Well, here I am with yet another story. My muse is going crazy lately. So, welcome to another more twisted, darkish part of my brain. Hope you all have a fun ride!

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I wasn't sure why, but something was pulling me back to Forks.

The past two years of my life had been as if they had never existed. The last thing I remembered was the newborn battle, but after that...nothing. It was all blank. It was like my mind had been wiped clean.

The Cullen's had told me when I first woke up, from what they said was a two year coma, that I had been in a very bad car accident after I chose Edward and left with them to start a new life. They said that I had amnesia and that's why I didn't remember the last two years.

But, something wasn't right. Something inside me screamed that they weren't telling me everything. If anything they had told me to begin with was even the truth at all.

I wasn't sure why Forks was where I was being pulled to, but I was sure that something in Forks could be what would help piece the missing pieces of the truth together again.

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