Author Note: This is my first Fan Fiction. I hope you all enjoy it.

It will be the multi-chapter saga I hope you have as much fun as I do in following Argylle's exploits on the Desert Planet of Arrakis.

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Arrakis. Dune. The Wasteland of the Empire, and the most valuable planet in the known universe. Because it is here and only here, where the Spice is found. Without the Spice, there is no commerce in the empire, no civilization. Arrakis. Dune. Home of the Spice, it was the most valuable treasure in the universe until that fateful day. But He, who controls the Spice, controls our destiny.

— Princess Irulan Corino

The noise that went out across the hull of the H.M.S. Lævateinn was deafening. Something horrible had happened and there were fissures and cracks forming all over the hull of the Spelljammer that could not be explained by the few crewmen that passed by Argylle's cabin. What made matters worse was that anyone who got close to one of these cracks would up and vanish into the Æther that waited outside the ship. As calmly as he could Argylle attempted to walk to the Command Deck to see if he could be of any assistance to the crew, That is when the call came out across the horn:

"This is the Captain speaking, please remain calm everyone. We have encountered some spatial turbulence. It is nothing for you to concern yourselves with…. I repeat nothing this is nothing for you to concern yourselves with. We will be leaving the Outer Realms as swiftly as possible."

Argylle swore to himself. He was no expert on planar travel, but his friends had warned him about one thing in particular… avoid the Outer Realms like the black death for there be monsters beyond all imagining there. He heard rumors that the Outer Realms were home to the Elder Gods of Chaos, which would probably explain what was going on now. Just as he was thinking all this a huge crack opened up beneath his feet, and his world lit up in a cacophony of noise and light as he assumed he had just vanished. It was strange though, despite the loud cacophony of noise and light, he was still aware of what was happening to him, and he didn't feel like it had caused disintegration or anything of that sort.

That was when his world went dark and he was unconscious.

When Argylle awoke he heard someone talking to someone else and him at the same time "I don't know who you are, but the young Miss and yourself need to remain absolutely still if you want to come out of this alive. That is a hunter-seeker…" the voice indicated, this action enabled Argylle to attempt to notice what was going on in the room again. Unfortunately he failed to notice anything of particular interest. But since the kid was kind enough to inform him that he should stay motionless for a while, this meant that Argylle could take as long as he wanted to look around the room. After a full minute of intense searching with just his eyes, he finally noticed the tiny dart that was floating just an inch away from the girl, a maid-servant by all appearances, though the odd thing about her was that her eyes were completely blue.

Then he noticed the young man sitting in the chair across the room from the girl. Realizing that this young man was some sort of nobility, and that he was going to have to help protect the noble, Argylle promptly began making preparations for combat. He figured that this 'Hunter-Seeker' was a tiny creature, and that it was going to have insane bonuses to initiative, but that doesn't negate the fact that Argylle himself has insane bonuses to initiative.

The instant came and Argylle could tell that he won initiative. He promptly drew his halberd from within the confines of his Quiver of Elhona, and moved the less than 30 feet to where the girl was sitting, and proceeded to bring the halberd down on the 'hunter-seeker.' The Halberd connected with a sickening CERUNCH sound. Combat was over, and the feel of a measly 10 experience points found their way to Argylle as the result of the combat. "Seriously? That's all that thing was worth?" Argylle said in frustration at the results of what had originally sounded as if it would become an amazing struggle by the sound of what the boy had said to him.

Paul was sitting in his bedroom as a servant went about cleaning said bedroom. He had permitted her to do her chores in his room while in his presence, something for which she appeared not entirely ready to do. There was a sudden presence in his mind. The prescience he had grown all too accustomed to having guided his life up to then, tickled at his mind as a ripple of terrible purpose washed through him. He then noticed that the ripple had become physical and there was suddenly a man who had not been there a second ago lying on the floor of his room. At the same moment he noticed the man, he also made note of the Hunter-Seeker that had come out of a hole in his bedroom's wall. 'How had the Atreides Guard that Thufir maintained so strictly, not noticed that hole,' he thought to himself. But that was neither here nor now.

In an instant Paul's mind made the calculations necessary to insure that all three of these people survived. He said to the other two in the room "I don't know who you are, but the young Miss and yourself need to remain absolutely still if you want to come out of this alive. That is a hunter-seeker…" He intended to say more, but at that moment he noticed that the man who had mysteriously appeared, had begun to frantically look about the room… 'Is this man a Mentat of some sort?' Paul thought to himself. After about a minute of his frantic searching the man promptly stood up in all but the briefest flash of movement and at the same moment drew forth one of the deadliest looking weapons that Paul had ever seen in his life. 'What is that thing?' Paul thought to himself.

The man ran up to the girl and Hunter-Seeker in seconds, so fast that Paul thought the man was probably using the Wyrding Way, and promptly brought the weapon down on the Hunter-Seeker in a sickening crack. The man obliterated the Hunter-Seeker before Paul could even react. 'That was too fast to qualify as the Wyrding Way that I know.'

Then the man said something that made no sense under the circumstances, "Seriously? That's all that thing was worth?" to which Paul's only reply was "Huh?!" The man had just blown Paul's mind quite thoroughly. Here was a man who put the Wyrding Way, and apparently Mentats to shame, and all he could say was, "that's all that thing was worth?" Who was this mystery man?