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Chapter 06

When the ferry arrived at the marina the next day, Gajeel was waiting for them – the couple called him before leaving – and for a moment, Juvia thought he would smack her, but all her older friend did was scowl at her and then grab her by the shoulder, yelling 'Are you fucking crazy?' and 'I'll kill you, chop to pieces and then feed you to wolves', plus many other types of threats.

Juvia, after listening for his rants, got free and just hugged the much bigger man, who stopped mid-sentence, looking pretty baffled that she was hugging him, but instead of pushing her away, Gajeel sighed and hugged her back.

"We're at it for eight years, stupid rain woman." He told her. "How could you just run off like that?"

"Sorry." The Omega whispered and let him go. "Juvia panicked."

"Fuck you." Gajeel pointed a finger at her. "Don't give me that bullshit."

"Gajeel." Gray stepped closer – so far he left them to resolve their problems without his interference. "She's not going anywhere without me." The long haired man narrowed his eyes towards Gray, who pushed down his shirt's collar and showed the mark. "It happened last night."

"You are mates?" Gajeel was surprised. "But… you've been together for more than six months."

"We know." Grabbing her mate's hand, Juvia smiled. "We were surprised too."

"Congratulations, I guess." Her best friend shrugged and then stared at Gray with narrowed eyes. "I'm still watching ya, punk."

"Really? You want to do this right now?" Gray rolled his eyes. "We'll probably have that bastard Jose here tomorrow and you want to tell me that you know fifty types of martial arts."

"Oh, I only know one style: kick ass."

"Bring. It. On."

"Alpha males." It was Juvia's turn to roll her eyes. "Guys, let's put this aside for a minute? Juvia has a plan." She bit her lower lip in apprehension, knowing full well that those two wouldn't like it very much. Or at all. Both could be quite protective.

The men stopped staring at each other with defiance and moved their gaze to the Omega girl. "Why do I have the feeling that your plan is going to be stupid and potentially dangerous?" Gray asked.


When their friends received the news about the new marked couple, they just stared at them for a few moments, trying to understand the fact that a couple, who passed the marking time, was finally bonded for life.

Of course that the silence didn't last long, before the whole guild start to cheer and be happy about them. Gray hated the fact that they and their relationship was the center of attention, but it was easier to tell everyone at the same time, plus, for Juvia's plan for the next day needed to have everyone in the loop.

The girls pulled her along to hug and congratulate the bonding, while Gray watched from afar, glad that their friends were at least taking her mind away from Jose and her past for a few minutes – every moment she didn't think about that bastard was a win.

"I can't believe that we have one of the 'special couples' here." Mirajane giggled while hugging Juvia. "I am so happy for you; I knew your love was real. Gray isn't much of a talker, but we all could see it in his eyes."

"Thank you." The Omega smiled and then, from across the room, found Gray's eyes on hers.

It was like as time stopped and she couldn't breathe. It was hot and cold, up was down and the lights seemed brighter, and everything was right as long as they were together. It was everything she felt when her eyes laid upon him for the first time, ten times fold. Juvia understood then that what happened to her when they met: strong pheromones and attraction for some, but Juvia Lockser knew better: it was love at first sight.

The blunette heard once that 'love is like a slow burn', but in her case, they got it wrong: just because her 'burn' was quick, it didn't make her feelings any less special. Did people believed in love at the first sight anymore? She didn't know and she didn't care. It was nice, to love.

It was a mess that couldn't be sorted, a heart which couldn't stop beating fast, a dry mouth and the silly babbling. It was such a normal thing for a young woman who had such abnormal life. It made her feel more alive than a thing as essential as breathing never did.

Juvia would fight for that; she found her place in the world.


"I still don't like this." Gray said the next day after they arrived at the guild. They had a plan and their friends agreed to help out as much as they could. When Gray explained that a man from Juvia's past was coming back to take her away and hurt her, they all got fired up to help and protect the Omega. Gray decided to only tell the details of Juvia's past to some people – no one else needed to know about the horrors she went through. "There's still time to change the plan to something safer."

"This is the best way, Gray-sama." The blunette sighed – they had been having that conversation since she inform him about the plan she came up with; whether he liked it or not, it was the right approach for everyone involved. "We talked about this."

