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Nick had been reading from his book when Ellis suddenly came stomping up stairs. He hadn't even known he'd gotten home yet, he's supposed to be back half an hour from now- But as Nick glanced over at his alarm clock, it seemed Ellis arrived right on time. He'd been the one to lose track. He shrugged it off, going back to his book, pushing back into the pillows he laid atop of.

When Ellis came into the room, he sighed, throwing down his hat on the night stand. By the sound of that, Nick could tell something had happened at work, and by the lack of verbal complaint, he could tell it also had something to do with Keith.

He'd complain all day about a bad customer, but if it had been something Keith had done, he'd be as silent as a church mouse until Nick couldn't take it anymore and asked. He hadn't so much as greeted Nick when he plopped down on the bed next to him. He furrowed his brows as he rest the book on his chest. Ellis sat up as Nick did with a hand pressing firmly to his chest, as if protecting his breast, looking very agitated.

"What's wrong, Sport?" Nick finally asked after a long moment of continual silence, placing his book over on the nightstand.

Ellis sighed, running a hand through his hair as he closed his eyes, "Its nuthin, really. Me'n Keith just got to wrestlin there at the end'a the day." Subconsciously, his hand rubbed at his breast, as if soothing it.

Nick raised a brow, "What'd he do to you? He body slam-" "Naw, naw, nuthin like that he just…" Ellis had interrupted Nick's interrogation, his hand taking on a slow circular motion over the same breast. "He kinda…twisted my nipple." He finally confessed, a bit embarrassed by the looks of the small blush and sudden glance off to his left, away from Nick's accusing eyes.

But instead of a snarky remark, or gruff chuckle like he'd been expecting, he felt a warm hand over his own, guiding it away as the other worked to pull Ellis' shirt up, "Le'me see." Nick instructed shortly. Ellis looked back to Nick, seeing if he was truly concerned, or perhaps intrigued to see how 'good' of a job Keith had done… But when he saw the slight pinch in his eyes, Ellis knew Nick was concerned.

So, he quickly lifted his shirt, revealing a perked, reddened nipple that looked highly agitated and swollen.

"He got me pretty damn good…" Ellis complained as he stared down at it, not at all liking the fact that he'd even allowed it to happen. He thought he'd had Keith good in that head lock, but he just hadn't been expecting him to give him a damn purple nurple.

Nick made a hissing sound, "Ooh… That looks bad." He spoke in sympathy and then gently ghosted his fingertips over the sensitive flesh, causing Ellis to shiver in a mixture of slight pleasure, but mostly pain.

"I'm gonna get some ice, you sit tight." Nick soon got out of bed, heading for the door, "Hopefully that'll bring the swelling down." And he was gone.

Ellis sighed, staring back down at his chest. He'd gotten twisted by Keith before, and sure, they've always hurt, but not as bad as this one had. It'd been so bad right after that Ellis quit wrestling altogether and grabbed himself, holding back a cry of pain. He'd kicked Keith right in the sheen though, and that had probably gotten his message across as he angrily stomped to his truck.

Nick was soon returning to the bedroom, a hand cloth in one hand and a small cup of ice water in the other.

"I thought you were just gettin ice." Ellis spoke up as Nick began to climb back on the bed, crawling on his knees to the mechanic.

"I'm thirsty." He told him, and as if to prove his point, he took a sip from the cup. Ellis only rolled his eyes and took his shirt off fully, tossing it over to the closet. Once Nick had situated back beside Ellis, sitting cross legged, he sighed, setting the cup on the nightstand then dabbed the cloth into it.

Ellis watched, dubious, but silent. Even though Ellis usually didn't like it, Nick was usually right in his actions, so he didn't bother in protesting. Besides, he knew the ice would bring down the swelling just as Nick had said, but it would also have an alternate, embarrassing effect. His nipples were always sensitive, in pleasure and pain.

He swallowed the dryness in his throat as he leaned back, letting Nick hover over him slightly with the cloth stretched over his pointer finger so he could lightly dab at the reddened nipple. Ellis hissed, biting his lip soon after as a chill ran up his spine.

