Shingeki no Kyojin

Chapter 2 of Manuevering
Pairing: Levi Rivaille x Eren Jaeger
Rating: M

Summary: Eren struggles against his 3D maneuver gear and along came the Scouting Legion's Corporal.

A/N: I'm really happy (and also surprised) on how everyone liked the first part despite my writing skills being not that good. I obviously gave in towards the majority of demands for the second part (and for the sake to contribute for the RiRen shippingdom). Hence, I extend my thanks and love for how awesome everyone is in this shipping.

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It was a mistake.

A stupid futile move, his frantic conscience mentally screams repeatedly in his mind. How could he have easily let the lustful temptation taint over his innocence. Well, what's left of it that is. Disappointment sighs out of Eren's mouth.

Surrounded by the stone-built barricaded walls of his assigned quarters keeps him from encountering the discernible presence of Levi Rivaille. They were finally in their headquarters claimed by the Scout Legion as their second abode. Not exactly what they expected but it would do just to keep themselves safe from unexpected Titanic danger.

Light abrupt knock scuffles against the locked door, "Eren?" A soft feminine voice resounds through it.

Eren hastily rises up from his bed. Closed door opens, revealing a petite girl with a short fixed brunette hair. Another associate of the Scouting Legion.

She beams a welcoming smile at Eren, "Sorry for the sudden disturbance," The female soldier says meekly with a brief apologetic bow, "But Corporal Levi requires for you to come into his office post-haste."

Oh no. The insides of Eren's stomach bundles up into jumbled knots. Waiting for the raging storm to come would be a malevolent attempt. There's no other options for refusal, is there?

Eren shuts his living premises behind him along with his swallowing pride, "A…Alright, thank you Petra. I'll take it from here."

Taking a momentary silence, Eren shifts nervously in his stance. He can do this. You can do this Jaeger, he calmly assures himself. After regaining composure over his agitated anxiety, Eren raises his right hand and rasps a few knock against the closed wooden door. He waits for a minute for any signs of permission.


On cue, the soldier turns the knob then leisurely strides his entry within the room. The familiar Scouting Legion's commanding officer was sitting behind his desk, papers at hand. No matter how many cases there were to deal with, Eren could see how Corporal Levi manages his time to promptly organize the stacks of files and folders lay on top of his desk.

Aware of his incoming visitor, Levi looks up and places down the rest of his paperwork. Eren stands across him and greets him their civilized salute. "At ease." Levi commands dully, accepting the respectful gesture.

"Petra told me that you were requesting for me, sir?"

"Yes, yes I did." Levi replies, still with his unchanging tone of voice, moving back a bit of his seat. He reaches for one of his top desk drawers and opens it. Quietly, he then brings out a brand of their 3D maneuver gear with the belts and wires tied neatly over it.

"Your new gear." Levi explains, placing the mechanism on the table, "I requested for Bossard to gather up another spare."

"Corporal Levi, this is…" Eren ceases himself before letting grand emotions get to him. He then offers a gratifyingly bow at the man, "Thank you." Maybe this is one way for him to extend his apology, Eren figures. Of course, his officer wasn't the public approaching type. That would explain it. The Corporal is a very busy man, anyways.


Or he could be wrong.

Eren blatantly widen his eyes at the one before him, showing uncertainty at what he just heard.

Levi stood up from his sitting position, grabbing the havana leather accessory and simply walks towards him, "Your belt, Jaeger." Levi interjects, still not changing the manner in his speech.

Oh. Eren realizes he addresses for the disposal of his old gear, nothing rude or inauspicious endeavor there. He places aside those infuriating anxious thoughts. Returning back to the current situation, Eren willingly removes the useless strap and was about to attain the new apparel. Unfortunately, Corporal Levi scarcely deters it upon his reach.

"Give me your belt." Levi nudges his head at the said article Eren was holding. Hesitant at first, the trooper gives it to him in the end. Much to Levi's liking. A mischievous sneer meagerly braces upon him.

