*Narrator (Sam)*

Alright! Guess who's got the narrator gig this year? Awesome, right?

What? Oh, read from the teleprompter? Got it.


In a world far beyond your TV or computer screen, in a megalopolis whose name is too long to properly pronounce... or remember, for that matter, but we call it Toronto just 'cause we have to name everything, stands a boy. A boy who thought he was about to become a man. A man who had just participated in the rite of marriage at the tender age of 16. A man who thought he had the girl of his dreams on his arm, and was about to make her a woman. A man who was just one step away from beginning his honeymoon, as well as the rest of his life.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


Really? We're making that reference NOW?

The man the narrator, uh, Sam, was referring to was Cody. Dressed in a tuxedo and standing in front of Gwen's house, he had a puzzled and confused look on his face. As if he did not know what he was doing here.

And why he was the only person around for miles.

"What's going on?"

Uh... hello?

Cody walked down the steps and onto the barren streets, searching for any signs of life.

"Wait, I'm back?"

Wasn't done with the intro, man.


You don't hear me, do you?

Cody raised his arms in the air and screamed in anguish.


Nope, he doesn't hear me. Just roll the OP...

Total Drama: Virtual Final Fantasy
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

At long last, the fourth and final installment of the 'Total Drama Fantasy' saga begins! Welcome to 'Total Drama: Virtual Final Fantasy!' The entirety of the cast of the first four seasons of the show all make appearances, as they team up to take down Chris McLean after he sticks them with lifetime contracts!

Sad to say, if you have not completely read the first three entries in this saga ('Total Drama Fantasy,' 'Total Drama VGP,' and 'Total Drama: That's the Spirit!'), you will probably be lost from the get-go. Some references to the past installments are made throughout the course of this, but if you want more in-depth knowledge of everything that has happened and will happen, go back and read the other entries in their entirety before starting this one.

For those of you who are already caught up and know what to expect, strap in for a wild ride... and always, ALWAYS keep your eyes open for Izzy, that crazy dame who always finds a way to sneak into every single chapter!

Disclaimer: The characters of the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network, not me. All video games and other things referenced belong to their respective owners.

TDVFF Episode 1 ['Fantasy' Saga Episode 40]:
Are You Ready to Race? (06.10.13)

Meanwhile, half a world away, in a dark cavern, on the other side of the passageway opened up by casting aside The Pedestal of the Formidable Chariot, a fearsome foursome consisting of Mike, Brick, Cameron, and Zoey stood astonished after what had happened. A few feet away from them, Chris McLean was laughing maniacally while sarcastically clapping his hands. Chef Hatchet was next to him, smirking as he watched his boss' gleeful celebration.

"I... I don't understand," Mike said aloud.

"Yeah," added Zoey. "Inserting those marbles into the pedestal was supposed to save my planet. And bring an end to the war."

Chris laughed. "Ha ha! How gullible can you be? There never was any war to begin with!"

Chef nodded. "We just pretended to be fighting, hoping that one day some maggots, like yourselves, would rise out of the quagmire and find us those lost marbles!"

"Now, thanks to you four, all of the classic characters are back in play! Their contracts have been automatically renewed for the rest of their lives!"

"What?" questioned Cameron. "You can't do that!"

"Aren't contracts like that unheard of in the reality show biz?" asked Brick. "And illegal, to boot?"

"Good questions," replied Chris, to them both. "Maybe you'll find out, because renewing their contracts also renews yours! Congratulations, guys! I now own you for the rest of your lives!"

"You mean all those people died?" growled Zoey. "Just so you can OWN us?"

"Yeah. Pretty good, right?"

"You won't get away with this! Right, Mike?"

Zoey looked at Mike, hoping he would back her up. He obliged.

"Right, Zoey! We won't let you get away with this, Chris!"

"But I already have!" the money-hungry host exclaimed, pulling out a copy of the contract for the four to see. "And the contract is lawyer-proof! There's no way out of it!"

Chef chuckled. "Yeah. Unless you die."

Everyone's jaw dropped. Chris smacked Chef in the back of the head.

"CHEF! Ix-nay on the eath-day!"

Mike had to repeat what he heard to make sure he was not dreaming.

"You mean the only way we all can get out of our contracts is... to kill you?"

"Well, not necessarily. I just have to stop living. Doesn't matter the reason why that's so WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?"

Cameron looked hesitant, to say the least.

"We have to kill him? Isn't that a bit much?"

