nobody 501 summary - Set during Fool For Love, right after Buffy says "You're beneath me". Instead of going back to his crypt Spike meets up with a vengeance demon and makes a wish which takes both him and Buffy into his past.

Author's Notes: This story idea was not originally mine. It was originally by nobody501 who didn't want to finish writing it. I am tweaking chapters and writing my own stuff. I'll give credit where it is due. Here is the original story: s/2171474/1/Reliving-the-Past

I am currently working on a few story ideas but I couldn't let this one go so I'm working on it chapter by chapter while I work on my others which will be up at some point. All in good time. First few chapters will be up shortly as most was already written.

Not betaed

Chapter One: Mostly written by nobody501

He hit hard on the cold pavement. Buffy's emotionless voice reached his ears with the same words that had broken his heart so many years before. "You're beneath me." She turned around and walked away, anger in her step, not realizing how much those three words could affect Spike.

He began to gather his money as tears threatened their way to the surface. No. He wouldn't admit how much pain those words cause him, not even to himself.

Stuffing a few bills in his pocket and leaving the rest laying carelessly on the ground he stood and walked back into the Bronze. The loud lights and colors blurred together in his mind as he tried to sort out his thoughts. He needed a drink. It would help numb the pain for a bit.

He made his way over to the bar and sat down ordering his Jack Daniel's. The stool next to his was empty for only moments before a very attractive woman sauntered over. She had golden brown hair reaching halfway down her back with a slight curl at the end. Her deep blue eyes seemed to catch his attention as soon as he looked into them. She wore a black halter top, a knee-length jean skirt, stylish black boots, and a ruby red necklace lined with diamonds.

She tried to speak with him, introducing herself as Melanie, asking him what his name was, and she tried to get him to talk about his troubles. At first Spike wanted to let the music drown out her voice, pretend he didn't hear her, and lose himself in his drink. But at that moment everything was reminding him of Buffy and all he could hear was the last thing she said to him. You're beneath me. The pain Spike felt and all the memories flooding forward proved too much for him to sit on. He didn't want to talk about his feelings to some strange woman but his attempts at making her leave didn't work and she wouldn't stop persisting so he gave in.

They talked for a couple of hours, the drinks making time move differently and words flow freely. The effects of the alcohol were laying in on him as he talked, slurring his words and motions. "I just wish she knew how I used to be, that I never really changed. There is still some William in me, some humanity that I never could seem to get rid of. Now all I am to her is Spike, the 'Big Bad'. Someone she could never trust because I'm evil. But I've changed. She thinks of me as Angel...I know it. She saw how he the Big Poof changes when his demon takes over and how he no longer loves her, and she assumes that's how I am too. But she's bloody wrong...I just wish...that she knew me how I used to be, the human side of me, the William side." Spike finished off the rest of the drink he had been working on and waved at the bartender to bring him another.

Melanie reached over and touched his hand gently. "Sometimes it's just hard for people to see the real person inside, sweetie. They're just so wrapped up in their beliefs and how they think things are that they can't see the truth. No worries though, they all see it one day. But sometimes it's just too late. Then they're the ones that missed out." Spike received his next drink as Melanie stood up with a coy smile on her face. "I have to be going now, so goodbye. And one last thing," she turned to leave him and walked away as her face shifted into its demonic form and she finished her sentence with "wish granted."

Spike heard what she said but didn't think anything of it. He just thought it was an odd thing to say. He finished off the drink the bartender brought him before laying down his money and leaving for the night. He walked through the door leading to the alley headed back to his crypt and slowly he walked home, oblivious to anything around him as he stared at the ground, watching his feet glide over it until he reached the crypt.

Once he reached his home, he stumbled down to the lower level and fell back on his bed shutting his eyes. He knew what would come in the morning; a deadly hangover, yelling, fighting, anger…mostly caused by Buffy. He was just glad Harmony wasn't there with her constant high pitched whining.

It didn't matter though. He looked forward to the pain because it would drown out everything else.