"It doesn't matter, it's still dangerous." Gray grabbed her gently by the wrist to prevent her from going further inside the guild. "You want to be alone with Jose after running from him all this time. Only now you had the courage to stand up for yourself… I'm worried that when you see him, you'll return to being afraid." The Alpha put a hand over his chest, where underneath his shirt, there was their marking. "This means that I'll do anything for you, Juvia. Anything. And I'd rather die than put you anywhere near that bastard."

The Omega put a hand over the one on his chest. "And Juvia would rather die than let you do something you would regret." She tip toed to give him a peck on the lips. "We shouldn't have his shadow over us, and after today, we won't."

"If he even thinks of touching you…" Gray left the threat in the air, but Juvia understood it: her mate would kill Jose or die trying. "You are my priority, Juvia. I would love to help to free the other girls, but you are my priority – it's stronger than me, the will to protect a mate – and whatever happens, I am protecting you."

"It won't come to that." She assured the man. "We have a good plan and everything's in place. Now let's get inside, Jose probably already has eyes everywhere and he'll only come if he's sure I'm here."


The day was tense for the guild members; none of them was too keen of waiting action come to them: they liked to run wild at will, but as was explained to them, it was very important to keep calm until Jose arrived.

Natsu was the most restless of them all and the only person – aside from Lucy, who was 't there (she and Levy were in a safe location, since Gajeel wouldn't allow his mate to get anywhere close to Jose while she was carrying their child) – that could tame him somehow, was Erza.

Gray looked to his side, where his mate was, paler than ever, sat, staring a hole at the ground and the man couldn't help but think that Natsu and Gajeel were lucky to have their mates in a safe location while he had to watch his own face the terror of her life all by herself.

All he wanted was to rip Jose's throat open for all the pain he caused. The bastard had it coming.

But no, going entirely against his instinct to just hide Juvia and face the enemy like a male should, Gray knew that even though he was deep in the fight now, it was her battle and she should be the one to behead Jose, it didn't matter in what sense.

"Guys." Max, a Delta, called from his spot close to the window. "I… I think he's here."

Juvia's body tensed, her eyes widen and she held her breath. Gray grabbed one of her hands. "We can still call this whole thing off so you can go home and we'll take it from here. But I guarantee you this: no one is taking you."

Gajeel took a few steps to stay by his best friend's side. "You don't need to prove anything, Juvia." He put a hand on her shoulder in one of his few attempts to comfort someone. "No one will think less of you if you want to go home."

"Oh, Juvia wants to go home so bad." The blunette took a deep breath. "This is terrifying. I've been running for so long and now he finally found us." She, then, raised her head. "But he caught on because I let it and this has to end. One way or the other."

A loud knock on the Guild's door echoed through the salon. Master Makarov rose to his feet, his grandson by his side, and waved so Max and Nab could open the door.

He was the first one to enter the Guild – a few of his men stepping in behind him, Philip being one of them –, confident. The first impression Gray had of Jose Porla was that he was far older and thinner than he imagined. He had difficulty imagining why anyone would fear him until the moment he saw those black eyes – scary, deep and terrifying –; he understood why Juvia was afraid. But, of course, Gray was an Alpha and Alphas didn't back down, so, when those lifeless eyes started to scan the whole guild and stopped when he found Juvia and Gajeel, Gray stepped in front of his mate without even realize, his own dark eyes narrowing in the other man's direction.

Jose, seeing Gray's reaction, lift the side of his lips in a half smile before resuming his scanning, speaking only when he stepped closer to Makarov. Laxus stepped towards the man, just to remind the foreigner that there was imminent threat.

"Master Makarov, isn't it?" Jose asked with a heavy accent; he didn't seem to mind the fact that he and his men were surrounded.

"Jose Porla, I presume." Makarov's tone was cold as he stared the other Alpha with disdain. "What can I do for you?"

The foreigner smiled and Gray could see his white teeth. "I was in the neighborhood and I heard that there was a guild in this town, so I came to pay my respects and imagine my surprise when I found two of my guild members here."

"Is that so?" Makarov's eyebrows went high. "And who might those be?"

"Those two over there." Jose pointed towards Juvia and Gajeel without taking his eyes from the older man's.

