Emily had been moved to a private room around 11 p.m. JJ had been glad to see that there was a bed in the room and, after explaining to the overnight nurse she was pregnant, had been given permission to use it. Around midnight, JJ is still sitting beside her wife's bed when she hears Emily groan. She jumps up and takes Emily's hand.

"Em, sweetheart? You with me?" Emily starts to blink, trying to will her eyes to open. "That's it, baby. Open those gorgeous brown eyes, Emily."

Finally Emily's eyes crack open. She groans. "Holy shit…did he shoot me up with tequila?" she mutters.

JJ laughs, glad to see her wife remembers what happened and still has a sense of humour. "Close. Moonshine," JJ jokes.

"Shit. Never could tolerate either," Emily says with a grin. She squeezes her wife's hand. "I'm okay, Jen. Scanlan?"

"Being interrogated by the boys as we speak. He's not getting away with anything, Emily. Especially not with what he did to you," blue eyes are fiery with anger.

"Hey, stop that. No stress, no anger. They are bad for the nesters. I let my guard down, Jen. I should have expected him to do something. It was my fault. Hotch will kick my ass."

"Funny, Morgan said the exact same thing except he told Hotch you would kick his ass."

Emily chuckles. "Great minds think alike."


Emily lifts her hand and strokes down her wife's cheek. "You look wiped out, Jen." She scoots over in the bed. "Get up here."

"Emily, I can't."

"Sure you can. It will help me sleep."

"That's not fair. You'll have to try something else."

Emily grins. "I'm a tricky FBI agent. I know how to handle you. Now, I order you into my bed, woman."

JJ starts to laugh. "Oh, yeah, like that tactic will work."

Emily laughs. "Okay, okay…what if I said I was worried I'll have nightmares and being able to hold you would keep them at bay."

JJ sighs. "Damn you, Emily," she says gently…as she climbs up and snuggles up to her wife.

Emily lets out a content breath. JJ smiles as she hears the heart and blood pressure monitor stabilize. She gives Emily a kiss on the temple.

"Okay, so maybe holding me does help you."

"Always, Jennifer Prentiss. Always."

And so they slip into dreamland together.

Hotch, Rossi, Morgan and Reid spend all night questioning Scanlan in front of his attorney. It takes forever but his lawyer finally convinces him by admitting what he did he will not be put to death. For a time it seems like death is what Scanlan wants but he knows the way the California penal system works there is chance he could still get out someday.

That bubble is burst when Rossi reminds him there is still the Federal charge, which would be tacked onto the end of the California charges and there would be no chance for parole from that one.

He screams well after the agents leave the room, cursing them, their families and even their pets.

With the pride of a job well done masked by the worry for their colleague, the guys head off to the hospital. As they approach Emily's room they hear a sound that makes them smile.

"But I'm fine! Yeah, I have a hangover-like headache but, damn it, I've been in worse shape," Emily whines.

"Emily, stop whining. The doctor said he wants to run one more test so he will run one more test. And I swear to you, Emily Prentiss, if you don't behave you will not get lucky until the twins turn 5!"

Rossi winces. "Ooo, that's a low blow," he whispers to the men.

The guys slowly approach the door. They see Emily sitting in the bed, arms crossed in front of her chest, pouting. JJ stands beside the bed, her 'I will win this argument or else' look on her face. She has used it on all of them at some point and the guys know Emily has realized she is not going to win. Hotch knocks on the door.

"Up for some guests?"

"I'm up for getting out of here," Emily mumbles.

JJ rolls her eyes. "I swear you're worse than a 4 year old." She looks at the guys. "Come on in. The doctor is running one more test and he has simply asked that we wait for it to be finished. It could…change his discharge orders."

The look in her eyes says it all. Concern and fear. Morgan sighs.

"She doesn't know."

Emily straightens up. "She doesn't know what?" There is silence in the room as JJ glares at Morgan. "Derek, what don't I know?" She looks at her wife. "Jennifer? What the fuck don't I know?"

JJ takes a deep breath and turns to her wife. "The doctors…I mean we found…the guys found…shit…"

Hotch walks up and places a hand on JJ's shoulder. "From the looks of things, Scanlan used a new needle each time he attacked someone." Emily pales and her heart monitor starts to go haywire. "And based on everything that we saw last night in his home the same holds true for the one he used on you. He had each syringe he had used taped to the wall with a name under it. That sort of planning means he probably only used each one once. He had a stack of them unopened and one wrapper in his trashcan."

"So then what's the issue? Why don't they know already?"

Hotch looks at JJ. JJ steps forward and takes her wife's hand.

"There was…more than one DNA strand found on the syringe that had been in you. They think it's yours and maybe one of the EMT's or Morgan's. Maybe Scanlan's DNA, too. He just…has to be sure."

