AN: Don't know... It ended up being different than what I thought it would be.

This is an AU, it'll have a different storyline from the Manga, but not all. I'll try to keep as much in character as I can.

WARNING: This is M-Rated. There will be sex and mention of abuse/rape. If you don't think you can handle, please, don't read.

English's not my first language, so bear with me. ;)




In the world there are a few types of people. Normal and Mages. Of course, as the minority, Mages were not known by society, only a few knew about them. And unlikely the name suggests, they couldn't do magic, even though magic was within them.

Mages were stronger, faster and with senses much better than normal human beings. Some even had an extra gift or two. And of course, they had ranks, and those were difficult to argue about. Once a person was born in a rank, they would be in it until death. Changing ranks was almost impossible.

There were Alphas, the ones who take charge, strong, decided and natural leaders. There were Betas, they support the Alphas in whatever way they can and are very loyal. There were the Deltas; they were mostly ordinary, part of the flock and submissive to their Alphas. And of course, there were Omegas, the lowest in the rank: they were bullied, last to receive anything, and were called pathetic often.

Being born an Omega in this world was such a horrible thing, yet very few people did something to stop it. Some would say that the Omegas were essential for life to be balanced: they needed to get their frustrations out somehow and the pathetic, weak Omegas were the best way to do it.

It was also general knowledge that a Mage couldn't decide who their mate was. After finding each other, the couple would be marked as mates, or not after having intercourse. If it never appeared after six months, the odds were that they weren't meant to be. Most would break off any relationship after said period of time, but a few stayed together even though they were never marked, and were very happy about it.

But to find a mate was not finding a husband or a wife; it was to find the part of you that you always knew it was missing. At least it was what most of mated Mages would say.

Mages were not known to exist by the Humans, but they often gravitated towards each other, since most acted like a pack of wolves and stayed together, an institution with Mages, was called a Guild and once a Guild was installed, there was an Alpha, a Beta, Deltas and Omegas.


Juvia Lockser was an Omega, but unlike her fellow cast members, she was not weak. Being a loner had its advantages, she guessed. To tell the truth, the 24-year-old could make many Alphas run for their money, as she did a few times during the 7 years she has been running across the world.

A girl needed to protect herself and she learned how to the hard way.

Once a month, a female Mage would free pheromones when ovulating and it lasted for three days. Even though Aspirin took most of the smell away (no one knew exactly knew why it did), there was still a few vestiges of it and a few Mages would get handsy with the female and force copulation.

Juvia ran away from her previous Guild just because of it and she would be damned if she was going to let it happen again. Phantom Lord was nasty and she was glad to leave.

Thankfully she found a friend there, one that didn't share the rest of the Phantom Lord's ways of living, even if he didn't exactly stop it.

Gajeel Redfox was tall, dark, scary and an Alpha but all Juvia could see was the kind man he hid deep inside. And, after she turned eighteen, they ran away from Phantom Lord, they ran away from their country, not stopping much in any place they could be found.

Seven years later, they reached Magnolia.

And so far, it was the best thing that happened to them. After all that time being just the two of them, they finally found a place where they could live; and the best part: they found a guild.

Finding Fairy Tail was a total accident, really.

Juvia was a swimming teacher, in one of their long staying in a city, she took a course and was licensed to teach it. She had a class for young kids, and one of the mothers was a Mage. Biska Connell was a kind, but fierce woman, and her daughter Asuka was just adorable and took a liking on Juvia.

By smell, both women identified each other and even though Juvia was a little bit scared of socializing with her, Biska was nothing other than polite and sweet.

"You haven't presented yourself to the Guild, have you?" The green haired woman asked, while her daughter was coming out of the pool. "I don't remember seeing you there." It was common to the Mages to present themselves to the local Guild, if to stay for a long time in determined place and both Gajeel and Juvia were yet to do that.

"Juvia is still finishing organizing her schedule." The blunette smiled politely. She avoided doing it; the presentation was awful, so as soon as a Mage questioned her about it, it was time to move. And it was sad to leave Magnolia, it was such a nice town. "Soon."

"Alright." Biska smiled. "Our Guild is very nice, you'll like the people there. Even though we have more Alphas than we need. I mean, seriously, how much mess can men do?" She joked and Juvia had to giggle. The blunette lived across the hall from her friend, and she knew how messy Gajeel was.

"That's true."

"Do you have a mate yet?" Biska asked, kneeling down to the floor to dry her daughter.

"No." Juvia shook her head. The truth was: she didn't want one. A long time ago, she thought she found the one, but as it turned out, he wasn't. Bora was just a Delta who shared the narrowed view that a female Mage should mate with every male of the Guild until she found who her mate was.

"Maybe you will find yours at Fairy Tail." Biska shrugged. "That's our Guild name: Fairy Tail. It's nice. My husband and I are there almost every day with Asuka. I'll write down the address for you and tell our Master that you'll be dropping by soon." Juvia tried to argue, but the woman kept talking. "Everyone will be happy to meet you."

Gajeel was against the presentation; he wanted to leave like they had done it before, but Juvia was firm, telling him that they had a nice life in Magnolia and so far, no one from Phantom Lord had come close enough to find them.

She suggested going alone, no one knew about Gajeel just yet, but he said no.

"I am no pussy, Juvia. Besides, you'll need me to kick their asses if they get funny. Those motherfuckers might think that there are no sufficient mage women in the world for them to mate." He had said and both went to present themselves.

Fairy Tail was not what they expected.

It was loud, it was messy, and it was funny. Too many alphas, too many betas, but, strangely, no evident omegas.

The Master was a short old man, who smiled when met both Juvia and Gajeel, offering them something to drink and asking what they did for a living, where they were from (it was pretty clear from their accents that they were foreigners) and what were their business in the area.

Gajeel and Juvia never had such a warming welcome in other Guilds, so they proceeded with caution, telling the basics about their lives.