"I think you are mistaken." Makarov pretended to finally understand. "They are member of Fairy Tail., have been for a long time now." Technically wasn't the whole truth – neither of them had pledged themselves to the Guild, but they were family and even without a formal affiliation, they did make part of it. "They have been here for the past year and both are mated and with a life in Magnolia, so I do find hard to believe that they are the same people you are searching for."

"My information was that the male, Metalicana, was dead and until two days ago Stormi was unmarked."

"Then you are not here by coincidence as you would like me to believe, are you?" Makarov said. "Let's cut the crap, Jose. You want them and you came all the way from Ishval to get them."

"Give them to me," the foreigner man said smoothly. "and I'll be in my way." Hearing those words, Gray growled and gave a step towards Jose, but stopped when Juvia grabbed his hand. Jose raised an eyebrow with the interaction and then sniffed the air. His eyes widened a little. "Marked."

"And you are not taking her." Gray snarled. "Not now, not ever."

For the first time they could finally see the anger in his expression. "Você é minha, Stormi. Não aceito essa marcação." [You are mine, Stormi. I don't accept this marking.] Jose said in ishvalian, snarling. "Tenho esperado por oito anos para te ensinar sua lição. Ninguém me deixa." [I've waited for two years so I could teach you a lesson. No one leaves me.]

"Nem comece com essa merda." [Don't even start this shit.] Gajeel told him. "Nós não temos mais nada a ver com você." [We have nothing else to do with you anymore.]

"Você, Metalicana, eu vou dar para quem pagar mais, para que tirem seus braços e pernas enquanto você está vivo." [You, Metalicana, I'll give you for whoever pays more, so they can take your arms and legs while you're still alive.]The older ishvalian said between gritted teeth.

"No, no, no, no." Gray interfered them. "Don't talk in ishvalian."

"Don't worry; he's just saying how he'll sell me to the higher bidder so they take my limbs apart." Gajeel informed.

"You make friends wherever you go, huh?" Gray didn't take his eyes off Jose. "It doesn't matter either way, since neither of you are going anywhere."

"I don't see Stormi here asking me to go away." He stared at Juvia with a creepy smile, she took a deep breath before looking up to meet his stare.

"We need to talk this out." The Omega said with her voice stronger than she felt inside. "We are not leaving and you can't keep coming after us."

Jose eyed her with curiosity. "Not gonna happen, girl."

At the same time, everyone at the guild got up from their seats and Jose's men stood in a fighting pose. Makarov's voice echoed. "There won't be bloodbath today; Juvia will try reason with him."

"No." Gray said. "We should just behead them, Master."

"Gray." Their master's tone was enough to prevent the younger Alpha to talk further – while Jose gave his men an order to stand down. "This is not how we do things: we will treat this diplomatically, but keep in mind, Jose, that Juvia and Gajeel are our kin now: they won't be going anywhere they don't want to. If you try to take them by force, we will fight." Makarov stared at the blue haired Omega. "Are you sure about this?"

She hesitated for a second. "Yes; this needs to end." With a last look towards her mate, Juvia lead Jose to Makarov's office and closed the door behind her. It took all of her willpower not to run outside and beg Gray to put his arms around her, to protect her from that monster. But she didn't, instead, she pushed the fear down.

"You have to stop it." She told him after a moment. "It's been eight years since we left; you can't possibly still think about us, no one else does.

"Oh, but they do." Jose said between gritted teeth. "They look at me and all they see is an Alpha that couldn't control his pack; a little omega girl ran away and I couldn't find her for eight years. Every day I think about ways to get you back and how make you pay, Stormi."

"Make me pay?" Juvia snarled – something she would never do ten years before – the fear she felt turning into boiling anger. "You were the one that made my life hell. Do you have any idea how it is to never settle down? To run away in the middle of the night when you think someone is closing in? How many nightmares I had?"

"From what I see that you're doing just fine: you found a mate. If anything, if I hadn't done my business, you wouldn't run and you could've spent your whole life without meeting him." The older man shrugged.

It took her a moment to process what he said. "What?" The Omega asked in disbelief. "Are you…? I can't even…"

"Oh, calm down." Jose rolled his eyes. "Do you even know how many omega working girls manage to put their lives together? Or live at all? Almost none. But then again, you were always special."

