Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人

Pairing: Levi Rivaille x Eren Jaeger
Rating: M

Summary: Eren struggles against his 3D maneuver gear and along came the Scouting Legion's Corporal.

A/N: This fiction is not based from the manga's plot and would be my first attempt in writing a SnK fic so I offer my deepest advance apologies if there are mistakes or out of character mishaps.

I worked on this just for my shipper heart to be at ease. If not interested on Levi over Eren, please do not bother reading since I pretty much prefer that way (despite the gap of their height).

Anyways, let's get this show on the road, shall we? Hope you'll enjoy reading!

Disclaimer: I do not have the rights to own said show nor its characters.


Fifteen-year old Eren Jaeger curses apprehensively, taking notice a massive Titan from a clear distance. Fingers pulls over the trigger of his weapon. The piston grappling hook shoots at his right where it directly hits the large trunk of an old oak tree with a loud thunk. Eren reels himself behind the oversize bark and safely lands on its sturdy branch.

Safe, for now. His heart rapidly thumps within his chest. Its pounding beats weren't that much loud compared to the vibrating steps resounding throughout the whole forest. The thundering quake doubles more making the other trees and the gigantic oak, where Eren stood, shake strongly. Two of them, Eren thought as he crouches to one knee just to steady his stance. He still has two spares of metal resting in its gear case but one's enough for this fifth-ranked soldier in dealing with these monstrosities.

Eren peers from the tree's side and as expected, his instincts were right. A pair of loathsome humanoid creatures draws nearby his hiding spot. One's roughly a seven meter and the other, probably a five type. Dealing with this isn't a big deal for him as long as he makes sure they keep their blunt dirty incisors to themselves.

The five meter Titan mindlessly skims straight ahead and Eren uses this chance to leap off the oak's branch. He fires the hook away from the giant's line of sight, briskly making his way on the other tree before the seven turns its large head at his direction. Luckily, neither one noticed his presence but he knows that Titans can pull out any repulsive tricks out of their macro-sized head. With Armin's repetitive warning, "Anyone who possesses a careless mind, instantly wounds up in an agonizing death."

Both Titans now have their backs turned against each other. Eren finds an opening between them. The 3-D maneuver gear holds a great advantage in a vast forestry terrain since there were more structures to cling unto compared to the roofs of their village. It didn't take long for him to stay put in his hiding spot as he jumps for another higher branch with the aid of his gas tank. A good distance to commence his surprise attack.

It didn't take long for Eren to surprisingly lunge down then lash out his blades against the fleshy nape of the fifth. The giant perceptibly collapses its bloody downfall on the soiled ground. The other one attempts to strike its crooked nails at Eren. He evades the mighty attack with a forceful boost of swing. The grappling hook chunks at another tree and Eren shifts his weight, only this time circling himself around it. Blades still intact, he seals for the final kill.

The prey itself becomes the predator.

Clear grey smoke steams from the necrotic-like bodies of the two fallen Titans. Eren wipes off a tired sweat trickling down his forehead. There were few dents and uneven cracks on his steel blades. Eren disposes the useless sharps from a side, replacing over some new ones.

His patrol shift would be over soon. He grips on the trigger handle, leaping off the earthly ground in a tremendous height and smoothly turns to the right. Without warning, the metal clip of his belt gives way the first wire of his hook.

Eren curses under his breath. The damage must have been from the fight he had with the seventh type. He still has time to try and adjust his belt since it appears there weren't any Titans in plain sight.

What bad timing, this was.

Hanging by himself in midair with an estimated distance of two hundred thirty three meters below. Screaming for help is definitely a negatory unless a soldier like him wants a horrendous greeting from a hurdle of Titans and also flares are out of range within the deep forest.

Quick zipping sound came from behind him, distracting the soldier from his focus. Eren holds unto his breath as his hands steadily hovers over his swords. For sure, he was not alone.

A small figure, towering above him, catches his attention. He instantly recognizes who it was; their Scouting Legion's so-called one-man army.

"C-Corporal Levi!" Eren utters in surprise before the very presence of the higher-up officer.

Said person raises a questioning look at his way of greeting, "What do you think you're doing?" This kid. Eren Jaeger was his name if he do so remember correctly.

