Hey guys. So this story is kind of a stretch even for me. You know I love Hannah Montana, and you know that I love comics, if my crossover stories have been any indication. So, I was browsing through fanfiction and found a story by John Chubb called Hannah Montana Blue Lantern. It was a great story, but he hadn't updated because he had too many stories on his plate. So, he's allowed me to carry on this heavy burden, and I promise I'm going to make it the best I can. It's going to be retold differently than how John told it, but it's still going to capture the fun, super heroic epicness that his story had. I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Hannah Montana is owned by Disney and It's A Laugh productions. Green Lantern and the seven Lantern Corps are owned by DC Comics and Warner Brothers. I don't own either and I'm not trying to make a profit off this so don't sue me.


Prepare yourself for a tale of heroism and heartbreak, valor and venom, mightiness and meekness, and the sacrifice that a young human must make to fulfill her destiny. I am Ganthet. I am Sayd. And we are the creators of the blue power ring, the ring of hope. We have found a worthy human to take the blue ring, and become the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps. But perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let us start at the beginning on Sector 2814, or as you humans know it by, Earth.We start inside the structure known as 'The Staples Center,' where you humans partake in the entertainment of watching complete strangers dance and sing around a stage for your enjoyment. This particular form of entertainment comes in the form of a young female human. Her slender but muscular frame allows her to flit across the stage with effortless ease. It also allows her to be light on her feet. Her wardrobe is...striking to say the least, but befits an earthly entertainer, but the most striking feature is the blonde wig she wears. Why she would wish to cover up her beautiful brown hair to maintain her secret identity, we do not know. However, we seem to be getting off topic. After the festivities die down, and all the young adolescents go home, the female heads to her dressing room to change back to her secret identity of a regular female human. This human's name? Destiny Hope Stewart, but known to her friends and family as Miley Stewart, and the entertainer that she transformed from, was Hannah Montana. We promised not to interfere, and so we will only observe until the time is right. For the Blackest Night is coming, and the Blue Lantern must be ready.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"JACKSON!" Miley yelled, chasing after her brother. Once again, Jackson had gotten ahold of Miley's laptop and was now running with it, trying to read her online diary.

"You can't catch me, Miles! I will be darned if I don't get a sneak peek at your diary! Whoo-eee!" Jackson yelled, doing a Matrix leap over the couch. Miley ran to the other side of the living room, trying to corner her brother, but Jackson was a little too quick. He made a serpentine maneuver, and went running up the stairs, yodeling like a hillbilly all the way.

"WHOO-DOGGIES! Jackson Stewart, you've just hit the jackpot!" he yelled from upstairs. Miley, exasperated, sat down on the couch. Then she remembered that her father kept his laptop under the coffee table. She wanted to check the fan mail that she got as Hannah Montana, so she grabbed his computer and logged onto her Hannah email. Activating the filter that Roxy had put on to weed out the crazies, which went something along the lines of 'I know where you live and ROXY LIKE A PUMA!' Miley chuckled as it played, then went through the mail. Most of it was stuff about her music, or where they could go for auditions and Miley gave the best advice and hints that she could, then she came to a message that made her pause. The message went like this.

Dear Hannah,

You probably won't read this because you've got a busy life and I understand that, but if you do, I need your help.

You see, I want to do what I've always dreamed of. I want to act in a Hollywood movie. My mom and grandmother keep encouraging me to do so, to follow my dreams, but my dad doesn't encourage me in the slightest. He always puts me down saying that I'll never get a job like that, to focus on financial jobs or jobs that he deems as 'beneficial to society,' that acting is an unrealistic goal. I don't know what to do anymore, and the worst part is that I live with him so I constantly have to deal with his discouragements on a daily basis. I'm starting to second guess myself and wonder if my dream really is silly. I know you don't have to worry about this because you're so positive and upbeat, but nothing in my life has gone how it was planned. Hannah, I don't know what to do anymore. I know you probably can't do anything, but I would like advice. I need to know if you think I should give up. You're one of my favorite people in the world and you're opinion matters to me. Thanks, Hannah. It felt good to tell you this. I hope you can help.

Love from a fan,

Johnny P.

Finishing the letter, Miley frowned. She thought long and hard about what to do, how she could encourage this fan that everything would get better. She then thought of what she would want to happen if she were in this fan's shoes. She had her answer and started typing.

Dear Johnny P.

First of all, take my word for it, everything will get better. I don't normally make promises to strangers, but I promise you that if you ever want to talk again, I'm willing to listen.