"You two should come by a few times." The old man smiled. "If you like it, you could join us in a few months if you fit in." Both new comers looked at each other, in confusion. Were they in probation? They never got even close to be in probation at other guilds. "You'll see that we are not an ordinary Guild, though. Currently we have 6 Alphas here, myself included, and it gets messy." Makarov chuckled with their expressions. Usually Alphas were very territorial and relatively rare, since they were meant to lead a Guild. "I know, I know. But we get along just fine, even though fights are not unusual, it's nothing serious. We are a family here."

Juvia was going to answer him, she truly was, but then, a smell caught her attention. She never smelled anything so good before. It was the combination of divine and perfection. It was all the smells she liked combined. It was the smell.

The girl got up from her chair, as if she couldn't control her own body. She had to find the source of the delicious fragrance; otherwise she was going to get crazy. Gajeel called her name, but she paid him no attention. She didn't notice that the tall man was following her with curiosity, and so was the Master.

When she saw him, everything in the world made sense. It was as if she was lost for her whole life and finally found the answer to all her questions. It felt as if the world got brighter all of a sudden; her rainy life finally found a ray of light.

He was taller than the pink haired man he was arguing with, dark spiky and messy hair, droppy gorgeous black eyes, and defined muscles because yes, the man in question was shirtless, showing his defined abs and strong arms. He was a fine specimen of Mage. And he smelled just right.

The man frowned and also started to sniff the air around him, until he lifted his head towards the woman's position and their eyes locked.

It was as if an electrical charge passed through her body. All she could think was that she wanted to throw him on the ground and have her way with him, since his smell was driving her crazy. She never felt that before in her life, most definitely not with Bora or the other men she coupled with.

This man was different. A good king of different.

Suddenly, the man broke eye contact, blinking hard and taking a step back when Juvia took a step forward. Seeing his reaction, the girl stopped on her tracks, not to scare him. She felt like a wolf looking to a little lamb, really.

"Well… it seemed that we will see you around." Makarov's voice reached her ears. He grabbed Juvia's hands and guided her towards the dark haired man. "Juvia, this is Gray Fullbuster. Gray, this is Juvia Lockser."

"Nice meeting you." Juvia greeted with her heavy accent and the man's, Gray, frown deepened.

"A foreigner?" He asked, curious and saw the girl get close to him with a bright smile.

"Yes." She tried her best to get closer to him. "Are you from around here, Gray-sama? What do you work on?"

"I… Wait, Gray-sama?" The man exclaimed as the people around him laughed.

After that, Juvia became a frequent guest (pest, in Gray's case) at Fairy Tail together with Gajeel. Her friend, although never voiced, liked the Guild; especially when a certain petit librarian was around. At the very moment they met, Juvia was sure they were meant to be. Gajeel had smelled the girl and fought his urges to mate her as much as he could, but Juvia could read him like an open book. Gajeel wasn't one of sleeping around. He had had his fair share of women, but he never acted the way he acted around Levy McGarden.

As it happened, Levy got closer to him and by consequence, to Juvia. Not that the Omega girl thought Levy was a bad person, but she would rather stay around Gray. And she was; every time the man stepped in the guild, Juvia was around him, like a puppy following its master.

Gray would entertain her but not once made a move to get her. When she didn't want the attention, she got it. When she did want the attention, she didn't get it. Was fate playing with her?

After three months, Juvia and Gajeel were more than familiar with the members.

Juvia made a few girlfriends for the first time on her life, such as Levy, a writer named Lucy (she was a human before mating with Natsu Dragoneel, the pink haired friend/enemy of Gray-sama's. She now had more physical power than a regular human, but less than a Mage.), a barmaid named Mirajane (who also was a model), Lisanna (Mira's sister and also a barmaid), Erza (a real estate agent), Cana (a bar owner), Biska (Juvia learned that she and her husband worked as snipers at the army) and Wendy, a little girl who dreamt to be a doctor someday. Gajeel wouldn't say, but he also made friends. Juvia could see the joy in his expression when the boys fought each other, all friendly like.

But they didn't join the Guild.

Even though it was very different from Phantom Lord, they couldn't affiliate themselves with a Guild, otherwise Jose could find them, and Jose Porla, leader of Phantom Lord, was not an easy man to deal with.

Then, something happened.

Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden mated for the first time. And, even though rare, they were marked at the very first time. They were mates and only death could break them apart.

The man was shocked out of his mind. It was so rare for a couple of Mages to mate at the first time they had sex, that neither he nor Levy would ever imagined that could happen to them! Natsu and Lucy's marking happened that way, so the probability of happen again at a Guild was slim, almost inexistent… But it did.

His life was not his own anymore. He and Levy were one forever.

Juvia was happy for her friend, truly was. But got concerned about what they would do with the running away. His mate had a life there: friends, a steady job.

The month that went on after the discovery of the mating between Gajeel and Levy was so tense, that Juvia lost track of her ovulating period, forgetting to take the Aspirin to hide the smell, and since she was busy, Juvia didn't meet Gajeel, otherwise he would've reminded her of it.

When she arrived at the Guild, she felt a few stares on her, but didn't think much of it. She was still the new girl.

Before she could reach the table she usually occupied with the girls, the blunette smelled Gray and was about to go after him and talk a bit with him, like she always did, but before she got the chance, she felt a pair of hands grab her by the wait from behind and turn her around.

Juvia would've fought if she didn't know who it was from the smell. She had to protect herself a few times from a few men.

It was Gray.

The blunette found herself being thrown at the nearest wall with such force, that a regular human would've cried out in pain, but Juvia was no human. If anything, she thought it was about time to stop beating around the bushes. His 'I-don't-feel-the-tension' speech was getting too old too soon. She knew that Gray wasn't in love with her like she was with him, but he did want her.

He pressed his whole body on hers and Juvia had to contain a groan of approval from escaping her lips. For a moment he stared at her deep blue eyes with his dark ones, who seemed to be glowing and darken than usual. And his stare… Gray was looking at Juvia like never before.

