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Chapter 3

Major Force

The peril has become even greater than we realized. Letting Destiny out of our sights has prompted the appearance of Major Force, a mercenary who truly enjoys his work. We have no doubt in our mind that John Stewart will train Destiny to the best of his ability, but should Major Force become involved, Blue Lantern must be ready.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After getting acquainted with John Stewart, Miley decided she wanted to try and get control of her powers. John decided to take her out to the big backyard of the Stewart home for training. Lilly and Oliver had come back over to watch the festivities and Robbie Ray had blocked off the entrance so that no one could get in. Roxy pulled up a chair with Lilly and Oliver to see what Miley could do.

"Okay, Miley. Concentrate. Think of anything that comes to mind and the ring will make it," John said. Miley nodded and focused. Energy came out of the ring and manifested into...a blue microphone. John smiled and nodded.

"Very good. Now, try something else," he said. Miley nodded. Jackson decided to be a jerk and break Miley's concentration, causing her to almost fire at him. Everyone glared at Jackson, then urged Miley on again. John smiled.

"Try again," he said. She concentrated very hard and manifested...a blue flamethrower. John smiled as Miley maintained a steady flame on the flamethrower, then jokingly turned it on Jackson. Lilly and Oliver smiled as bit by bit, Miley got the hang of her powers more and more. Robbie Ray smiled as well. His daughter was shaping up to be a pretty good superhero. Miley also smiled. She couldn't believe all the things she was able to make with this ring. Soon, she was manifesting small dinghy's, life rafts, and she was even able to make a jet fighter. Miley squealed in happiness at what she'd done. Roxy smiled. John was doing wonderfully training Miley. She manifested a huge carrier ship and John decided to not have her go too far ahead.

"Alright, I think that's enough for today," John said. Miley nodded and the carrier ship dissipated. Everyone congratulated her on a job well done, then all went inside to check the news and see what kind of crimes were going on. Suddenly, Robbie Ray's phone beeped.

"Hey, darlin'. I completely forgot, we've gotta get to the CD signing," he said. Miley nodded. She raced upstairs to her Hannah closet, and in only a few seconds changed from Miley Stewart, back to Hannah Montana. Putting her ring on her desk next to her lantern, she ran back downstairs. Roxy and John had left to reminisce about old times and said they'd be back later, as Miley still had a lot to learn. Jackson and Oliver decided to head to Rico's shack, as Oliver had no need to be Mike Stanley III at the CD signing. Lilly decided to hold down the fort for the Stewarts, opting to stay behind in case anything happened.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Down on the beach, Rico was hard at work on another scheme to get even more rich. The money grubbing little ego-maniac had converted half his shack into a magazine stand. And one of the top selling things at that magazine stand was the newspaper, the Hollywood Reporter with the headline Who is the Blue Lantern? Rico smiled. He put up a notice that said,

'Mandatory notice for all Surf Shack customers. With the purchase of a hot dog and soft drink or water, the purchase of the Hollywood Reporter is required.


Everyone walking by scoffed at the idea, but Rico stuck to his guns.

"Hey, if a superhero appeared where you lived, you'd want every opportunity to capitalize on it too," he said. Oliver and Jackson made their way down the beach towards the shack. Rico grinned.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite pair of losers. How you two dumbbells doing? Huh?" he asked. Jackson sighed.

"Not now, Rico," he said. Oliver picked up the Reporter and asked,

"What's this?" Rico smiled.

"Oh, I've made a new policy that anyone who buys a hot dog, soft drink or water is required to buy the Reporter," he said. Jackson scowled. He knew this was another one of Rico's 'get even more rich quick' schemes, and he also knew that Rico would try everything he could to find out who the Blue Lantern was. It was his job as a big brother to make sure Miley's new secret identity remained just that, a secret.

"Rico, do you even know who the Blue Lantern is?" Oliver asked. Rico shook his head.

"I don't really care, I just want to capitalize on her fame to make a profit. See, I'm paying big money for anyone who can get a good picture of Blue Lantern that I can sell to the Hollywood Reporter," he said. Jackson couldn't believe what he was hearing. Rico had blatantly stated that he was trying to cash in on Miley's fame. Well, not if Jackson Rod Stewart had anything to say about it. But, just as he was about to say something, an older kid with a camera walked up to the shack. He had shoulder length brown hair, a t-shirt with a Metallica logo on it, jean shorts and black Air Jordan sneakers.

