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Release of an old enemy…

Chapter 4: You Promised.

Shinjuku Park. 1 Week Later…

"I miss you…" Those words, echoing away with the wind, no body or ears for them to reach again. There was nothing left. He had just floated away and left her to be alone again.

"It all happened so quickly…" A lone red haired girl fell to her knees in front of the pair of hedge stones. Her dress creasing in all places with the action.

"I'm wearing a dress for the first time in a long while; I figured you deserved it…" She tried not to cry, she promised herself that she was done crying over people years ago. She had considered wearing a dress for him on some few occasions but decided against it, but now she wore one. A knee length black dress with sapphire strips down the sides, its dark tone was just a reminder of the mood that accompanied the occasion. One boy had managed to change her 'no crying' rule, and now he was gone. There wasn't even a body for her to say goodbye to one last time. Just a small square stone jutting out of the ground in front of the old hideout.

She looked to the one on the left of her and read the inscription.

'Guilmon; childish, loving, caring. A gallant hero of our age that sacrificed his life to save us all. He will be sorely missed.'

Tears threatened to fall over her features once again and she tried so hard to keep them in check. One thing changed this…

'Takato Matsuki; lover, fighter, son. The world owes this teenager a great debt, sacrificing his life for the destruction of evil. He will be dearly missed by friends, family and girlfriend.'

"But… you'll never get to see it…" She chocked, tears slowly starting to fall over her cheeks.

"I remember… When you said that you loved my singing… I refused to sing for you again and now you'll never get to hear it once more…" That was it, she couldn't keep it in anymore, but why should she? A golden fox watched silently from the trees, not knowing what to do in this situation, she figured it was best to just leave it be until she was able to gain control of herself again.

'Oh Rika… If only there was something we could've done to save them…'

"Promise that we'll stay for the sunset,"

Rika began to sing a song that she had once sung for her father, one that Takato had caught her singing, one that she wouldn't sing for him again… people change.

"And when the moon shines through the darkness, we can find the path that leads us home, and on the way you'll…" Tears streaked down her face but she tried to keep her voice from breaking as she sung to her lover and very first friend.

"…maybe…" When they had first met, all Rika wanted to do was delete the boy's partner, after all, Digimon were just data…

"…sing me a song." He had constantly kept getting in her way, bugging her and trying to become her friend, and all she tried to do was push him away even if she had wanted a friend.

"Promise that you will always be there, hold my hand if I'm real scared," She moved from kneeling in front of the make shift grave and pushed herself up against the etched stone block.

"Help me stand up tall if I fall down…" She pulled her knees in close to her chest and hugged them tightly, it was times like this that she had wished she had someone, someone that she did have had given his life for everyone… To save them all…

"Make me laugh away all my bluest days." Memories, flooding back to her, the time when he had bumped into her at school and they had landed in an awkward position, the time she caught him staring at her chest and she had taken the opportunity to embarrass him even if she didn't really mind as much as she had made it out to be.

"How could you promise you would always be there? Why'd you have to go away somewhere?" She didn't want to believe it at first, she had tried to grab him as he floated away but he just slipped through her fingers.

"Every morning into every night, do you watch over me like the sun in the sky?" Looking up to the sky, she saw no sun. It had hidden itself an hour ago, while she had been standing, not knowing what to say, not wanting to say goodbye.

"Am I all alone, or standing in your light?" What would happen to the group now? Would they fall into disarray? Who would lead them now? Surely Tai or Matt could achieve it but the Tamers just wouldn't be the same without their own Gogglehead. 'No one could replace you…'

"I wish that I could…"

She continued…

"…maybe…" Sobbing once more, "…sing you a song…"

"…tonight." She let her voice trail off as she looked up to the sky once more, then rested her head in her lap, letting the tears roll off her chin and nose, letting them fall onto her dress. A sore reminder of what had come to pass, the day someone had left her again, he had broken his promise…

She finally let her voice break as she paused her singing, even Renamon letting a tear fall from her eye that she swiped away with her tail.