The man looked hungry and was looking at Juvia like she was his meal, and by god, Juvia wanted to be.

"G-Gr-Gray-sama…?" Juvia whispered as his arms tightened around her waist. The man moved, so his nose was close to her neck touching the sensitive skin while breathing in her scent.

At the same time, Gray's own smell started to get stronger, surrounding her, captivating her even more than it already did. She couldn't escape it, not that she wanted to. For her, she was right where she should be.

"Your smell." Gray said, still with his head buried on her neck, taking deep breaths, as if he couldn't get enough of it. "It's stronger today. I can't…" If possible, he held her tighter. "It's so good." Juvia moved her head to the side, so he could nuzzle on her even more, and he took the hint. "Goddammit, Juvia!" He said and his hot breath oh her neck made her shudder.

Then, it was gone. His warmth was no longer on her. Feeling rather dazzled with all that, the girl opened the eyes she had no idea she closed and saw Natsu grabbing Gray with all his might, with his arms around the black haired man, while he struggled to get free.

"Let. Me. Go." Gray said between gritted teeth, looking at Juvia with his dark eyes.

"Cool down, man!" Natsu said, holding Gray tighter. "You are not yourself right now. She's in heat, you are not thinking straight!"

"Let him go." Juvia said weakly, while Lucy arrived by her side.

"Juvia…" The blonde woman tried to say, but Juvia stopped her with a raised hand.

"It's alright, Natsu-san." The blunette was staring at Gray. "You can let him go." She said and could see the doubtful look the pink haired boy gave his mate, who just shrugged.

Natsu released Gray slowly and before he actually did it, the dark haired man had already shrugged his friends' arms from around him and was close to Juvia once again.

"Gray-sama." Juvia whispered to him. Even though he was there, his mind wasn't. She touched his cheek with tenderness and he closed his eyes, leaning towards her touch, while wrapped his arms around her waist once again. "Gray-sama, come back to Juvia." He shook his head, and the girl had to try harder. "You don't want it like this. Come back." A shook of his head once again and Juvia said with more strength. "Come back."

When his eyes opened, they were less clouded and less dark than before. Gray was there, not the one who threw her at the wall, her Gray-sama.

He blinked once. He blinked twice and looked down to see his arms around her waist, her hands on his cheeks and both too close to each other. And even though her smell was still strong, he managed to get back.

Juvia was smiling to him softly. "You're back."

"What…?" Gray untangled himself from her and gave two steps back, feeling all the eyes of the guild on him. "What happened?"

"You were all over her, Gray." Natsu said, rolling his eyes. "She's in heat and you went all Alpha on her."

The dark haired man's eyes snapped open, in shock for losing control and attacking Juvia. All the color was getting drained from his face, as he looked to Juvia, to see if she was injured. "Are you alright?"

"Yes." The blunette nodded. "Are you?"

She could see the anger in his eyes, probably with himself for losing control. "I wasn't just attacked, Juvia!"

"Neither was Juvia. You didn't do anything, Gray-sama!" The blunette said with calm. "Juvia doesn't see a… hug as an attack."

"A hug." Gray scoffed and started to walk from one side to another, just like a caged tiger; impatient. "Why on earth…" As Natsu's words sank in his mind, the dark haired man stopped on his tracks. "You're in heat. That's why…" He whispered to himself, then spoke louder. "Why didn't you take your damn Aspirin today, Juvia?"

"Juvia… forgot." The girl suddenly felt stupid; not taking the Aspirin meant that males could smell her strength and often there was a case about a woman being taken against her will. When he heard her answer, all the color that was drained from Gray's face returned full force; he was mad. "It's…"

"You…" The man managed to say, before making a gesture with his hands that could be interpreted as: 'I want to strangle you.' "How could you forget?"

"Gray, accidents happen." Lucy said with kindness, trying to help her new friend.

"Don't, Lucy." Natsu said, arms crossed above his chest and a grim expression. "I hate to say it, but Gray is right." At that moment, Gray was staring at Juvia, but pointed to Natsu; a silent way of telling the blunette that he wasn't the only one with that opinion. "You have no idea how strong the scent is, especially if it's your mate, and how hard it is to control the urge to just grab you and fuck you silly." The blonde woman opened her mouth to scold him about his language, but Natsu didn't let her. "Because that's what we feel. Some of us can control it, others can't. What if it wasn't Gray who grabbed her? She was lucky enough to bring him back from the daze, because he was almost getting away from my grasp and when our mind is set on mating, we can defeat an army."

"See?" Gray resumed his pacing. "Stupid, Juvia. That was so stupid of you that I can't even believe you did it."

"Sorry." The blue haired woman mumbled and felt Lucy take her away from the men.

"Come on, Juvia. I have Aspirin in my purse just in case." The blonde said and Juvia followed her towards the bar Mirajane tended, where the white haired woman was already holding a cup with the medicine.

Juvia could see Gray and Natsu arguing, but couldn't listen to it not even with her heighted hearing, but by their expressions and gestures, she could see that it was a heated argument. After a few moments, Gray left the Guild without even looking back, leaving Juvia sad and afraid to have deepened the abyss that separated them.


Later that day, after spending an hour at Fairy Tail, Juvia went home, feeling utterly defeated with everything that happened earlier. She really forgot about the Aspirin; Juvia would never forget about by choice: at Phantom Lord taking the medicine was the only way to prevent the men to jump on her even more than they already did. She learned the hard way to never forget about the Aspirin.

She didn't regret having Gray so close to her, that was the only part of her day that something made sense; but Juvia had plenty conscience that Gray would more than hate himself if he had taken her like that, on a pheromone high.

They had become closer during the four months Juvia was visiting Fairy Tail. At first, everyone could see that the man could barely take her presence around him; but as time passed, he got looser and even Juvia could see that he relaxed around her. They became somewhat friends, even if Juvia stalked him everywhere and sometimes forgot about boundaries.