"You the owner o' this establishment?" he asked in a thick New Jersey accent. Rico nodded.

"Joey Farolli, professional grade photographer," he said, shaking Rico's hand. Rico smiled.

"I, uh, couldn't help but notice your ad in the paper. 'Wanted, professional grade photographer to take high quality pictures of the Blue Lantern. Will pay big money. Find Rico at Rico's Surf Shack.' This is the shack, so you must be Rico," Joey said. Rico nodded.

"These, uh, these high quality photographs? You want multiple?" he asked. Rico shrugged.

"As many as you can get," he said. Joey smiled.

"Mr. Rico, you got yourself a photographer," he said, shaking Rico's hand. "There's gonna be no where Blue Lantern can hide that she won't get a shot from Adrianna." Tapping his camera, and smiling, he put his arm around the half-Latin boy.

"Mr. Rico, youse and me are gonna be equal partners in this thing. I don't ask for extra, just my share, and I keep some of the pictures. Ya savvy?" Joey asked. Rico nodded, his grin having become wider.

"Oh, I savvy. I definitely savvy. Mr. Farolli, you've got yourself a deal," he said, handing Joey a stack of bills.

"Here's your compensation for approaching me on your own," Rico said. Joey bowed.

"Much obliged, sir. This is gonna be the best business practice you'll have ever made," he said, walking away. Rico grinned, then did his patented 'happy money' dance. Jackson groaned. He had to go back and warn Miley. Apparently, Oliver was thinking the same thing.

"We've gotta get back to your dad's and warn Miley," he said. Jackson nodded and they ran back to the Stewart's beach house.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After the CD signing, Miley and her father met up with John and Roxy. They were walking back to the house, when Jackson and Oliver came running back. They told them about the photographer that Rico had hired, and none of them were happy.

"That conniving little booger," Robbie Ray said. Jackson looked at him, confused.

"Oh, don't pretend you haven't said that about him before," he said. Miley scowled.

"I guess I have to be extra careful now," she said. She reached for the door knob, but found the lock off the door broken and the door swung open. They all found the entire living room ransacked and, even worse, there was no sign of Lilly.

"Everyone, we've got to find Lilly," Miley said. They all nodded. Everyone scoured the house calling Lilly's name. Suddenly, Oliver said,

"I found something!" Miley and the others ran over and found Lilly's necklace broken, in front of the fridge. Sure enough, Miley could hear groaning coming from inside the fridge. She carefully pulled it open to find...a bruised and battered Lilly. Her hair was a mess, there were scrapes on her arms and legs, and there was a huge gash running from the top of her left eyebrow to the middle of her forehead and to top it all off, she was stuffed inside the fridge. Miley gasped. The others pulled Lilly out and laid her down on the couch.

"Give her some air, give her some air!" Miley said. Robbie Ray dabbed a washcloth on Lilly's wound and she started to come to.

"Lilly? Are you alright?" Miley asked. Lilly slowly opened her eyes to find Miley intently staring back at her.

"Ughh. M-Miley? Is that you?" she asked. Miley nodded.

"Who did this to you?" Oliver asked. Lilly shook the cobwebs out of her eyes and said,

"H-he said his name was..was...M-major Force." Then, she slowly passed out. John sat up when he heard that and headed for the door, his green ring on his hand. Miley ran up and asked,

"Where are you going?" John smiled.

"Let me handle this, Miley. You need to stay with your friend," he said. Miley scowled.

"No. Whoever this Major Force guy is, he needs to pay for hurting Lilly," she said, then ran upstairs to get her ring. John held his ring up and recited the Green Lantern Oath.

"In brightest day, in blackest night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware my power—Green Lantern's Light!"

Just like that, in a flash of green, John Stewart became the Green Lantern. His costume was mostly black. In fact, the only green to be found on his costume, was around the shoulders and neck, the arms and the boots. Also, he didn't wear a mask. But, they all could still tell that he was powered by the ring because they could see bright green coming from his eyes. Miley ran downstairs with her lantern and smiled when she saw John. He smiled back.