Your father doesn't seem to understand that not encouraging you to follow your dreams is the worst possible thing a parent could do. I commend your Mom and Grandmother for never doing that, as they believe you could do it. But, your father just seems to believe it to be a waste of time and I don't like that. I believe that every child should have a chance to follow their dreams and discouraging that dream is not good mentally. It makes the child believe that they are not worthy enough to do what they love. Don't give up what you love and what you want to do. Just because your father says it's not a good goal, doesn't mean you should give up on what you love. Giving up on your dream is the worst possible thing you could do.

Give your dad time, he may come around. But if he doesn't, then you'll feel better when you actually fulfill your dream and didn't listen to the berating. I really hope things work out for you. It's so heartbreaking to me to get a letter like yours. It's true that I got lucky being able to do what I love, but even so, if I couldn't, I would still not let people put me down, and that's what you can't let people do. Things will get better, I promise. Just don't lose hope.

With love, hugs and kisses,

Hannah Montana.

Typing that last line made Miley smile. If she was able to inspire hope in this young boy and help him to not give up on his dream, than she felt on top of the world. She only wished she could inspire hope in everyone.

But how could I give hope to everyone? Especially with all the hopelessness in the world. The answer to her question came in the form of a blue glow. An otherworldly voice emanated from it.

Destiny Hope Stewart of the Planet Earth

You have the ability within you to instill

Great hope to others

Miley couldn't place where the blue glow had come from. Then, something fell from the sky and dropped in her hand. She picked it up and it was a ring that cast a blue glow that illuminated it. There was strange symbol on it and it seemed to will itself onto Miley's finger. Even more bizarre, was that it seemed to speak.

Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps

The Corps of Hope

The next thing Miley knew was a blue flash and a costume appearing around her. It was a black costume with blue highlights and the same symbol that was on the ring in a white circle. It looked to be that of a circle with two handholds on the sides and two holds on the top and bottom. It looked tight on her, and it in fact was. Every curve and highlight on Miley's body was highlighted as the costume hugged her. She looked at it and it looked form fitting all the way with no zippers or buttons anywhere. A blue mask covered her eyes, disguising her. Next to her appeared a blue lantern of the same make as the symbol on her chest and ring and it cast the same glow. Miley sighed as she looked at what had happened to her.

"Sweet Niblets." Miley said. "My life has definitely gotten a lot more complicated."

` xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After the ring and costume appeared on her, Miley heard Jackson coming downstairs. Scrambling, she tried to go hide, not wanting Jackson to see her in this strange outfit. She hid out in the back of the beach house and waited. Jackson came down the stairs and placed Miley's laptop on the kitchen table, giggling at what he'd found. He looked around, trying to find his annoying little sister and finding no trace of her. Shrugging, he sat down to watch TV. After flipping through the channels, he settled on MTV. The phone rang as the show played. Jackson looked at the phone and called upstairs,

"MILES! PHONE!" When Miley didn't come down the stairs, Jackson got off the couch and called up again. After not getting a response again, he sighed and picked up the phone.

"Hello? Aw, yeah. Big Dog. Roo-roo-roo. What's up, Cooper?" he asked, greeting his best friend Cooper. He nodded as Cooper kept talking and said,

"Jessica Alba's going to be at the Premiere? Heck yeah, I'm going to be there. I'll meet you in five," he said, hanging up the phone. Miley could hear Jackson call,

"Miles, I'm heading to the Premiere. Don't wait up!" Miley smiled, until the ring seemed to say,

Place the ring

Speak the oath

She covered the ring as she heard Jackson close the door to the house and start his car. Miley cautiously made her way into the house, and put the lantern down on the coffee table.

"Place the ring and speak the oath. The oath? Right, everyone knows the oath," she said to herself. She pointed her ring at the opening in the front of the lantern and said,

"I, Miley Stewart, do solemnly swear to pledge allegiance to a lantern that just appeared near me for some reason and promise to uphold the virtues of the lantern," she said, not knowing what else to say. When that didn't work, she decided to recite the different catch phrases she'd heard over the years.

"Abracadabra. Hocus Pocus. Presto Changeo. To infinity and beyond. Hakuna Matata. Just keep swimming," she kept saying, getting more and more frustrated as none of them worked. She threw her hands up in the air and snapped,

"Come on! How am I supposed to recite something I've never heard before?!" she said. Her frustration reached a peak as she tried to knock the lantern off the table. The ring came in contact with it, and it finally glowed. Knocking Miley back on the couch, it took her into a trance and she finally recited the oath.