But what happened earlier… The way his body felt on hers, his breathing on her neck, the eyes dark with desire… Oh, his smell surrounding her, like a warm blanket. A sudden wave of hotness passed through her body and Juvia stopped in the middle of the fly of stairs she was on to get to her tiny apartment.

The worst part of being ovulating was the heat. All of the female body would get a flush of hormones at random times for the three days it lasted, and it was, as the name indicated, hot. For mated Mages or even the ones with a friend to help out, it was a nice period for trying to have a baby or to have steamy sex, but for the ones like Juvia, almost celibate, it sucked.

A woman in heat wanted to have sex. Badly. And a woman in heat who wasn't having sex during her heat was a very bitchy one.

Despite her growing frustration about not having a partner to share her heat with, Juvia chuckled when thought about Gajeel getting lost that time of a month, every month since they became friends. He didn't have the patience to deal with a sexually frustrated woman. He barely had the patience to deal with women in general, actually.

Juvia did have experience with sex during heat, more than what she wanted, really. But for the first time in her life, she felt like jumping someone. When Gray had grabbed her, she wanted him to keep going. After seven years of loneliness, Juvia Lockser wanted a man like her life depended of it.

From the moment she saw him, actually, all Juvia wanted was for him to have his way with her.

As an Omega, Juvia was bound to end up with another Omega; like Alphas were attracted to other Alphas, Betas to other Betas; Deltas to other Deltas.

Alphas were meant to be attractive for the lowers casts; as they were strong and powerful. Juvia couldn't say how many male and female Alphas she encountered that had many admirers; but in the end, even if they had their fun with Betas, Deltas and an occasional Omega, they always mated with another Alpha and later, have little alpha babies.

Gray Fullbuster was no Omega, that was for sure. He was a fine specimen of Alpha, and although they were separated by their labels, she wanted him and he wanted her, she could tell from their earlier encounter.

He wanted her as much as she wanted him.

Groaning in frustration again, Juvia returned to climb the stairs. Only another fly and she was home, and that's when his smell invaded her nostrils once again. Frowning deeply, she started to walk much faster, until she reached the third floor of the old building she lived in.

He was leaning on her front door, arms crossed above his chest. He was wearing the same clothes as earlier, a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that, oddly, had a butterfly on it.

"Gray-sama?" Juvia asked dumbly and confused. "Wh-what are you…?"

"Just wanted to make sure you got home safely." Gray said, looking to the side. Maybe it was the light on the hall, but he seemed to be getting a little pink on the cheeks. "A girl in heat walking around without taking the Aspirin…"

Juvia felt the heat wave all over again. All of her body was receiving a rush of hormones that only increased with the fact that there was an Alpha in front of her. An Alpha she wanted to no naughty things to.

The girl was about to open her mouth to tell him thank you, and then get into her house as fast as she could to stay the hell away from him, like she had done for the past four months; when the heat took over and she thought: What the hell.

"No, you didn't." The blue haired girl started to slowly walk towards him.

"What?" Gray turned his head to look at her and immediately straighten himself.

"You didn't come here to see if Juvia got home safely." She stopped a few inches away from him. Aside from earlier that day, this was the most intimate position they got themselves to. She wasn't even touching him like she did before by grabbing his arm one time or another, but it seemed like she was already all over him. "You could've called for that. You have Juvia's phone number; she made sure of that." And she did; on the first opportunity she got, the girl snatched the phone away from him and put her number on it, giving herself a ring to save his number also.

"Well…" Gray shifted uncomfortably. "I thought it was more efficient to…"

"Okay." Juvia crossed her arms under her breasts, purposely lifting them a bit. "Juvia's home and safe. You can go now if it's all you came here to do."

It took all of her strength to tell him these words. What if he really did pass by just to make sure she was fine? What if she was reading his signs wrong? What is he really left?

Well, there was a bottle of cheap wine inside her apartment that would give her a strong headache in the morning and would make her forget about her silliness. She might drunk-call him, but well… How much worse could she embarrass herself in front of him?

They stared at each other's eyes for a moment. His scent was strong and inviting, and Juvia was sure that hers would also be, since she was in heat. Even with Aspirin, a trace of the fragrance would stay and with the small distance they were from each other, Gray sure smelled it, even if faintly.

His pupils were dilating and Juvia was sure that hers were too. She could smell his scent grow stronger.

"I don't want a mate." Gray said, staring into her eyes.

"Juvia doesn't want one either." Once upon a time she thought she found hers, but Bora was just another son of a bitch. But what she felt for Bora was pale to what she felt for Gray. While she wanted to kiss Bora tenderly, she wanted to rip Gray's face off with kisses.

Was feeling psychopath a trait of girls about to get mated?

"I don't like random one night stands." Gray's head leaned towards Juvia, but still without touching her.

"Juvia too."

"I can be very territorial." The man put a hand on the swell of her hips with tenderness.

"Juvia too." She took a deep surprised breath, but didn't show any sign of stopping it.

"I am very reserved." Gray put his other hand on the other side of her hips.

"Juvia t… well, sometimes." She smiled and he smirked, while his hands slowly found its way under her blouse. Not much, just a bit, and his thumbs started to rub her hipbones in a circular motion.

"I…" The dark haired man was interrupted by Juvia.

"Can we figure this out later?" She said with urgency.

"Hell yeah." Gray sighed in relief and before anything else, he leaned in and kissed her lips.

Someone should've told her that kissing Gray would make her mind stop working, that her body was going to light up like fireworks and that the heat would increase tenfold. And when their tongues met, she was a goner.

By instinct she knew that any other man would make her feel that way again.

And dear lord, all he did was kiss her and she was already feeling her sex throb in need. Yeap, Gray Fullbuster was going to be the death of her, that was sure. She would probably die during sex, because if a kiss was making her feel this way, sex would destroy her. It would be awkward when people wanted to know how she died and a bunch of old hags would whisper: 'She died having sex with the Fullbuster boy. They say she couldn't take the pleasure.' Then, a bunch of women would want to get Gray because they would think of him as a sex god.