"I don't know how I've survived through this past week." She wept.

"Rika?" A voice called from the stone staircase, revealing a blue haired boy in a black shirt and pants, the orange vest absent for this visit.

"What do you want brainiac?" She asked, not trying to sound harsh.

"I know how much you loved Takato, and it's always a great thing to pay your respects and relive old memories. But there's a saying that my sensei taught me; to grieve too much when someone dies means that their life was unfinished and that they had not been achieved enough to be worthy of death…" His words comforted the girl a slight bit, she took his 'saying' in for a few seconds as more tears flew down her face, albeit at a slower pace than before.

"I still love him, Henry." She said, something under her dress in the middle of her chest started to shift around and take shape. She reached down and pulled out a small golden crest that resembled both the crests of love and reliability. The right side was the same as the crest of love, but the left side had two prongs, one facing up and the other facing off to the left. Two small triangles appeared in between the backwards 'L' shape that the prongs made.

"It's a crest?" Henry's jaw dropped, he walked over to get a better look at it.

"I have one, just like Takato did…" She clutched it close to her chest before putting it in her bag; she didn't want anyone else besides Henry knowing right now, she didn't want to answer all their questions.

"Takato did so much for everyone… Guilmon too…" She mumbled.

"When he saved you from IceDevimon, when he saved Jeri from D-Reaper and giving his life for us all. Those three things may seem small to anyone who wasn't there to experience it with him, but he saved so many lives, maybe even the world, with just a few fast actions and some quick decisions." Henry pulled a crimson rose out of his back pocket and placed it between the two gravestones.

"Remember how goofy he used to be when he first became a Tamer?" Rika asked.

"Yeah, he couldn't use a modify card even if there was an instruction manual." Henry replied, both Tamers laughing at the memory.

"There was one in the card game." Rika stated.

"Exactly…" Henry smirked, both teens laughing before the sombre mood took them over once again.

"Did you want me to stay with you or did you want to be on your own?" Henry offered, the girl in black just simply shook her head for a few seconds.

"No, it's okay. I have Renamon here with me and a cardigan in my bag if I get cold…" She replied solemnly.

"Just remember what I said, okay?" Henry advised as he walked back to the steps, a single tear falling from his eye in dedication to his best friend and his saurian partner.

"Renamon, could you please bring my bag here?" Rika asked the empty air that was soon occupied by a large bipedal yellow fox holding a small brown bag. "Thank you." She muttered, Renamon disappearing once again as she unzipped the bag and pulled out her black cardigan and hung it loosely over her shoulders, not bothering to put her arms through the sleeves just yet.

She sat there in silent reminiscence for a few minutes until one person she really didn't want to see turned up.

"What are you doing Ryo?" She hissed harshly, she had put part of Takato's death on Ryo, if he hadn't been Milleniummon's partner in the first place then that prophecy wouldn't have existed and Takato wouldn't have had to have died. She wouldn't have lost the only person besides Renamon, her mother and grandmother that she truly loved.

"I came to pay my respects to Takato and Guilmon…" He replied sadly. "It's not my fault that they had to die, I'm not the one who made up the whole prophecy." He said, knowing why she was mad at him.

"I know…" She sighed, the waterworks starting again.

"I'll just put this here and be on my way, I can see that you want to be alone." Ryo stated, moving Henry's rose next to Guilmon's stone, he placed his next to Takato's and moved on. "The others are all on their way, they should be here very soon. We all want to pay our respects before it gets too late and so they're all meeting at the entrance to the park. I came before they did so I could place mine down first, it seems someone else beat me…" He explained as he walked off, Rika only giving a nod to inform him that she had heard him. Even though he knew it wasn't directly his fault, he still did partially blame it on himself, for once Ryo had to admit he didn't feel legendary, if he were then he would have been able to help.