"Yeah..." said the others, all murmuring in agreement.

"HA!" shouted Chris. "You'll have to catch me first! Suckers!"

A portal materialized behind Chris without warning. He jumped in without so much as a second thought, leaving Chef behind to deal with the teens.

"Try me, maggots!" he threatened, blocking the path to the portal.

Mike, Zoey, Cameron, and Brick all looked at each other, debating what to do.

Cody was walking through the abandoned megalopolis known as Toronto, trying to figure out what had happened, and why he was alone.

"Let's see," he murmured. "The last thing I remember was winning a game to win Gwen's heart. Then we got married! And then we were gonna do the..."

Cody imagined the events replaying in his mind, from the beginning of their quest in the then-village of Toronto, to the end of the wedding ceremony.

"It was supposed to be a happy ending! My happy ending! Granted, what would've happened after I had closed that door would totally be up to each reader's imagination, but still! I thought that would be the end of it!"

He passed by an old and abandoned building near the edge of downtown. The unpowered facade reminded him that this once where Izzy's Backwater Emporium once set up shop. But it was now in a ruinous state, with parts of the building exterior missing or hanging loosely from the frame, ready to fall at any moment.

"But who would bring me back here? Trent? Nah, he's a cool guy. He'd never do something like this. Duncan? No way! He may be a jerk, but something like this is beyond him. Gwen? Absolutely not! She was head-over-heels in love with me!"

Cody stopped in front of the entrance to store, thinking about going in.

Unable to come up with any answers as to what was going on on his own, Cody decided to go inside Izzy's Backwater Emporium, hoping to find something to aid him in his quest for the truth.

Heh heh. Cool!

"Hello?" he called out, though he knew better than to expect any response. "Anyone in here?"

He traversed the aisles of the store, which were mostly barren. All that was left were perishable food items long past their expiration date, and a couple of sets of elbow and knee pads that were in a state of overuse and disrepair.

"Man... and here I thought Izzy's place was so successful, she was ready to drop the 'Backwater' part from the shop's name!"

Cody was ready to give up on finding something salvageable or locating a clue as to what was going on.

That was until he made his way to the front counter, where he found a sealed letter-sized envelope taped to the cash register.


Upon approaching it, he saw 'CODY' written on it in big, block letters. He pulled the envelope off of the register and opened it. Inside was a letter addressed to him, which he starting reading aloud. In Izzy's voice.

"'Hey Cody! If you're reading this, then that means you survived the nuclear apocalypse! YAY!'"

Cody looked puzzled. He looked past the open entranceway and back into the megalopolis. Sure, all the nearby buildings looked decrepit and unmaintained for a long period of time. But he did not see any signs that suggested damage similar to that one might expected in a region within a nuclear bomb's detonation radius. Cody turned to the letter and started reading again.


Cody grumbled.

"'But, seriously, something happened with white lights, and disappearances, and boom boom, ha ha! Izzy thinks Chris is trolling us. He didn't just want a sequel, he wanted a trilogy! But Izzy thinks he's miscounting, because wouldn't you be reading this in the fourth story! Which means the trilogy's already happened, so... this is a quadtribiology? Anyway, Izzy's confused now, but Izzy knows you can figure it all out!'"

Cody looked up again for a second, taking in the sad state of the shop around him.

"Figure what out? There's nothing here!"

He went back to the letter once more.

"'Izzy knew the events of your wedding day were going to happen, yes, Izzy did! And Izzy prepared for your day of return! There's a safe in the back that'll have everything you'll need in your mission! Izzy's sure of it! We're all counting on you, Hero of Legend! Don't let us down! Love, Izzy!'"

Cody smiled.

"Hero of Legend? I like the sound of that!"

But little did Cody know... there was still one last part to Izzy's letter.

As if he had heard the narrator, Cody read the final part. Or, rather, Izzy did.

"'P.S. This letter with self-destruct the second you finish reading this sentence.'"

And with that, the letter and the envelope combusted into flames. Cody let go of them both just in time to avoid getting burned, and he could do nothing but watch the two items disintegrate quickly into two small piles of ash.

"Whoa! That was close!"

Despite the fact that Izzy had nearly burned his hands to a crisp without her even being there, Cody knew he had to follow the instructions in the letter if he had any hope of getting the answers he seeked.

"Stockroom, here I come!"

As he walked towards the back of the store...

Meanwhile, back with Princess Zoey and her team...

