Squintz! You're back! Yes, I know :3 I know, you probably think I suck for bailing on that last SYOT, but I was extremely busy... And, with a month off from cheer I figure that with Summer combined, I can do a fresh one! So, without further ado, I present you with a new SYOT!

The Beginning:

"Five minutes to show time, Mr. Flickerman." My assistant, Beverly, tells me from outside the door.

"Fabulous, my darling. Just fabulous." I say, adjusting my hot pink ponytail.

It's slicked back on top of my head, held up with only one black hairband. It has a luster to it, making it look even brighter on camera. Over all, it looks pretty awesome. I can't complain... The stylists did an amazing job.

I straighten my hot pink bow tie, then clear my throat. I gaze at my reflection, smiling with my bright white teeth.

"Good evening, Panem! I'm Crispin Flickerman, your main source for Capitol and Hunger Games buzz!" I exclaim, my thumbs hooked in the jacket of my sparkling tuxedo.

No... That's not right.

"Mr. Flickerman, you're on." Beverly tells me, swinging the door open.

I quickly walk out and take my place in my chair. The theme song of the show plays, trumpets blaring throughout the studio. The massive crowd rises to their feet, cheering and screaming for me. I wave as the crowd continues to cheer. I remember to smile. After all; Image is everything.

"So, are you all excited for the up and coming 525th Annual Hunger Games?! Or should I say, Quarter Quell?!" I shout, smiling widely.

The crowd cheers some more, calling for me and reaching up on the stage to try and touch me. I sit down in my chair, keeping the smile on my face.

"Well, we're very excited as well. And since the Capitol is so fantastic, we're going to provide you with a little sneak peak. How does that sound? Are you excited?" I announce, watching the Capitolites' faces light up.

I turn to the screens, pressing a button on my chair's arm rest. The screens quickly project to show little holograms of mutts, the Arena's main idea, traps, and other things. Even a new method of training... This will definitely be the best Hunger Games by far... Especially since it's a Quell.


*Send only via P.M.*

Tribute Name:



District(Top 3):


Tribute Description(What does your Tribute look like? Give it some flare, they're not gonna be perfect! How much do they weigh? How tall are they? Hair color, facial details, eye color?):

Tribute Personality(Don't just use a single word, because you couldn't ever describe yourself with just a single word. Is your Tribute spunky and outgoing? Or introverted and mysterious? Explain.):



Tribute History(Has your Tribute ever learned from anything? Gotten into trouble? Gotten any mental or physical scars? Explain.):

Reaping Outfit:

Chariot Outfit:

Arena Jacket Color:

Strengths(List 5.):

Weaknesses(List 5.):

Tribute's Primary Weapon:

Tribute's Secondary Weapon:

Tribute Token:

Likes(Name 3.):

Dislikes(Name 3.):

Would Do Best In(Arena Type):

Would Do Worst In(Arena Type):

Additional Information:

If you don't know the rules, it's basically no Gary Stu's, no Susie Q's!