Previously, on "Total Drama: Virtual Final Fantasy"...

"Alright, guys, let's do this!" Mike said to his offense in the huddle.

"Are you done yet?"

Owen danced happily.

"Wait, you've always dreamed of being made of yarn?"

"Blue! Blue! Hello, blue! I'm saying blue! Blue! BLUEEEEE!"

"YES! Time to collect my ten MILLION dollars!"

Courtney ran through the doors and into a dimly lit hallway. She followed its many twists and turns, hoping at the end that her prize would actually be waiting for her.

"I swear, if Chris screws me..."

Harold chuckled maniacally as he picked up his fork and dug into the cake. Licking his lips at the frosting, he started eating it up as he left the room.

"Revenge never tasted so sweet."



"He did it! Mike scored a touchdown to win the game 16-13. HOORAY! Total Dramaversity wins, in overtime!"

And now, the parodying of video games continues...

Geoff was riding his horse through the open field, searching for something. Or someone. He did not seem as energetic as he had been days before, and his face was showing clear signs of wear and tear. In fact, some of his blond locks had begun turning gray. Since arriving in this game world a couple weeks ago, he had been doing everything humanly possible to figure out what spell had been casted on the fair Dawn, and how to remove it.

Suddenly, off in the distance, Geoff heard an ear-piercing roar. And it was bouncing out of a canyon with high walls. Geoff gulped as he grabbed the reins of his horse and guided him into the passage.

Following the path, he and his horse were eventually led onto a long, rickety bridge suspended over a dark chasm that appeared to be bottomless from what Geoff could see. Something did not feel right, yet he knew that he needed to cross in order to reach his goal. And so he instructed his horse to begin traversing the gap. Everything appeared to be going well...

...until they were just a few steps away from the other end. Unable to support their combined weight for such an extended period of time, the bridge suddenly collapsed. On instinct, Geoff had his horse make a leap for the far end. The animal's front legs landed safely on the other side. But the back legs? Not so much.

Geoff jumped off of his steed, grabbing a hold of the edge and using his upper body strength to pull himself to safety. But he had no time to catch his breath, as he turned towards his horse to attempt to save him. Try as he might, though, the horse lost his balance and fell backwards before Geoff could reach out to pull him back from the brink. He was helpless to do anything as he saw his horse fall into the dark abyss below.

Geoff leaned over the edge, reaching out helplessly towards his best friend in this realm... and contemplating what more he could have done to save him. But before he could mourn his loss, the ear-piercing roar filled the air once more. Geoff got to his feet, straightened his cowboy hat, and made the decision to move on.

His destiny awaited him. And if he did not meet it, he would never get home.

Total Drama: Virtual Final Fantasy
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

So, new chapter! Yay. Go for it! And junk.

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Disclaimer: The characters of the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network, not me. All video games and other things referenced belong to their respective owners.

TDVFF Episode 7 ['Fantasy' Saga Episode 46]:
I'm a Superhero! (08.02.13)

Geoff might've been mourning the loss of a good friend on the outside, but on the inside, he was dearly missing his girlfriend...

Bridgette popped her head out of the water and swam over to dry land. Once on, which was actually the wooden floor on the inside of a partially-submerged ship, she took the snorkel out of her mouth and pulled a flashlight out of her wetsuit. Once she got her bearings and saw what she had to work with, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good! Girls, come on up!"

Looking at the ocean water in front of her, three more heads popped up. They all swam towards Bridgette and pulled themselves up. They all removed their snorkels, revealing themselves to be Beth, Leshawna, and Anne Maria.

"Ready to find some treasure?" Bridgette asked her team.

"You know it, gurl!" Leshawna replied in affirmation. "Let's do it!"

Bridgette got ready to lead the girls through the doorway and into the hallway, beginning their search for riches beyond belief. But Bridgette could not help but have something, or rather, someone else on her mind.

"I'm doing this for you, Geoff! Stay strong... we'll be together again soon."

"Wait!" Beth cut in. "Aren't we forgetting something?"

Anne Maria gasped. "You're right, pigtail! We's got to get out of these things!"

Sensual saxophone music began playing in the background as Leshawna, Beth, and Anne Maria all slowly got out of their wetsuits. Each of them pulled their zippers down at an agonizingly slow speed, letting their bodies pop out of the tight outfits with panache.