"Try to keep up," he said, then zoomed away. Miley pointed her ring at her lantern and recited her oath. In a flash of blue, Miley Stewart became the Blue Lantern. Blue Lantern looked back at her family and said,

"Look after Lilly," then sped away to catch up to Green Lantern. As she was flying, Miley scowled.

This Major Force guy picked the wrong people to mess with. Then she went even faster to catch up with the green streak away from her.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Downtown Malibu was being destroyed by Major Force. He was completely muscular from head to toe and half of his body was gold while the rest was red. On his left pectoral muscle was an amalgamation of the letters M and F. People were running away, screaming in fear, and Major Force smiled.

"Aw, what's the matter? Did I wreck your little town?" he asked. He lifted up a huge piece of debris above his head and smiled when he saw a young couple trying to get away.

"Why don't I help make it better?" He hurled the debris at the couple, but before it could land on them, a beam of green energy caught it. Major Force looked behind him and saw Green Lantern hovering above him, wielding his ring, that had caught the piece of debris. Major Force smiled.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the intergalactic do-gooder. Where's your alien posse or whatever?" he asked. Green Lantern glared.

"They're called the Corps, and you're threatening innocent lives," he said. Major Force smiled, then broke off a light pole and wielded it like a bat. He swung it at Green Lantern, but before it could connect, it was caught by a beam of blue energy. Major Force and Green Lantern looked to the right and saw the Blue Lantern as the owner of the beam. Green Lantern smiled and Major Force scowled. Blue Lantern, however, showed no signs of happiness. She lifted the light pole and swung it at Major Force, sending him careening back, making a dented trail in the pavement. She hovered up to Major Force and had a glare fixed at him that could curdle new milk.

"You messed with the wrong girl," she said. Major Force smiled and charged at Blue Lantern, who picked him up and held him in the air. He looked down and noticed that he was no longer a few inches off the ground, but now a few hundred feet off the ground.

"Hey! P-put me down!" he whimpered. Blue Lantern glared.

"Aw, why so scared? You were so brave when you hurt a defenseless girl," she said. Major Force gulped as she brought him back to ground level. She took away the energy holding him up and he glared, running at her with his fists ready. She smirked as he ran at her. Manifesting a brick wall, she put it in his path and instead of breaking it as he ran into it, his body slammed right into it. John smiled. Miley obviously had something on her mind that she had hope for, and just like his ring, the stronger her hope was, the stronger her constructs would be. He was right. Miley had one thing on her mind as she continuously weakened Major Force and that thing was hope for Lilly to be okay. Major Force shook the butterflies out of his eyes, then pulled another light pole up and out, broke it in half so that there was a sharp end on it, and then put it down in front of him and charged at Blue Lantern. Blue Lantern manifested a guitar and amps, then manifested a pair of headphones that fell onto Major Force. She smirked and raised her hand.

"Sorry, Major Force, but your tour is about to be cancelled," she said, then sent a riff coursing through the guitar. Major Force could feel his eardrums being tortured and he tried his best to get the headphones off, dropping the damaged light pole. Blue Lantern saw an opening and she took it. Quick as a flash, she dissipated the headphones, amp and guitar away, and as Major Force was recovering from the trauma that was placed on his ears, a flash of blue enveloped him and he was sent careening back and landing into a water fountain. He shook the water out of his eyes, and groggily regained composure just in time to see a glaring Blue Lantern flying straight at him, her fist raised and illuminated in blue. Major Force winced.

"Oh, man. This is gonna hurt," he said to himself, as Blue Lantern let out a cry of rage and sent him sky rocketing into orbit. She sneered as she saw him rocketing towards the moon.

"Oh, no you don't," she said, blasting up into the atmosphere, following the ever retreating form of Major Force. She blasted past him and hovered above as he approached.

"Top floor. Hope you've enjoyed the ride, be sure to get a souvenir on the way down," she said, smirking, then executed an axe handle to his back, sending him rocketing back to Earth. Blue Lantern sped back to the surface, and stood waiting until she heard the whistle of Major Force's form re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Smiling, she manifested a mattress and decided to have some fun, moving it in and out of range of Major Force's ever increasing form. Then she scowled.

