Hey, Bones!" I said as she walked off the platform.

"What're you doing up there?" she asked.

"Just waiting for you. Lunch at the Diner?" I gave her my charm smile.

"Yeah, Booth. Sounds great."

I grinned and met her at the doors. That's where she surprised me. She pushed me up against the wall and kissed me. I held her closer to me as our lips moved together in perfect unison.

Denial was outta there. It was time to start living with the truth.

So, everything between the lines added up to 447 words. Total coincidence. I swear.

Hope you enjoyed. :-)