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Release of an old enemy…

Chapter 1: This is Halloween.

Shinjuku Park.

"A ghost? Real original Takato…" A voice chastised the teenager from behind his position out the front of Guilmon's house.

"Rika? How'd you know it was me?" He complained, the young leader was certain that his body was fully covered and yet she was still somehow able to know it was him.

"I knew because of how close Guilmon was to you. And Renamon may have had something to do with it." She admitted, the kitsune appeared behind her Tamer at the mention of her name.

"Oh… Yeah well I obviously didn't have as much time as you to get a costume ready…" He sighed. Rika was wearing an exotic decorated Egyptian outfit. The mid-riff top was golden and decorated with sequins that glinted in the light of the moon. She was wearing baggy golden pants that had intricate black patterns scrawled across it and to complete it off she wore black and gold slippers and a headdress that resembled a savage cobra.

All that flawless design compared to Takato's white sheet with holes cut out for the eyes, arms and legs. His mother had taken the liberty of sowing up the edges together and his father cut the holes in it. They then realized that their son couldn't get in so Mie ripped a hole in the back and if the wind blew then you would probably notice Takato's blue jumper underneath.

"Eh… It helps when your mother is a model and can have people design stuff fairly quickly." Rika shrugged, blowing off the comment.

"Yeah? At least neither of you two is a clown…" Henry added as he made his way out of the shed. Rika couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

"That's something I'd expect Kazu to wear…" She managed to say after she had finished laughing. Henry was dressed as the clichéd clown at a kid's birthday party. Fluffy red afro, big red nose, baggy one piece costume that had rainbow polka-dots over it and the big red shoes with white gloves.

"Hey! Did you get your costume from the mall too?" A voice called out, everyone turned to see Kazu and Guardromon running up dressed almost the same as Henry but with a blue afro instead of a red one. Rika and Takato burst out laughing and Henry just sighed.

"You guys are worse than Terriermon." Henry commented.

"Hey! I resent that!" A little voice complained from within the utilitarian shed.

"Momentai. Does anyone know if Jeri and Kenta are coming?" Henry asked.

Takato and Rika had managed to stop their laughing fits with great effort before Takato answered: "Jeri said that she and Leomon were going to spend some time with each other instead of going out for candy."

"Kenta said he'd meet us out there sometime. I don't know what costume he has though…" Kazu said, Henry nodded his head in response.

"Well, I guess that's it then. Let's go!" Takato declared as the group walked down the stairs ready to have a fun night and gorge themselves on candy and sweets.


A blue haired teenager dressed in his usual grey shirt and black pants. His white and black trainers hitting the pavement at a steady pace. Accompanying him was not only his partner Wormmon but also two people he had grown very close to in that past few days thanks to a certain prophecy.

One dressed in his usual black and yellow shirt and camouflage pants with his dark saurian partner, and his brother in a white shirt decorated with a tribal pattern across the back and his lizard like partner. These two were Yamaru and Tahu Tadanoka, the brothers of darkness as the prophecy referred to them.

These six had no intention of trick-or-treating for they had already made plans with the main victim of the prophecy's plans, Ryo Akiyama. Tahu had suggested that they all meet up and wander around then go back and stay the night at someone's house and Ryo had graciously offered to put everyone up for the night with the permission of his mother and father.

The three boys and their Digimon rounded a corner to meet the sight they wanted to see, Ryo and Cyberdramon. However there was something they didn't want to see. Ryo and his cyborg partner were both staring up into the sky at Kimeramon and Machinedramon. Tahu and Yamaru were just as surprised as Ken was to notice that Ryo hadn't done anything about it yet.

"What's going on?" Yamaru called out. The legendary Tamer and all three Digimon turned their heads to look at the teenagers who had just arrived. The two floating Digimon focused their attention back to Ryo before disappearing into thin air.

"They were just floating there. No other person out here noticed them…" Ryo gestured to the sparse few people that were walking by and they were indeed oblivious as to what had occurred.

"Milleniummon." Ken stated calmly.

"What?" Tahu asked, not understanding what Milleniummon had to do with those Digimon.

"Milleniummon was created when a Kimeramon DNA Digivolved with the Dark Master Machinedramon. They were both heavily injured and that was the only way they were able to survive. But that wasn't enough so the Digimon waited for Apocalymon to be defeated and absorbed his spare data and thus, Milleniummon was born." Ryo explained.

"So this whole thing goes back to when the DigiDestined fought the Dark Masters?" Tahu questioned.

"Exactly." His older brother replied.

"But how did Kimeramon DNA Digivolve with Machinedramon if Kimeramon wasn't created until later?" They long black haired boy probed.

"The Kimeramon I created was Milleniummon's attempt to make himself again. If one Milleniummon was bad enough, imagine two. Luckily Davis and Magnamon were there otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation right now." Ken stated.