Just because the writer forgets Zoey's a princess in this doesn't mean I do!

Chef continued to stand guard in front of the portal that Chris had escaped into. Zoey and her team were huddled up, discussing their plan.

"How do we fight Chef?" Cameron asked. "Without the spirits of the classic 'Total Drama' cast to help us, we don't stand a chance!"

"Our skills weren't all just based in the Spirit Marbles!" Mike reminded him. "We still have our physical RPG training to fall back on!"

"Actually, we don't."

Cameron pointed to a machine off to stage right, which was currently on fire and was trying to be saved by two interns equipped with a wool blanket and a bucket of water, respectively.

That... goes as well as you would expect.


"Aw, man!" cried Mike. "That was our only chance! Now what?"

Brick's eyes lit up. "I got it!"

He whispered his idea to his team. A few seconds later, they broke the huddle and started approaching Chef. Seeing this, Chef pulled out a three-foot long can opener and started twirling it around as if it were a bo. The group stopped five feet away, with the exception of Brick, who continued his approach.

"Hold it right there, small fry!"

Chef was ready to stab Brick with the sharp end of that can opener, but the teen disarmed his foe... by offering him an unmarked burlap sack?

"This is all the money we have, sir! Consider it our fee for voluntary discharge from the space army, sir."

Brick kept his eyes on Chef as he put the bag down on the ground and slowly backed up towards the group. Chef retrieved the bag and held it in his hand, trying to weigh it so he could safely estimate how much was in it without opening. But, just to make sure, he did look inside to make sure there was actually money in there, instead of something else.

"Eh... close enough. Soldiers? DIS-MISSED!"

Chef stepped aside, allowing the foursome a direct path to the portal. As they went by him, the guys each threw their old space military uniforms at him, all landing on his face. Zoey, though, did not have one to offer.

"Uh... do you take crowns?"

Zoey took out the crown which signified her position as princess of the kingdom and offered it to Chef.

"Nah. Nothing can get me to be ruler of this dirt clod of a planet!"

Zoey felt insulted, but...


Mike was calling out to her from the portal entrance. The redhead forget about Chef and went to join her friends.

"I dunno what's waiting for us on the other side of this portal," Mike told her, as he took her hand, "but whatever awaits us, I know we'll be alright if we face it together."

"Oh, Mike!" cooed Zoey. "I know nothing will go wrong with you around!"

"Um," interrupted Cameron, "I know you two are having a couple's moment, but can you make an exception this once and include all of us in your declaration of safety?"

"Of course, little buddy!" Mike exclaimed. "We're all in this together!"


Brick cut in. "Then what are we waiting for? We're going on your command, sir!"

Brick then corrected himself, after realizing they were not in the military anymore.

"Uh, whenever you're ready, Mike."

Mike smiled. "Let's go, guys!"

With that, the four headed into the portal, being transported to a mysterious destination...

Cody was searching the stock room for the safe that Izzy had alluded to in her letter.

"That safe's gotta be around here somewhere!"

He looked high and low for it, but he did not see any around at all.

"I know it's here! It's mocking me, I bet! It's probably right in front of my face!"

He turned to his right and found himself standing in front of a door marked 'Safe Room.'

"Eh, close enough."

He went inside and turned on the lights. He gasped in shock upon seeing the safe.


As he raced over to it, he saw that the door to it was missing. As was whatever had been placed in it.


He reached inside, hoping that his eyes were deceiving him and that there actually was something in it.

"Come on! Maybe there's a hidden compartment. Or the items are invisible. Or the items have been shrunk down. Or... or... awww..."

Unfortunately for him, it actually was empty. Luckily, his spirits were raised when he saw a second safe on the floor, sitting right next to the first. It was in the same exact condition as the first, but that did not damper his hopes.

"Maybe it's in that one?"

But after searching it...


He was ready to give up, but then he saw a third safe next to the second.

"Third time's the charm!"

He went to look at that one, despite being in the same shape as the first two...

37 safes later...

Cody was gasping for air after checking all of those safes. Each in a similar condition as the one he had checked before it, and each as empty as the last.

"Just like... gasp... Izzy... gasp... to hoard empty and... gasp... broken... gasp... safes."

He was ready to given up, believing that either Izzy's letter was a lie, or that someone else had been through here and had taken the contents he had been looking for. If that safe was actually still among those in that room.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted one more safe. He could not see the entire body of it, as it was partially covered by some old curtains, but the part he could see looked like a door that was still intact, as well as a keypad.