Emily is visibly shaking. "But if…it's not…if they don't know…"

"Then you will start a round of antivirals to counteract HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. You'll have things to do over the next 6 months." JJ forces Emily to look her in the eyes. "If it happens, we'll deal with it. But it's a big damn if, Emily."

"You still should have told me. Fuck, Jen, I kissed you!"

JJ gives her the 'are you serious' look. "You are smarter than that, Emily. Kissing won't pass those things."

"It can pass some diseases!" Emily says in frustration. Tears well in her eyes. She is scared. She is angry. She is feeling trapped. Everyone in the room sees the Emily of old starting to reassert herself.

"Don't do that, Emily," Reid orders, stepping to the bed. "Don't you dare start pulling away from us." He grasps her shoulders. "I know everything is too scary right now and it's easier to get mad at us and push us away. I know it's easier to retreat into yourself and try to protect your heart. Emily, don't take the easy way out. You fought me when I took the easy way with drugs. I'll fight you to keep you from taking the easy way through separation."

A tear slips down Emily's cheek as she stares into the steady, compassionate eyes of Spencer Reid. She brings her hands up and takes his. They all see the curtain she had dropped rise again. She slowly nods.

"Thank you, Spencer," she whispers.

"Anytime at all, Emily. Day or night, I'm here for you as you've always been there for me."

She nods. "I know. I'll remember. I promise." She takes a deep breath and turns to her wife. "I'm sorry, Jen."

JJ steps closer. "I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you. I just didn't want to worry you unnecessarily. That was wrong. I'm sorry."

Emily manages a small smile. "Forgiven. This time," she adds with a wink. She takes a deep breath. "So, um, when do we, uh, know?"

JJ shrugs. "Not sure. Hopefully soon."

Emily reaches out a hand. JJ takes the hand and steps closer. "We'll do what we have to do to keep you and the nesters safe. That's the important thing."

JJ nods. "Right."

It is nearly 2 hours later that the doctor walks in, a smile on his face. "Good news. We were able to isolate the unknown DNA to a Derek Morgan."

Morgan shakes his head. "Damn it. Em, I'm sorry I caused you and JJ such worry."

Emily smiles at him. "No problem, Derek."

"It might have happened when you yanked it out of her neck," Reid points out. "It would have happened to any of us since we didn't have gloves on."

Emily looks at the doctor. "So what does this mean for me and, more importantly, my pregnant wife?"

"It means you are fine. The needle was clean. There were no traces of other drugs in it. There was no sign of remnants of drugs on it anywhere. It is my opinion it was a first time use and, sadly, it was used on you. You're going to be fine, Agent Prentiss." He glances at JJ and back again. "And there will be no ill effects that should concern you or your pregnant wife."

JJ smiles gratefully and turns back to her wife. "Okay, Em?"

"And you're totally sure? I mean, if you need any other tests or anything I can stay as long as you need me to."

Rossi starts to chuckle. "Maybe a neuro exam would be wise. The Emily Prentiss I know would never volunteer to stay in a hospital for any reason."

The team chuckles as Emily glares at him. The doctor smiles and turns back to the patient.

"You're fine, Agent Prentiss. I promise. The nurse will be in soon with your discharge papers." He nods his goodbyes to all and walks out.

JJ squeezes her wife's hand. "You okay?"

Emily gives her a smile. "Shaky. But I'll be okay. You?"

"You're alive, you're going to be fine. I feel like a million bucks."

"And you look like a billion."


Emily nods. "Always."

About an hour later the team is heading out to the SUV's for the drive to the airport. They find Detective Renfro waiting for them. His eyes flick to Emily and JJ's clasped hands in confusion but he quickly shifts his eyes to Hotch and extends a hand.

"Just wanted to say thank you. You all did a hell of a job digging and searching and figuring this bastard out. How you all knew what he was just…just…damn that was amazing. You nailed him before we ever even knew who he was. Just impressive."

"Thank you. If you ever need our help again give us a call," Hotch offers.

"I will. As many crazies as we get out here you may regret the offer."

Hotch grins. "Considering what we've seen in L.A. we already do."

Renfro turns to JJ. "Uh, Agent Jareau, can I speak to you a moment? Please?"

She nods. "Uh, sure."

The others head on to the SUV's. Morgan nudges Emily's shoulder. "Bet you he offers a date in case she and her 'husband' break up."

"No chance. She'd never leave her 8 kids without a mother."

The two snicker as the other three shake their heads in amusement.

"Uh, Agent Jareau, I just want to say it's really admirable how much time you devote to this job. Your husband must really get the whole- -"

JJ raises her hand to stop him. "Detective Renfro, Morgan and Prentiss were jerks to you. First of all, my husband is actually my wife. So far we only have two children but I am pregnant with twins."