"Um, hello?" interrupted Bridgette, who had gotten hers off in a snap and was now in her normal clothes. "We kinda don't have all day here."

The trio nodded, unzipping fully without further delay, leaving them all in their normal clothes as well.

"Come on. Who knows how long we have 'til this place completely sinks."

The quartet headed off, letting Bridgette lead the way.

Whoa! Um... wow! I... I don't know what to say.

Except that was the best scene EVER! Heh heh... hot girls, man!

Geoff, who was walking further and further into the monster's den, stopped to take a second to glare at the narrator.

Right! The blonde's your girlfriend. Gotcha. I won't say any more.

Geoff smiled and continued on.

'Sides, I'm supposed to be narrating for you. Since you can't talk and all...

Geoff heard the ear-piercing howl for a third time. Entering the ruins of a Roman-like coliseum, he peered down into the bowl below and saw a giant monster wandering about.

There she is, man! The last of the colossus! Or is it colossi? No, it's colossus.

Geoff moved around, hoping to get a better look at the creature's face. As he did, though, the narrator - Sam - got to see her himself. And he was shocked to see her.

Dakota? Is... is that you?

Sure enough, the 40-foot tall creature was Sam's girlfriend Dakota. Or, to be more precise, Dakotazoid. Unaware of what was going on, she continued to prance around the arena. Geoff waited until he had her back to her, and then he pulled out his sword...

Whoa, hold on, man! That's MY girl! Can't you just let this colossus go or something?

Geoff wished he could spare Dakota, but he had no choice. He climbed up onto the railing and then dived off from the middle deck of the arena. Reaching out, he managed to grab onto some hair on the back of Dakotazoid's leg. Having avoided certain death if he had missed and had instead hit the ground, Trent took a few seconds to prepare himself for a long climb. He then began his ascent.

You better not harm her! You hear me? Geoff?

While Geoff climbed up the backside of another guy's girl, his own girl was doing some climbing of her own...

...up a set of stairs made up out of crates.

"Alright, I'm going for it!"

Reaching for the top, the other girls watched with varied degrees of interest as Bridgette leaped off of the top step, jumping up into a block, and then coming back down. Thankfully, she landed on her feet.

"I... I did it! YES!"

Bridgette celebrated briefly before going over to pick up the object that had come out of the top of the block. It was a scroll, which she quickly unfurled and read aloud.

"'There are three vowels.' Three vowels?"

"Sounds like a clue," Leshawna thought out loud. "But to what?"

"Maybe to get to the treasure, we have to have a password?" suggested Beth.

"That must be it! We better find some more clues."

The three exited the room, heading for the next one. Along the way they passed by Anne Maria, who was more focused on keeping her hair fixed in place rather than help in the treasure hunt.

While that was going on, Duncan had entered yet another new realm.

"Where am I now?"

He saw that he was now wearing some superhero duds, and he smirked.

"Hey, look at me! I'm a superhero! Now... time to bust some heads!"

Some rings appeared in the sky, apparently forming a trail that Duncan was supposed to follow. Duncan obliged, taking off from the ground and starting to fly through the rings one by one.

"Alright, rings... lead the way!"

Meanwhile, Geoff had reached a small platform attached to the small of Dakotazoid's back. There, he found a spot that was glowing brightly.

Don't you dare! Dakota, look out!

But Dakotazoid did not hear Sam's warning in time, as Geoff pulled out his sword and stabbed the colossi in the glowing spot. Feeling the weapon pierce her skin, Dakotazoid began shaking frantically, hoping to dislodge her attacker from her body. Geoff grabbed onto one of her scales and held on for dear life.

Shake 'im off! Shake 'im off! Shake 'im off!

Dakotazoid did her best to get Geoff off her, but she could not. Waiting for an opening, the hero bided his time. When the monster stopped, Geoff took the opportunity to stab Dakotazoid again. She would then try to shake him off again, and the process would repeat like that a couple more times. After four stabs, the spot disappeared. Geoff knew that in order to take the monster down, he would have to find a second glowing spot somewhere on her body.

But his arms were tired, and he had no choice but to let go. He dropped down to the ground, caught his breath, and then ran back up to the seats to find a spot to drop down onto her from above once more.

Good job, Dakota! But he's gonna try again! Stop him!