"No way!"

Not believing his eyes, he crawled over and removed the curtains. Indeed, it was a safe, it still had its door, and, upon pulling the handle, confirmed it was still locked. He rejoiced.

"WOO-HOO! Lady Luck's still on my side after all! But..."

He took a long glance at the safe's keypad.

"How do I get in without the combination?"

Off in another world, Mike and his companions were coming out of the other end of the portal. Upon emerging from it, they found themselves in the infield of a paved race track.

"Where are we?" Mike asked.

"I don't think we're on Wawanakwa anymore," stated Zoey.

That statement seemed a little far-fetched at first, as they spotted some of the drivers prep their go-karts and they were all human. Well, the first couple were, anyway.

"I never knew people with turbans could drive," thought Cameron out loud, as he started pointing out racers. "Or small turtles. Or apes! Or... man-eating plants?"

The man-eating plant, hearing Cameron mentioned, growled at him, shaking a balled-up leaf in protest.

"Do you think Chris is here?" questioned Zoey.

Suddenly, a familiar voice spoke on the loudspeaker.

"Attention, players! Are you ready to go karting?"

"Yeah," Mike nodded upon hearing Chris' voice. "Pretty sure he is."

"Choose your drivers and your vehicles! You've got 30 seconds!"

"Choose your dri- what does he mean by that?"

Mike walked over to ask one of the drivers for an explanation.

"Excuse me?"

But the character did not look up from working on his kart. To get his attention, Mike reached out and grabbed him...

...and upon doing so, Mike suddenly underwent a transformation. He was enveloped in a bright white light, and the others raised their arms up to shield their eyes.


A few seconds later, the light faded. Zoey gasped, as now she was not seeing two people - as in Mike and the character he was trying to get the attention of - but now the only person in front of her was Mike.

And he was dressed in the clothes the driver in the garage had been wearing. Brown-colored plumber overalls and a matching-colored hat with the letter 'M' on it.

"Cool!" Mike exclaimed. "I'm a pro kart driver!"

Suddenly, a virtual menu popped up in front of Mike, causing Cameron to scream in shock and leap into Brick's arms. On the menu were about six vehicles to choose from: three karts, including the one in the garage at the moment, and three motorcycles.

"I love options!"

Mike tapped on the slimmest of the three karts, and it immediately appeared in the garage, in place of the average-sized one that had been in there before.

"Alright! Let's go racing!"

Mike hopped into his vehicle and started looking for the starter button.

"But Mike," objected Zoey, "we don't have time for this! We have to find Chris!"

"The winner will meet me, Chris McLean, in victory lane after today's thrilling race!"

Mike smirked. "See, Zoey? All one of us has to do is win the race? So what are you waiting for?"

Excited, Brick sprinted out of Mike's garage and went to pick another racer. Zoey and Cameron left to do the same.

"Mike's right, Zoey!" Cameron said to her. "Who says we can't have a little fun before tracking down Chris?"

Meanwhile, Mike's go-kart roared to life, and he celebrated with a fist pump. He then drove out towards the track. On the way there, his vehicle passed over a set of numbers that had been spray painted onto the asphalt.

It read '64-2-360.'

Cody had been guessing at the combination for quite some time now, guessing various six-digit entries with no pattern between them. But none of them had worked.

"Argh! This is Izzy's safe! There's gotta be some sort of kooky, crazy combination she has this programmed to! There's gotta!"

He suddenly got the idea that Izzy might have written the combination on the wall somewhere. So he started combing them with his eyes, hoping to find it. Or a clue to guess it, at the very least.

And then... pay dirt!


There were many things written on the walls of the safe room, and they were all black ink. That was except for the one entry he was looking at, which was in red ink.

That entry read '64-2-360.'

Cody went back to the safe and entered those digits in order. The magnetic lock clicked, and Cody turned the handle to open the safe.


12 karts were lined up at the starting line on the track, and Mike and his party were among the competitors.

"Are you ready to race?" Chris asked the racers over the loudspeaker.

Cries and grunts of acknowledgement came from the racers.

"Good! You'll have to wait until next time to get the green light, though, 'cause this is the end of Episode 1 of 'Total Drama: Virtual Final Fantasy!'"

Mike tried to repeat it. "'Total Drama What Now?'"

Aw, man, and just when we were getting to the video gaming part! Anyway, this is Sam signing off! See you next week for Episode 2!


To be continued...