At the thought of the faceless women chasing Gray, her Gray-sama, Juvia opened her eyes and broke the kiss, earning a deep growl from Gray, but didn't last much. The girl pushed him towards the wall with all her Mage strength and he looked both confused and impressed with her.

Juvia, then, leaned and pressed her body onto his, slowly. He moaned in approval when Juvia started nipping on his neck. Gray didn't do anything, of course. His hands quickly got under her blouse and started to touch her everywhere.

"Right now…" The blunette whispered between small bites and kisses. "You are mine."

They changed positions so fast, that Juvia only fully understood what was going on when she felt her back on the wall that he was previously leaning on.

Gray easily topped her in height in strength, but somehow he looked taller and stronger when he looked down on her. His dark eyes glowing with arousal and the smell of his need for her.

"And you are mine." His voice was deeper than ever was. "Right now, you are mine. Aren't you?"

The hands that were under her blouse went up and fondled her breasts and Juvia whimpered in need for him to do more to her. "Yes. Yes! Always yours."

Her answer might have pleased him, because at the next moment, there was a groan of approval and then his mouth was on hers again, more fiercely than before. It seemed like he wanted to taste her everywhere, and she was glad to let him complied that.

When his fingers found her nipples and twisted a bit, a jolt of pleasure went through all over her body and Juvia grabbed Gray by the shoulders and bulked her pelvis towards his and then she felt him.

She felt all of him.

That was it, she was going to die having sex with him. Juvia was certain. But she couldn't think of a better way to go.

Too soon into the kiss for Juvia, they had to come out for air, both breathing like they had run a mile without a break. Gray leaned and took a deep breath on her neck, before started to do what she had done to him not long ago. He kissed and gave her little bites, while the girl just let out gasps and held him tighter into her.

"G-Gray-sam…oh…" She said and he grunted something, never stopping his ministrations. "W-We sho-should get, ah, inside." The blunette wasn't helping her case at all, since her body betrayed her and her head fell to the side, giving the Alpha more access to her neck than before. A glimpse of her sane mind appeared for a moment and, for the heavens, he was with his hands under her blouse, kissing her neck like it was the best thing in the world for him, while she had her nails deep on the skin of his shoulders, and her hip touching his with all her might.

When the man didn't stop, Juvia tried to push him away, at least it was what her mind thought she would do, when in reality, her hands seemed to bring him closer.

"Gra-Gray-sama!" Juvia said weakly and this time, the man stopped and looked up to her with a devilish grin on his lips, her nether areas growing hotter and wetter. Dear lord she was leaking like a broken sink, Juvia thought. Worst analogy ever, but her mind wasn't exactly working at one hundred per cent.

"I like when you call me 'Gray-sama.'" The Alpha made his nose touch her cheek, kindly. The gesture was almost too sweet for the situation, until he said the next words. He kissed his way until her ear, where he bit her earlobe lightly. "I need you right now." Gray groaned on the girl's ear while the omega melted in his arms. "Juvia…" He kissed her again, with such intensity that he needed to hold on to her so she couldn't fall down.

Getting inside the apartment was a problem she didn't think was worth thinking right then. He could take her there in the middle of the building's hall and she wouldn't care about it.

Apparently, he did care about it after all.

"Let's get inside so I can take you."

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He wanted to take her. Could he get any hotter?, Juvia thought and she nodded; but noticed that he didn't move an inch to let her open the door.


"Hm?" He said, nuzzling her neck.

"Juvia has to… open the door." She whispered and Gray scowled, but set her free, giving a step back away from her and when he did, she hated it. The woman wanted to be back at his arms, where the world made sense and he kissed her. She stayed staring at him for a few seconds, thinking how lucky she was to have him wanting her as much as she wanted her. Because, really, he couldn't hide the bulge in front of his jeans.

"Juvia?" He said, with an eyebrow up.

"Yes." The Omega snapped out of her day dreaming.

"Open the door." Gray was using his best 'Alpha voice', which basically meant: 'I rule this place, so do what I say.' If it was any other man, the feminist in Juvia wanted to tell him to not give her orders; but this was Gray. And when he was the one telling her what to do in that voice, she got more aroused.

At some point, her purse had fallen on the floor and she had to bend over to get it. Juvia's hands were shaking so much that she took a while to get to the opening and search for the keys. Gray made an unpleasant because of the wait and Juvia understood; she needed to be close to him too.

"Just… one second." She whispered as he rubbed himself on her, the girl could feel his length on her butt cheeks and almost dropped the keys when she finally found them, with how much her hands were shaking and because Gray had his hands on her hips.

Why on earth did she have five keys for? And why did all of them look the same? After the third try, she finally found the one and almost let out a squeal of happiness.

She opened the door and stepped inside, Gray following right behind her.

He turned her around and started kissing her again as soon as the click of the door could be heard and now, at the privacy of her apartment, they could do anything they want and Juvia was going to take advantage of it.

As they desperately kissed, Juvia felt she wanted to touch him more, and put a hand on his covered chest and let it roam until it reached the bulge in front of his pants, squeezing it a bit.

Gray stopped their kiss and made a sound of surprise, followed by a groan.

"Juvia…" He warned her, but Juvia wasn't scared a tiny bit. It was different with him, she never had so much fun with a man in that situation. Usually she was too uncomfortable to do anything. Gray, on the other hand, was magnificent and made Juvia want to be herself. "Don't play with me…" She squeezes once again and Gray snatches her hand away from him, pulling her hip closer to his. "Enough. You will not make me embarrass myself." He captures her mouth with his once again and this time, he let one of his hands go down and grab her ass a bit, before raise her leg, so she could wrap it around his waist.

She took the hint soon enough, when Gray did the same with her other leg, and without stopping the kisses and touches, Gray walked towards the bed.