"I was never a working girl. You raped me and then tossed me around to men three times my age!" She yelled and the small part of her that wasn't overwhelmed with hurt, prayed that Gray hadn't listened and didn't barge in the door. She needed to make him talk more. "I was thirteen when you started coming to my room, Jose. Thirteen!"

"You were a woman by then, Juvia." The man dismissed her with a wave of his hand. "You developed early. Plus, you were in heat."

"You knew that Aspirin suppress the smell." She told him with anger. "You knew… You were supposed to protect me after my parents died."

"I gave you shelter, food and clothes." The older man rolled his eyes. "Don't make such a fuss about it, Stormi, really. You are an Omega, and your kind is to relieve males of their frustrations. It's biology."

The blunette just stared at him, analyzing him and she could see that he really believed his words; he really thought that what he did to her was not only justifiable but also right. That poor excuse of a man actually believed that he did the correct thing when he raped her over and over again and then shared her with his buddies.

All those years she feared a sick man? Because no sane person would ever think that way, as her friends showed her. Jose Porla was nothing else other than a very twisted individual who led here to believe that she needed to be afraid of everything, that he had the power, when in truth, he was the powerless one.

Juvia was in control now, she had a life without him spooking her, and without thinking that Jose was hidden in the shadows waiting to jump on her at any second.

Not anymore.

"Do you still do it? Do you still have a girl somewhere, waiting for you to terrorize her?" The woman asked with a disgusted look on her face.

"You don't mess with a working system." Jose stared at her and gave a step forwards her, but the Omega moved so he could stay away from her as much as before. "Oh, Stormi, you always were a beauty and you smell so nice – that's why people fought so hard to get you, but now? You look stunning now, you let your hair down now, and you wear tighter clothes." He leered at her. "You look good. Still smell marked, but I can find a perfume which will make you smell like pure Omega. I don't like girls too mature, but I've always had a soft spot for you, my other girls aren't you. Did you know that I kept you longer than any other?"

"You will not touch me." She growled at him. "Ever again. Leave. Now."

"I have men outside that could obliterate your little buddies, this place is surrounded." Jose stepped closer to her and Juvia gave a few steps, just to find herself pressed against a wall with him too close to her liking. "If you and Metalicana come with me, I will leave them alone."

"What are you going do to us?" She asked.

"Well…" He touched her neck, where she still had Gray's bite from their mating a couple of nights before. "There are many people that could give a fortune to have Metalicana to fight for them – he's a pain in the ass, but a good fighter. I bet that if we find his mate, he'll put even more of a fight." Juvia tensed with the thought of Levy with Jose and it almost made her sick, especially knowing how it would hurt her best friend. "As for you… you are mine until I get tired of you and people respect me again. I might even kill that stupid mate of yours in front of you, how about that?"

Juvia could handle threats against her, but not against her friends and certainly not against her mate, her Gray-sama who did nothing to deserve the mess he found himself into for meeting her.

An Omega didn't dare to confront an Alpha, since they were usually too weak and didn't have the courage to do it, but, as proved over and over again, Juvia Lockser was not a usual Omega.

She threw herself on Jose – surprise, surprise, Jose, this kitten has sharp claws –, who was more than just surprised with the way the blunette started to let out years of frustration just flow out of her.


Gajeel watched as Gray walked from one side to another outside the room where Juvia and Jose were talking. As much as he was tense, Gajeel knew that the other man was feeling a thousand times worse: his mate was away from him with a male that was known to be a crazy bastard and who hurt the Omega in the past.

All they wanted to do was to barge in the room and kill the man – most male alphas develop protective instincts with females they are in constant contact with –, but they had a plan to follow.

"Calm down." Natsu told Gray and people actually got surprised – Natsu telling someone to calm down? – but Gray just ignored him and kept pacing from one side to the other. "She's going to be alright; she's tough." Gray snarled in response and Gajeel sighed.

He understood how the man was feeling and he was glad that he convinced Levy to stay away from the Guild for the day – if any of Jose's men even looked at her, they would lose their heads – and there Gray was, seeing his mate meet a rapist that looked at her as if he wanted more.

Gray Fullbuster was a stronger man than Gajeel for keeping his cool.