He laughs and shakes his head. "Should have guessed. No offense but you didn't look old enough to have that many kids."

JJ blushes. "Thanks. I am but I appreciate thought." She extends her hand. "You've been very good for my ego. Goodbye, Detective."

"Goodbye, Agent. Oh, and if your wife ever loses her mind and you decide to give men a try, you know just to get over your broken heart, I'd be a willing rebound."

JJ cracks up laughing. "Um, right. See you…um…sometime…maybe."

JJ walks up to the SUV and gets in the back with her wife. Morgan and Reid turn from the front seat to look at her. Emily is also studying her.

"Just drive, you jerk," she says to Morgan.

"Not until you answer one question: did he offer a date in case you and your 'husband' break up?"

"Actually, I told him I had a wife, two kids and two on the way." She pauses. "Then he offered if we break up and I need a rebound with a man he'd be there for me."

The other three agents burst out laughing. Morgan holds out his hand to Reid, who slaps $10 in it.

"Told you, Pretty Boy. Crushes like he had don't just disappear no matter what."


Three hours later the team is 2 hours into their flight home when Reid's phone rings. He smiles as he sees the newly reinstated "Longbow" on his screen. Since he is alone on the couch and everyone else is asleep he answers.


"You found him."

"We all did. He confessed and we even found evidence in his apartment that will help convict him even without the confession."

"That's great, Spencer." There is a pause. "I thought you should know…I'm not engaged anymore."

Reid smiles. "I'm glad. You deserve someone that respects you and makes you happy, Lila."

"I know. And I think…you're the only one that ever fit that bill."

Reid sighs. "I'm flattered. You've always been special to me, Lila. You always will be."

"But…there's no future for us?"

"I don't think so. My job and your job don't exactly mesh. We're on opposite coasts. We're both always on the go. You don't know how much I wish I could walk away from this and just be with you."

"You'd lose an essential piece of yourself if you did. Just like I'd lose myself."

"Spoken like a true profiler," he says with a grin.

She chuckles. "I'm an actress. We study people to turn them into characters. We've been profilers for centuries."

"Yeah, I guess you have been," Reid says with admiration.

"So, uh, I have to go. I'm back on set and we're getting ready to film. Can I call you sometime?"

Reid smiles. "Of course. I love you, Lila."

"I love you, too, Spence." She hangs up.

Reid stares at the screen a moment, then puts the phone in his shirt pocket. Morgan sits forward in his seat and pats Reid on the leg.

"You okay?" he asks quietly.

Reid nods. "Yeah. Lila just wanted to thank us for finding who killed her friend."

Morgan nods. "That's good. Look, all kidding aside, it's good you were there for her. I'm sorry things got…haywire for a bit with her."

Reid gives him a half-grin. "Thanks." They sit there a moment. "Does this touchy-feely moment mean you won't pick on me for a few days?"

"We'll give you until Monday," Morgan says with a big smile.

Reid chuckles and nods. "I think I have the flu that day."

Morgan nods and sits back, turning his music back on. Reid closes his eyes but he doesn't sleep, just flips through his eidetic memories of his times with Lila.

Emily walks in the door first and is hit by a blonde-haired cyclone.

"MAMA!" She laughs and lifts him up. "Hey, Champ. I hope you'll always be so excited to see your old Mama."

He gives her a hug and kiss. "Love, Mama. Always. You was good Batman?"

She nods. "Yes, I was. With the help of Spiderman and our amazing friends we caught the bad guy."

"Yeah! A'cause Batman and 'Pideyman always win!"

"That's right." She hugs him close once more.


Emily sets Henry down as Rocky comes running to her. She swings the little girl up into her arms. "Hey, Sweet Girl. I hope you always run to me, too. I love you and your brother so much."

Rocky grabs Emily's hair and pulls her close for a kiss, then just holds their foreheads together.

"Love Mama. Love Ree."

"We love you, too, Rocky."

JJ walks in a second later and gets just as exuberant a greeting. As the two ladies stand in the hallway with their two children, Emily can't help but shiver as she imagines 'what if.' JJ sees her and reaches out to stroke her arm.

"Don't go there, Emily. You're okay."

Emily nods. "Yeah, I know. But still…"

"Mama, you hurt?" Henry asks in concern.

Emily shakes her head. "A little bruised," she hedges, knowing he might see the bruising on her neck from the syringe. "But seeing you and Rocky make me feel all better."

He smiles. "Henry and Wok best cures ever, right?"

Emily laughs, realizing she must have said it often. "Right."

"I glad. We love Mama."

"And Mama loves you both, too."

The Prentiss women set their children down and take their bags upstairs. They get changed, relieve Francesca for the rest of the night and spend time with the two cutest kids in the world before duty takes them away once more.

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