Chapter 2

The Princess meets The Elder

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When the light from the cullis gate dimmed, Helena had to wait a minute before her eyes allowed her to see her surroundings. When her vison corrected itself, she was met with a marvelous sight. She was in a literal forest of mushrooms that were as tall as the throne room back at the castle. Despite the reasons why she had left the castle, Helena found wonder and joy at the prospect of such of a discovery outside the castle's walls. Even if this was literally another world.

Placing a hand on her heart, Helena's wonder was broken at the touch of the Guild Seal around her neck. In the midst of her amazement, she had almost forgotten why she was there in the first place. She needed to find this "Ignitus" person and soon. A yawn, however, escaped her lips, causing her to remember what time it was even without the aid of the moon and stars above her.

"*Yawn* I best find some shelter first before I do anything."

She jumped when the sound of thunder reached her ears. Looking up warily, she began to look around the clearing she was in.

"Best make it soon. I've already gotten soaked in Albion. I don't wish to be wet again. Unless a bath was in order."

Using her fire magic to create and light a torch, Helena used the limited light to observe the clearing better. Her eyes caught sight of a cave in a nearby rock wall.

"Well, it is not the castle, but it will do." Helena thought as she entered the cave.

Holding the torch up, she observed the inside of the cave. What she saw made her gulp, for inside the cave was a sleeping red, orange, and gold dragon. Carefully, Helena tip-toed backwards to leave. However, Helena's heel struck a rock and she fell backwards.

The sound of Helena falling was enough to stir the dragon. Anticipating an attack, he rose, but froze when he caught sight of the human child before him. Upon seeing the Guild Seal around her neck, the dragon realized who she was.

"You…you have come."

Helena was both frightened and confused. The dragon was…talking to her. And it sounded like he knew her. Carefully getting up, Helena dared herself to speak.

"You…know me, sir dragon?"

The dragon was astonished. Had the girl's mother not told her of who he was? Did something happened in Albion to prevent the Queen from properly explaining to her child? Whatever the reason, it was his duty now. With a slow nod, he answered Helena's question.

"Indeed. I met you when you were just an infant. And I was friends with your mother, Queen Sparrow."

Helena's eyes widened at the mention of her mother. But…how was this possible? Did her mother have more adventures after the Lucian Fairfax incident? At least, one involving talking dragons. And if so, why didn't she say anything to her or Logan? Then again, it was probably best that Logan did not know.

"How…how did you know my mother? She never said anything about meeting a dragon."

It was then that she remembered her manners and spoke, surprised at herself.

"Oh! I beg your pardon. My name is…"

"…Helena. I know, young princess. There is no need to apologize." The dragon spoke knowingly.

He looked around before speaking again.

"If I may, princess. Where is your mother?"

The dragon saw immediate sadness in the girl's eyes upon asking of her mother. Did something happen to her? He waited until the princess answered his question.

"She…she passed away three years ago. She came down with an incurable illness and…died in her sleep."

The news saddened the dragon's heart. He had hoped to see his friend again after all these years. Maybe get her help with the crisis at hand. But alas, it seemed Fate had other plans. Now the poor child before him was truly alone in this world. The dragon set his prayers aside for later as he returned his attention to Helena.

"I…I am sorry, young princess. If I had known she would be ill, I would have never given her my Guild Seal."

While the dragon's apology comforted Helena, her curiosity was peaked at the mention of the Seals. Pulling the second Seal out, she spoke.

"Your Guild Seal? You mean this one?"

Using the torch to illuminate the Seal, Helena held up the magical medallion for the dragon to observe. Glancing at it, he nodded.

"Indeed. The one you hold in your hand was mine, while the one around your neck belonged to your mother. The Seals bear strange powers that I still do not know about. But what I do know is this: the Seal in your hand is meant for another."

Remembering the Book of Heroes' words, Helena looked up to the dragon and asked a question that had been plaguing her.

"Do you mean this 'Ignitus' person I was tasked to find, sir? My apologies, but I have only just arrived in this place. I am still getting my bearings."

Now the dragon understood. The Princess of Albion knew not of the destiny before her. No doubt her mother had passed away without telling her the secret. Perhaps Sparrow was going to tell her daughter before she fell ill. It seemed now that it was up to him to explain.

"I'm afraid the Seal is no longer mine to bear, for I am Ignitus."

Helena's eyes widened at this. She wanted to disbelieve the dragon, fearing it would be a trap. However, there was something about this dragon, something familiar that told her that she could trust him. Glancing at the Seal, Helena spoke.

"You're Ignitus? But…how is this possible?"

Laying back down, Ignitus spoke to the young, astonished princess.

"It is a long story, Helena. But if you are willing, I shall explain."

Taking a seat on a stone, Helena placed the torch between her and Ignitus as their source of heat and light.

"A-alright? So…how did you meet my mother?"

Ignitus closed his eyes as he thought of the memories from his past.

"I was a young dragon, a fledgling Guardian of Fire, when I met your mother. You see, this land has been at war with a terrible force for ages and we were losing hope. There is a prophecy that stated that a purple dragon, a rare dragon born once every ten generations, would be born during the Year of the Dragon and defeat the darkness. One night, while I was praying to the ancestors for a way to restore hope, I was summoned in a flash of light. When the light dimmed, I found myself inside a spire with two human women before me. One of them was your mother. The other…was the blind seer; Theresa."

Helena's eyes widened at Theresa's name. Did she have a hand in this, as well? Keeping quiet, Helena urged Ignitus to continue. Seeing that the young royal wanted him to continue, Ignitus did so.