A loud crash could be heard from inside the room and suddenly everyone was moving. Gray and Gajeel ran towards the door that would lead them to Juvia while their friends prevented Jose's men to do the same.

The scene they found when the door was opened was the best thing Gajeel saw in a long time: an Omega girl sitting on an Alpha's stomach while beating the shit out of him (scratching his face as well too, to the Alpha's amusement).

Gajeel held Gray while they saw her attack Jose with every ounce of force she had in her little body; she wasn't going to get hurt – Jose was an old man now –, plus, he and her mate were right there in case. Juvia needed to let it out of her system after those eight years. Yes, Gajeel ran with her, they fought together, but he got it light in comparison. He couldn't count how many nights she woke up screaming because a nightmare, of the number of panic attacks he witnessed and how many tears he saw her shed all because of Jose's cruelty.

She needed to punch the scum a few times. God knows she earned the right.

"You were my boogieman for too long, Jose." The blunette punched the older man once again and Gajeel was impressed – he taught her how to defend herself for the past eight years, and since then he knew she tried to stay in her best form and they often sparred, she never won against him, but sure as hell made him run for his money –, it was good to see his lessons paid off. "But in the end, you are just a pathetic old man who wants little girls to make you feel powerful." She yelled on his face. "Your grasp on me is finally over." Gajeel heard commotion outside the room and he assumed Juvia did as well, because she stopped her attack. "It's me who will screw you this time."

A few men walked pass by Gajeel – who held Gray as hard as could so Juvia could have at least a bit of revenge – and he noticed that they were wearing FBI (Fiore Bureau of Investigation) jackets. When he realized that the cavalry arrived, he let go off Gray – who ran to be in Juvia's side – and Gajeel saw the men handcuff the older Alpha.

"We've been watching your ass for some time now, scum." The officer who handcuffed Jose said.

"Whatever that puta told you, it's a lie!" Jose tried to free himself but the officer held him down with the help of the other two. "Eu vou te matar, Stormi!" [I will kill you, Stormi!]

"Don't even try; we got you on tape, genius." Another officer, the older one, rolled his eyes. "I want to see how you like being raped in jail for twenty to life."

As they dragged Jose away, Gajeel took a moment to appreciate the sight of Jose handcuffed and with a broken nose. The younger Alpha even waved good-bye as the bastard was escorted away from the room with one of the men saying his rights.

When Juvia came up with the idea of calling the police, both Gajeel and Gray had been skeptical – both preferred the plan where Jose ended up without a head after one hell of a beating –, but when the blunette told them that they were better than Jose and there was a chance that they could help other girls (whom Jose probably still kept).

After talking to Master Makarov, they gathered Asuka's mom and dad – they were snipers for the army after all, and they had people they knew in the police – to ask if they could pull it off, Biska called an old friend of hers and asked if a tape would be admissible as evidence (just to be sure). The name 'Jose Porla' connected them directly with the Bureau; they were joined with the Ishvalian Secret Service for three years, gathering as much evidence as they could about the Phantom Lord organization, but a video with the ring leader admitting rape? It would be the cherry on top.

The plan was to get Jose to talk about selling people and raping the best Juvia could; the other evidences would support whatever she got him saying. Juvia would testify later, but it didn't matter as long as Jose was locked up behind bars. Normally the older man wouldn't be so easily fooled, but the opportunity to 'redeem' his honor as an Alpha after a young woman run away from him after stealing his money, was too good to pass and he made the mistake to go after her (his instinct told him to hunt his prey).

Gajeel looked to the side of the room where his best friend was being held tightly against her mate, crying. He could only imagine how awful would've been to face Jose and after all that time finally be free.

He stepped out the room to allow the couple to have privacy for a few minutes before they had to go to the precinct so Juvia could give her statement. Gajeel was thrilled that the chasing had stopped, but he wanted to go home real bad; he had a mate to kiss and a belly to stroke for hours.


Gray didn't want to let go of her. He knew she was alright, that Jose didn't hurt her, but even so it was hard to just open his arms and let her go, so, he chose to hold on tighter and the Omega didn't seem to mind – she hugged him back just as hard.

"Are you okay?" Gray whispered after kissing the top of her head and finally thinking that she would need to put ice on her knuckles after the beating she gave Jose.

