Naruto: A Tale of Those Who Endure

Disclaimer: Those of you with no prior knowledge or experience of/with the manga or anime 'Naruto' should turn back now.

Welcome readers; boys, girls; men, women; Naruto Fan Fiction enthusiasts of all ages and genders, to my first story! This story will be a 6-book Epic. For those of you who've stumbled across my profile page, you most likely have the vague details. As much as I'd like to reveal more about the story... I can't, or rather, won't. Not only would it be entirely too difficult, but it would ruin the story for you guys! So, let obscurity play it's hand in bringing you a (what I hope to be) exciting thrill-ride, as we take a look at the classic Naruto from an entirely different perspective, and then, go beyond even that, to tell a much broader story. So, without further ado, let the... cover page commence.


Alright, I sort of lied. There are a few questions that I can answer, so, before you trouble yourself with asking them, let me ease your confusion or anticipation in advance:

1. What will the pairings be?

If it hasn't been made clear already, the primary pairing will be between Naruto and Hinata (NaruHina). If you want to know beyond that... all I'll say is that there will be other pairings, however, I won't reveal them as that would take away from the story!

2. Will you be copying canon?

No, me re-writing canon would be entirely pointless. However, I will be taking a lot of inspiration from canon. You see, Kishimoto-san is a very deep person, something I can appreciate... so I will be introducing a lot of the same growth-concepts that he did, as well as develop his characters in similar ways; although it surely will happen differently. Just to get it out of the way in advance, since I find chapter-to-chapter disclaimers somewhat annoying and redundant: I do not own Naruto 1999-2013 Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto: Shippuden 1999-2013 Masashi Kishimoto, or any concepts, ideas, plot-lines, franchises, or characters associated with the two manga or anime, the story (originally) belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and although I claim this rendition of it (if you will) as mine, I do not claim to own anything prior; nor do I claim to be affiliated with said owners.

3. How strong will the main characters be? (Or any related question)

I know this is a big thing, people are obsessed with the power-progression, in any and all Naruto-fics. I'll say this, the same thing I explained to a friend via PM. The power progression, especially of the main characters will be realistic, but it will be according to how I feel it should have went, if I were managing canon. However, I'm not an ignorant fan, I'm well aware of why everything happened the way it did in canon, and if you don't believe me, you can ask me via PM, I can explain in detail (as much as possible) the reason Kishimoto did any and everything he did with characters in terms of ability-related growth... One thing I can promise though is that, for those who care about this, they will be a considerable amount stronger than they are currently in canon, by the end of book 5; as they'll need to be.

4. Do you have the story planned out already?

For the most part, yes. I know for the most part what will happen in terms of major events from Book 1 - 6, who will die, who won't, what major arcs will happen when... etc. So, you don't have to worry about me just 'winging' the story.

5. Lemons?

Yes, I will be including lemons. No, they won't be frequent. Yes, they will make sense and fit into the story. You can stop by my profile to view my general opinion when it comes to lemony content.

6. Shadow Clones?

**Requested: Since several people have asked me this already, I figured I'd release the reason Naruto is already able to perform the Kage Bunshin. This reason is directly from my personal notes; so, with that said, it's not in my usual detail or writing style. Nevertheless, it should shed some light on the issue.

"Naruto, after failing the Genin exam the first time around (he only failed once in this story) purely because of his inability to perform the Bunshin (after literally YEARS (4+) of practice) decided to try to find some 'new and awesome jutsu' to help him pass the exam. Naruto, having been around the 3rd Hokage so much as a child obviously knew about the room which held the 'secret scroll' rumored to hold many great and powerful (forbidden - this was unknown to Naruto) techniques. He had always, as a kid asked the Hokage to see scrolls (any scrolls) from the village archive however the Hokage had always turned him down telling him that 'one must learn to walk before they consider trying to run', this however, was not Naruto's way of doing things... at all; but up until this point he had never been desperate enough to question the 3rd's words, let alone contradict them. Back to the 'present', Naruto obtains the scroll in a very similar fashion to how he did in the anime, he runs off and manages to learn Kage Bunshin from it (since this is really much more on track than what he had been thinking of trying to learn, he reasons) (just picture any A rank fire style...) but is quickly found by the Hokage himself. Sarutobi knows about Naruto's failing and is willing to understand his position, especially given his case he realizes how difficult it would be to concentrate and taper such a vast reserve of Chakra. Not knowing what Naruto has managed to learn yet, he decides to let Naruto off with a slap on the wrist and agrees to let Naruto borrow a scroll pertaining to the history of clones in the leaf village... This is how Naruto learns so much about clones so fast in this story and how he already knows them despite the Mizuki/Ikura arc never taking place. Naruto will have a close relationship with Iruka, but it won't be like the manga exactly...
In regards to what happend to Mizuki... I plan to reintegrate Mizuki in a similar fashion to his second-coming in a filler arc from the anime. It will be a good side-arc for our heroes to take part in. I won't explain how or why this is so important for the story or our heroes, but by the end of Book 1 or 2, you should know."

**Keep in mind this all took place about 1 year before Chapter 1 of Naruto: TWE

7. Update Consistency...?

In a short answer: Two to Three times every Two Weeks. (~6 Times a Month)

However, it's not set in stone, if I'm particularly motivated, have tons of free time, or just feel the need to follow up the previous chapter, I will most likely update twice in one week... Or, in converse, if I become increasingly busy, then I'll probably have to say 2 weeks at the most.

*If I ever take more than two weeks to something, check my profile. Odds are I'm either not there (as in, I went somewhere) and I left a reason there), or, I'm dead. I will not forget about or abandon the story. I'm writing it more for myself than anyone else, although, I love the idea of being able to share it and let other people (ideally) enjoy it as well.

Note: Always feel free to PM me, about anything relating to the story, and I'll answer as soon as possible.


This is the 'Book Chart'. It will be updated at the latest, once every book-transition. It may eventually grow into something a little more, containing information about the books or whatever I happen to think of.

Book 1:

Title: Awakening

Status: In Progress

Timeline: Ages 11 - 13

Projected Length: 60-75 Chapters

Rating: T

Book 2:

Title: -

Status: Drafting Concepts

Timeline: Ages 13 - 15

Projected Length: 45-50 Chapters

Rating: T/T+

Book 3:

Title: -

Status: Rough Concept

Timeline: Ages 15 - 16.5

Projected Length: 50-60 Chapters

Rating: M

Book 4:

Title: -

Status: Rough Concept

Timeline: Ages 16.5 - 17.5

Projected Length: 50-60 Chapters

Rating: MA

Book 5:

Title: -

Status: -

Timeline: Ages 17.5 - 18.5

Projected Length: -

Rating: M/MA

Book 6:

Title: -

Status: -

Timeline: Ages 18.5 - 20

Projected Length: -

Rating: M/MA