"Theresa had brought us both to the spire because she saw a vision that concerned both of our worlds. She told us our futures, how I would mature as a Guardian and how your mother would become Queen. The vision showed us our separate paths only to converge at one point: a cradle with nesting material inside. And inside where two figures: an infant human and a purple dragon hatchling. Theresa explained that it would be Sparrow's daughter and the purple dragon who would be the salvation of both worlds."

Helena felt her stomach tied in a knot. So Theresa did have something to do with this. She foresaw her birth. Then, was the purple dragon the one she needed to find other than Ignitus? But…how would this help her kingdom? Her attention resumed as Ignitus continued.

"For the next fourteen years, your mother and I made preparations. Sometimes, one of us would have to visit the other's world in order to discuss or aid them. The Seals your mother was given acted like a portable cullis gate after Theresa instructed us to place a drop of our blood on each seal."

He then paused to ask Helena a question.

"Now tell me. What has happened in Albion since the day of your birth?"

Reluctantly, Helena told Ignitus all she knew about what had happened. From her mother's death to her brother's transformation into a tyrant, she answered honestly. She concluded the tale with her departure from Bowerstone Castle and the discovery of the Sanctuary. Ignitus took everything in. Like with Sparrow's death, he was extremely surprised at Logan and what he had become. He remembered meeting the former prince several times in the past and saw him like a nephew. To hear that he had become a tyrant was disturbing.

"…and now, here I am. We had originally thought that I was just going to be in hiding until I turn fifteen. Then I would return to Albion to lead the revolution Sir Walter had been talking about. But from what you have just told me, it seems I won't be here just to learn how to be a leader alone." Helena concluded.

Ignitus nodded sadly. How could Albion have fallen so? What in the name of the ancestors happened to Logan to change him so? A kindly prince becoming a tyrant king after a short time on the throne? So many questions ran through Ignitus' mind, yet no answers bore fruit. In his scouring of his own memories, Ignitus remembered the day Helena was introduced to him. And the message he told her mother.

"I fear you may have more of a challenge ahead of you than just mere tutelage. The prophecy dictated that you would aid this realm and that you would not do so alone. But alas, I fear that the Dark Master knew at least half of the prophecy."

This cause Helena to raise an eyebrow as she used her magic to feed the fire.

"What do you mean? What happened?"

Ignitus knew this was going to be difficult. He had placed his hopes on her and the purple dragon alone. With only one of them here, what chance would the realm have? Still, he had to tell her as much as he could.

"The night you were born, the Dark Master's forces laid siege to the temple where I and the other Guardians resided. It was the year of the dragon and we had a new clutch of eggs. What may be the biggest clutch in our time. One of the eggs was purple in coloring. I knew the moment the egg arrived that it was the purple dragon, whom you would have fulfilled the prophecy with. But when the dark armies attacked, I had no choice but to take the egg and send it down the Silver River in an upturned mushroom cap. The last I saw of it, it was floating downstream."

He sighed as he laid he head down on the ground.

"When I returned, my fellow Guardians were overpowered and…all of the eggs were smashed."

Helena flinched when she heard the last sentence. In one night, so many lives were destroyed before they were even born. Seeing Ignitus' sorrowful face, Helena couldn't help but pity him. To lose so many children under his care…Helena couldn't fathom what Ignitus felt then and now.

"And…the egg you saved?"

Ignitus didn't move his head. He just watched the small flames as he answered the princess' question.

"I know not of its fate. Between then and now, I fear the egg must not have survive."

Helena wanted to feel sorry for him further. But something stopped her. It was the feeling of protest. A feeling she had become accustomed to during her later years in the castle. But there was something else brewing inside her. A strong conviction that Ignitus was wrong. Was this hope? She stood up and approached Ignitus before kneeling down and placing a hand on his neck. The Fire Guardian looked at her as she spoke.

"I may not have met the egg, but for some reason, I feel it's still alive. Call me foolish, if you must. But how can you be sure of its fate if you had not seen it after all these years? For what we know, the egg may have been hatched and the dragon inside is being raised by someone right now?"

"And yet we still do not know if the egg was destroyed, instead." Ignitus spoke, hoping to rationalize the child.

Still, she held her conviction.

"That is the thing. We don't know. We don't know anything. As my mother used to tell me, 'To assume the worst is to invite chaos and hopelessness. To assume the best is childish and foolhardy. No one knows everything. No one knows what will happen. All one can know is the answer may be as different as the night is to the day.' At least, that's what I remember."

Much to Ignitus' surprise, there was a lot of truth in Helena's words. So perhaps there may be a chance that the egg lived. But to reverse the chaos that was already plaguing the realm? Doubtful. Still, he admired Helena's spark of hope. After what had happened to his fellow Guardians, perhaps his role was to be a teacher instead. A teacher to a future queen. With a ghost of a smile, Ignitus spoke.

"Your mother was indeed a wise woman. I shall pray for her in my dreams, tonight. For now, young princess, it would be best to get some rest. We shall speak more in the morning."

His words were accompanied by the sound of soft breathing. Looking toward his side, he found Helena had fallen asleep at his side. He did not mind, though. He knew she had been through so much in one day and it was pretty late as it is. So without another word, Ignitus placed his head on the ground and fell right to sleep.

Unbeknownst to him, the purple dragon did live. And he was explaining to his adoptive parents about the discovery of his ability to breathe fire.

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