The Alpha didn't even found weird that the bedroom was just there, where they were, but the truth was that Juvia was not swimming in money, so all she could rent was a bedroom, with a small kitchen (that was separated from the bedroom by a counter) and a small bathroom.

When both reached it, Juvia didn't let go of him and Gray had to lie on top of her, not that it seemed like he was troubled by it. If anything, he complied happily.

They kissed for a while, touching each other from above clothes, until it wasn't enough anymore. Juvia started to pull his shirt up and Gray took the hint, stepping away from her enough so he could take his shirt away.

Juvia bite her lower lip and sat, touching his abs carefully and very pleased that he was such a fit man. Gray let her do it, looking at her while she touched his stomach. The Alpha let out a small sound of surprise when he felt the woman's hands go directly to his belt.

"Juvia…" Gray tried to stop her, but she had already undone it and was working on the pants, and truth be told, he wanted her to undo his pants. The problem was that she still had all her clothes on. "Juvia, you…" He was about to say something, but Juvia undid his pants, bringing it down to his knees along with his underwear.

Juvia looked up to him and offered a toothy grin. She most definitely could work with that.

"Damn it, Juvia." Gray groaned, leaning down to kiss her again before she could what she clearly wanted to. Juvia let it slide; they would have time for oral stimulation later, she would make sure of it, but at that moment, she needed him inside her as fast as possible.

Gray quickly found the hem of her blouse and wanted to take it off and with Juvia's help, he succeeded. And as it turned out, she wasn't wearing a bra that day; her blouse provided enough support for it. He looked down to her bare chest and leaned to kiss her collarbone, giving it a little love mark, and started to kiss his way down to her chest. Once he reached his goal, Juvia could only moan in approval.

Her hands went to immediately grab his hair, while his own started to fondle the breast his mouth wasn't working on and it felt amazing. There were so many feelings, so many sensations that her mind couldn't process everything, so she just felt.

The Alpha would lick and let his teeth tease her nipple, while his hand worked on the other, and one, following the same patters and leaving the Omega crazy. Once he changed and went to the other breast, Juvia couldn't take it anymore. She was ready for him since before they even entered her apartment! And as good all of that was, she wanted to have him inside her at that very moment.

"Gr-Gray-sama." Juvia managed to say, squirming underneath him. She could feel his erection on her thigh and, oh, god. He was worried that he was going to be embarrassed? Really? Juvia was almost coming with only a few kisses and touched on her upper body only, for goodness sake!

When he paid her no attention, Juvia called his name again and was ignored once again. At the third time, Juvia also pulled his hair a little, so he stopped his ministrations with an irritated look on his face. "What?"

"Juvia needs you. Right. Now." The blunette let her deep blue eyes bore into his. She was aware that he could smell her need for him, just as much as she could smell his. Both were at the boiling point.

"Yes. Now." Gray said and started to fight the buttons of her jeans, muttering. "Fuck, I am an expert of taking clothes off, why the hell…?"

Not in the mood for any more delays, Juvia grabbed Gray's face and kissed him deeply for a moment, and when she stopped it, the blunette said: "Finish taking your off and Juvia will take hers." The girl got up from the bed and Gray followed her.

The man nodded eagerly, it wasn't comfortable to have his shoes on, and pants on his knees while having sex. And Juvia wanted him to be as flexible as he could during their time together. She had dreamt a while for it.

After fighting with her sandals and pants, Juvia finally was freed of all of her clothes, even her panties were gone; turning around, she found Gray as naked as she was, a few steps away from her.

And boy, he was perfect.

Some people might say that perfection doesn't exist, but at that moment, to Juvia, Gray was the epitome of perfection. His eyes glowing with desire, his defined chest going up and down as he breathed hard, his length in the middle of his legs, standing and asking for her attention. Everything about him was perfect.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious, Juvia covered her breasts and looked away from him. She forgot how much he enjoy them a few minutes before, she didn't see the lustful face Gray made when saw them uncovered for the first time. Girls, not all, but most, were very self-conscious and even though Juvia knew she had a nice body, all she could think was that her breasts were too big, that her ass was too big, her legs were too big, her…

"Don't." Gray whispered on her ear. In her moment of thoughts, she failed to notice his approach. The Alpha took her arm away from her breasts. "You don't have to cover yourself." Juvia nodded, still looking shy. "You smell so good." Gray said, snuggling her neck exactly like he did it earlier at the guild. "I have been fighting the urge to stay the day smelling your hair when you appear at the Guild."

"That makes two of us." Juvia giggled and Gray smirked and lost his amusement almost at the same moment.

"We can stop, you know? I can still…" Gray said to her kindly, but Juvia shook her head.

"If you leave right now, Juvia will explode and not in a good way."

"Juvia… Once we start, no coming back." He informed her.

"No coming back, then." Juvia tip toed and kissed him lightly on the lips. Gray pulled her close to him and kissed her softly, turning it hotter again by the second. Juvia wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulder, feeling his erection, hot against her stomach.

Once again, Gray laid her onto the small mattress and proceeded to touch her hips, her stomach, her breasts, while Juvia moaned over and over.

She never had such a careful lover in her life. Gray was taking his time, learning where to touch to make her sigh, where to lick to make her squirm and the blunette was more than happy to be the subject of his study. But she was becoming impatient.

To speed thing up a little bit, the Omega girl roamed her hand down until she reached his member and gave it a stroke. Gray gasped and closed his eyes, stopping the nipping on her neck, to let out a groan of approval as she stroked him again and again.

"Ju-via." He moaned her name and the girl almost lost it. If there was a sound that was better than Gray saying her name the way he just did, it was not known by her. "Fuck!" He removed her hand from him. "I told you that you wouldn't make me embarrass myself tonight, Juvia."

But the girl was in a roll; the smell of him, his arousal was so heavy in the air that it was making her drunk with desire. She tried to move, but Gray didn't let her. He started to trail kisses from her stomach and down. The Omega was surprised when he did open her legs so far apart, but was not shy.