"Babies." She mumbled and the Alpha almost didn't get what she said.

"What?" The man frowned in confusion. Maybe she hit her head while fighting with Jose?

"It's over." Reluctantly Juvia separated her body from Gray's, just a bit." After thirteen years, Juvia can finally think of the future and… All she can think now is babies. Lots and lots of babies."

Gray raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Yes." She laughed while tears fell down on her face. "You asked a few months ago how Juvia felt about babies and at the moment she couldn't let herself to feel anything… but now? That's all I can think about! Maybe this is nesting coming from the mark, but it doesn't matter!" The Omega kissed his lips lightly.

"Oh… okay." Gray said, a little overwhelmed. What was happening? She was just kicking an old man's ass and now she was talking about children? "Babies, then?"

"Six babies." She smiled.

"What? Six?"

"It's a nice number, right?" She asked with a giggle.

"And so are one and two." Gray pointed out; he was happy that Juvia was clearly making plans for the future, and the mage inside him howled in delight with the thought of her pregnant – her stomach stretched with his child inside her –, but there was no way he'd have six children: too many mouths to feed.

"It doesn't matter the number!" She waved his worry off. "And… oh, oh, oh: a dog! Or a cat!" Juvia stopped for a second. "We could have a dog and a cat! I could never have a pet before because I would need to run at any time."

"Okay, take a deep breath." Her boyfriend cupped her face tenderly with his hands. "You have been through a lot for the past few days – hell, over the past decade – and now that you're finally free of it, you are overwhelmed."

"Yes, sorry." Juvia's smile widened. "It's just… the possibilities are endless now. Oh! Juvia wants to travel, really travel. See nice places and do all the stuff normal people do when they travel."

"Alright." Gray chuckled. "When you finally settle your mind in one thing at a time, we can think of something. I'm all up for traveling and even have a small pet. In a couple of years, though, after we enjoyed each other for a while, we can start on baby making. You can play with Gajeel's kid when it is born in a few months. Deal?"

"It's so nice to be free." "Juvia feels like she's dreaming."

"You will have to testify, don't forget about that." Gray told her as sweetly as he could, reminding her that she would face Jose a few more times.

"It doesn't matter." She shrugged. "He's behind bars now. All of Phantom Lord will fall, you heard the agents, they have enough evidence to convict him."

"Yes." The Alpha rested his forehead on hers. "You were very brave today, Juvia." He saw her gloating with the praise. "But I promise you that this was the last time you had to face danger without me."

"Don't be silly, Gray-sama; you were right here with Juvia, whispering in her mind and giving her strength." The Omega smiled to her mate. "Juvia hasn't been alone for a while."


Four years later

"Hi there, sweetheart." Juvia smiled to her eight months old son, who was happily chewing his fingers. His dark eyes flicked to the woman and the boy smiled. "Have you been up for long?" The baby took his hand out of his mouth and showed his mother the two little teeth he had and the blunette woman felt her heart flutter with happiness. "Do you need a diaper change?" Laughing, he started to move his arms and legs all over the place; Juvia chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes. Plus, the smell was a giveaway."

The child was the apple of his mother and father's eyes, since the moment they knew about her pregnancy. When they finally agreed to try and have a child of their own – after enjoy a few travels around Fiore and each other for two years –, Juvia became scared about such responsibility, but, with not only Gray's support, but all of her friends', she knew that it wouldn't be easy but she could do it: Juvia was going to protect her child.

Crazy enough, it was Gray who freaked out while she was giving birth while Juvia had to cope with hours of strong contractions and her mate worrying about not only about their son, but also seeing his beloved in pain: male mages always got restless when their mates were having children – their overprotective nature showing itself, it was utterly ridiculous and somewhat sweet for others but an extra job for the women.

By Juvia's request, they named the boy River – unlike her mother, Juvia wasn't such a fan of rain, but took liking in water in general – and he was a perfect mixture of both his parents: with dark hair just like his father, blue eyes like his mother and adorable chubby cheeks.

While changing the baby's diaper, Juvia sang a soft tune to calm him down and dutifully, River kept staring at his mother while he was cleaned. Once it was done, she held him again.

