"Seems like an awful waste of both our time and a lotta my money when there's a knife that can do what you want without breaking a sweat." Bobby stood to one side of the open trunk of a slick, cream-colored 1930s Ford 'Model A' that was pulling a similar-era yellow and green 'Covered Wagon' trailer - the hallmarks of Giles having too much time on his hands as of late. Bobby held a large, bronze cup in his hand packed with several small ziplock bags that were half full of this or that and a checklist on a small piece of lined paper.

"Hmm?" Giles asked innocently, leafing through a pristine copy of Tales of Terror from the top step of his travel trailer.

Having tossed the last ingredient on the list into the cup, Bobby turned to face Giles, finding himself at navel-level with his breezy comrade. He grunted as he looked up, pulling one baggie out of the cup after another and stating it's name before putting it back, "Yellow earth, black chalk, red bone, crushed saffire, and don't even tell me you're not gonna need Sam for this. I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid, and if this ain't what it looks like, I'll eat a rock."

"It's an exorcism." Castiel's sudden appearance behind Bobby startled him as well as Giles. He seemed tense.

Bobby nearly dropped what he was holding and swore under his breath, wincing his eyes closed, "Damn it! I'm gonna staple a bell to your coat one'a these days, boy." he sighed and looked back at Cas.

"I'm sorry?" Was all Giles managed, looking up from the book.

"An exorcism." Glancing around, as if mildly paranoid that they were being watched, Cas continued, "A dangerous one."

"Well, round of applause for Obvious Guy." Bobby grunted and put the cup on top of the pages Giles was reading, his attention on Castiel.

"How dangerous?" Sam joined the conversation from afar, hiking up the slightly inclined road with an extra pouty, extra growly Dean just a few paces behind him holding a duffel bag over his shoulder.

Cas' response was to Sam, but his eyes were now locked on Giles, who paid him little attention, "I don't know how to answer that. What happens if you swallow a hydrogen bomb?" He surrounded the last two words with unnecessary, bitchy air quotes.

Sam glanced at Dean, a little put off by Castiel's sudden attitude problem. Oblivious, Dean traded the look Sam gave him for a sleepy grin and mouthed off, "Guess it'd be like crossing the beams, right?"

"I... " A pissy sigh from Cas, who closed his eyes for a moment, frustrated at another pop culture reference he would never understand piling on top of an already sour mood. He looked back at Dean, "Don't know."

"Man," Dean shook his head and rubbed at his eyelids, "Who harshed Fozzy's mellow?"

"No one... harshed my mellow." Castiel tried to regain a lighter composure, but the aggressive and senseless air quotes were betraying his anxiety. He tried to shift focus off of his behavior by throwing a loaded question to Giles, "Are you alone?"

"No." Giles finally spoke up, closing the book and becoming immediately engrossed in the ritual ingredients he'd been handed, "Traveling alone seemed less than wise in this climate."

His answer was punctuated perfectly with the appearance of lanky, sneering Connor from around the side of the trailer. He had a coil of cord over his shoulder and a half-eaten, home made granola bar in his free hand. He glared quietly at Cas for a moment then up-nodded to someone who was still out of sight. Xander appeared not far behind him, leaning out from behind the trailer to see what Connor was staring at, "What? New people?"

"Maybe." Connor made a little scowly face and motioned to Sam and Dean with his forehead, "Do you know them?"

Leaving whatever it was he was unpacking where it was, Xander climbed over cables and a couple of suit cases to get around Connor to see the visitors for himself. As soon as the Winchesters saw Xander they both lit up with huge, welcoming smiles.

"Harris!" The first hug came from Dean - a handshake, chest bump, back pat sort of affair that was meant to be just affectionate enough to welcome back an old friend, but not so affectionate that it bordered on chick flick, "Man, are you a sight for sore eyes!"

And then came the hug from Sam. It lasted way too long. He followed his brother's lead but it somehow came off as decidedly girlier, "Hey, Xander! When did you guys get here?"

"While the sun was still up." Dragging a box behind him with the cord coil still over his shoulder, Connor answered Sam's question for Xander. He didn't seem that thrilled to meet anyone new and couldn't be bothered to stop working long enough for an introduction or a handshake. He bent down and hefted the box up, shoving it into the back seat of Giles car then lifted the cord off of his shoulder and dumped it into the back seat on top of everything that was already piling up in the car, "We had things to do."

Dean's smile faded into a snarky grimace and Sam's brow leveled with confusion. Neither could shake the off feeling that Connor was judging the fuck out of them for something, but it didn't matter. Nothing could shake Dean's buzz.

He looked more than relieved as he gave Xander another pat on the back, "Dude, am I glad it's you." Dean laughed, curbing the urge to give Xander a noogie, "We saw Giles and, man, I thought for damn sure he'd still be toting around that psycho."

Sam tried to interrupt his brother with an, 'Uh, Dean...' but Dean was on a roll, "I mean, yeah, she's a hot little tamale but she is one crazy Mamacita." He tried to get Sam's attention, to elbow him into the joke, but his brother's eyes were fixed at something over Dean's shoulder and they were starting to widen. Dean returned his brother's panicked look with one of confusion and the silence was broken by monotone from Cas.

"Is that Faith?"