"In fearful day, in raging night,

With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,

When all seems lost in the War of Light,

Look to the stars, for hope burns bright!"

After reciting the last line, the blue glow illuminated the entire house and Miley had to close her eyes from the brightness. The next thing she knew was that she was not sitting on the floor but floating up to the ceiling. She hit the ceiling, and tried everything she could to get through it. Then, she concentrated, and finally phased through it. She smiled as she appeared outside. She concentrated again and started to move forward, grinning wider as she found she wasn't floating anymore, but actually flying. Zooming through the air, enjoying the feeling of the wind coursing through her hair, she noticed a small shape running down an alleyway with three other shapes following close behind. Miley headed down to see what was going on.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Smith ran down the alleyway, trying to escape her pursuers. She'd overheard three girls at schools claiming that they were going to humiliate Hannah Montana because they thought that Mikayla was better. Sophie threatened that she would tell the police and the three Mikayla fans chased her from the school. Now, she was being chased down the alleyway, as the three girls pursued her and were getting closer and closer. She ran into a dead end and turned in horror as the three girls encroached on her. Fear stricken, she still glared and faced the girls.

"You three aren't going to get away with this. I'll stop you before you can humiliate Hannah," she said, physically feeling her legs shaking. The three girls smiled.

"Mikayla will annihilate that loser Hannah Montana. Our pop goddess will show Hannah whose better overall," one of them said. Hovering above, Miley frowned. Her arms crossed, she cleared her throat.

"Mean bully girls say what?" she said. The four girls looked up and saw Miley hovering above them.

"What did you say?" she asked. The three bully's glared.

"Who the heck are you?" another asked. Miley smirked and generated a beam that created three hands that picked up all three mean girls and held them in the air, kicking, screaming and shouting

"Hey! What?! What's going on?!" Miley brought all of them up to eye level with her and smirked again.

"Now is that any way for ladies to behave? Oh, wait, you're Mikayla fans. There are no ladies in that fan club," she said. The three mean girls glared.

"How dare you spit on the name of our pop goddess!" the lead bully said. Miley gave the girls a look and said,

"Pop goddess? Mikayla? You've gotta be kidding me."

"Mikayla is a goddess. She can beat that loser Hannah Montana any time of day, just as we will," the leader said again. Miley glared at them for the first time since they'd seen her and growled,

"I don't think so." She fired a beam out of her ring that enveloped the three girls and another down to Sophie which turned into a lawn chair for her. Miley chuckled.

"Buckle up for safety," she said as she, the three mean girls and Sophie flew away.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Outside the tenth precinct of the Malibu Police Department, the three Mikayla fans were left tied in a bow of energy with a note attached that said,

Call these girls parents, and also a social worker.

Miley flew Sophie to her house in Malibu, a smile on her face.

"Wow, that was really fun. And I'm not just talking about what you did to those Mikayla fans," she said, chuckling. Miley smiled.

"No prob," Miley said. She noticed the Hannah Montana t-shirt on Sophie and asked,

"Are you a Hannah Montana fan?" Sophie nodded.

"Yeah. I love Hannah, and I knew that I couldn't let those Mikayla fans get away with what they were planning to do," she said. Miley nodded.

"What were they planning to do?" she asked.

"They were going to do a repeat of what happened when she was on Singing with the Stars with that Amber Addison girl. Only she would be more humiliated because her mic would be distorted, paint would be strewn on her and other embarrassing things that they could think of. They would end it by putting a sign on her back much like a 'kick me' sign, only that one would say 'Mikayla rules,'" she said. Miley could feel her anger rising, but she kept it internal, not letting it show.

"You did the right thing trying to go to tell someone. Don't worry, I'll be sure that Hannah gets the message. And who knows, maybe at her next concert you'll be called up," she said. Sophie smiled, blinking back tears.

"Thank you, Blue Lantern," she said, hugging the superhero. Miley blushed under her mask and hugged Sophie back, saying,

"Go in and relax. You've had a big day today. See you around." Sophie nodded and said,

"I will, Blue Lantern. Goodbye," she said, walking back into the house as Miley flew back into the air. She smiled as she remembered what Sophie had called her.

Blue Lantern. I guess that's who I am. Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana and the Blue Lantern. As she flew, she could tell people were looking up astonished, and a lot of people were taking pictures. Miley smiled and let them take their pictures then zoomed back to her beach house. Jackson obviously had been home for awhile and she had to get home before her father.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sure enough, Robbie Ray had come home, along with Miley's two friends, Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken, and Miley's bodyguard, Roxy. Jackson came down stairs, holding Miley's lantern. Robbie Ray, Lilly and Oliver and Roxy were astonished.