"I..." Crossing paths with someone who was in top ranks than him is not part of his rescue list. If Corporal finds out that he couldn't handle a simple problem it would be a disgrace in his record. Eren purposely grasps over his hovered wire, "I lost my balance, S-Sir..." He said hesitantly, doubtful of whether to continue addressing him as Corporal. Eren hoists himself up a bit, "I've already dealt with the two Titans as I was on my way to the rendezvous so...n-no problems here!"

As if unfazed at what Eren said, the Scout Legion's Corporal hops off the top branch and lowers himself to Eren's level. Still maintaining his tedious eye contact at the struggling soldier.

"Are you hiding something from me little brat?" He spouts at him directly, obviously not caring the military customs. He earns a startled expression from Eren.

Corporal Levi gives him a hardest glare, demanding to explain himself truthfully. Eren sighs in defeat, knowing that it was pointless to hide things from him. He shows the officer a piece of his broken wire, "It must have cut loose during my last fight with the Titan Corporal Levi."

Levi carefully inspects Eren's belt and lightly tugs the remaining hooked wire. Before Eren would protest in taking the long walk-

"Alright, get on."

"Pardon?" Eren asks nervously, unsure if he heard that one right.

The Corporal pulls Eren's wire closer to him, "I said, get on. I'm sure my gear can handle us both."

Eren stirs in dismay from the sudden command, "B-But Corporal Levi, you won't manage because of my hei-" He stops himself from finishing his statement, fully aware that Corporal Levi would become not amused by his sorry-of-an-excuse. His shoulders sags down heavily, this is not really his day is it?

"On my signal, I'll cut off your wire with my blade and you'll hold unto me tightly while I pull us both up, am I understood?" Eren feels like this isn't such a good idea, "Hey kid." He looks back at Levi then flinches in tense, seeing the serious stare directed at him, "I said, am I understood?"

Eren trembles in reply, "Y-Yes, sir." He awkwardly wraps his arms around Levi's sides.

"Okay," Levi nods, making sure he was secured then cuts off what's left of Eren's wire and squeezes the trigger handle. His wire gear whirs to life and slowly pulls them up.

Eren tightens his hold unto the commanding officer, "You scared?" He wasn't so sure if that was concern or a snarky remark. He looks up only to find himself face to face with Corporal Levi. In instant reflex, Eren tries to averts his head away from him but instead.

The Corporal slightly inclines his head to a side, "Corporal Levi-". Dauntlessly his lips lightly comes into contact against the unguarded lips of the soldier.

Having his first kiss be taken by a man, not to mention a high-ranking officer of his. He assures himself that this is not happening. But then feeling the first intensifying tension, suffocating heat, from Levi's sensible pecks against his.

His breathing hitches into heavy shortness of breaths. "...Corporal s...stop," Eren emits out, breaking against their build-up connection.

This kind of tension is too much for Eren to handle as the air seems harder to breathe in. He fails to fight off the strong persistence of his pursuer. Their tantalizing moment of mixable pleasure and desire arouses greatly in between. It...It feels...

"Goo...ngh..." Eren mumbles, exposing his weak vulnerable thoughts intentionally. He then gains an earnest smirk from his endearing commander.

"Finally, enjoying yourself kid?"

Levi disposes his weapon back in its holster and makes sure that the wire was still holding them both, not forgetting the frightening distance they're still in. "I wouldn't worry so much if I were you. I guarantee we won't fall. Hard, that is." Before he could reply, Levi helps himself over Eren once again.

His hand pulls up the teen's plain green-colored shirt then callous fingers grazes over his exposed nipples. As Levi busily squeezes out all of his sensitivity just by rubbing that part on his delicate chest, Eren stifles the titillating groan from his parted lips. He carefully slides his arms around Levi's neck and pushes his face towards the officer's shoulders "Don't shut yourself out." Levi beckons in an alluring rhythm against his ear, "I want to hear them."

He couldn't help it if his Corporal was being like this. He wanted, no, needed more. Obediently following Levi's command, he lets their intimate contact to continue.

Levi reaches out for Eren's chin, their faces closer once again and indulging sweet gentle touches of their lips. The hard pressure between the two deepens more.

"Cute." Levi comments entrancingly towards him.

By that one word, Eren's face flushes into a deep beating red, "Sh-Shut up." He argues weakly, unable to put up with the respective chain of command formalities. The Corporal lifts up a feeble smile and kisses him tenderly. This would be his reward for behaving like a good soldier.

A/N: Part two, to be or not to be continued?