Heeding Sam's words, Dakotazoid spun around and tried to find Geoff in the seats of the coliseum. Geoff had gotten to a spot where she could not see him so he could gather himself before resuming his assault.

"EEEEEKKK!" screeched Dakotazoid. "Come out here, you jerk!"

As Geoff waited for a chance to leap onto the monster's back once more, his mind once more wandered to where Bridgette was and if she was okay.

Bridgette and her team made their way through the ship, finding clues aplenty that would hopefully lead them to the treasure. Or, to be more precise...

"LOOK!" shouted Beth, pointing at a signed door. "THE TREASURE ROOM!"

The group gathered around the door. Bridgette grabbed the knob and tried to turn it, but it would not budge.

"Unh! It's locked!"

"Look here, ya'll!" shouted Leshawna, drawing their attention to a paper taped to a funneled horn sticking out of the wall.

Bridgette pulled the note off from where it was taped and read it aloud to the others.

"'To unlock the door, just speak the password into the horn.'"

"Is that all? Easy!"

Leshawna paused, waiting for someone to do just that. When no one did, she decided to speak up.

"Uh, nobody knows what the password is?"

"Make way for moi!" Anne Maria said, shoving Beth aside and pushing past Leshawna. "I got this!"

She coughed to clear her throat, and then approached the 'speaker' to state the password.

"The password is gorgeous! Like me, baby!"

She then walked over to the door, fully expecting it to be unlocked. No surprise that the knob still did not budge when she turned it.

"Oh, come on, jiggle open, you stupid thang!"

"Password ain't no 'gorgeous,'" grumbled Leshawna. "It don't even fit all the clues we got."

Beth pulled out a piece of paper. Written on it were all the clues they had gotten. She started going over them, trying to piece a word together.

"Hmmmm... six letters. Three of them are vowels. None of the vowels are together. Two of the consonants are back-to-back. It's a plural form. And... the last letter in the word is 'i.'"

Everyone got to thinking about what the password might be. Except for Anne Maria, who started spraying her humongous poof.

"Girl," Leshawna spoke up, "we're inside a ship that may sink with the slightest shift in weight. Can't you do that AFTER we get outta here?"

"Whatchu talkin' about?" fired back Anne Maria. "There's never NOT a time to check your hair!"

Suddenly, Beth gasped out of nowhere.


Beth ran over to the speaker and told it the password.

"The password is octopi!"

She heard a bell sound, indicating her guess was correct.

"Ye may enter, ye of many intelligence!" said a female voice from the other side, snorting.

Bridgette went to the door and turned the knob. This time, the door opened.

"It worked!"

"Well, what are we waiting for?" asked Beth, excitedly. "Let's get us some treasure!"

Beth ran into the room, followed by Leshawna and Bridgette. Anne Maria brought up the rear, still spraying her hair like crazy.

Meanwhile, Geoff had gotten back on Dakotazoid and had managed to ascend all the way to the top of her head. Seeing a second glowing spot there, he prepared to thrust into it.

Dakota! Look out!

Geoff wanted to scold the narrator for breaking the fourth wall and taking sides, but then he remembered that he could not talk. Instead, he decided to continue on with his business. He started using his sword to cut at Dakotazoid's head. With each swing, Dakotazoid yelped in pain.

Hang on! I'll save you... once I figure out how to get out there. Ugh... unh... somebody help!

Dakotazoid fought with all her might, but eventually Geoff would stab her enough times that the pain was just too much. She screeched loudly as she started falling forward. Geoff leaped off of her back, just as he had done with every other creature he had fought before her, and rolled to safety. Dakotazoid went down, defeated by Geoff's mighty blade.

Geoff raised his arms triumphantly with glee.

You'll pay for that! Especially with what comes next!

Geoff watched as dark tentacles made completely of smoke started emerging from Dakotazoid's lifeless body. First there were three, then six, and then a dozen. They multiplied at a rapid pace. Sensing he was in trouble, Geoff got to his feet and started to run away...

Bridgette's team entered the treasure room, but to their dismay, there was no treasure to be seen. All there was to see was...

"A bunch of holes?" growled Leshawna. "WE WENT THROUGH ALL THAT FOR A BUNCH OF HOLES IN THE SHIP?"

"Does anyone feel a little uncomfortable?" questioned Bridgette, with a hint of fear in her voice.

"Well," replied Beth, "Leshawna's Leshawna, after all."