As if right on quick timing, Levi throws the old belt across the gray stoned-floor then securely ties the new leather around Eren's exposed wrists.

"Co-Corporal Levi! What…" Eren stares at his tight cuffed-up hands and continues to stare with an exasperating look, "What's the meaning of this?!"

"Is it not that obvious? I'm placing you under charges." Levi quips, already back in his stoic poise. There was a dangerous glint present in those stern eyes of his. "Do you have a problem with that?" He raises a brow at his labeled capture.

Appalled at his ridiculous statement, Eren brings up his fastened wrists, "This is the problem. I've violated nothing against the Scouting Legion nor endangered our members!"

"I know." He brings it up like it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Then why did you tie my wrists, Corporal?"

Levi playfully carries on his poker-faced appearance, "For a good benefit." He dangerously inches his face closer to Eren's, "Besides, wouldn't it be best to test out your new maneuver?" That was not a question. More of like a haunting idea.

At one perplexing touch, Levi captures successfully (once again) Eren's defenseless lips.

Tangy softness engulfs Eren wholly. Compared to their previous close confrontation, this was much stronger and equally more addictive. And quoting, addiction can be a powerful thing.

Eren sinks in much deeper, instead of resisting, towards the flaring desperation over his mouth. As both of their tongues slips against one another and then pulls out in between, the ecstasy leaves them both rasping endless shallow of respiration.

Persistently not giving him time to reciprocate for air, Levi slides in repeatedly more intimate kisses on those parted lips while fiercely letting his hand roam soothing frictions over Eren's covered chest. He has no intention to end this in a cliffhanger. No, not this time.

"Didn't forget now, did you?" Levi smears amidst their exhilarating interplay, clearly reminding their retrospective encounter.

In a quick fit, Levi slowly looms against Eren's bare neck and intently plants bruised marks all over it.

With both half-raised hands locked, the more yearning and frustrations partakes inside Eren. Hard pleasant moan swells out of his throat, feeling the soft nibbles against his flesh. He could feel the semi-hardness wallowing his nether region. How he wanted to graze all over that well-groomed hair into a rugged mess. He was about to lose control.

At that, Levi pushes Eren against the edge of his desk, yielding his prisoner to face his lecherous demeanor. The domineering chance sets his wandering hands to busily rummage underneath the brown clad cloth over white pants.

"No, Corporal…not…" Eren quibbles weakly, grimacing from the intensifying heat and the tempting rub against the covered part of his member. "…Not there."

Levi divulges, ignoring the feeble protest, "You're getting hard over here."

But that didn't stop his hunger for utter pleasure nor the seductive sounds Eren welcomes openly. He wanted to fight the deceitful fondling off of him, however, the strong restraint prevents him from doing so.

Maliciously, Levi distracts him over rough caresses and irresistible steamed-up kisses. Eren engrosses himself by this ravishing uptake, although, he breaks away upon hearing the clear wisp of a zip. His disheveled pants briskly slips below.

Trailing along the Corporal's line of sight, Eren finally realizes what unfortunate event would bestow upon him. Levi beats him to it as he earnestly grasps for the struggling hands.

"How annoying."

Dominating fingers preoccupies over his elastic waistband and lowers the white undergarment nonchalantly, revealing bare erected skin.

"No discipline at all," Levi mutters darkly as his fingers ghosted over his subordinate's skin. His face held the same uninterested expression that it always has despite causing obvious discomfort to another person.

Eren didn't want the Corporal to touch that part of him. Up. Down. Repetitively it went, depleting Eren's remaining strength. He succumbs out wanton whimpers as he watched those diligent hands deliver sensitive strokes against the flesh of his pre-cummed member.

"Those sounds…" Levi's eyes narrowed to mere slits, his hand suddenly tightening its grip at the base of Eren's erection. "They make me wonder if you've uttered such lewd sounds at the presence of other corporals…"

"I…ngh…" He stirs a bit, effectively redness takes over his facial features, "I-I've never done this kind of thing…" He could feel the pulse throb vigorously beneath him. The flourishing movement was already starting to come unto him, badly.