"Things aren't going to be the same without you…" Rika whispered to the empty grave, hearing a convoy of footsteps approach her position she turned her head and sure enough, some of the Tamers had gathered at the park with the remaining DigiDestined to remember their fallen heroes.

Yamaru, Tahu, Jeri, Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, TK, Kari, Davis, Yolei, Cody and Ken all with their partners saw the girl sitting against Takato's hedge stone, her face not hiding the fact that she had been crying for quite an amount of time. Without a word passing from one person to another, they all placed their crimson roses between the two graves and went on their ways in groups or pairs. Everyone had shed a tear as they had placed their roses, even Davis and Tahu. Ken was the last one to place his rose, he bent down and rearranged them all so there was space for one more in the direct centre between the two stone blocks.

"I figured that you hadn't placed yours yet so I moved them all aside. Yours should take dominance in the middle… Come on Wormmon." Ken called his partner who climbed up onto his shoulder as they walked off back down the steps. Rika noted silently at how considerate Ken and Wormmon were, she couldn't picture the light-hearted boy as the Digimon Emperor, especially since she knew him in person now and not just from the show.

"See Takato? I'm not the only one who misses you… Your parents are so miserable… They've closed the bakery for a while until they're ready to move on… I'm not sure if it'll be that easy…" She said, stopping after each line so she could sniffle. The girl reached back into her bag and pulled out a long white rose that was wrapped in plastic. She removed the rose from its encasement and placed it in the gap Ken had made for her to put it. There was the gravestone of a valiant warrior on the right, a small red line of roses that met in the middle with a larger white one, the line finishing off with the gravestone of a childish, yet still courageous warrior on the left.

Rika pulled her arms through her cardigan and pulled it tight across her chest, the cool nights wind had finally arrived as two Tamers that had not come with the large group arrived.

"Hey, Rika…" Kazu greeted her with his usual optimism gone; it just simply wasn't the time in his eyes.

"Hey…" She replied distantly. Rika watched Kazu and Kenta unravel a banner that was attached to a metal pole on each end. She recognised the banner from the night Takato had had a party to celebrate their reunion with their partners. It had some slight modifications this time, the DigiDestined and their partners were all included too on a smaller banner that was placed under the larger one.

"Who added them?" Rika asked, the drawing style had almost matched Takato's perfectly and she knew that neither Kazu nor Kenta was that good at drawing.

"It was Takato's dad…" Kenta replied, he and Kazu ramming the metal pole into the grass behind the two graves. "This is our tribute to him." Kenta bowed with Kazu in front of the two graves and walked home, leaving Rika with her thoughts again.

"You promised me we'd stay for the sunset…" She finished her song off. "It's not fair… You were the one to experience me at my happiest, you brought that out in me and now I don't think I can do it anymore…"

'I know I can't hold it against you as much as I want to… But you promised that you'd never leave me…' Rika started crying for what she promised to be the last time tonight.

"Goodnight, Guilmon. I love you, Takato." She whispered, kissing her hand then placing it on top of her deceased boyfriend's grave. Not being able to handle her emotions anymore, she ran towards the stairs and made her way home as fast as she could.

Renamon materialised in front of the two graves and watched the stairs. 'Oh Rika…' She sighed, picking up the bag and disappearing so she could follow the girl in darkness.

End Chapter 5

A rather short chapter based a week after the defeat of Milleniummon. It's only from Rika's point of view for obvious reasons and I may or may not get around to doing some one-shots that fill in that week's gap but don't hold me to that.

Now with Guilmon and Takato's death and Milleniummon's defeat, the Demon Lords are now free to roam the human and Digital Worlds and cause whatever havoc they want.

A few more saddened chapters for Rika to come, how will she deal with life if a Digimon threat were to appear? Would she be well enough to help out? Or will she take Henry's advice and accept that Takato was indeed worthy of death with all that he had done is his short but full life?

Keep reading to find out!