"Enough of that now. Let's just focus on things when they happen, for now, we'll just enjoy ourselves." Yamaru said, the group agreeing and walking off following Ryo's lead throughout the city.


It being Halloween, a tradition celebrated in most countries, the older DigiDestined, with the exception of Joe, took the chance to get together and party seeing as though Mimi and her parents had made the move from America back to Japan and they were all there for once.

This left TK, Kari, Yolei and Davis to go out and find their own form of entertainment for the night.

"Man, Cody never shows up…" Davis complained.

"The kid's dedicated to Kendo. I don't think he wants to disappoint his grandfather either." Kari responded as she sat down on a bench in a children's playground that the newer DigiDestined had found their way to. Yolei sat down beside her while TK leant up against the swing set and Davis sat on the ground, legs outstretched.

"TK, this is probably the most boring Halloween ever." Patamon noted from his partner's head, making the boy chuckle lightly.

"That's not true, remember the time when the power went out and you, Matt, Gabumon and me sat there for four hours before dad got home and fixed it?" The blonde haired boy and his Digimon laughed at the memory.

"I remember one Halloween where Tai tried to scare me by dressing up as a ghost but Gatomon thought he was a Bakemon and punched him in the nose." Kari said.

"He was out like TK's lights at his house." Gatomon joked, her partner and TK laughing along with her.

"This one time, my siblings and I went out and got all this candy and we were fighting over it for two days." Yolei chuckled.

"What about you Davis?" TK asked, the boy had been rather quiet and hadn't shown any signs of being there mentally.

"Jun and I aren't really Halloween kids. We were just never into it." He replied with a slight shrug, the moon making his goggles shine.

"With the way you eat that's unexpected." TK teased.

"Watch it TJ!" Davis exclaimed. TK was about to respond but Davis' D-Arc started to chime. He unclipped the orange and blue Digivice from his pants and brought up the compass to find multiple red arrows pointing in different areas.

"What is it?" Hawkmon asked Veemon who simply shrugged.

"There are multiple Digimon bio-emerging. We'll head to the closest one and let the others handle the rest." Davis stood up and took off out of the playground as fast as he could, his friends following closely behind.

Streets of Odaiba.

"Everyone, you might want to cover your eyes with something!" Tai called out as he, Matt, Sora, Izzy and Mimi ran into the Digital Field that had so rudely interrupted their party alongside their Digimon.

Tai pulled his goggles down over his eyes, Matt put on a pair of sunglasses that he had in his pocket while everyone else shielded their eyes with their arms or collars.

"You can uncover them now…" Matt gasped, the sight in front of him was one he was not expecting to see. There were Phantomon everywhere, not just three or four.

"There must be hundreds of them…" Mimi squeaked. "Just like when Myotismon invaded looking for Kari…"

"I doubt there'd be that many but something close to fifty would be more like it." Izzy corrected, his mathematical brain already working for a way to solve their problem as quick as possible.

"Phantomon: Ultimate level virus type. Watch out for his Shadow Scythe and Diabolic Star attacks." Matt stated, regaining his composure as he read the information from his D-Crests' screen.

"Ready, Agumon?"

"Of course Tai!"

"How about you Gabumon?"

"Whenever you are Matt."

"Biomerge Digivolution, activate!" The two boys called out. As their D-Crests were raised to their chests, they placed their crests of courage and friendship in them.

"Agumon, Biomerge to…"

"Gabumon, Biomerge to…"



"As many times as I see that, I'll never get used to it." Izzy sighed.

"Are you going to let me fight Izzy?" Tentomon flew up to his partners head when he asked the question, the red head nodding in response.

"Me too Sora!" Biyomon called out from the ground.

"Don't forget about me! It's been so long since I've fought anything." Palmon cheered.

Three Digivices beeped in unison as the light of Digivolution surrounded the three rookie level Digimon.

"Biyomon, Digivolve to…"

"Palmon, Digivolve to…"

"Tentomon, Digivolve to…"




Now standing in front of a small army of Phantomon were the dragon man WarGreymon, the metallic wolf MetalGarurumon, the flaming Birdramon, the spiny Togemon and the insectoid Kabuterimon.

"Mega Claw!"

"Garuru Tomahawk!"

"Meteor Wing!"

"Needle Spray!"

"Electro Shocker!"

Shinjuku Park.

"We can never catch a break, can we?" Kazu complained, his Digimon barely dodging the swing of a large purple sickle that cackled with energy.

"Focus on keeping Guardromon out of danger!" Rika snapped in reply.

"Biomerge Digivolution, activate!" Takato called out, his golden crest of unity shining with a bright light while Kazu and Rika continued to argue, Rapidmon dodging the sickle with ease.

