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Hermione looked at herself in the mirror. She could never get used to wearing someone else's body. She sighed as she tied her hair up in a high pony-tail. It was still dark brown, but instead of being bushy and curly it fall like silk over her shoulders. Her eyes were bright brown and her skin was pale, light moonlight, and the runes in her arms made a perfect contrast. She was much smaller than her usual height.

"I wasn't sure if it would work" she spoke quietly as everyone stared at her in wonder. "The runes are not part of their body per say…so I didn't know if they would appear on us"

"You are wearing Shadowhunter DNA" Magnus spoke from where he was sitting next to Alec on the loveseat of the living room "The runes become part of them since they get their first one"

"Well, I'm glad it worked" Harry Potter spoke as he rose from the sofa "Now, can the rest of us get ready?"

"Of course" Hermione nodded and rushed towards the other three vials that were placed on the coffee table.

She took one up and turned towards her friends who were standing right in front of them. She gave the first vial to Ginny who looked at it nervously but drank it all the same. As Ginny scrunched her nose and the terrible taste, Hermione handed Harry the next vial. Harry drank it without hesitation and then shuddered at the taste. By then Ginny's hair had grown down to her waist and instead of ginger, it had turned blond. Hermione gave Ron the last vial and he took a deep breath before drinking its contents.

"Ough" Ron coughed as he put the now empty vial down "Each time the taste gets worse"

Ron then started to change. His hair grew brown, thick and tousled. His face turned into sharp cheekbones and he grew taller and a bit more muscular. His eyes turned radiant green, like grass in spring but they had a cold light to them. His skin turned paler than his usual tone and the runes started to shine on his skin.

He turned to look towards the rest and noticed that everyone had changed completely as well. Harry had similar resemblance to himself, but he was shorter and had sand blond hair instead of brown. Harry had also grown more muscular and his skin was tanner than Ron's, but the runes still highlighted on his skin. His eyes were the same shade of green as Ron's.

Ginny had changed into a beautiful young woman. Her long blond hair and fall like waves down her shoulders, reaching her waist. Her eyes were of a soft brown color. She was taller than Hermione and her skin looked delicate and well-taken care of.

"Well, that brings back memories" Magnus said to himself as he stared at all the wizards. His eyes had taken a faraway look, as it often did when he was remembering something that had happened centuries ago.

"How long have these people been dead?" Harry asked as he looked at himself in the mirror

"Too long" Magnus answered standing up "No one will remember you, so don't worry about that…There are only two people that are still alive who knew these people…and one of them is me"

"What about the other one?" Ginny asked

"I haven't seen her in a long time and I doubt I'll do anytime soon" Magnus said with a wave of his hand

"I think you should go through basics about Shadowhunters" Alec spoke as he stood up as well

"What do we have to know?" Ron asked with a roll of his eyes "You're blood thirst folk who kill for a living"

"We're Nephilims" Alec snapped with a frown "We were chosen to protect the world from demons"

"That attitude will only get you killed in front of the clave" Magnus answered "You are to stay silent and speak only if asked direct questions"

"If anyone asks, you are from the London Institute and are on personal business" Alec spoke "If you staying were to cause questioning between Clave members, I will respond to them. By no means they have to contact the head of the London Institute"

"What if someone from London mentions we're not from there?" Hermione asked

"We've thought of that" Alec spoke "You don't look much older than 18…Harry and Ron are probably 20, but that can be manipulated. Ginny, you were recently left orphan after demons attacked your family and you looked for help at the Institute. Hermione, you're a traveler from Gales who needed refugee at the London Institute. Harry and Ron are brothers who just moved out of their house to become Shadowhunters. Your mother left the Clave and married a mundane, that's why they didn't know about you and you got your first runes drawn at the London Institute"

"Wow…you really gave a lot of thought to the whole plan, didn't you?" Harry asked looking impressed

"We just thought of the best stories that would not rise questioning" Magnus answered "You can't just appear as Shadowhunters without a background story"

"What about names?" Hermione asked "If anyone is to ask, we need names to give"

"Well…you could use the names of those you're disguised as" Magnus said "But no last names…that would raise too much suspicion"

"Why? Which are their names?" Ron asked

"Well, for starters…You and Harry are Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood" Magnus said and Alec turned sharply to look at him

"You're kidding me, right?" Alec asked "They're…they're my ancestors?"

"And Harry over there is the man you were named after" Magnus nodded with a grin "Ginny here is Jessamine Lovelace and Hermione is Charlotte Branwell"

"Well…What names should we give?" Ginny asked

"Give your real names" Alec answered "Lovelace and Branwell can be used. They're dead last names, I haven't heard of them in my life"

"and you can use Youngblood….I haven't met one of those in years!" Magnus said happily

"Harry and Ronald Youngblood, Ginevra Lovelace, and Hermione Branwell?" Hermione asked sounding a bit unsure

"Sounds Shadowhunter enough" Alec shrugged crossing his arms against his chest

"Now" Magnus said with an excited glint in his eyes "Time to dress up!"

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