Summary: After the death of her friends, Kagome Higurashi returns to the present, lost and broken. When her mother sends her to live with Shigure Sohma, their distant cousin, Kagome encounters the many dangerous secrets of the Sohma family but that is where she finds the happiness she deserves. Kyo/Kagome. Follows Anime.

Author's Note: Well here is my next story. I did have some trouble starting with an idea but once it came, it was easy to write this. Please tell me what you think!

Edited: 12/29/13

Chapter One: Mourning of the Lost Ones

It was all a lie; Life, happiness, laughter and tears. Everything was a lie. The world could be a cruel place that tore the most important things away from someone. It took what she loved most away from her. The love of her life and her friends; they were all gone, forever. Kagome couldn't possible feel whole after everything. All she had left was Sango's demon cat companion Kirara who remained by her side as she returned to the future to be with her family.

Lord knows that her mother tried to get her to move on with her life. Go to school, make new friends, smile again, but Kagome refused. She wanted to stay in her room and preserve the memories she had with her. If she moved on, Kagome knew that she would forget in time but she didn't want to forget them.

The months slowly pasted as she went into a zombie like state until her mother could not take it anymore! Her daughter would die if she stayed this way.

"Kagome," Rai burst open her daughter's door with her hands on her hips. Her daughter was cuddled in the corner of her bed staring out at the shrine grounds, watching the fall leaves drift down from the trees. "That's it!" Kagome's emotionless eyes stared at her mother, "Kagome, it is time for a change in your life."

Kagome just reached for Kirara who perched herself on her mistress's lap. "I am fine mother, please leave me be."

Rai Higurashi was not going to let her daughter sit in this room forever and fade into nothing! It was time for a change. "You have been walking around here for months like as zombie. I know that your friends and even Inuyasha would want you to be happy and move on with your life. That's the reason I choose to do something about it if you like it or not. You are going to live with you father's family for a while."

Kagome gasped as her heart beat widely. Her mother was sending her away?! "You don't want me here anymore?"

Rai almost broke when she saw a single tear coming down her daughter's face but it only resolved her decision even more. "I want you here, but it's time to move on and you can't do that here. I have connected the Sohma main house and spoke to your cousin Akito. He has arranged for you to live with your distant cousin Shigure Sohma."

Rai wondered if she really was doing the right thing by contacting Akito. Her deceased husband rarely kept contact with his family for a mysterious reason. The only members that Rai ever met were Shigure, Hatori and Ayame, her husband's 20th cousins or something down the line.

They were kind people who welcomed her into the family but that was many years ago. After her husband's death, the three cousins would come to visit Kagome and Souta. Now it was only the yearly call from Shigure that Rai ever heard from the Sohma family.

"Mom, I don't even know them." Kagome protested, trying to convince her mother not to send her away. This place held so many memories and Kagome couldn't bear to part from the sacred tree: where she met Inuyasha and fell in love with him. "Please, I will to get better."

Rai just shook her head, "It is decided…I would start packing because you leave in a few days' time." Rai withdrew from her daughter's room not wanting to see her daughter's tears or her tears of grief to be seen either. This was for Kagome's sake and perhaps in the company of strangers, of family, that she would finally heal those broken wounds.

Souta watched as his mother passed him in the hallway. There were fresh tears coming down her face. He heard his mother's conversation with his sister and could feel his own fears start to sink in. Kagome, his older sister, was leaving him, again. He didn't want to be separated from her because of all the time they missed growing up together.

He missed Kagome when she went back into the past to battle demons and mortals alike. He was being selfish because he wanted to chain Kagome to the sacred tree and forbid her from leaving again. However, his mother was right. Kagome would never heal if she remained here in the constant shadow of what was. If she had any chance of a new life; it would have to be with new people, new beginnings. Perhaps he could visit her every weekend? It depended if his mother would allow it.

Kagome let the fresh tears fall back in her room, Kirara purring with comfort. She scratches the cat's ears with sadness. "I can't leave him…or them." Kagome felt the fire within her soul. "I will not leave!"

Shigure Sohma was surprised when the main house called him about a distant relation coming to live with him. Normally, the main house would just move the family member into one of their private houses. However, this relation was the daughter of Ruko Higurashi, the youngest grandchild of the pervious cat.

Kagome Higurashi was third cousin of Kazuma Sohma, who took care of Kyo Sohma, the current cat. The youngest daughter of the pervious cat married outside the family and produced Ruko who kept his family away from the Sohma family out of fear.

Kagome would be moving into his house in a few days; with Yuki as her other cousin. Rai, Kagome's mother informed Shigure about Kagome coming from a long line of holy power, or miko in her case. Kagome was a strong individual and would fit among their family very nicely.

He flipped through his paper in his study when Yuki opened the sliding door. "I am heading to school." His cousin turned to leave before Shigure spoke up, asking him to hold on for a second. "What is it?" Yuki asked impatiently.

Shigure set his paper down at his desk. "I got a call a few days ago from the main house. We are going to add another houseguest to our little family," His smile was big and goofy before he continued. "The child of Ruko Higurashi is coming to stay with us for a while."