Guilmon's and Takato's bodies both shone an unusual grey colour before Takato fell back onto the saurian.

"Guilmon, Biomerge to…

They took on the same Gallantmon shape but instead of turning into the exalted knight they had changed into something the same…but different. His body was now clad in grey armour that resembled the clichéd knight in a castle. His chest plate still bore the symbol of the Hazard and it now looked like he had a set of more defined muscles. He was slightly taller than Gallantmon too and he now lacked his shield and lance. In their place he now had two flaming swords that had plain black sheaths at either side of his waist.


All eyes were centred on the new Gallantmon form until a metallic cry was heard from a few meters away. While he wasn't looking, the hostile Digimon had snuck up on Guardromon and slashed his back with his sickle. The Digimon cackled shrilly and locked his sickle in with MedievalGallantmon's swords. The two Digimon struggling to overpower the other.

"No! Guardromon!" Kazu exclaimed as he ran to his partner. He was stopped in his tracks when a pink heart flew over to the robot and reinvigorated him with energy, healing him somewhat. The visor wearing Tamer looked around and saw Kenta standing there with MarineAngemon.

"Man, am I glad to see you!" Kazu chuckled.

"That's the first time you've ever said that Kazu." Kenta said.

"Thousand Spells!"

"Tri Beam!"

Both Taomon's and Rapidmon's attacks hit their opponent which gave MedievalGallantmon the chance he needed to fit in a few attacks as the Digital Field started to lower around them.

"Rage of Wyvern!"

The mega level crossed his swords over his body in a straight line and slashed them outwards, sending two waves of flames towards the Digimon who hovered upwards to avoid the attack.

"Finally!" Henry called out. "That's MetalPhantomon. He's an Ultimate level data type. His attacks are Grave Scream and Soul Predator."

Kazu pulled his wig and nose off and let them fall to the ground as he looked to Guardromon. "Maybe if we all attack at the same time…" He suggested, the robot nodding. Although a nod from Guardromon consists of him tilting his whole body forwards.

"Get ready!" Takato called out from his biomerge.

"Now!" Guilmon shouted.

MedievalGallantmon crossed his swords diagonally across his body to make an 'X' shape. Taomon gripped her large art brush and begun to draw a kanji with it. Rapidmon and Guardromon both prepared to fire their missiles and MarineAngemon sat back just in case something happened to his friends and he was needed again. Then all the attacks were unleashed:

"Rage of Wyvern!"

"Talisman of Light!"

"Rapid Fire!"

"Guardian Barrage!"

Having the fastest attacks, Rapidmon's missiles were the first to strike. They impacted against the skeleton's ribcage but he paid no mind to it at all. Taomon's attack was avoided as was Guardromon's but by avoiding them he hovered straight into MedievalGallantmon's attack which struck his sickle and sent shockwaves through MetalPhantomon's body.

"Grave Scream!"

The ultimate's sickle gave off a shrill, eerie sound and forced Taomon, Rapidmon and Guardromon to land. MedievalGallantmon was sent to his knees and MarineAngemon, being out of its range, hid in Kenta's shirt pocket. The green haired boy mumbling supporting words to the little angel.

MedievalGallantmon forced himself from his knees and picked up his swords which caught on fire at his touch. He connected the backs of them together and started to spin it in front of himself, making a circle of fire.

"Final Crest!"

He ran three quarters of a circle around the phantom and darted towards him, all the while spinning the swords in his hand. When he reached MetalPhantomon, he jumped up and came crashing down on top of him, swords first. The spinning swords ripped through his body and the flames licked at the floating particles until there was nothing but the free flowing data that was absorbed by Guardromon to fully heal what MarineAngemon couldn't.

MedievalGallantmon turned around to see Rika giving him a strange glare. 'What did I do?' Takato thought curiously.

Black Ocean World.

"I guess you were right Barbamon." A familiar angelic Digimon praised his cohort.

"Yes, through the power of the Hazard you were able to unlock the form of the one. The prophecy states that 'the six will find the one'. Obviously we are the six and I discovered that MedievalGallantmon is the one." The wizard Barbamon replied.

"This means that we need not wait that much longer. We can soon have everything come to pass. But… What of the part where it states we will be defeated?" Lucemon asked.

"I know I said that I would not come back until I had discovered everything but once I translated the section about the one I just had to inform you immediately. I do not know how or what will be our downfall but we can only try and change what is written." Barbamon replied solemnly as if he was trying to convince himself more than Lucemon.

"I see. We can only try…" Lucemon mumbled. 'Fools… We are doomed and if I'm going down then I'm making sure I take one of those stupid Tamers out with me.' He thought.

End of Chapter.

Yes, I know that's not what MedievalGallantmon looks like and yes I know that's not what his weapon or moves look like. I decided to change what he looked like to what my first impressions were of when I first heard the name.

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