He glanced at her for a second before take a lick on her sex and Juvia squirmed, lifting her hips in shock. Gray put a hand on her hipbone to make her stay in place while he resumed his actions.

If Juvia thought that kissing Gray was heaven, having Gray kissing her down there was the nirvana.

She was already wet for him before, but now she was flowing like a river and if anything, it seemed to please Gray, since he started to lick and nip her sex with eagerness; soon enough a finger was added to the equation and Juvia couldn't hold her loud moans anymore. Especially when Gray took his time with her clit.

She didn't know how long it passed, but the lower of her stomach was contracting, it was hot and it was telling her that she was going to come soon and hard. "Gra…" Juvia put her hands on his hair, pulling it a bit, but not really caring about hurting, because he seemed to think of it as a stimulation. And then, it was happening. "Oh…"

Her upper body was raised, since the lower was firmly being held by Gray, and her body shook while the pleasure bolted through her body like lightening. Her mind turned blank, all she could think about was how good it felt, how good Gray made her feel.

So far in her life, Juvia hadn't had an orgasm given by another person. She could when she was alone, but never with someone else, and Gray had just given her that.

Returning from her high, Juvia noticed that Gray was now smiling down to her, he was supporting his weight off of her with her elbows and his knees. Juvia couldn't help it but smile back, putting a hand on his cheek. "Tell me there's more."

"There is. But we can stop here." Juvia sighed with his answer; always the gentleman.

"No way." She responded; Gray nodded as she pulled him down to kiss him once again.

It seemed her body still hadn't taken enough of him, because as soon as their lips met, the fireworks were all being set off once again. Juvia had a hand on the back of his neck, while once again she grabbed his shaft, at the same time that she bit his lower lip.

"Juvia…" Gray moaned as his hips bolted on her hand. He was so hard on her hand, thick and heavy too. Difficult to believe that it would get bigger once inside her. "If we do it wrong, the knotting will hurt you…"

"Juvia wants this; you." She started to guide him towards her entrance and Gray complied. When the tip of it touched her, Juvia sighed. This was really happening; she was about to mate with Gray, the man she has been in love for quite a while.

It had been years since the last time she had sex, but she was sure it wasn't like that. Once he started to slowly enter her, Juvia had to catch her breath with the feeling. It had to be Gray to be the one making her feel all that, she was being open in a very deep way, and it was somewhat weird to have him inside her, but it didn't hurt. It just made her feel complete, full.

"Are you okay?" Gray asked and Juvia nodded, seeing his restraint. She could see in his face that if he could, he would be pounding into her like there was no tomorrow and she fell in love for him all over again at that moment.

"More than okay." Juvia kissed his lips. "You can…" She moved her lips a bit, and he took a sharp breath in, and started to move. Slowly at first, then, as the blunette started to give a few pleasure moans, Gray started to speed up his rhythm up.

Juvia had to cling into his body; she had to hold on to something, because having him like that was turning her mind upside down. Oh, she didn't know how good mating could be. Feeling his heat so close to her body, his sweet smell of want.

He was letting a few groans of pleasure from time to time, exciting Juvia further and further. Juvia would meet his thrusts half way, and she couldn't say who was more surprised with it; him or her.

"Gray-s…" Juvia couldn't finish it, he had twisted her hips just a bit and had hit a very sweet spot inside her, a spot she swears could make her see stars. Grinning when heard the gasp she made, Gray stilled her hips at the same position and started to thrust into her at that position, making the omega underneath him squirm.

Even Juvia could smell the strong fragrance of her arousal, she could feel the sweaty back of Gray under her hands, she could feel her lower abdomen start to get heated once again; Gray's name as a prayer coming from her lips until she felt she was about to come once again.

Gray captured her lips with his as she started to contract her inner muscles around his member, as another orgasm hit her, stronger this time.

She could feel Gray continue his movements while her mind went higher than a kite as she felt the pleasure once again. Boneless and satisfied, Juvia would've called it a night after it, but Gray was yet to have an orgasm of his own.

"Gray-sama…" She whispered and stared at his eyes, darker than ever.

"Juvia." He kissed her lips, coming out off of her. Before she could think about what was happening, Gray spun her around, placing the girl on her hands and knees. Her head fell into the mattress when Gray entered from behind. It was a new angle, he was inside her, touching her where she never thought someone could reach and it felt heavenly.

His speed became rapid, wild and she knew he was close to get there, and by the heavens, she wanted him to. His hands were everywhere,

The knotting. She always hated that part. It was painful, but she didn't care; Gray already gave her too much that night, Juvia was happy to knot with him. What she didn't expect, was to feel his hand go south and touch her clit in a crazy motion. She didn't expect the loud moan that came out of her. She didn't expect the fire that ripped through her veins. And she certainly didn't expect the lower of her stomach to boil once again.

She felt the base of his penis to start to thicken to do the knotting and the fear of hurting was gone; she knew Gray wouldn't hurt her. She was safe with him.

Gray went rigid as he released himself inside her with a final thrust; his release triggering her own as bright spots started to dance in front of her eyes and pleasure was all around her.

She came. Again. She knew she was going to die having sex with Gray, really. The man made her come three times in one go when no other came even closer. He was her sex god.

Carefully laying on the bed side by side, the couple stayed united by his length, the knot would only release itself after Gray had a few mini-orgasms every few minutes for about fifteen minutes, and Juvia needed time to breathe. But it seemed she wouldn't have, since her inner walls would start to contract so Gray could release himself even more inside her. It wasn't an orgasm for her, but it was very pleasurable.

Even with her brain leaking from her head, Juvia marveled with how different of an experience it was when you wanted to mate with someone.

After the knot was gone, Juvia half expect Gray just get up and leave like the others; and surprised her when he didn't. The man turned her over to him and kissed her forehead, offering her a smile; which she returned eagerly, curling herself by his side, putting her head on his shoulder.