"Let's search for your father, River?" The Omega asked and the child babbled happily. Juvia could barely believe that she had such a healthy and happy baby – River did like to laugh and was easy going, unlikely Vivian, Gajeel and Levy's daughter (who almost never laughed) and Luigi, Natsu and Lucy's son (who would throw a major tantrum whenever he got too tired or hungry), but they were all very sweet kids in their own way.

Juvia found her mate, shirtless and with messy-bed-like hair, in the kitchen, searching for something inside the fridge. The woman took a moment to stare at his ass through his underwear before clearing her throat.

"Good morning." The man smiled to them and the boy threw his arms towards Gray, who took the child from Juvia. The Alpha kissed River's cheek and then leaned towards his mate to kiss her lips.

"Good morning" Juvia chuckled. "I'll warm up his bottle."

"Already did." Gray went close to the sink and grabbed a blue bottle. Seeing it, River tried to grab it, but his father took it away from him. "Wait up, kid; I need to take the top off." After doing it, he finally gave it to the child, who eagerly started to eat. "If someone else sees how he eats, they'll think that we don't feed him enough."

"Mages eat more than human, especially babies." Juvia told him and proceeded to prepare the breakfast for her and Gray while her mate finished feeding their son and then putting him on the baby chair with some cereal so he could eat and pass time.

After the couple ate, Gray gathered the dishes and put them on the sink while Juvia cleaned the table. She, then, stared at her son with a big smile and then to her mate, wondering how lucky she was to have found that amazing man, who knew about her past, accepted her even so and supported her through the whole Jose situation.

"Are you alright?" Gray stepped closer to the blunette.

"I love you." She tip toed to kiss his mouth. "And River."

Gray frowned. "I love you too." The man put his hands on her hips and she sighed in content; it was nice that her mate told her the three big words from time to time, and even if those times were few, every time it made her heart beat fast. "You know that, right?"

"Yes." The Omega sighed. "It's just… It still seems like a dream: our friends, you and River… Especially River, because he is so perfect. Juvia still fears that she'll wake up back in Geyger."

"You're not." Gray kissed the top of her head. "You're here, with us." Both looked towards River, who was dirtying himself while trying to eat. "We're doing a good job, Juvia. For once in our lives, we're happy. Let's just enjoy it."

"Always. Every minute." Juvia rested her head on her mate's naked chest while the man wrapped his arms around her. "Juvia just feels incredibly lucky."

"Even after changing River's diaper?" Gray joked. "I don't feel particularly lucky when it's my turn."

"Even then, yes." The woman chuckled. "You two are my boys and Juvia wouldn't change either of you for anything in the world."

It was Gray's turn to chuckle. "Since you changed him earlier, how about I take River and give him his bath so we can go to the Guild? For a little guy with a water related name, he sure goes in kicking and screaming."

"But when he's in, though, it's tough to get him out." Juvia pointed out.

"That's true." Gray let go off of her and stepped closer to the child. "Come on, River, let's get you all cleaned up so we can go see your little buddies." River raised his arms towards his father, expecting to be picked up and the Alfa did exactly that; with his chubby hands, the child touched the older man's face, dirtying it. "Great, now I'm dirty too." Gray rolled his eyes and the little boy laughed out loud.

"Give him a bath and then call me, so Juvia can dress him while you take a shower." The blunette suggested and the man nodded.

"I suppose there's a chance of you to join me in the shower?" Gray raised an eyebrow and Juvia giggled. "I'll take that as a 'maybe', then."

"It's a 'no', Gray-sama." The Omega pushed him out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom. "We have a very awake baby to take care of. Later." She gave him a pointed look before return to the kitchen.

"Did you hear that, River?" Gray tickled the boy. "You're getting in the way. For your punishment: you shall take a bath." Juvia saw her mate raise the boy above his head and the Omega heard her son laugh with Gray and her heart swollen with such overwhelming love and pride for her family.

She fought for them, he earned them and her boys were meant to be with her. Juvia Lockser Fullbuster couldn't be happier even if she tried: she had it all she ever wanted. An amazing mate, a wonderful son and the best friends she could ever have.

That life was good for an Omega, but she was no longer just an Omega: she was a friend, a mother and a mate. But most of all: she was free.


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