Of course, Nick didn't think anything of Ellis' reaction, too steady working at his nipple.

Soon though, Nick pulled away, leaning back into the bed, "How's it feel?" he asked, finally glancing up at the mechanic.

But seeing Ellis with his eyes shut tight, biting harshly at his lip wasn't what he was expecting. One eye peeked open, a blush rapidly growing across his nose and cheeks, "Don't look at me like that…" he whined, turning away from Nick, who had been smirking.

"Hey, come'ere…" Nick let his hand rest on Ellis' bared chest as he leaned in, waiting till Ellis turned back, hesitantly, before he kissed him, "Why didn't you tell me you were enjoying that so much?" he chuckled lightly at the furrow of the brows he got in turn. He came closer and kissed Ellis on the jaw, "I think I like it, though…"

Ellis gave him a "Uh…" but Nick ignored it, letting his lips travel, kissing down his jawline till he reached the juncture where jaw met neck, nibbling lightly. Ellis let a hand drift and settle into Nick's hear, where he began to massage his scalp, lightly humming his appreciation. Nick soon continued, running down his heated neck, sucking lightly, leaving a small trail of affection as he went till he reached his collar bone.

Nick's intent was quickly becoming apparent, and Ellis' breathing was soon picking up, turning into light pants. The gambler let the tip of his tongue trail over the protruding bone, reaching the center where he sucked hard, detaching with an audible suction-like smack. He began to leave more kisses along his pectoral until he finally reached the now wet and cold nipple.

First, he kissed it, the warmth of his lips instantly making Ellis hum, scratching at the back of Nick's neck, right at his hair line. He then lazily dragged his hand over to the opposite nipple where he rubbed at it, lightly, with his pointer and middle finger.

Ellis swallowed, a small moan following after. Nick smirked as he kissed it again, and then brought it into his mouth, sucking on the protrusion lightly, keeping in mind that the nipple was still injured. It made Ellis moan none the less, this time a bit more loudly, his legs suddenly scrunching, knees arching upward.

With the nipple still enclosed around his lips, Nick brushed the tip of his tongue over it, teasingly. Ellis' hand clenched in his hair, a groan leaving him, muffled by bitten lips. If Nick didn't know any better, he'd say he'd been sucking his dick, and not his nipple. Damn.

Nick began to tweak at Ellis' other nipple, raising his head to glance at the panting mechanic, "Does it feel any better?" he asked, innocently.

Ellis shivered, "Yea, Nick… It feels real good." He answered, his hand carding through Nick's hair.

Nick chuckled, going back to the nipple where he let his tongue go flat as he slowly and deliberately ran across it, emitting a sound of arousal as he did so. He raised his eyes to glance at Ellis, and saw him making a very attractive expression. He was obviously turned on, his eyes half lidded and misted, his lips parted as he panted yet Nick wanted to say he was on the verge of growling at him, a certain edge of aggressiveness to his facial expression.

But that's where he ended it, pulling his hand away from his other nipple and sitting back up, wiping at his chin to clean up his own saliva, "I'm glad I could help." He chuckled when Ellis gave him a highly disappointed pout of the lips.

"I think I'm gonna go start dinner now." He commented, leaning close for just a second, long enough to peck Ellis on the lips and began to stand again.

"Actually Nick…" a hand clasping at his forearm stopped him, he first glanced at it, then to Ellis, a brow rising in anticipation.

"While me'n Keith were wrestlin, he uh…" Ellis remaining hand came to his crotch, rubbing at it as he had his chest, where Nick could see a distinctly large tint, "He kicked me in the dick…real bad…" though he'd meant to try and seem serious, a lopsided grin quickly took over his features, a small blush going across the bridge of his nose.

Nick chuckled, hard, crashing back on the bed as his eyes scrunched closed for a moment, "Of course he did. You want me to put some ice on that, too?" he joked, though he wasn't stopping himself as he began to tug at Ellis' work pants, then got to his knees where he situated between Ellis' legs.