"No, not her. Did... did anyone see what was wrong with that password?"

"Other than it shoulda been gorgeous like I said?" interjected Anne Maria.

"No! I mean..."

Before Bridgette could finish her sentence, something squirmy emerged from one of the holes...

...and it lunged at her. She screamed in horror.

Geoff ran as fast as he could...

Get him! GET HIM!

...but in his mind, he knew it was fruitless. Every time he has defeated a colossus, he was attacked by smoky tentacles afterward. And today was no different...

...as one pierced him in the back, going all the way through to the front. He blacked out just prior to several other tentacles impaled him in other parts of his body...

...while Bridgette just screamed in mortal terror.

"Tentacles? Why'd it have to be tentacles? I THOUGHT WE WERE OVER THESE YEARS AGO!"

Bridgette was pulled into the hole, and subsequently, the water, disappearing into the murky deep, leaving Leshawna, Beth, and Anne Maria to ponder what to do...

...if anything.

Meanwhile, back in Chris' office, the evil host was laughing it up as he grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bucket he was resting on his lap.

"I knew bringing tentacles back would be AWESOME! Heh heh."

Chris then turned to another monitor, which had Duncan on it...

"Speaking of awesome..."

Duncan was irate, having to do something repetitive unnecessarily. In this case, flying around a city doing nothing but going through rings.

"I've been flying through rings for five [bleep]in' minutes! FIVE [BLEEP]IN' MINUTES! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Duncan stopped, deciding to hover around until a timer, which had one minute and 34 seconds on it, completely ran out. When it did, the words 'Chris Wins' appeared on the screen.

"That's it, McLean! I know you're watching this! If I ever find you... YOU'RE DEAD MEAT! And Sierra if by chance you're watching this, YOU'RE NEXT FOR SUBJECTING ME THROUGH ALL THIS CRAP!"

With that, Duncan flew off, waiting to be whisked away to the next world.

"Duncan can scream and shout and curse all he wants. No way he's getting to me!"

Chris smirked, then stuffed another handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"Hmmm..." he hummed, suddenly pausing. "I have this gut feeling I'm forgetting someone."

Owen was seen touching a button in mid-air and, as a result of doing so, he transformed into a giant tank. Cody was inside him, operating a giant boxing glove that shot out of Owen's chest, in addition to the missiles Owen could fire from his mouth.

"This is awesome!" cried Cody. "Let's get 'em Owen!"

"No. Not them."

Lost in the woods at night, Lindsay pulls a page off of a tree in curiosity. As she does, ominous music started playing in the background.

"Um... Tyler?" she asked, slowly and frighteningly.

"Not her either... but call me when she sleeps with her boyfriend and then gets killed for sleeping with her boyfriend. Oh, horror genre, you're so by the book."

Suddenly, Chris saw something appear on one of his monitors.

"Oh, wait, here we go!"

Bridgette came back out of the hole in the ship, still in the grasp of a slimy octopus tentacle.

"I'm so filing a restraining order against squid after this... WHOAAAA!"

Beth, Leshawna, and Anne Maria watched as Bridgette was passed from one tentacle to the next. She eventually was handed over to the tentacle closest to the creature's face and body.

"Hey, Bridgette! Look, Izzy's a squid again!"

"Izzy! I thought we went over this! No more multiple appendage assaults!"

Izzy rolled her eyes. "Come on! Izzy likes revisiting the past."

The other girls ran up, and they were armed with weapons. Beth had a magic wand, Leshawna had a spiked ball on a chain, and Anne Maria had a frying pan.

"Izzy's not letting go of my star! Izzy says 'finder's keepers, loser's weepers!'"

With that, Izzy spat ink at Bridgette's team, as well as the camera, blocking any view of what was going on to anyone who might be watching.

"NO!" Chris yelled. "MY CAMERA! Somebody fix it!"

Chef groaned as he appeared next to his boss, holding a mop and a bucket full of water. He then went off to take care of the situation, closing the door behind him.

"Now... to see what else is on!"

Suddenly, Chris heard the door open.

"What's the matter, Chef?" he asked without looking back. "Forgot the soap?"

He spun around to berate him face-to-face, but to his dismay, someone else had come in the room.

"YOU'RE ALIVE? But I thought..."

Whomever he or she was, the person approached Chris with a dagger in hand.


To be continued...