"Uh, Jackson, where'd you get that?" Robbie Ray asked. Jackson looked at the lantern and said,

"I found it in Miley's room. I keep getting a weird vibe off of it." They were all about to inspect it, when a voice behind them said,

"Where'd you get that?" They turned around saw Miley standing on the porch wearing a strange black and blue costume with a blue mask on her face that concealed her eyes and threw off perceptions to those who would try to figure out her identities as Miley or Hannah. Before Jackson could say anything, Miley put a finger to her temple and the lantern quickly disappeared from Jackson's hand and reappeared in Miley's. Robbie Ray watched and asked,

"How the Sam Heck did you do that?" Miley shrugged.

"Telepathic call. If I concentrate hard enough, I can call my lantern to me from anywhere," she said. Robbie Ray nodded. Roxy was concerned. There was only one person she knew that had an outfit like Miley had, only their's was green, not blue. She walked out of the beach house, claiming that she had a few calls to make and would come back later.

"Now to the big question, where'd you get it?" Robbie Ray asked. Miley proceeded to tell her father, brother and friends about her answering the fan question and thinking about how much she wanted to bring hope to people, then how the ring dropped onto her finger and the lantern appeared beside her. Lilly nodded, smiling. Robbie Ray and Jackson were speechless, and Oliver was fan boying.

"How many supervillains have you fought yet?" he asked.

"What do supervillains have to do with anything," Lilly asked. Oliver shrugged.

"I don't know. Basically, when someone's chosen to be a superhero, supervillains usually follow," he said. Lilly sighed.

"Guys, I don't know how to explain it, but the ring chose me. Me, of all people. It said I had the ability to instill great hope and that's what it wants me to do. How can I say no to that," Miley asked. Jackson, internally agreeing with Oliver, said,

"Oh, I think the odd assortment of supervillains should be a good reason." Lilly sighed and stepped on Jackson's foot...hard. Then she looked at her best friend and asked,

"Miley, are you sure you're going to be able to handle three lives? I mean regular girl, pop star and superhero? People have a hard enough time with two part time jobs." Miley nodded.

"Lil, I can pull it off. Besides, Dad, it helped me find a Hannah fan being chased by some Mikayla fans. Being the Blue Lantern allowed me to save her and find out that the Mikayla fans were going to play a humiliating prank on Hannah," she said. Robbie Ray nodded and asked,

"When did this happen?" Miley turned on the TV by generating a beam from her ring to the 'ON' button, turning on the local news. It showed the three Mikayla fans gift wrapped for the Malibu police. Everyone turned and pondered how exactly Miley did it. Jackson was weirded out by what Miley did, and asked,

"You're not going to use that ring all the time are you?"

"No, only when I'm Blue Lantern. Why?" Miley asked.

"Well, Mile, I think what Jackson is trying to say is how are you going to use your powers? Are you going to be a superhero or just make Miley and Hannah's lives better?" Robbie Ray asked.

"What's that supposed to mean? I helped people today," Miley said. Robbie Ray nodded.

"People that loved Hannah. Would you do the same for a stranger needing help?" he asked. Miley thought that was a good question, and Miley knew what the answer would be and she believed in the answer she was going to give.

"Yes, Dad, I would help them. The ring said I had the ability to instill great hope and that's what I'm going to do, no matter what," she said. Robbie Ray smiled and hugged his daughter.

"Now, that's the little girl I brought up," he said. Jackson, Oliver and Lilly looked on and smiled, when a flash of blue appeared off to the side. Robbie Ray and Miley turned... and saw two short 'people' with blue skin. One was male with long white hair that looked to be thinning and the other was female with a bald head. Both wore white robes with the symbol Miley wore on her Blue Lantern uniform.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Oliver asked.

"If you mean two blue midgets in white dresses, then yes," Jackson answered. Lilly looked at Miley who looked at the two small beings near her.

"Um, hello. Are you here about the ring?" she asked.

"Yes, Destiny Stewart, we are," the female midget said. "And we are here for you." Miley looked wide eyed and asked,

"You're here...for me? Who are you?" The male midget said,

"We are the creators of your ring. I am Ganthet and this is Sayd. We are formerly of the Guardians of the Universe, the superiors of the Green Lantern Corps."

"Green Lantern Corps?" Lilly asked.

"How many corps are there?" Oliver asked.

