Yosuke's P.O.V.

"Okay… it just looks like you were crying…" Souji said.

"No, why would I be crying? I'm the lucky friend who gets to meet your parents." I smiled and his mom laughed.

The truth is, I was crying. After Souji had interrupted his mom I said I had to go to the bathroom, but I had just wanted to get away before I broke down in front of them. Souji is in love… I wonder who… It couldn't be Yukiko; he already turned her down- twice. I'd say it isn't Rise, because he hardly ever notices her or responds when she flirts with him. It could be Naoto, I suppose… they're both calm and level headed, but Kanji kind of already has dibbs. So that leaves Chie, that girl from drama, and Ai Ebihara.

I sighed and Souji heard, "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, kind of hungry though…" I said with a smile hopefully covering up the pain.

"Well my mom's making us something to eat." He said still looking at me concerned.

"Cool." I said looking away from him, so he couldn't pick up on anything I was feeling.

Dinner made me forget my previous worries. Souji's parents talked and chatted with us as we ate. It's almost like I've known them forever the way they're talking to me… I smiled.

After dinner Souji and I went upstairs to his room. "So you have a choice of where you'd like to sleep; in my room or the guest room."

"You have a guest room? Isn't that a little excessive? I mean unless you have guests over all the time…"

"My parents were planning to have more than one child so they bought a house big enough so they would have enough room for them. But after having me, their careers picked up and they decided not to have another child. So they converted one room into a home office and the other into a guestroom." He said.

"Makes sense."

He laughed, "You still haven't chosen where you'd like to sleep tonight."

"In here's fine." I tried to sound nonchalant, like I didn't actually care.

Souji smiled, "Okay, would you like to sleep on the couch or…" he trailed off blushing. He cleared his throat and tried again, "or on the bed with me?" Why would he blush about that? He should only be thinking about the fact that we're both guys, unless he's afraid of what I'm going to think…

"Um…" I was blushing now too, "Ho-how comfortable is the couch?"

"To sleep on, not very, it's short."

"With you then." I said.

We stood there for an awkward moment before Souji said, "Um… so what do you want to do?"

I shrugged, "I don't know, maybe watch a movie or something…"

"Sounds good, what kind?"

"I don't know… it's dark outside, how about a horror movie?" I suggested.

"Okay, sounds good, I'll be right back." He came back about a minute later with a movie in his hands, "How about an American horror film?" I shrugged.

He set up the DVD player and I sat on the far left side of the couch. What was Souji talking about… this is plenty long enough for someone to sleep on… Not that I'm going to tell him that.

After Halloween was in the player, he turned off the light, and came to sit on the far right side of the couch. The movie started, and I instantly regretted suggesting a horror film. I tried not to, but I kept jumping. Horror movies always do this to me… why did I choose this in the first place? Suddenly I felt a hand in mine, I nearly jumped at the unexpected touch, but then I realized it was Souji just trying to comfort me. Maybe because I was hoping this would happen… Within a few scenes I found myself right next to Souji, I'd given up on holding my dignity, and held on to his hand with a death grip while our legs touched. This would only be better if he put his arm around my shoulders, but, of course, he won't because he thinks I'll freak out…

At the end of the movie I stood up to turn on a light, however, I was still holding Souji's hand with a death grip, so I'd pulled him up with me.

He turned on a light and I turned to apologize for being so silly, but the words died on my tongue when I did. Both of us just stood there, silently staring at each other's eyes. Tension began to build in the air- like when you just got done with a date and the guy walks the girl to her door and you don't say anything till they kiss type of tension.

Suddenly Souji leaned forward and kissed me. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. However my body started moving for me. I took half a step closer and my arms wound around his neck pulling him closer, as my lips moved with his.

It was better than I'd ever imagined. His lips were soft and warm and they seemed to fit perfectly with mine.

Just as I was about to deepen the kiss Souji broke it, he put just enough space between us that our lips weren't touching anymore. Then his eyes widened like he'd just realized what he'd done and backed up even farther till we were no longer in touching distance. "Did I do something?" I asked confused by his actions. One second he's all for it, now he's acting like he didn't mean to do that…

"No, I mean yes, I mean… we just kissed…" He seemed confused.

"Yes we did."

"And you didn't push me away…"

"Why would I do that!?" I asked sounding offended.

"I'm confused," He said, "You told Kanji's shadow- and Kanji himself- that you don't swing that way numerous times."

I sighed; I've created a bigger problem than would've been there if I'd just kept my mouth shut... "If there was one person in our group that could figure out I'm gay, who do you think it'd be? Kanji, so I teased and ridiculed him hoping to cover my tracks…" I laughed nervously.

"Well… that makes sense…" He said while he stared at me intently, his mom was looking at me the same way earlier when I asked who he loved…oh… "So… you are gay?" Souji asked still confused.

I just looked at him. We stood there for a few minutes before I decided on a plan of action. I slowly walked up to him, grabbed the side of his face and kissed him again.

His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him. I felt his tongue run over my bottom lip. I quickly opened my mouth and moaned at the feeling of his tongue. He started exploring my mouth and he moaned when one of my hands wound its way into his hair.

We broke apart soon after, our foreheads touching, trying to get our breath back. "That answer your question?" I asked.

He nodded and took a deep breath before saying, "I love you Yosuke."

I smiled happily and said, "I love you too Souji."

He then sat down on the couch pulling me into his lap, "Really?"

"Yes, really."

A/N: Well... that's the end... Hope you liked it :) I'd love feedback for it... it's the first Sosuke I've written...