Yuki knew the story behind that name. Ruko ran from the family to another part of Japan with his wife in tow. No one heard of him in years before Hatori found them with a miko daughter, who was the only one to bypass the curse because of her linage. "When?"

"Kagome should be here by the end of the week. Her mother asks that Kagome stay here a year tops until she has passed her grief." Yuki blinked before nodding and turning away. "Yuki I hope you will welcome her into this house."

Yuki stood still before speaking softly, "Why wouldn't I?" He slammed the door shut and continued on his way to school. Shigure sighed before flipping through his newspaper again, ignoring the manuscript that was due in an hour. He chuckled when his phone started to ring. Mii was never late for manuscript day.

Her heart felt heavy as a black car pulled in front of the shrine steps. Kagome only had two suitcases and Kirara by her side. The driver door opened and a man with hair covering his left eye stepped out of the car. "Kagome?" He addressed her in a solemn tone. She just nodded before Kirara started to purr. "I am Hatori Sohma, your distant cousin. I am here to take you to Shigure's house."

Hatori got a good look at the girl; long black hair with blue emotionless cold eyes. "Thank you." She muttered before turning back to her family who were waiting with her for Hatori to arrive. "Good bye everyone."

The little boy hugged her first and Hatori saw the littlest of emotion crawl its way into Kagome's eyes. She obviously cared for her little brother very much. "Promise you will call me every day." She whispered before kissing his head. She gave her grandfather a hug before turning to her mother. "I wish I didn't have to go." Kagome said softly.

Rai just folded her daughter into a loving hug. "Sometimes a fresh start helps heal a broken heart Kagome," She kissed her daughter's forehead before wiping a tear from her face. "Be good and call us as often as you can."

"Yes mother." Kagome said is a solemn tone before she started loading her bags into the car.

Rai glanced to Hatori, "Make sure she stays out of trouble."

Hatori nodded. "I promise." He said before shaking her hand and got back into the car. For the next hour alone there was uncomfortable silence in the car. Kagome could feel the man's aura in the seat next to her. It was of a dragon. "Why did your mother ask for you to live with Shigure?"

Jeez…this guy doesn't waste time.

Kagome glanced at him, "None of your business." She hissed but answered a question with a question, "Why do you have the aura of a dragon?" Hatori almost hit another car before Kagome smiled. "If you are not willing to share, don't ask me of my business."

The next few minutes were even worse. Kagome did not talk to Hatori at all and he didn't even help her over to the house with her bags once they came to the edge of the woods. "Asshole." Kagome hissed as he drove away before she turned around to knock on the front door.

"You must be Kagome," She stopped short turning to her right. There was a man about Hatori's age with a newspaper in his hand and he was wearing a kimono during the day. He had the same aura like Hatori only he was a dog. "I am Shigure Sohma, your distant cousin."

Kagome just threw a fake smile on her face, before speaking up. "It is nice to meet you."

"You look just like your great - grandmother." The deceased spouse of the former cat – a woman who only bore him children out of pity. The woman also had long black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Kagome nodded at the mention of her unknown family. For years none of these people besides her cousin Shigure showed an interest in her brother and herself. He would call once a year to see how they were doing and there was always a gift on their birthdays and Christmas. "That's nice of you to say," Kagome motioned to the door, "May I go inside?"

Shigure chuckled before nodding, "I will show you around." He opened the front door after he glided over to where she was. "There is also one other teenager living with me, your cousin Yuki Sohma."

Kagome didn't care either way. All she wanted to do was stick around for a year and return to her mother's house with a clear mind set. "Wonderful." She said carelessly.

He opened the door to the small room at the top of the stairs. "It is small but roomy. I went ahead and bought you a bigger bed with some other stuff in there. Make yourself at home."

Kagome looked about the room. There was a nice desk on the right corner in front of a big window with a nice view of the forest. Also a nice oak dresser with a queen size bed. "Thank you for your kindness Shigure." Kagome bowed to her new guardian with a pleasing smile.

Shigure nodded before he remembered that he forgot to say something. "Also the main house called, Akito the head of the family would like to meet you and he has ordered that you return to school."

Kagome shook her head. "I don't care if the head of your family says. I will not return to school at anyone expense but my own." She said defiantly. "If he wishes to see me then he may come here."

Shigure blinked at Kagome's anger before shaking his head, and answered sternly. "It is your family too."

"Since when?" She hollered with more anger then before. "No one in your family has taken an interest in my brother and me from the beginning. Akito has no authority to order me around." Kagome composed herself quickly, "Forgive me Shigure, I just don't like taking orders from anyone. If you will excuse me I need to start unpacking."

Shigure left her in peace before she took out her most prized possession. It was the golden locket of her and Inuyasha's angry face. "I feel a new beginning starting Inuyasha." She stared outside at the blue sky. "I will never forget you though." She promised before setting the locket on her desk. Kirara curled up on the bed and began to fall asleep. A single tear crept down Kagome's face.