"I should let you drop. I should let your bones shatter, but that would make me no better than you. No, I'll make you pay, but I'll do it my own way," she said, holding the mattress steady. Major Force fell down onto the mattress, then Blue Lantern dissipated it. He landed on his rump, making a small dent in the pavement and she stepped in front of him, glaring. He cowered and ducked his head in fear, dreading what she was planning to do to him. Her fist illuminated blue and she said through gritted teeth,

"You're lucky I'm merciful," then with a sneer, knocked Major Force right in the side of the mouth, causing him to spit out some teeth.

"I can't believe I was beaten by a girl," he said, then fell back, unconscious. Blue Lantern breathed deeply and said,

"Get used to it, big, red, and ugly. Get used to it." As she calmed down, she could hear the cheers from all the civilians. A huge crowd gathered and Blue Lantern smiled. Everyone was taking pictures and asking for autograph's and Blue Lantern happily agreed. Then she remembered what had fueled her hope.

"Lilly," she whispered, then took off, zooming back to the Stewart's beach house. Little did she know that one of the camera's snapping pictures at her was held by a boy in a Metallica t-shirt and jean shorts. He smirked as he tapped his camera.

"Adrianna, youse and me have some pictures to print fer Mr. Rico," Joey Farolli said. He walked away, whistling a merry tune as he had a vital piece of information that he could give to Rico. He'd heard Blue Lantern say something before she'd rocketed away. He'd heard her say the name of some person. He'd heard her say Lilly.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miley raced back to the beach house, hoping she wasn't too late. Landing on the front porch, she transformed from Blue Lantern back to Miley Stewart. She raced into the house, and found everyone raptly staring at the TV. Everyone, that is, except Lilly.

"Where's Lilly?" she asked. Her father got up and smiled.

"She's up in your room restin', Mile," he said. Miley sighed and smiled.

"Can I go and see her, Daddy?" she asked. Robbie Ray nodded.

"Sure, Mile," he said. Miley ran upstairs to check on Lilly while Jackson, Oliver and Robbie Ray watched the news. A news segment was premiering showing the epic fight between Blue Lantern and Major Force. The news caster stated that, despite the property damage, not a single life was taken, as the combined efforts of both the Blue and Green Lantern's stopped the rampaging terrorist and incapacitated him. She also stated that the mayor was going to make a speech regarding the two heroes. Jackson, Oliver and Robbie Ray smiled. Robbie Ray decided to go upstairs and see if Miley wanted to see the speech.

Meanwhile, Miley walked into her bedroom and saw Lilly laying prone in her bed. Miley smiled and walked over, kneeling down at the side of the bed. She took Lilly's still hand and stroked it, seeing if she would wake up. Miley noticed that Lilly's head wound had been bandaged, her scrapes had been taken care of, and her bruises had ice packs on them. Miley closed her eyes as they started to sting with tears. If only she hadn't gone to that CD signing, she would have been there to protect Lilly. Miley had tried to hold the tears in, but when she moved a strand of hair out of Lilly's face and heard Lilly whine in pain, the tears flowed. She buried her face in her arms as the sobs racked her body.

"I-I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry, Lilly. I-I should have been there to protect you. I've f-failed as a best friend," she sobbed. But then, she could feel a hand lifting her head up, and could see the tear soaked eyes of Lilly looking back at her. Lilly was sitting up in the bed, a sad smile on her face as she wiped her own tears.

"Failed as my best friend?" Lilly asked. Miley nodded. Lilly smiled, shaking her head.

"Miley, nothing, absolutely nothing could make you fail as my best friend," she said. Miley wiped her tears, sniffling.

"B-but Lilly, If I hadn't gone to that dang CD signing, Major Force wouldn't have attacked you. I made a mistake that I can't take back," she said. Lilly chuckled.

"Miley, listen to me. You had to go do your job. You couldn't do anything about it. I don't want you blaming what happened to me on yourself," she said. Miley nodded, then lowered her head.

"But, Lilly, how can I make up for what happened to you," she asked. Lilly lifted Miley's head so she was within eye level and grinned.

"Make it up to me by being the best person and hero you can be. You were given a great power, Miles, and with great power, comes great responsibility," she said. Miley chuckled.

"You stole that from Spiderman," she said. Lilly nodded.

"I know, but it's true. Be the best person you can be, Miley, because I know you'll do great things," she said. Miley smiled, and shook her head.

"How do you know that?" she asked. Lilly shrugged.

"I know that because you're my best friend, and I love you, Miles," Lilly said, with the most heartfelt smile on her face. Miley wiped her eyes as tears of joy started to spring from them and pulled Lilly into a crushing embrace.