"Seven total," Ganthet said. "In accordance to the prophecy of the Blackest Night."

"The Blackest Night?" Robby Ray asked. "What in tarnation is that? And who are you two anyway?"

"And what do you mean 'formerly of the Guardians?' What happened?" Lilly asked.

"And why did Miley get a ring?" Jackson asked. Ganthet sighed. This was going to take a while, but he had time, and hope.

Hope for Destiny Hope 'Miley' Stewart, and her role in events to come.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When Roxy got back to her apartment, she looked for the business card that her friend owned. She found it and hoped the number on the card was still active. The card read Shining Light Architecture and had a picture of a green lantern on it. Roxy knew how important the lantern was to the company founder. It was a life of responsibility. A responsibility that Miley was a part of, yet with a different corps. She dialed the number and the receptionist answered, asking how she could direct Roxy's call.

"I need to speak to John Stewart please," she said. "Tell him it's an old friend from the Marines."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At Mikayla's mansion, Hannah Montana's rival was far from happy. She watched Access Hollywood and saw three psycho Mikayla fans preaching her 'goddessness' as the reporter revealed they had been chasing a Hannah Montana fan.

"RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Mikayla roared as she threw a stack of magazines at the TV.

"I HATE Hannah Montana. Why can't I get good fans like her?! Why do I get the crazies?!" Mikayla yelled as she paced the room. Her manager and godmother, Margo, walked into her room.

"Mikayla, are you all right?" Breathing heavily, Mikayla said,

"No, Margo. I just watched 'Access Hollywood' and saw a story about my 'fans.'" Margo understood. This meant Mikayla was going to be taken down a few pegs in popularity. The actions of the fans didn't help matters as it meant that Mikayla had to write an apology letter for the fans' actions.

"It's all Hannah's fault," Mikayla said. Margo placed a hand on her shoulder and said,

"We'll show her. Trust me, we will." She left the room, leaving Mikayla alone as her eyes darted to a picture on her mantle. A picture of Hannah Montana. Mikayla looked at the picture and studied every detail. The blonde hair, the peaches and cream complexion, the smile...oh, how she hated that smile. It was like the girl hadn't suffered a day in her life when Mikayla did nothing but suffer. If she could show Hannah suffering, she would. She would show her pain. She would show her blood. Just as her rage reached a boiling point and she was about to throw the picture, an otherworldly voice emanating from a blood red glow, said,

Mikayla of the Planet Earth

You have great rage in your heart.

Mikayla looked around stunned and asked,

"Who said that?" The only response was a glowing ring of the same blood red color coming from the sky and landing on her finger.

Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps.

The ring fused to her finger and a great pain erupted from her, as if every pore in her body started to bleed. Her eyes, nose and ears. Blood seemed to come from everywhere and she tried to fight her urge to scream. Then, finally, Mikayla couldn't hold it in any longer. She screamed and her room exploded in a flash of red energy. Margo heard the explosion and ran upstairs to see if her goddaughter and meal ticket were fine. When she got into Mikayla's room, she saw the door splintered and off its hinges. The entire room was totally destroyed, the walls blown out, clothes burning, drapes shredded and aflame. There was no sign of one thing though. Mikayla.

"Mikayla?!" Margo asked, looking around the room. A voice said, in an angry tone,

"No!" Mikayla burst through the rubble wearing a form fitting red uniform. Her eyes were red with hate as she glared at Margo, seeing only Hannah Montana in her mind. The girl she wanted to make suffer and bleed. Show her pain like no one would ever know. But first, the world had to know who she was now. A name she suddenly knew thanks to the ring.


Chapter 1 is done. And to answer a question right off the bat, yes, Ganthet and Sayd are going to do a small recap at the beginning of each chapter. Now, Mikayla is the new Red Lantern and Miley is Blue. I already have an idea in mind who can become part of the Sinestro Corps later as he's come back, but that will be revealed in a different chapter. But if you know my stories, you probably know who it is. I am definitely putting Rico as an Orange Lantern, but I'm wondering who I should put as Violet and Indigo. If you all know me, you know that Liley is another pairing that I love, so I might put Lilly in the Star Sapphires. Also, sorry Jackson fans, but he's not getting a power ring. There are no more rings and I also don't think Jackson could handle that sort of responsibility. Also, if any of you have a Deviant Art page, perhaps you could make a drawing of Miley in the Blue Lantern costume, or Mikayla in the Red Lantern costume. But, anyway, tune back next time to see the continuing adventures of Miley Stewart: THE LANTERN OF HOPE!