Several hours passed as Kagome tried to tidy up her room and before long her stomach was rumbling. It was lunch time and she was sure that Shigure was getting hungry too. Kagome traveled down the stairs towards the kitchen to make them both a small snack for lunch. Kirara walked behind her mistress and meowed in hunger. Kagome chuckled before she crossed into the threshold of the kitchen door. "Come on Kirara, I will make us something…" She cut herself off.

Kagome froze as her eyes widened with horror. The kitchen….was a mess! There were dirty dishes and trash bags everywhere! Her mouth hung open as a fly flew by slowly. "Holy shit." Kagome whispered before she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Kirara ran out of the room like a scared little kitten once she glanced down at the mess. "Traitor!"

Shigure popped his head into the kitchen after he heard Kagome coming down the stairs. He just wanted to see if she was okay. He sweat dropped at the sight of his messy kitchen. "I am sorry," He laughed nervously. "None of us are good cleaners or cooks and-"

He was cut off as Kagome pulled her hair back into a ponytail. "Well it isn't going to clean itself." She said with a positive attitude that honestly shocked Shigure. "While I am cleaning, what would you like for lunch Shigure?"

His stomach growled as both of them started to laugh. "Grilled fish?" Shigure asked hopefully.

Kagome just nodded her head before shooting him out of the kitchen. "It will be done within the next few hours if you don't mind lunch being a little late? You can snack on something until I finished?" His heart warmed at the young girl's smile. It was a complete opposite of the girl who dared defy Akito before actually meeting him and it was nice to see that side of her. He took some carrots from the fridge to return to his study before Kagome tightened her bandana. "What was I thinking? I don't even know where to start."

The next few hours Kagome scrubbed, washed, sponged every part of that kitchen as she began to start on the lunch she promised; Grill salmon with white rice and leeks. Kagome finally put the broom down before filling the plates. "It is all done." Kagome walked down the hallway before knocking on Shigure's study. She opened the door to find Shigure sitting at his computer working on his manuscript. "Here you go Shigure. I am going to finish my room before I start dinner."

Shigure gave her a small smile of gratitude. "You didn't have to do this Kagome."

Kagome disagreed. "I am living in this house now and I know already you don't know anything about cooking or cleaning. I would be happy to do my part."

Shigure nodded. "Kagome, is there any chance you would be willing to go back to school?" He watched his cousin's back stiffen before she glanced at him. "I just think it would be good for you to meet new people your age." She turned to leave. "Think about it."

Kirara meowed as Kagome came back into the kitchen and set her own plate of fish on the floor. "Is it a good idea to go back to school?" Kagome asked sliding her fingers through the cat demon's fur. Kirara just meowed before digging into the wonderful meal her mistress prepared for everyone.

Kagome eat her food quietly in the dining room with Kirara resting in her lap. The day was going by rather fast as she tried to finish organizing her bedroom. Although before she knew it the clock stroked four o'clock which meant that one of her cousins, Yuki Sohma was going to be home any minute and Kagome wanted to greet him.

It was rude to snap at Hatori and Shigure both earlier this morning about the Sohmas. It wasn't anyone's fault that Kagome and Souta never went near their deceased father's family. Time just got away and maybe it would a good idea to at least try to know her family.

She also wondered if he had a different aura on him as well. Shigure had the aura of a dog. Perhaps a family secret or something but it was none of her business. If they wanted to tell her than she would be happy to know, if not, Kagome could care less.

Kagome went down the stairs as she heard the front door opening. A young boy about her age glanced her way and Kagome got a better look at him. He kind of looked like a girl but attractive in a sort of way. "You must be Yuki." Kagome found herself speaking with a smile plastered on her face. "I am your cousin Kagome."

Yuki stared at the girl across the hallway. "It is nice to meet you." He greeted her in a pleasant tone. "When I heard you were coming I came straight home to welcome you."

Kagome smiled as she walked down the hallway towards him. "I am glad." Yuki froze as Kirara came up next to Kagome's leg. "This is Kirara." She bent down to pick up the demon cat. "She is my companion. I hope you mind cats."

Yuki could feel the cat's stare and it frightened him a tiny bit. "It doesn't matter." Kagome could feel the tension coming from Yuki and she set Kirara down. "Can I ask how you are related to the Sohma family?" He asked changing the subject.

Kagome thought back for a second. "My father was part Sohma. His name was Ruko Higurashi and my grandmother's name was Aki Sohma, the youngest daughter of an important Sohma family member. That's what I was told." Yuki instantly knew who she was; the great granddaughter of the previous cat of the zodiac.

Suddenly she could feel tension fill the air. "Well it was nice to meet you." He turned away from his cousin to take his backpack upstairs. Kagome just blinked before shrugging her shoulders. He must be tired from school, she thought before heading upstairs to her own room.

Kagome kept to herself most of the night and that did not bother the other two members of the house. Shigure knew that everything was going to be hard to take in and he wanted to give her space. For Yuki it was because she somehow related to the cat of the zodiac. He hated cats!