"If this is how Alphas have sex with their women, Juvia wonders how come you don't have a flock of fangirls after you, Gray-sama." Juvia said and Gray laughed, in a very good mood.

"This was not how a real Mage Alpha gets his woman, Juvia." Gray chuckled.

"What?" Juvia raised her head to stare at him, in confusion.

"This was all me, no Mage stuff involved, except for the knotting." He told her.

"But the smell…"

"It was what triggered it, yes, but you didn't get in heat while we were together. When you do, I won't be able to control myself and I will take you like I'm crazy." Gray whispered on her ear. She saw how men would get once they were set her mind on it and a memory ripped through her mind, suddenly pushing Gray away from her.

Frowning, Gray sat on the mattress, staring at her in confusion.

"Juvia, what is it?" He asked, concerned, trying to touch her. But she got away once again. "What…?"

"Will… will you remember that you are you, Gray-sama?" The Omega asked, still not staring at him.

"Of course I will. I was just exaggerating, Juvia." He answered, worried. "I always remember. Earlier today I was caught by surprise and it was the first time you had such strong smell." Juvia looked up to him, feeling better; but Gray wasn't going to let it slide. Pulling her towards him, she let him do it this time, Gray embraced her awkwardly. Girls seemed to like hugs when they were sad.

"Hey… what happened? Why did you…?" The Alpha asked kindly, feeling stupid for ruining the mood.

"Juvia had a few bad experiences. Some men really lose their minds." She whispered, accepting his embrace and relaxing into his arms, feeling safe once again.

"What kind of bad experiences?" Gray pried.

"The kind no girl should have." She sighed and felt Gray's body tense.

"Were you…?" He asked, anger barely hidden on his voice and the blunette nodded, only to hear him cuss under his breath,

"It was common for Omegas in Juvia's old Guild." She mumbled and shrugged. "Juvia got it easy, really. She was smart enough to take Aspirin and stay away from the guys. It didn't work all the time, but…" The Omega girl blushed and tried to change the subject. "Gray-sama doesn't need to hear about it…"

"How many?" Gray didn't let her change the subject so he used the same Alpha tone he used before.

The girl hesitates, but answered. "Five. No, no. Six."

"Did you want to have sex with any of them?" The muscles of Gray's jaw were tight as he clenched it.

"The heat says that we have to…" Juvia repeated what the old master told her many times. "And to find a mate…" That's why finding a mate scared the crap out of her.

"Juvia, I am not talking about the heat, I am talking about what you wanted." Gray made her look up to him.

"Juvia was fond of one, but… It never felt right, you know? Even when Juvia wanted to mate, she didn't want to mate with them. They were all… wrong." She took a deep breath. "That's why Juvia left. Gajeel –kun too."

At her friend's name, Gray's eyes turned icy. "Did Gajeel…?"

"No. No." Juvia assured him. "He never participated. Ever. He left with Juvia because of it." Gray visibly relaxed.

"If I ever find these sons of bitches…" Gray promised her and then his eyes went wide. "Oh, god. Juvia, I…" The blunette looked to him in question. "We just had sex. We knotted, I didn't even… Fuck, are you alright? If I had known..."

Juvia grabbed his head, putting her hands above his cheeks so he could stare at her. "Gray-sama, you didn't do anything Juvia wasn't comfortable with, really." He was looking at her in doubt. "What we just had was the most wonderful thing Juvia ever felt in her life." He relaxed a little bit, but not completely. "It's been seven years since that time, Gray-sama; Juvia is better now. She can protect herself so if she didn't want it, Juvia would've kicked your ass." The Omega smiled to her beloved Alpha. "If there's anything Juvia isn't comfortable with, she will tell you; but so far, you did everything so right that all Juvia wants to do, is to have you all over again."

Gray gulped. "Are you sure I…?"

"Yes." Juvia leaned to give him a quick kiss and Gray kissed her back, fully relaxing. "Juvia is sure." The Alpha nodded, accepting her words for now.

"You need to take another Aspirin in a few hours; don't forget it." Gray said, watching her lie on the bed. "If you want me gone, I can…" Gray pointed to the door.

"Gray-sama." Juvia laughed and sat just enough time to grab him by the shoulders and lay back on the back, with him on top of her. "You can stay; Juvia wants you to stay, so please… do. Juvia is alright, so, don't worry."

"Will you take the Aspirin?" Gray narrowed his eyes. "To be around you with your smelling like you are in full heat… I get crazy with you already ingesting the Aspirin…"

"Yes, Juvia will take it. In a few hours." Gray lied on the mattress and Juvia rested her chin on his chest. "How about this: if Juvia is uncomfortable with something, she can say… Hm… Snow. Like it's a safe word. How about it?"

"A safe word?" He wondered, considering it.

"Yes." She smiled to him and he sighed, nodding in agreement.

"Fine. But you better use it!"

"Okie Dokie." The Omega rested her head on his chest for a while, making crazy patterns on his chest, while he did the same with the hand he had wrapped around her waist. "Gray-sama?"

"Hm?" The Alpha acknowledged.

"Are you staying for the night?" Juvia asked with hopeful eyes and he rolled his black eyes.


"Does that mean we can mate again?" She happily wondered.

"Juvia!" Gray was startled when she covered his body with hers, and then arranged herself to be on his lap, straddling him. His member was reacting against his will to the vision. "You…"

"Juvia is fine." The blunette leaned to kiss him, but before she did, whispered. "You can always say 'Snow' if you don't want to."

Neither did.


AN: TWENTY-ONE pages. Okay, this is the longest chapter I've EVER written. Don't expect another one with this length in a very long time, if ever.

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This story was a little bit based on Petra Todd's fanfic "The End and the Beginning" (You can find it in my profile, on my favorites. All of her Sherlock fanfictions are amazing). It's an amazing fanfiction; the Fandom is from the TV Series 'Sherlock' and it has the Alpha/Beta/Omega interaction. When I started the idea, I thought about writing this like: everyone was going to be a were of some kind, but it ended up turning like this.

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