"You seem to know how to react for someone who has never done this before." Without warning, he slipped his fingers inside of Eren's mouth, not caring if it hurt or discomforted his subordinate. His other hand continued to keep a firm grip at Eren's cock, asserting his dominance in every way possible.

Taken aback, Eren almost choked imposingly at the sudden penetration. Feeling those steadfast fingers scouring his salivating oral cavity. All he could emit was muffled comebacks and his occupied hands weren't helping.

"It'd be best for you to do what you ought to do."

Staring at his quivering subordinate, Levi then started to grind his obvious erection against Eren's exposed one. He could almost imagine how it'd feel when he sticks his dick inside Eren, could almost hear what sounds Eren would utter while he has his way with him.

Without further ado, he retracted his fingers from Eren's mouth and proceeded to stick a spit-slicked finger inside Eren's hole. As the lubricated finger slipped past his entrance, trembling moans quenches out in escalation.

The powerless struggles and allusive cries from Eren intensifies his desperate urges. Gradually, Levi inserts another wet finger with continuous gentle massages in his partner's sensitive nerve-packed territory.

Exploring every inch inside of him, Eren could feel his heart pound rapidly in his chest. His whole body vigorously shudders against the swift circling and fingering insertions Levi was indulging. He stirs beneath Levi, unable to resist himself over the overpowering sensation.

As soon as Levi could feel the tension relax towards his invading strokes, he once more occupies elusive kisses from the side of Eren's collarbone to the back of his earlobe.

"Eren," Levi draws out in a deadly whisper, "Let's see what kind of sounds you would make once I claim you."

He didn't know how the Corporal managed to remove his own pants without notice. And before he'd ponder over that thought, Eren suddenly feels the head of Levi's shaft delving halfway inside of him. Levi lets those tied-up hands embrace around his neck while Eren lifts his legs and unconsciously wraps it around the waist on top of him. "Finally enjoying yourself." He motions at him with ease.

Kid's finally learning. Which means he deserves a nice pleasurable reward.

The heat between them gradually increases tenfold once Levi completely invaded him. Eren could slightly hear Levi's heavy intoxicating breaths against his own. Both of their bodies shifted without stopping then thrusting in slow motions of back and forth. Eren intensely riles up another groan as Levi pushes unto him much deeper with every synchronized movement.

"…L-Levi…!" Eren cries out desperately, the electrifying touches coming unto him. He couldn't hold his incoming ejaculation any longer.

Every inch within his body starts to race in ablaze while Levi holds him in place, the penetrative entry digging further inside of him until he finally hits a sensitive spot somewhere in his anal region. The uncomfortable position they were in made Eren cling unto Levi firmly.

Hovering again over Eren's erected cock, Levi helps himself in achieving the usual heavenly stimulation. Neither the sounds of their repetitive grunts and breathless pants dying down. Levi then quickened up the pace, striding more significant pain and hard pleasure in that fixated part. He affectionately devours Eren, feeling the bulge of his own erection.

Almost losing his concentration, Eren eventually strains himself as he came. The white cum spilled quite a mess over his own cock and around Levi's wet hand. He lets out a tiresome groan as Levi still strenuously moves alongside his groin.

Levi trembles, buckling his hips higher as he finally fills up the innards of Eren who expressly gasps at the sudden climax.

The ambience of the room drifted pure heavy draft silence. After their sexual resolution, the two still remained in their position. Eren cuts it off as he carefully pries away his arms from Levi but without a second, Levi props his own around Eren's waist.

"Eren," Levi calls out of the eerie ambiance, not willing to let him go. And catching him off-guard, he softly grazes his lips over Eren's. A flustered blush encrypts on his subordinate's face as he pulls away.

Basically, the gesture surprises Eren a bit but then what else could he do, instead, he adoringly smiles as if Levi was a little kid. He extends a gentle kiss on his forehead.

A/N: That ends this story and to be honest, I almost turned this into a S&M one because bondage plus dominating Levi are quite sexy. I'll just be over here, dying in tears.