"I love you too, Lils, so much," she said, crying happily. Both girls let go of each other and wiped their eyes. Then Miley patted Lilly's leg.

"Come on, Lil, let's go downstairs and watch the news about my epic fight with Major Force," she said. Lilly nodded as Miley helped her to get downstairs and into the living room. Everyone greeted Lilly then sat down to watch the Mayor's speech.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of Malibu, I'd like to thank you all for coming. I've summoned you all here to give you an update on the events that have transpired today and what we are planning to do about it. As you know, the downtown Malibu area was devastated by mass terrorist called Major Force. If it weren't for the heroic efforts of the Green Lantern and a newcomer known as the Blue Lantern, our city would have been destroyed. That is why I'd like to award the Green Lantern and Blue Lantern National Heroism awards at the annual city fundraiser next week. In accordance to what is being done with Major Force, he is being put into the custody of the proper authorities," he said. Miley and her family smiled when they heard that. She was going to get a National Heroism award by the Mayor, and she was even more happy that Lilly was going to be okay. Yessiree, Miley Stewart's life was getting better by the minute.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On a distant planet in the far reaches of the universe, two red shapes flitted back and forth. On closer inspection, the two shapes materialized into Red Lanterns. One of them being Laira of Sector 112 and another being Mikayla of Sector 2814. Laira had deemed that before Mikayla was ready to go out into the field, she would need to be trained in only the way a Red Lantern could be trained. With brute force.

"Remember what I've been telling you, Mikayla. You're enemy is going to try and make you play fair, so what do you do?" Laira asked. Mikayla smirked.

"I fight dirty," she said. Laira nodded, then manifested a broadsword from her ring. Mikayla grinned and manifested twin battle axes from her ring. Laira grinned, then lunged at Mikayla. Parry after parry, blow after blow, both Lanterns went back and forth, until Mikayla saw an opening. Laira lunged forward, leaving her back exposed. Mikayla smashed the hilt of one of her axes onto the back of Laira's head, sending her careening forward. She got up and smiled.

"Well done," she said to her diligent protege. Suddenly, a lone clapping sound could be heard echoing through the planet. Both Mikayla and Laira looked behind them to find a yellow light approaching as it changed into a humanoid form, a form that was the owner of the clapping. Soon, the form came into better light and was revealed to be...Sinestro. The leader of the Sinestro Corps looked from the Red Lantern mentor to her protege and smirked. Laira glared.

"Hello, Sinestro," she said. He smirked.

"Laira," he said, then manifested two maces and lunged at Laira. Putting up her broadsword, she and Sinestro went back and forth. Mikayla tried stepping in to help, but Laira stopped her.

"No. I'll be fine," she said, as Sinestro swiped at her again. A few flourishes of her broadsword and she made him dissipate the morning stars out of his hands and held him at sword point. He smiled and shrugged her off. Laira smirked.

"Sinestro, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"I am intrigued by your protege's progress. As it would seem that both our students have a common enemy, I suggest an alliance between them," Sinestro said. Laira smiled, but Mikayla shook her head.

"An alliance? I don't think so. Unless you know someone who hates Hannah Montana as much as I do, I will work alone," Mikayla said. Sinestro smiled. Another yellow glow appeared and a new form hovered down. A young brunette girl with black glasses and the yellow Sinestro Corps uniform, smirked.

"Don't worry, sugar cube. I know more about Hannah Montana than you know," the girl said, in a thick southern accent. Mikayla hovered up to her and glared.

"And you are?" she asked. The girl grinned.

"Luanne Stewart, at your service," she said, as she and Sinestro chuckled darkly.

DUN, DUN, DUN! Let me just tell you, these two are going to wreak absolute havoc in the rest of the story. Also, I want to leave it all up to you. What do you think should be the way that Lilly should get her Violet Star-Sapphire ring? I had an idea that she would fly a biplane towards Luanne and Mikayla who were wielding a city destroying missile and try to blow all of them up. Self sacrifice to save her best friend that she loves more than life itself, because as you know, the Star-Sapphire's have to give a vast depth of love to get their ring, but if any of you have a better idea, I'd love to know. Oliver is going to get his ring in the sequel. So, stay tuned. See ya in the next chapter.